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  2. Geometry car

    For the past few nights I've tried to catch a glimpse of the geometry car CTA is using. I'm usually up in the mezzanine and run down as soon as I hear its unique sound. Working midnight shift has it's benefits. Anyone know if CTA owns it or are they contracting a service?
  3. 2400-series - Service Dates

    Right, that's the main thing I was trying to distinguish-- I don't believe I saw any fluted sides! I'll keep my eye out again tonight for them. Hopefully with a camera this time. UPDATE: 22:51- 2400-Series consist headed southbound out of Howard. Caught the tail-end of the train-- it had the flatbeds with presumably sewer-cleaning materials on it. No LED lights this time.
  4. Last week
  5. 2400-series - Service Dates

    It could've been 3445-46. They just finished a full rehab and were out testing earlier in the day.
  6. 2400-series - Service Dates

    Anything is possible, especially since the work 2400s were not retired. If they were 3200s, they would have had fluted sides.
  7. 2400-series - Service Dates

    Somewhat bizarre sighting last night... a 6-car train not in service was headed southbound form Howard Yard. I usually see the 2400 work cars make those southbound runs every weeknight. But the strange thing was 4/6 cars in last night's consist had new LED destination signs that looked like Orange Line "Midway" signs. Against the street lighting, the sides of the cars looked to have the characteristics of the 2400's striping though, and there was a pair of 2400's in the middle of the consist. There's no possibility that they rehabbed any of the 2400 or 2600's designated for work-service, right? Could they have been rehabbed 3200's headed from Skokie to Midway?
  8. Posted Stops Only

    Passenger Notice; effective May 7. Also, Passenger Notice (already in effect). Throw in 803, while you are at it.
  9. If you know it's not relevant to this particular topic, please follow the community guidelines and keep the X54 restricted to how it would fit in coordinating Pace and CTA service in the North Shore study area. Otherwise, it would fit better in either the topic related to the return of the X9 and X49 or that speaking on bringing back dead routes and route segments in general.
  10. PudgyM's foray into digital photography

    So last Wednesday, when we actually had some good weather (unlike this week - it's April; weather should not be getting worse.), I decided to head for the new Marz Community Brwy. @ 3630 S. Iron St. I was on the southbound #54 Cicero bus {having the #X54 route would have been nice}. We stopped for a traffic signal at Jackson Blvd., and I espied this rara avis operating on #126 Jackson. Just for you , here are images of the Marz Brwy. taproom. The camera I use now is the Canon SX600 HS. This newer computer does not have Ulead Photoimpact 12, so I haven't lightened or tweaked any of these images.
  11. They were rust buckets. That kind of bus is what led to the standard bus spec that buses going forward have to have stainless steel or covered frames. Also, I don't see what's so good looking about having the same seats as the New Looks, with the same mismatched hard inserts.
  12. They look so good inside and outside I wish CTA Could’ve Kept one as a community bus not the 6400’s as the community bus
  13. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    I have yet heard that 4000 Rehab Will Kick In Beginning Of Summer Can’t wait to see them finally rehabbed
  14. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Ik it’s not relavent but oh I was thinking 6 would take care because it goes down to midway or they would share
  15. Not relevant to this topic, but it was C the last time.
  16. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Most of the grant documents said in 2019. Only thing documented for late 2018 was the 25 8325s. The report said 8 fewer CTA buses, and apparently at least 4 when 205 gets axed in the nearer future.
  17. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Something is going to have to replace the 6400s. That and this 54a axing will help in that regard.
  18. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    What do they use the work bus for?
  19. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    It would be much better if they added that route back between Jeff Park And Midway Hopefully they add it back one day.....but if they do which garage will take care of the Route
  20. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    The agenda is up, and this isn't on it, so my betting is that either Streetsblog didn't know what it was talking about, or you took the wrong inference from it.
  21. It has nothing to do with "feel." They have the gps boarding and alighting statistics and the results of the surveys.
  22. Random Metra

    I wished I could of taken a picture of the whole car... this car still had horns on it... I wonder if they were k5la or the 3 model. O well... let’s see how smooth these PTC activations go... I was shocked when I found out multiple lines were going live.
  23. Obviously the ta's around here feel there are more people riding Cicero from Jeff pk then there are riders on Cicero itself. I dont see the big deal in running a 54 express to jeff from montrose cicero or better yet have pace serve montrose and cicero with the off edens plan at wilson back on the kennedy at montrose. Why they didnt fund a shoulder lane to wilson is a real head scratcher. While some think this is silly it isn't any worse than going to jeff which already has 225 serving lincolnwood and skokie.
  24. Random Metra

    All ex MILW and RI cabcars had cabs decommissioned. What else was done varies. Some had cab windows plated over, horns removed, marker lites removed, pilot removed. Others just lost horns and pilot, some just lost pilot. No obvious pattern, maybe a progressive change?
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