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  2. Interesting question. I'm not sure if the city has addressed how bike lanes have modified traffic patterns. As an occasional biker, it seems most bike lanes have been put between the parking lane and the travel lane. As a result a lot of cars and buses ignore the bike lane or use it as a standing lane. There's a few higher quality bike lanes, Harrison, Milwaukee, Clinton, and Dearborn come to mind, as well as the Washington and Randolph lanes implemented from Loop Link. The bike lane on Milwaukee has a concrete divider between the road and the bikeway. There is at least one bus stop that has been moved from the curb to the concrete divider which I would think would make the bus faster.
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  4. Which is why I’ve been doing the 381+386 combo. I’d ordinarily just take the orange line like I usually do, but I’m not sure it’s safe yet
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  6. There was a bus broke down on the tri state yesterday. Looked like an outbound #395 to UPS. The minuteman were working on it and everyone was still on the bus.
  7. Pace #6224 broke down today on Harlem/Cermak, bus is seen here getting towed.
  8. He meant many more grants. Most agencies purchase buses and trains with federal dollars. That's why purchase and options are subject to funding. New Flyer, Nova, and anyone else wants to bid this contract.
  9. So the 79 still isn’t running past Pulaski. At this point, I just can’t fathom why. So many of my co-workers are saying they’ve been having to walk from Pulaski to Cicero to catch the 379 (and catch an earlier 79 as a result)
  10. The mechanics fixed 6364 and now it is back operating the 318.
  11. I might be a little off topic, but I noticed this bus (6372) has a bigger rear number now rather than last summer. I also noticed a few buses are getting the numbers on the front into a new font too (near the blue retarder light), and 6372, 6362, and 6347 have the new number, while 6364 and 6352 have the old Helvetica number.
  12. I also rode 6307 this morning and that wasn't on my list above too. It will sure be sad without these NABI buses but they still run good like this Facebook famous bus did.
  13. The concept of bus slow zones [please see the 7000 thread] prompted me to ask the following: Is there a negative effect on CTA bus route performance where bike lanes exist?
  14. Honestly, there are 2 scenarios that affect all of this: 1. The pandemic has forced a lot of the NW and SW 2700s to shut down as well as the feeder routes because they only have front door entry so that wipes out social distancing with the driver, even with the plastic barricade. 2. It depends on the pending order to replace all of the 2600s period, especially in Aurora, Niles, and all of the feeders. If they haven't started production yet, Pace might go ahead and move the ones at NW and SW to Aurora or the Naperville feeder buses could be moved if service isn't restored in a timely manner and put a hold on the order. The Aurora buses 2605-2629 definitely look and sound tired, but there are replacements currently available now that they can plug 30 buses from somewhere else and retire them for now. SN: Regarding Pulse, West probably needs to send the El Dorados to NW and retrofit them for Pulse, just to keep consistency.
  15. This is likely my fault. I clicked on the link in rl12383's post and saw the term mentioned on the document. I will ask a follow up question in the Random CTA thread.
  16. 6227 has also been out this week. I do think 6258-6268 will be the last of the Nabis to retire, those buses came from North Shore a couple of years ago and didn't have full daily runs at times so they'll have lower mileage than the rest of the Nabis. But having said that, the Nabis are 17 years old and some of them look terrible. I'd have to believe there's a sense of urgency to let them go once Pace feels comfortable with the 20400s.
  17. 6364 broke down today at North and Wolf, was on the 318 earlier.
  18. Aw that's probably why I seen trucks carrying building equipment in there over the last few weeks
  19. You guys lost me too. Transit agencies will always need buses. As long as you don't make a bad product like Boeing you are ok. Now they are the ones that could lose work. Airbus is more fuel efficient. Some airlines have ditched the Boeing's they have for airbus'. This 737max was a big mistake for them.
  20. Why are you guys talking about a bus slow zone on the 7000 series forum?
  21. Why not? They’re going out of business too??
  22. A general maintenance facility like what would typically be at end of line yards or something akin to a smaller Skokie Shops?
  23. Bus lanes is being generous, they’re really queue jumps (at least for 79th St)
  24. Per Chicago Cityscape, the CTA took out a permit to build a new maintenance facility at 63rd st. Lower yard:
  25. "Bus slow zones” are being addressed through the bus lanes program. 79th, Chicago, and Western have short stretches of bus lanes now. CDOT and CTA are planning further improvements on those streets as well as 63rd, Belmont, Halsted, and Pulaski. https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/depts/mayor/press_room/press_releases/2019/october/PriorityBusZones.html
  26. Here's the sequel to the last video. Hope you all enjoy. I got older and current announcements on this one.
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