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  2. Check section F for disposition dates. 2019 2nd Quarter Rolling Stock Report ( 06-30-2019).pdf
  3. 2019 Metra inventory 2019 2nd Quarter Rolling Stock Report ( 06-30-2019).pdf
  4. The last effort at a pure battery switcher was Railpower's Green Goat, pretty much a dismal failure. Not sure if any even exist any more. RJ Corman bought out Railpower, didn't get too far either. NS tried to build something too, same result. Now GE has a prototype electric ET44 in.CA, it has to stay with two real ET44s as it is basically just used to make up and break train in yards and just along for the ride en route, so yard emissions can be reduced. CA clean air mandate, not practical use.
  5. Most likely Knoxville, as they have been (re)building all sorts of oddballs. Wabtec and Progress basically only doing road freighters, again mostly converting old ones DC to AC, very few new. Siemens only doing Chargers.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Also 20308 20311 20314 20317 20322+ are still awaiting service.
  8. Omg you guys are so funny I still remember that 6568 joke from two years ago😂 apparently I don’t get jokes immediately until you Tell me 😆
  9. If it helps, the joke and this response did actually make me chuckle out loud 🤣
  10. It was a joke! Apparently no one got it
  11. You see all those don't sound the same because they have a different engine for example in 2006 they have a Cummins 6.7 ISB, and right now the Eldorado national axess 30ft diesel buses has a Cummins L9 since #20300 is in service for Route 524 Departing Woodmans
  12. Yup you're right bro, I saw #20304 on Route 540 heading South to Rush Copley Medical Center a few weeks ago
  13. #20321/#20307 is making their debut on Routes 722 and 802
  14. imagine all the problems on the crazy 8😂😂
  15. Last week
  16. There would also be the crazy 8's bus. #8888.
  17. Those Eldorado EZ-RIDERS are really starting to roll in! Lol!
  18. #20301 heading to Naperville Metra Station on Route 722
  19. Great film that involves transit! If you dont want to watch the whole thing. I suggest skipping to 52:00. Rest of the film is cool. If youre a GM 4507 "Old Look" bus fan, this movie is for you! I had a custom die cast Corgi model of the bus in this movie made many years ago along with a GM 5301. This movie was said to be an early pilot for a tv show which would later become "CHiPs!" Enjoy!!!
  20. One more positive thing these numbers will mean is that they’ll match TTC’s oldest Nova lfs diesel numbers that start at 8400!
  21. I hope they do start at 8400s. That means Ill see my dads old badge number #8581 as a bus number! And 8481 which I saw in a movie once!
  22. Seen 701 rolling down 79th this evening going back to 7 while I was shopping VID_82290119_185326_839.mp4
  23. Yea they are I tell people to get up I got a wheelchair coming dome don t like it I say get up or get tf off
  24. Aw ok cool only time will tell when the new novas start coming in
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