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  2. That network has been decimated since the austerity cuts of 2010, so replacing it with on demand (via or duet) may be a better solution.
  3. One possible exception is the contracted services by Colonial, Pioneer, and Coach USA. I recalled the Colonial and Pioneer MCIs had bathrooms for their Prairie Stone services, at least. Unsure of the Coach USA buses for I-55.
  4. Should be in Random Pace, and those buses were leased and replaced with the 6950's.
  5. Thanks broham I fr thought that greyhound sold a few buses to pace & & I remember Continental Trailways do they also own Indian Trailways too or a part of it since it runs out of Greyhound station but yea I said that I could be wrong they could have came from another bus company
  6. I apologize this is a bit blurry, but this is a new ad on 5029. 5163 5164 have the same white wrap from 5171 and 5172 which I need to get a picture of.
  7. My mistake. Artics of other TAs, including NYMTA & LACMTA, & even some in Seattle, have 3 doors.
  8. Yesterday
  9. For the longest time. Greyhound used MCI coaches. At one time,Greyhound actually owned MCi from the late '50s to mid '80s. MCI was sold in 1986. Until recently, all of Greyhound buses were MCI. Now they are increasing their Prevost X3-45 fleet. The state of Michigan also bought VanHools for Greyhound to use on routes operated in Michigan. Greyhound used to have a competitor called Continental Trailways. They operated an exclusive fleet of Eagle buses. Greyhound bought Continental Trailways in 1987. Some MCIs were painted in Trailways livery, and a few Eagles sported the Greyhound livery until Greyhound phased out the Eagles and the Trailways livery altogether. Long story short, I can see how you see the highway coaches as Greyhound buses.
  10. Ok thanks putting me on that I didn't know that those buses just reminds me of greyhound buses
  11. I'm just saying it reminds me of a greyhound bus that's all
  12. The body style originated in 1985 as the MCI 96s and 102s. The 96s were 96inches wide. The 102s were 96 inches wide in the front and 102inches in the rear. Both came in A models . The 102s most popular model became the C model. Around 1992 MCI introduced the D model. The D3 was the 40' model and the DL3 was the 45' model. Around 2000, the models were renamed the D4000 (40') and the D4500 (45') to align with the renamed Renaissance EL3 which became the E4500. MCI also introduced a J4500 and a G4500 (which was built primarily for Greyhound). However. Greyhound seemed to prefer the Ds over the Gs. Since some charter companies and some transit agencies used the buses as commuters, MCI made some D4500s D4500CTs. The only difference is the entrance doors, overhead signage, and lack of restroom. Minor tweaks have been made to the headlights, flushmounted windows, taillights, but the base design has not changed for the D series buses, excluding the D4500 CRTe commuter. The only highway coach companies are MCI, Prevost ( which also builds the Volvo 9700), VanHool. and Setra. Prevost also has commuter coaches based on its X3 -45 model. NYMTA has a bunch of those.
  13. I was thinking 500 buses as opposed to 100 buses plus 5 options of 100 each for a total of 600. You are correct.
  14. Oh, I didn't know there were body style differences on a single model? I'm assuming wheelchair lifts, undercarriage storage, etc?
  15. I believe the buses were 6910 thru 6919. Those were 1997 MCI 102DL3s, the only 45' buses Pace has had.
  16. It would be cutting it pretty close. 2600s can't retire in mass until 7000 production cars start coming in over a year from now, and it'll be at least a year before we see production models for this bus order. That doesn't leave a huge window of time between the first 2600s departing and the last new buses arriving. But I'm probably thinking too hard about this. I think it is, that would explain the seemingly random decision to start the last Nova order off at 7900 (to make room for the 7000-series).
  17. Naw I was talking about body style but I could be wrong they could have came from any charter bus company they just put me in mind if Greyhound buses
  18. Not with 600 buses? It would end at 4099
  19. The only visible difference btwn a MCI bus for Greyhound and transit agency anywhere is the livery to me.
  20. I think I found it, possibly? When you said "lease", I realized those buses probably count as "retired" now. A look back at CPTDB's roster, but in the retired section leads me to a single J4500, designated 6923, built in 2007 and 3 D4505's, designated 6920-6922, built in 2009, and all leased from 2013-2014, all from a Hausman, which a google search reveals to be a Hausman Bus Sales (click on 1972) in Des Plaines
  21. Pair them to Greyhound buses they look exactly the same but they could have came from a charter bus company or any bus company besides Greyhound & it's 69 series I seen 1 bus this morning with 69 could make out the rest due to the tree blocking the rest
  22. And the 3500s would end at 3999.
  23. All of the MCI buses were in the 6900 series. I have to look for the exact numbers. No every single Pace MCI bus didnt come from Greyhound. Most came from MCI new.
  24. Not any more. At the time, Pace needed more buses but didn't have the resources to purchase new buses. The lease was cheap and a temporary stopgap until they could get new buses. BTW, how do you know those buses came from Greyhound?
  25. Are you saying every single MCI bus Pace has used to be Greyhound's? What are the series numbers for those?
  26. Assuming all 600 are ordered, I guess 4400 would just barely make the cut, I forgot to subtract 1, so the last one would be 4999. 3500 could only be used if 500 buses are ordered, since the artics start at 4000
  27. Aw ok see I was just wondering if they still had em
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