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  2. I'm not into architectural criticism. but have noted that a couple of years ago, the U of C was looking into architecture "that will last" in ripping down and replacing 1950s buildings while retaining the 1890s ones. Now the State is talking about ripping down a 1980s building. There was some report that Helmut Jahn had a redevelopment proposal for it, but let's see if he comes up with the cash.
  3. I respectfully disagree that it should never have been built, it's just that it should have been designed to be much more energy efficient and space efficient than it is. It would have resulted in a bland-looking building but a more useful and efficient building that wouldn't even be the subject of a possible demolition.
  4. I'll insert a note here that I am going to Japan again soon, for this FlyerTalk forum's "Japan Do" #5. This will be my thirteenth time visiting there. Yes, I will take more transit photographs. I am staying at a new(er) hostel this time in Nakano-ku. It is very close to Shinjuku, and only eight minutes away via Tokyo Metro from where a lot of the frequent flyers attending this are staying [The Tokyo Hilton]. Wish me fun and success.
  5. Well, you heard it first here.....renardo870.....Now its on the CTA WEBSITE......"Red Line Monday, April 03, 2017 to TBD How does this affect my trip? During morning and evening rush periods only, some Red Line trains will be rerouted south of Roosevelt onto the South Side elevated and Ashland branch (normally used by Green Line trains). These trains will operate between Howard and Ashland/63rd, via the subway." "You mean the re-pick concerning operators, switchmen, towermen.....I think CTA will keep its dates."
  6. I would be perfectly happy to see whoever buys it place dynamite in strategic areas of the building and implode it even before the ink is dry on papers transferring ownership. It's an ugly, poorly designed monstrosity that should never have been built in the first place.
  7. Yeah, I think I've got those problems as well. For some reason my laptop enjoys breaking itself, as I've done work on fixing those .dll files before for Train Simulator, and now I get a pop up saying one of my programs that launches on startup cannot do so due to a missing .dll. I'll look into those problems again, and hopefully I'll be more thorough this time.
  8. When they started 722, I was surprised they made it every 30 minutes throughout the day. This just confirms there is more service than necessary. RTAMS won't load at the moment, but I recall the daily ridership was about 150. From what you said, it sounds like most of them are rush hour riders who have other options anyway. I don't think Pace will cut the entire route just yet, but may reduce service if ridership has plateaued. Have you noticed whether there are any transfers between 722 & 530?
  9. I noticed yesterday the new bus stop signs on 834 have been placed as far south as Taylor Road in Romeoville. I don't know if the Lockport to Joliet segment is done yet.
  10. Did you have an error message saying something about missing MSVCR120.dll or some similar .dll file? I ask because that another issue that might also be happening to you for which replacing any Visual C++ Restributable package that the Windows 10 update may have corrupted in some way. Googling how to fix those .dll files sends you to recommended solutions that also involve getting the correct Visual C++ Redistributable package from Microsoft.
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  12. I had some extra time yesterday so I went and downloaded it onto my laptop. Interesting thing is that the installation didn't work because a newer version existed. Maybe I'll remove the entire Microsoft pack thing and reinstall it.
  13. Getting past Rauner and Madigan going at it again, this Sun-Times article points out that one of the issues in selling the Thompson Center is: Madigan writes in the letter that he’ll continue to work with [Central Management Services] on issues related to the CTA station And in the attached letter I have directed my staff to provide any assistance necessary so that we may pass legislation advantageous to the State of Illinois, while providing the least disruption to CTA commuters utilizing the lines that feed into the Thompson Center. I am advised CMS is in negotiations with the City on issues related to the CTA station and the easement... At least someone is thinking about it.
  14. Are you also adding in that Howard also has most of Purple (and 6 Yellow)? It the L Rosters page is correct, Green and Pink have a total of 214 cars, which means that there are already 500 cars assigned to Red-Purple-Yellow. I don't know when CTA made its projections whether it figured it had or needs to get cars for the extension and any increase in trains it promised for when the Clark Jct. flyover is completed, but considering that the fleet has already gone up from 1190 (before the 5000s started arriving) to 1470 something, CTA has to store them somewhere, even if it isn't using them.
  15. Your 714 reference probably is the answer, 722 probably has a grant to build ridership, and if it doesn't build ridership, Pace will ask the communities to kick in. Unlike 714 serving COD (and whitefish) and unlike Streamwood kicking in to save 554, I'm not aware of any community with any interest in 722.
  16. So today, I decided to make a switch and take a different route to Naperville. Normally, I take route 463 to Metra DG, then take that train to Naperville, but that option is pricey due to the raised Metra prices. Today, I took 463 to Metra DG, but then got on the 834 from there to Ogden/Main in DG, then eventually got on 722 to Naperville Metra (bus was about 5 minutes late). I was one of 2 people on this bus and I was all alone after Warrenville/Yackley in Lisle. I must be truthful, this is a route that I don't think last thru the end of the summer. I've seen empty buses on this route a lot during the day, both peak and off-peak. The routing on Warrenville Road is redundant with 829 and 888, both are rush hour buses. Why would anyone need to go into that area after 9am? When I take the train and get to the Lisle stop just before 8am, at least 10-15 people get on route 829, going the same direction as the 722. So that tells me that people that live in the city and work in Lisle/Naperville would rather take Metra, not go to Yorktown and then get on 722. In the past, I didn't see a lot of people get on the 714 when it used to run down Ogden, not even COD students, could be one of the reason why the route changed. In the afternoons when I get to Naperville Metra, I almost always see 714 and 722 waiting. 714, usually 3-5 people are on that bus. 722: maybe 1 person? Today, when I got off at my stop near the Naperville Metra, I asked the driver if this route gets busy often, she said "nope, I rarely see more than 3 people on this run and I've never seen you on here before." Says a lot. Pace has got to know this route isn't a money maker for them and I just can't see it lasting.
