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  2. New Eldorados?

    Makes sense that Pace wouldn't use official radio for this, but it sounds similar to the CTA setup that it has to communicate with Lola's tower. They also mention light pole routers. Maybe the next test is to ride a south suburban bus and see what comes up.
  3. State/Lake Loop L Station Rebuild

    You don't know, but I bet there would be a stink if there weren't. CTA says all stations will be accessible, eventually.
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  5. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    Nope. Those were the only 3 from AMSECO in the beginning.
  6. State/Lake Loop L Station Rebuild

    About adding elevators. I expect it will just be like all the other elevators to L stations, with the free transfer still being external? Which means that the person who absolutely needs the elevators will have to go to the other end of the Red line station at street level to make the transfer. A nicer solution would be elevators that go straight from the L to the subway. No chance of that I suppose.
  7. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    Did they start rehabs? #4155 has different seats than when first delivered.
  8. Niles Free Bus

    Niles Free Bus appears to be re-branding their bus fleet. I saw a number of their buses at Golf Mill today in this new scheme as shown on 2646. Also, had something strange happen to me at Golf Mill. A Pace Supervisor from NW came up to me and said that a driver had called and reported that I was taking photos of their buses. I told him that I have been taking bus photos for close to 50 years. He told me that if I want to take photos of Pace buses I need to get permission from Pace because of the "problems" that have been occurring. Since I was on Mall property, I did not want to get into a long drawn-out argument with him, and said I was leaving. If I had been on a public street, I would have stood my ground. .
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  10. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    I have been catching up on this thread. Thanks for all the great pictures and videos. I ride the Red line south from Howard every day around the time the Purple line express starts in the morning. The new service pattern is perfect. The Purple line train (that my Red line train previously had to wait to pass at Lawrence if all was on schedule) now does an across the platform rendezvous at Wilson. South of Wilson, Purple passes Red at Sheridan. Rendezvous again at Fullerton.
  11. New Eldorados?

    Well, when I tested it the service was pinged from Lola Wireless based in Stone Park (West Garage initiated it???).
  12. New Eldorados?

    But obviously here you are using Pace's carrier (ITTF radio) if you are on WiFi rather than cell phone data.
  13. New Eldorados?

    It's depends on your carrier to have a higher upload speed than download speed but it also varies based on your location.
  14. New Eldorados?

    Surprising that upload is quicker than download. Is that what you usually get with a mobile hotspot?
  15. New Eldorados?

    So, I take a trip to Schaumburg via #600 to check out the I-90 BOS (very impressive) and decided to check out the Wi-Fi on #6500. The result is pretty solid.
  16. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    That's correct. However, starting tonight routes that are utilizing the west side of the station are going to be switched over to the east side of the station while the west side will be closed until Dec 15th or completion. Eastbound #95 will be relocated to the southeast corner of 95th and State.
  17. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Many, many years ago, when buses replaced streetcars 05/04/47, the 41 ran via Clybourn-Division-Orleans-Franklin to Monroe-State-Adams-Franklin loop at all times. After a couple of years (09/10/49) all except weekday daytime service was cut back via Clybourn-Division to Clark. 12/17/50 short line was extended via Division-Orleans-Chicago to State (at the time the area around Clark and Division was at best "sketchy"). Routing via Clybourn-Larrabee-Chicago-Orleans started 4/28/57, same date Clybourn was thru routed with upper Elston. Remember here that Cabrini-Green was just being built at the time, and was considered an improvement on what had been around Division and Larrabee previously. Next change wasn't until 08/06/73 when remaining weekday daytime service was cut back from downtown to Chicago and State. 09/08/86 downtown service restored, replacing 128-Orleans trips more or less, via Chicago-Orleans-Franklin-Wacker-Lake to Lake-Clinton-Van Buren-Canal loop. 06/06/89 due to one-way streets SB buses via Chicago-Wells-Wacker-Lake. 04/15/94 due to issues with turn at Wacker-Lake, rerouted southbound again via Wacker-Randolph-Clinton. This was final routing until the end on 10/03/97.
  18. More 6000's repatriated??

    Have been hearing rumour another pair of 6000's are coming back to CTA. Also that 6101-6102 are in substantially worse condition than originally thought as FRTM was taking parts to keep 44 running and CTA did not realize this.
  19. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    In case nobody posted before, the remaining buses using the west terminal are leaving via State-91st-Lafayette-95th.
  20. F40 repainting?

    Finally able to get the link on here. Check out the new paint for the Winnebagos.
  21. Returning Metra cars

    Looks like it was early summer 2008.
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  23. F40 repainting?

    Yes sir. Forgot to mention that.
  24. F40 repainting?

    I suppose it's now designated as an F40PHM-3?
  25. F40 repainting?

    F40PHM-2 number 194 has been rebuilt and repainted with the lightning bolt scheme. Metra has a Facebook post about it.
  26. Sounds possible. They are perfect marketing pieces, however. It ties the CTA in with culture and business. Play them in the major stations with ticker for arrival times below.
  27. I got the feeling that the date coincides with Emanuel taking over and installing Claypool and his own PR staff, and, basically, a decision was made not to spend nonexistent money on a puff piece.
  28. In preparation for an upcoming interview at CTA (as CSA), I've been doing my homework about the company and services. Although they are quite old now, I found the Connections show they made on Youtube to be very informational. The most recent episode aired in 2011. Does anyone know why they stopped producing these shows? Were they replaced with something else?
  29. Returning Metra cars

    when did 7825. 7836. 7838, 780 and 7848 return to metra
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