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  2. Run numbers

    Her is an example of a Fireworks shuttle with a 500 run. So what would run 5912 or maybe it's run 5913 indicate? Would this be an example of a PM piece filled with a operator working overtime?
  3. PACE supervisors

    Yes 15th street is a narrow residential street, so why would they have used it as a reroute? Unless they took into account the fact that it goes through to Wilmette ave? Thanks
  4. The Breakdown Thread

    Yeah but if a defect exists its the builders liability. That's where I stand. Its a warranty and that's what warranties are for. If it's your fault like you had an accident bursting the battery then that's different.
  5. Pace Bus Moves

    It makes sense to send 6573/6574 to NW. They have to get rid of the remaining Orions that are left and to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if 2696 and 2766 head up there too for the smaller routes. If so, that should officially end the Orions. As far as the 6700s, unless NS really needs them, West is the logical choice to send them. They can kill off the Orions and the 6162s there.
  6. Pace Bus Moves

    Would this mean that NW will get rid of the Orions they have?
  7. The Breakdown Thread

    Buf the point is that that warranty is against the need to repace the battery pack because it goes dead, not against the car cat hing on fire. The way you are talking, a 2008 Prius catching on fire is not something for which the manufacturer should be liable. As the Tekata air bag litigation shows, it doesn't work that way, although the bus fire may be distinguishable in that personal injury does not appear to be involved.
  8. Pace Bus Moves

    I don't think two buses are an indicator of that many moves. 6573-74 weren't a swap, they were never put in service until this morning. The original intent was probably to send them to SW, but they don't seem to need more, so Pace sent them where the need was greater.
  9. Random Metra

    I’m aware that was just a picture inside... I tend to sit on upper deck
  10. Pace Bus Moves

    With the #6573 and #6574 bus swap, it almost sounds like sw may be losing the #6500's to NW and NW will send it's #6400's to W or possibly the #6390's. SW may get the #6700's. This way the blocks are not so confusing. But then what does that say about #6565 and #6566 at NS and the few #6500's at River. Could they all end up with #6400's? NW with the Pulse #6500's and the other #6500's would make it have one continuous block but they might still have a few #6400's. But what about North!!
  11. Yesterday
  12. The Breakdown Thread

    Well if it did happen at the garage, then it probably is related to the charging system or batteries. They should have plenty of fire fighting equipment at the garage, there's supposed to be an extinguisher in every bus. This would explain why the fire wasn't fierce, but an explosion would have taken out multiple components. When I was talking in terms of warranty on electric cars the battery could be warrantied for up to 8 years, but just the battery because that's an expensive repair at least 2K. This way it gets more people into the showroom versus scared away.
  13. The Breakdown Thread

    One would figure that there is some sort of warranty on the bus, although I don't seem to have downloaded the specs. But I'm not convinced this is where the batteries are. But you seem to take it as though it were the 3 year replacement warranty on a dead Die Hard battery, while whatever happened is analogous to iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones exploding. But I am also surprised that if it is a warranty issue, it is out in the dead lot instead of somewhere insides.
  14. Random Metra

    That picture is not a bathroom door. It is a door to enter the cab, which is located on the upper deck of the cab car. The bathroom is on the lower level.
  15. The Breakdown Thread

    Aside from this being from a while ago, the article points out: Buses that use ultra-capacitors are fundamentally different from electric cars sold in the U.S., including the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and 2011 Nissan Leaf, which store energy in lithium-ion battery packs that charge at much slower rates. Those vehicles do not use ultracapacitors, which do not store nearly as much energy but can deliver very high power very quickly. Some quick back-of-the-envelope calculations indicate that the ultracapacitors may recharge at 182 kilowatts, far quicker than any electric car on the market. What's on 700 is similar to what's in the electric cars, except I don't know what the charging rate is of the 2 chargers in the garages. Also, what went off in China was under the seats, not something in the engine compartment. But since this said it had to do with charging, I'm surprised we didn't see anything in the mainstream media about this fire. Maybe it happened in the garage and that's how it was contained to something less than the 4333 fire.
  16. The Breakdown Thread

    A quick look at this on the net shows alot of hong kong based buses having problems with the ultra capacitors overheating but most of the fire pictures show a bigger path of destruction. My gut tells me it's not a battery fire unless it caught fire in front of a fire station. No fires I could see so far from NF, it just seems the overseas manufacturers are having this issue. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1063473_chinese-electric-bus-catches-fire-on-road-not-the-first-one
  17. The Breakdown Thread

    Hmm... very interesting. You guys sound right with your detective work. Too far back for a brake fire too far forward for an engine, but right about where the batteries are. A schematic would prove it though. If so alot of the car companies I believe have extended warranties on the batteries, so I don't know why that wouldn't hold true for a bus. It may be waiting on warranty work from New Flyer. Don't know what happened to the 20 something electric bus order but if NF becomes the winner of that bid it may be in their best interest to fix this problem even if it costs them money just to maintain it's good image. They can make more money on a good image than a bad one. I'm sure if this goes south CTA wouldn't hesitate to say what happened if it's battery related. Little rumors can break a company, or at least hurt it especially if the competition doesn't have an issue also. Now I need to see how frequent these fires are on the electric buses and whose having them. Time to put on the detective hat once again!!
  18. Random Metra

    Yeah, they’re not even used by train crews because they’re so small. Just love listening to the conductors response after someone in a Pullman asks if there’s a bathroom in the car. “It’s not worth it, just go to the next car.”
  19. F40 repainting?

    Yes, it was shot at 16th Street tower.
  20. F40 repainting?

    To answer my own question, yes. I just saw it on #509.
  21. New Eldorados?

    Clicking twice on the magnifying glass, yes.
  22. New Eldorados?

    Don't know, maybe they were waiting for an Orion to die. Just physically confirmed 6573 on 422 southbound. Fortunately, it was the one that leaves Northbrook Court at :45 instead of :30.
  23. New Eldorados?

    6574 was at South Holland on Friday morning (in garage in front of 16414, look closely). They must have moved it Friday afternoon or some time during the weekend. I wonder what the delay was for they are just now going in service.
  24. The Breakdown Thread

    The burning of #700 will be in this topic. Carry on.
  25. New Eldorados?

    First sightings.The inventory indicating that they were assigned to SW must not have been firm. Since the 422 is now heading westbound from Glenview, it is on a NW trip and hence both are at NW, which now has 6566-6574 (as well as 6392-6476 and 6510-6512--total of 105).
  26. F40 repainting?

    That's actually RTA colors. More than likely C&NW/UP cars in the 1970s-1980 scheme (e.g. here). One is still in the first responder academy off Shermer Road in Glenview.
  27. F40 repainting?

    Is that on the RI?
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