  17. What I don't get is the need for a 600-700 plus car capacity yards on the red when they only use 400 now and are projected to use 484. So why have a 200 car spare ratio? You know they almost would have room for a skokie shops south.
  18. As they said at the time they yanked the first 7000s spec, they lived with it for 4 years on the Red Line. Also the second spec provided that if Tomlinson couplers were proposed, an adapter would have to be provided for each car for that contingency. Nobody has said whether CTA accepted any alternatives in the solicitation. I indicated that I didn't think 7000s on the Red Line were likely, but it isn't like CTA didn't foresee the situation.
  19. Probably mixing fleets is a nightmare scenario. If one car set failed and needed to be pushed by the follower which had another set they can't be linked together. This could also happen on the loop L that would make one wonder how these fleets will work out.
  20. I think he meant that there were some loaners on what were presumed to be Limits routes. Essentially Kedzie ended up getting most of Limits routes, other than those going north of Belmont that went to NP. In the latter regard, it didn't matter. Not having a northern terminal for 8 and 9 left them somewhat unbalanced with regard to needing southbound garage trips, but otherwise eliminating Limits didn't make much of any difference, as it didn't handle crosstown trips in its area (most of which were handled by North-Cicero) nor much of 22 or 36. The issue basically came down to the same as Archer. There was a proposal to build a garage at around Diversey and Elston, but CTA decided it didn't need it. One also has to consider that CTA had about 2400 some buses in the 1970s-1980s and about 1800 some now.
  21. Last week
  22. Yeah my memories of Limits are 1980s through its closing in summer of 1994. My memories of artics on 136 start about late 80s a short period before seeing the first test drives of the 4400s before they became revenue active. Before that, I remember only really seeing 40 foot buses. But when artics did start getting assigned on runs, they were in limited numbers because of CTA's artic count then being less than half of what it is today.
  23. Yes, and the Wieners Circle is still there. I've been there and experienced the,"atmosphere."
  24. So limits would sometimes get Americana's from Kedzie? Interesting, and who thinks closing and tearing Limits down was a mistake?
  25. It depends how far back. I was citing the mid 1970s, when most of the various LaSalle Express buses were basically unnumbered and were variants of 156 on the maps, and maybe into the first year (1976) of 135-136. Yours seem after that. The assignment of artics indicates that 136 must have had capacity problems that were addressed about 1979, when I wasn't around.
  26. The memories of the listed routes are mostly correct from what I remember of info given on Bill V's site in the section giving the histories of CTA's bus routes from the days of CTA's predecessors on up to the present day. Though on the LaSalle Expresses, I believe it was pretty much only the 135 that was assigned there while 136 was pretty much NP's as I only every remember NP Fishbowls, Americanas, 4400s, 5800s, and MAN artics of the 7000 and 7100 series on the 136 when Limits' still existed during my childhood through late teen years.
  27. Again, it is one of two things (given that the original assessment was 84 cars): The contract for the 7000s has 2 options for 100 and 90 cars each for "expansion." Andre indicated that the 5000s bloat indicates that CTA already has the cars, if it wants to keep the Red Line all 5000s. Capacity doesn't mean assignments. 54th Yard has capacity for 108 and has 50 assigned. But even if it is, and I don't know if your math considers the increment of 84, sure the 5000s could be restricted to the Red, as well as Yellow and Purple Lines at Howard Yard, and then they could put the option 7000s on the Green and Pink Lines. Or they could run the Red Line mixed (although not in the same train). Based on the need for 84 cars, I don't think any of these is necessary, but the possibility exists.
  28. But CTA did keep Wilson shops, and used it up to 65 years after it was no longer needed. Of course it was scaled back in a major way as it used to be multi-level in the 30's to 60's era I believe. Finally it was abandoned, shortly before it burned up. On your other point, they do send trains to 63rd middle, don't they? What if you had an emergency at 103rd, your whole south yard would be cut off. 98th yard is only 46 years old not 66. The red line trains to Englewood prove my point, in that if they had construction or an emergency they now have an option available to them at 98th. What if they built the extension and something was wrong with it? They are going to look pretty silly if they have no south yard to fall back on. Basically my point is if it's not bothering anything or in anyone's way why take it down so hastily? Surely it could serve a purpose and it probably will according to your quote. Now as far as if they build the extension, (and they will it just takes time) they will need the extra cars to run the extension so something is going to have to happen as far as the purchase of those cars unless they plan on ordering from a 3rd manufacturer of railcars. Their window is going to be in the mid 2020's, so they'll probably get it by then. If not they will have a problem if they do order cars and don't have a 340 car yard to put them in or open a line with not enough cars. One other thought, if they plan on opening a 340 car yard and howard is a 300 something car yard what do they plan on having a 600 something red line car capacity. If so you know what that means, virtually either all the #5000's or #7000's will be on that one line.
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