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  2. The fact that the cars are at Rosemont makes me think it may be possible that they may test in revenue service. That may depend on the consists. A four car consist would be non revenue service An 8 car consist may be revenue testing, but that also can test in nin revenue service for a few days first before testing in revenue service. I will try to look for the cars Monday
  3. 1840 broke down Jackson and Holman, the bus said delayed them went off the tracker
  4. Hmm.. and I had said they might start testing in revenue service in April... that's the same length of time it took the #5000's to test in service (6 months) well it should be soon if they plan on receiving the rest of the fleet in 2022. They only have 8 months, unless this is the sequel to the proterras testing!!πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
  5. Oh that's you cool so you got 2 accounts here now I see but you use this one now
  6. that’s me that posted it but no they will just test out of service most likely
  7. Last week
  8. Transit agencies in China have received massive fundings from central government to support electric vehicles. A typical electric bus in China costs 1/2 or even 1/3 than in US while the lifespan is also limited to 8-10 years. Not all electric buses in Shenzhen are BYD... Even though BYD in US could be skeptical, its products have better performance than other local manufacturers in China.
  9. Got a question. I read on facebook that the #7000's are laid up at Rosemont shops this weekend. That on the 12th of April they will be running the blue line. Will that be in revenue service?
  10. Yes. See https://www.wired.co.uk/article/shenzhen-electric-buses-public-transport
  11. Shenzhen has 16,000 buses in its fleet that are 100% electric ?
  12. The bus fleet in Shenzhen, China is completely electric and it numbers about 16,000. West Coast cities seem to be making the most inroads on electric operations. AVTA (Palmdale/Lancaster, CA) is almost entirely electric. Los Angeles Metro should have 100 electrics in service this year and King County Metro in Seattle should have 123 electrics in service this year. The new Gillig model is probably going open up more fleets to become electric. The new transportation plan that the Biden administration is pushing calls for billions of dollars to be invested in electric vehicles and has
  13. San Diego's MTS has an electric powered Gillig low floor model that doesn't sound all that bad. The CPTDB wiki doesn't say what motor is in this particular model for MTS, but its entry for Gillig itself says that the Gillig low floor EV comes with a choice for either a BAESystems Series-EV electric motor or a Cummins Battery System motor. Given the growl that hybrid buses with a BAE engine and diesel buses with Cummins engines have historically had, it's no surprise that the electric Gillig low floors in San Diego don't sound all that boring. Not too much of a surprise since both end
  14. To say your agency will be all electric is a bold statement. No one has done it or even come close except for a few small agencies and they are a quarter to a half. First you need Elon Musk money. Then you need to hire 100s of workers to build the infrastructure. I think well have driverless vehicles before we have all electric. It's nice to dabble in the future but you cant lose sight of the present because the present brings you to the future. A little experimentation is ok, but dont put all your eggs in one basket just yet. To show how tech is getting better the new Silverado electric
  15. Seen 7901 on the 29 about 2 hours ago
  16. Yea that's the pic they use on the news when they talk about cta
  17. Oh yeah I remember that I saw it on google
  18. Given how hard it is to get transit capital projects funded even when local, state and the federal governments can get past partisan arguments long enough to get things done, I still say that personally I think the 2030 goal (LA County Metro), 2035 goal (MUNI and some other transit operators). and even the 2040 goal of our own CTA and some others are still somewhat overly optimistic. For one thing, the bus purchases have to be funded. CTA hasn't always been financially stable on that front, which is why it's used purchase piggybacks on existing contracts from other operators to obtain NF artic
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