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  2. Amtrak Tacoma,WA derailment

    Recent reports state that straightening that one curve would have cost $400 mil, more than the entire rest of the project together as it would have involved moving I5 to a new alignment as well as a major new rail bridge. Deemed not cost-effective.
  3. Does Anyone Have Photos of Transbus?

    There were at least three 892's built as pilots, but most likely never finished and definitely never left the plant.
  4. Does Anyone Have Photos of Transbus?

    There was a single MAN artic demo that was actually built for a German city (Koln maybe?) and was in that city's colors originally. After its tour, CTA leased it for something like six months, painted it silver and numbered it 1776. Ran on at least 40 and 151 in yellow, possibly also 4, but in silver only on 40.
  5. Does Anyone Have Photos of Transbus?

    Many years ago found one of the GM's - there were three - in a junk yard near Buƒfalo NY. It had been wrecked probably in a crash test. Had a plate that had an "EXP" number and "RTX" model designation.
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  7. River Valley Metro Kankakee

    Cutaways 506-512 series landed at Hyde Park after Hammond closed. These were the very last buses HTS ran. The yellow/blue Optimas were an earlier contractor - not sure who but not FT (or FS?) who had the cutaways. Each time contract changed, fleet changed.
  8. Random CTA

    Oh, that's what it was. There was a series of videos on Facebook of the train after the whole mess. The affected car still had smoking coming out of it, and the guy who started the whole thing was on the ground and had a pile of officers on him on the platform. I believe the train operator either walked by, or was being interviewed by officers. In addition there was an officer sitting on a platform bench, with other officers apparently comforting him. Now it makes more sense.
  9. Man Americana CTA Bus

    Michael Jordan's Restaurant
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  11. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    7798 and 7843 are not at Cal Ave but rather sitting at UP's M-19A locomotive facility.
  12. Pace Bus Moves

    There is interlining of 501 and 509 on the trips leaving downtown at 8:10 AM, then every two hours until 6:10 PM. 501 is busy, 509 is not. The 9:10 AM and 10:10 AM departures of 501 use two buses, and other midday trips are crowded. 507 uses one bus throughout the day. A second bus comes out during rush hours. 834 runs mostly consist of only one round trip before returning to the garage, due to the length of the route. I can think of service revisions that would help alleviate crowding on 501 and 507, but I'm not sure what can be done about 834 other than larger or more frequent buses.
  13. Random CTA

    Some freaky stuff lately, but this one takes the cake: Man threw some fluid on woman, then lit it (apparently paint thinner) on some chairs and a police officer's shoes, allegedly causing $10K in damage (Tribune).
  14. Pace Bus Moves

    It may also be a goof, like last's year's inventory saying 6573-4 were going to SW, although I'm not sure why NS is still running 2 NABIs and has 4 on the inventory. That gets me in another direction, based on having been at the Waukegan Sheridan Road transfer point when a bunch of students would get off and transfer to a 35 foot Route 571 and pack it. At first I wondered why they didn't just change one of the 40 ft buses in the line to 571, but it has since dawned on me that the way buses are interlined is too complicated to just change the route on in midrun. For that reason, one could assume that a route such as 570 or 574 could use a smaller bus, but they are interlined with 565 and 572. Is there a similar situation in Joliet?
  15. River Valley Metro Kankakee

    Depends which ones. The Optimas has placards on them that they were owned by the Planning Commission, and there were articles that the RBA picked up some cutaways. Some of the yellow and blues may have belonged to the contractors, although one of them was a Coach USA affiliate. I guess a latter one was FT.
  16. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    Not going to happen, because Rahm* is making money off it, between originally allowing rideshare to enter O'Hare if they paid the gate fee, to the new tax supposedly going to CTA signal and track repairs. Note also that Crain's only cited weekend. _______ *Regardless of Ari making money off it.
  17. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    Banning Uber and Lyft?
  18. Man Americana CTA Bus

    Found a picture of a MAN bus http://gallery.bustalk.info/displayimage.php?album=325&pos=64 any one what to guess what that basketball in the background is part of?
  19. River Valley Metro Kankakee

