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  2. They most likey walked in bro but they are a dumbass 7 is covered with cameras & 9 times out of 10 they some young mfs & didnt have on a mask
  3. Man so how did he get in? I used to live south east and would sometimes leave my car at 103rd to get on a bus to downtown so I know 103rd was pretty open for people to do something like thag but I’d figure 77th would be more secure
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  5. Imma be honest bro I carry my glock & knife everywhere I go rule #9 never go anywhere without a knife
  6. yea they gone be at those garages for a while
  7. Yea I remember that you was right cuz us at K only got a few artics back
  8. The oldest cars still in service are some ex-CNW coaches built in 1953-54.
  9. in my opinion we won’t see the 4000’s 4300’s back at their regular garages until at least fall pick or winter pick of this year but at the end of the day we will see how the virus is during that time
  10. Yes. At Chicago, they get used mainly on the 20, 53 and 54, though on some occasions a few make it on to the 66. At 77th, they're assigned more to the 4, 79 and 87.
  11. Wait, so there are cars still in revenue service that are ~70 years old?
  12. Ah, that's a shame. I know a lot of FedEx workers who did (not sure how many had permits tho 🤣) for about the same reasons you all should be able to. Especially considering the proximity to 79th Red Line
  13. Ah, so do Chicago and 77th still have their artics?
  14. Sadly no but I know a few who have it but have never had it with them while on duty.
  15. Are you all allowed to conceal carry?
  16. The stories i've heard from last year here at 77th should of and could of made the news based on the events that took place today.
  17. The news said tonight that that was the 2nd operator out of 77th shot at this week. It's like the wild west in chicago!!
  18. https://rtams.org/dataset/cta-rolling-stock/resource/e7d3f8d7-66cd-421f-8942-f965060f789e#{view-grid:{columnsWidth:[{column:!Fleet_Name,width:385},{column:!Vehicle_Type,width:205}]}}
  19. Makes sense because you would have to be living under a rock to make such statements like that without any bias. 😆
  20. What happened to the RTAMS fleet page, it isn't there anymore . Does anyone got a new link for the fleet page at RTAMS?
  21. Wow, looks like last summer was rough on this one. Nah earlier. Try March-April during the beginning of spring pick changes when Kedzie,103rd, and NP contributed artics to help facilitate artics returning to Chicago and 77th so that CTA could even the artics back out again as part of CTA's COVID-19 response of the bus side of operations. I've been riding buses from lower band of current NP 1300s on the 22, 136 and 147 since last spring. And remember that it was you and I who were having that of whether all the artics NP gave up would return in the summer. And I pointed out to you that not many reassigned artics would be returning to NP any time soon with pandemic related passenger limits on buses still in place for the foreseeable future. That in fact turned out to be the case since the only artics that did return to NP were a few of the diesels that had gone to 103rd for a while during the period that the remaining operable 6400 series on temporary hold to receive shields to help protect any drivers of that model from the virus.
  22. Is it true some cars really date back to 1950!! Looks like the BNSF, CNW and Milwaukee road will all be in line for new cars. I'm trying to find the age of the Rock Island cars, but wikipedia doesn't really say. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metra#Coaches
  23. He has a history of pulling this over the years across different forum topics for as long as I can remember.
  24. The 22 is really notorious for this especially very early in the morning at about the time that owl service is about to transition into morning rush service. It's so annoying because everyone else like myself are trying to get to work, and their procrastination is holding everyone else up. Before the pandemic, before a lot of downtown workers started working from home, this could be an almost daily occurrence. As for the more rowdy instances that can make a route a challenge to ride, again 22 is a top contender.. Prior to the pandemic, you had the drunk loud mouths coming from Cubs home games at Wrigley Field. There were sometimes loud or rude teenagers from Lakeview High School after classes let out. Weekends, it was the antics of drunk passengers coming from the bars and clubs in Boystown as well as the ones in Wrigleyville along the stretch of Clark between Wrigley Field and Belmont, though the Wrigleyville sports bar patrons tended to be the worse of the two groups. And of course, there were the occasional woes from drug addicts who'd board the bus at various points along the whole route.
  25. And here is a link talking about the ground breaking of the new Plainfield garage. https://chi.streetsblog.org/2021/01/08/paces-new-plainfield-garage-will-enable-expansion-of-i-55-bus-on-shoulder-service/
  26. Here's an article I stumbled across that answers some the questions about the wheeling garage. https://www.journal-topics.com/articles/wheeling-approves-site-plan-for-pace-facility/
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