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  2. any updates on 4119 4167 1805 700 701 1629 and 600?
  3. That's good #1552 is also back as well.
  4. Today
  5. #1016,#4174 and #7913 have returned to active service.
  6. Aesthetically these NFs look much nicer than the Eldos!
  7. this is what might happen since 6510-6521 got delivered WAY early that might happen with 20475-20485 they gonna run them on either pulse milwaukee or regular 250 service until pulse dempster is complete
  8. I don't know what timetable Pulse service on Dempster Pulse will begin, but until the I would expect the 250 to sport 2 to 5 of those New Flyers daily.. Pulse Milwaukee might see one or two if any get wrapped.
  9. This is exciting news! I suppose it would be too much to take the cars to Lower 63rd yard and, push or pull to Skokie?
  10. Yesterday
  11. there’s no way they gonna have to wait till at least that part of oakton is done
  12. Yeah, I was on Oakton yesterday & I can't see how a semi carrying an L car could make it through that narrowed mess & then turn into the shop.
  13. The last 10 will most likely to go NW, so that operators and mechanics can provide feedback...
  14. 8064's at Kedzie on the 126 along with 1546.
  15. i hope so but I think another garage will be ln line to get some.
  16. he’s saying up to 20475 because 10 probably will go to another garage
  17. I rode 6274 yesterday. It had good a/c, though it wasn't too hot yesterday. So it's looking like W will continue to get New Flyers through 20475 based on the number of NABIs still running. We will see when 20466 hits the streets.
  18. Yea I see they cut the front end off the bus but you right about that
  19. I don't get it, zooming up the picture shows the bus only goes to the length of the wall it's protruding through. There's like one aisle of seats passed the wheel well and that's it. So I wonder why they would go and acquire the bus for that? Kind of interesting, CTA was going to sell the #900 buses to an electric bus rebuilder, CCW, and the deal fell through. I wonder why then they wouldn't step up to the plate and rebuild the buses themselves for that purpose. They could try it out. It's cheaper and you would have extra buses to run. They could easily do a complete 63rd and Chicago electrification of buses and see at the same time is this really viable? Just think they could have 32 electric buses.
  20. 1494 got to an small crash earlier on western and Wabansia
  21. I was talking to my Aunt and she said that the signs "Bus is Full" or "Bus may run express" sometimes get left over from former runs or the driver doesn't change it after they release passengers. I have also seen busses with two people say bus may run express and that might be a reason.
  22. I don’t think that was me, but I’m a regular J14 rider and I’ve discovered I’ve pretty much only have good or bad drivers, no in between. Fortunately, it’s been 90% good but every so often I get those “skipped on 5 passengers” or “refuse to move around a car that obviously won’t move” drivers 🤷🏾‍♂️
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