    FT owned th Hammond buses. Several moved to UofC shuttles.
  20. Now how can the CTA get there ridership back http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20180119/ISSUE05/180119872/uber-lyft-are-depressing-cta-train-ridership-in-chicago
  21. Pace Bus Moves

    It wouldn't seem to make sense for 6701-02 to be used exclusively for school runs. Why give them two brand new buses to only be used for a few short trips a day? That's why I didn't want to bet on that possibility. They could be for 530, which seems to be the busiest route there. I don't know how crowded certain trips get. I agree that a few 35' or 40' buses would help in Joliet. I say 35' because the lack of a rear door and standing room on a 30' can really slow down the trip once all the seats are full. When I mentioned this before, the response was that if Pace thought bigger buses were needed in Joliet, they would have kept some there. However, I would argue that the probable reason is the timing of crowded trips would make it too difficult to schedule runs without having a surplus of larger buses, so 40' buses can be more effectively used at other divisions. They might also be facing garage capacity issues with so many MCIs there now. As far as specific routes/times they might be needed, you are correct about 834, but most of the heavy ridership is toward the north end of the route. 501 midday JJC trips are heavy, with two trips using two 30' buses. 507 can still get a decent crowd throughout the day as well. I haven't checked, but 504 during Amazon shift changes might be busy, because 361 always looks full.
  22. Pace Bus Moves

    I assume that count is for all of the Nabis at North. I was originally curious as to why 6237 would be shipped west as I though they'd keep all of the 40 footers at North and use them mainly for school routes and spares once the 6600s were gone. But maybe Pace has a plan that we're not knowing. It is certainly conceivable that N could get some 30 footers as I'm sure many routes don't need 40 footers. Plus with FV supposably having 6701-6702, they could ship 2 30 footers away at some point, maybe even more. Speaking of which, I'm surprised those 2 buses didn't end up in Joliet. One route that could surely use 40 footers is the #834. It's always packed, sometimes standing room only during rush hour. I'm sure the 501 and 507 probably could use them too, they used to be mostly 40 footers until the Eldos got there, but I haven't been that way lately to see how ridership is now.
  23. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Door to 95th trainroom can be opened by either bus or rail key. Most likely since soon after 103rd garage opened and they started making bus reliefs there. There is also a separate bus driver washroom next to the trainroom door at main level.
  24. Pace Bus Moves

    The math in my head is that once NS ended, there were 50 buses within the range (6730-6779) seen by @Pace831. Rough count is that it would take about 46 to 49 buses to take out white NABIs at North and 25 to take them out of West. So there aren't enough yet. I still have a feeling that something else has to happen, like the 2016 budget for small buses (seems like that idea died, either as impractical, or there wasn't the operating surplus predicted then, and the 17000s are already being assigned to paratransit contractors on the inventory) or N is going to get some 30 foot buses from either the existing pool or out of the 2018 budget. But it seems clear: Pace doesn't have any use for a 35' bus, and really hasn't since 2006, when it first used 2600s to move 6600s. The 6162s are at W until something other than these 50 buses is delivered.
  25. More Bus Moves

    103 must still have it's bus shortage because #1429 and #1463 (both from 74th) are on the #30
  26. Pace Bus Moves

    Wasn't that a North bus? I think I may see what's happening here. Pace's priority is to get rid of the 6600s, wherever they are (N & W). If any 6162s are in good shape at North, they must be sending them to West to eliminate any 6600s over there. When I checked Webwatch yesterday morning at North, there's a lot of 6600s that were NOT running that are currently on the latest roster and a lot of El Dorados running instead. Most of the 6162s up there were running. Once the 6600s are gone, then Pace's next priority will be the last of the 6162s and then start focusing on the blue Nabis next. Sending them all to West makes it easy to replace them all at once like the Orions and gives the 6300s over there some rest, especially on the weekends.
  27. garmon757

    Forgot to mention that I was officially qualified two days after Christmas. Sorry for the late post but I’ve been busy mostly working overnights. I’m officially working on the Forest Park Branch via the extra board until the universal system pick (around late March to early April).
  28. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Hell, if Forest Park can allow Pace operators and K-9 guards inside the train room then it seems like any terminal can!
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