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  2. Fare evasion reaches new heights.
  3. kind of weird the #3200's are still rehabbing and the #7000's are slated to arrive in 2 years. It will take some time to polish off 400 #2600's though and if you figure the older #3200 rehabs retire first then possibly they could get 6-8 years out of them (figuring from today) But I wonder how is the factory coming? 4 months of construction so far.....
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  5. The rehashed 3200's look great I still have yet to ride 1 since then but I'll try to get a ride in sooner than later. But this is also random but as a life long cta fan I love to see the 2600's coupled with the 3200's they just look so good together. Especially when you have 4 of the same belly cars and the other 4 are the leading and trailing cars I love to see that combination. And it's rare now days to see that the Orange Line and ocsssional Brownage trip is the only place where you'll see that. Once the 2600's are all retired we probably will never see that again since the 7000s won't be able to couple with the 5000s 😌 lol.
  6. 7/20/17 2:44p Rail Line(s) Affected: Green, Orange Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Loop-bound Orange Line and Harlem-bound Green Line trains are operating with delays near Roosevelt due to signal problems.
  7. Exactly! Good Day....
  8. Not to prolong this, but that can be determined immediately.
  9. We'll see in September who reads what "they post........until then, continue to support the pilots....
  10. I'm not sure to what you are referring (the left side of the tower in full screen view), but anything can be CAD CAM these days.
  11. You found something, but note that the last paragraph has exactly the same language as other press releases: "extend, modify, or conclude..." NOT 'final" or "fate decided." Read what you post.
  12. On 8600s, there were 20 Gillig Phantoms at North, and there was a Joliet trolley. Maybe they are counting after the latter, even though Pace didn't acquire it when it took over JMTD. Other than my guess of 17500, I'm giving up on Pace numbering. Looking at the Schaumburg Facebook pictures, there is a lot of wood on the inside, but the seats are usual Aries seats, but with beige inserts.
  13. You know I just thought about it cause I was randomly leafing through those records, what if the precense of artics along route 146 now compared to the first attempt to cut 145 in that area had an affect on customers panicking about only 146 being there? Seems like the second time the complaint was more from residents along wilson
  14. Let's stick to facts, 90 days and either the 11 is in or out. Based on the evidence, the agency has the numbers to either keep piloting or consider their loses. It is what it is, no need to justify the case anymore. In September, the fate of the 11 will be decided.
  15. 7/19/17 10:57p Rail Line(s) Affected: Green, Orange Level Of Service Interruption: Major Delays Information: Orange Line and Harlem-bound Green Line trains are operating with delays near Roosevelt due to signal problems.
  16. It looks nice. But how did they come up with #8630? I guess this is the first in the new number series
  17. Here's A flyby at washington/Wabash slated open next month. They have already began putting in signage. Let me see if I can upload a few pictures. Here's a shot of some new signage. There's also a platform sign. Hmm, even ribs on the elevator.... I thought it was kind of neat they have the CTA emblem mosaic into the steel ribs. I wonder how they managed to do that. With alot of designing and computers???
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  19. Hmm that actually looks pretty good. So they are getting 7 of these? First #8000's since the Orions.
  20. Here is my Wilson Red line flyby for 7-18-17. Things worked on this week includes the completion of the steel structure up at the north end. Tracks are being laid at the south end of the structure as well as on the connecting structure to the mainline. The concrete structure is now complete up by Broadway but it still needs ties. Looks like they will be done with this project in about a month or two.
  21. Via Pace Facebook page-Village of Schaumburg.
  22. Doing a search for Lincoln on indicates they haven't officially. Ordinance 016-144 for another 180 days was in Dec.The corresponding press release says until June, and it it is now July. So if you have a public announcement, please post a link.But the public appearance is that staff is exceeding its authority.
  23. Going through the different video clips on YouTube someone actually caught my voice (not my pic) on video. Haven't had the chance to upload my own video I shot on the last day.
  24. Well, the cta has publicly announced that a decision for the 11 extension would be decided by the fall.
  25. I know. I just fleshed it out some for those who might have been kids at that time or just recently moved to Chicago. It did essentially come back full circle since now all they have really is 146 again. 135 also if they want to count rush hour for any of those in the highrises going to Wacker or La Salle, which they also had in that 2003-2005 stretch but didn't want to count.
  26. That was my point as to "not even that was permanent." I was initially referring to all the messing around about 2003-2005, such as people around Belmont complaining they only had 146, and 145 being split into 145 and 148.
  27. Right. 145 is now a memory and 148 was pulled off Wilson and essentially changed to what was the 144 with the main differences being buses now start and end on Marine between Carmen and WInona, operation on that stretch of Clarendon between Irving Park and Lawrence, and articulated buses running most of PM rush services while 144 rarely used artics.
  28. That's why they didn't paint them. They just put wraps on them. You can see if you are close enough that the old decals show through. See this topic.
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