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  2. I saw a bus like that while driving in on the Kennedy Thursday.
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  4. Here is a new Nova bus getting fuel at a truck stop in Menomonie, WI.
  5. This is probably what 6972-76 were ordered for. Which means the remaining 6900s will likely stick around a little longer. I'm not sure if 6510-11 are still out there, but those might be to avoid putting miles on 6900s rather than having them sit in the lot until Pulse service starts. The fact that they must have wrapped them for shoulder use indicates their intent was to use them for more than a few weeks.
  6. Yeah 100 buses is probably not worth having a line setup for it. That line could help work on the 2000 other 40 foot buses. If it was a smaller company it might even have to forgo a contract because it doesn't have the space to build the bus. NF has so much money though they would probably just open another plant like someone buys a loaf of bread. Opening new factories and hiring workers also cuts into their profit margin. It simply doesn't make sense for them to mess with 100 buses, so they won't.
  7. Where are they gonna get these buses from?
  8. Passenger notice: 504 Z trips will be discontinued. I was usually alone on the bus the few times I rode them so this change was expected. I figured they were taking time to evaluate the route when what should have been a two week detour lasted for months. Now I wonder what Pace will do when the new IKEA warehouse opens in about a year. It is just to the east of the Amazon warehouse but not quite close enough to the existing 361/504 bus stop. IKEA is seeking LEED certification as Mars did which resulted in 512. Perhaps there will be a new route "513" and/or extension of 504. Maybe 361 could go there as well. It all depends when the shift change times will be.
  9. New trips added to I-55 routes.
  10. Random thing today. I saw a daytime Red Line run with only 4 cars in service. Is that normal?
  11. The home page has a story on this. What appears to be the current development is that service on 620 and 626 will start when construction is over, whenever that is, while Additional routes that could utilize the I-94 service in the future are in the planning stages. Preliminary concepts aim to provide connections from the Jefferson Park Transit Center and the CTA Kimball Brown Line Station to the Lake Cook Corridor. Service expansion is based on the availability of funding and equipment and is subject to change. So my comment about "we'll find out what buses in 2 years" wasn't that off base, as I was contemplating the full program in the CMAP application. Obviously, Pace won't need more equipment to run 620 and 626, but since they will have to be wrapped, @west towns's conclusion that it would have to be a dedicated fleet seems correct. At least one interline between 215 and 626 is probably gone. In that 620 was run for a while with 6377, that shows there isn't any interline problem there.
  12. I wonder how seriously one takes NF's statements that they were turning over the joint venture because AD was able to assume production, but I agree that it couldn't have been profitable, and also doubt NF's statement made at the time it started production that its customers were demanding a mid bus, when, with this type of production numbers and NF now citing shuttle operators, they were not. For instance CTA was not clamoring to replace the 500s, even though the MiDis met that spec (including being 96" wide). NF reports indicate about 2600 transit bus and coach deliveries a year; 100 of them being Midis is squat.
  13. Was WiFi around in 2001? More than likely, only the Axess and MCI buses have Wifi. And what difference does it make if they will be sitting in the South 2 yard in a couple of weeks?
  14. Do the Orion VI buses at NW have Wi-Fi?
  15. Probably its not profitable for them. They are the biggest manufacturer of buses and therefore can make more on a standard bus. If you think of their customer base, they'll probably be selling to small agencies with not alot of sales. Even a bigger customer in the small bus market like Pace only ordered 200 buses from eldorado. It would seem the smaller companies like them are more tailored to the small buses but the Axess is a smart way to expand what that company offers. The big tuna, NF, is probably after the killer orders of 500-1,000 buses. Why sacrifice production of a big fry with a small one? It would seem their future concern would be at the clean air market as thats where some of the major competitors are interested and it seems to be where the market is headed.
  16. I didn't really think New Flyer would get much business out of the MIDI. I don't really think there is much need in the transit bus market for 30' buses. I wonder if New Flyer will come up with a 2nd model to go along with the Xcelsior, as that's the only model they have now in all sizes.
  17. 5/26/17 7:02p Rail Line(s) Affected: Blue Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Blue Line trains are operating with residual delays after earlier signal problems near UIC-Halsted.
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  19. washington wabash 52417.mp4 Here's a flyby video showing the progress so far at washington wabash. And here is the ribbed staircase along with a shot of the north end of construction.
  20. They are finally working on the extended part of the platform at wash/wabash. I filmed it 3 days ago and have yet to upload it. (Maybe i can upload that tonight) I was trippin' I was looking at the stairs and noticed not only did they put this ribbed design on the canopy. It will be on the stairs as well. I should have a picture of that too. I was also checking out Quincy/wells. It seems there is some street construction in the area of the elevator but i need to see it from the street to confirm exactly whats up
  21. The main change on moving Saturday from the weekday panel to the weekend one is that Blue Island now has some Saturday service, but won't in the future. There are some 860x series trains to provide local service to Kensington and allow the 80x trains to run express through that zone (and 47th through 18th).
  22. 5/26/17 4:01p Rail Line(s) Affected: Red Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Howard-bound trains are operating with residual delays after an earlier door problem at Grand.
  23. Route 151 in fact was the most recent route to have a cutback of owl hours just a couple of years ago. And the justification was just what @Busjack alluded to: low overnight because the Red Line was a parallel and handling much of the overnight lakefront area ridership. The 22 is also an overnight alternative for those who would prefer a bus instead of a train. At any rate those two alternatives coupled with it being a freshly made cut, make it unlikely that owl service for the 151 would be restored anytime soon,
  24. Looking at the proposed weekend schedule rhe mainline maintains an hourly schedule, but loses the expresses every other hour, with a Kensington local running every 2 hours or the hours which have the mainline expresses.
  25. There were a few weeknights and weekends that Broadway was closed and the #36 had to be detoured to Sheridan, yes.
  26. 5/26/17 12:58p ***Planned Service Interruption May 27th Thru 30th From 7p-11:30p*** Rail Line(s) Affected: Yellow Level Of Service Interruption: Service Suspended Information: Yellow Line service will be temporarily suspended due to utility work over the tracks. Alternate Service: Shuttle Buses will be available during the times service is stopped between Howard and Dempster-Skokie. Passengers can also use the #97 Skokie bus as an alternate to Yellow Line service.
  27. You could turn back trains around 67th and use the 63rd St Metra station as a breathing place. But depending on the South Chicago branch train schedule coupled with the South Shore trains that might be a schedule conflict problem. TRainman could answer this, but I thought around 71st outbound trains could switch from express to local track and vice versa. If the same is true inbound then trains could be flipped at 75th
  28. As noted, I couldn't figure out the rationale for increasing flag stop service between 63rd and 107th, other than possibly the lack of a turnback.
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