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  2. At Pace West, it seems like a combination of both. The earliest starting drivers seem to be able to pick from what's available. Those drivers also tend to be senior drivers.. Any rookies who wind up with early starts don't get to choose. Later starting drivers get what's left over.
  3. 🤣🤣 idk why I keep bullying em I like em but at the same time I don’t do it’s 50/50 for me
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  5. As they said, it could have been a pilot testing bus.
  6. & 6400 was sold to the scrapper in April of 15 so idk what bus number that is
  7. Just seen 6756 was retired March 1st of 15 but someone that can update it needs too cuz it's still got buses under 6675 still in service lol
  8. 6400 was in service I remember seeing it when I when to my aunt house when I was a shorty it was 79 that rainy afternoon
  9. Yessir similar to CTA bus just on CTA the manager at each garage assigns them the bus that’s what I heard from drivers because every driver knows me from FG so I asked one time this driver he has a 6400 series bus and he knew me and I asked him why you driving a old ragidy bus and he said that’s what the manager assigned me when I got to the garage but I get a hand me down after my break
  10. I've asked drivers before. They can choose from what is available. But yes, ONLY when leaving the garage. After breaks, they don't choose. They get a "hand me down" from a previous run.
  11. Drivers don’t choose there buses it’s assigned by the manager and after the break the bus is assigned to the driver by the other drivers before his/hers run just like CTA
  12. If I see an EZ Rider on 307 or 311 when these Morton HS kids in Berwyn leave school for the day imma laugh. I hated how the 35' NABIs out of the poor choice of the driver to use this bus for his run, would even use it knowing there's less space for standing. The bus would get packed full of immature Morton kids. I can tell you this cause I just graduated out of there lol On 311 it's pretty bad cause lots of them get left behind as well. Before I started taking 307, which was faster and less packed, I would leave school as soon as the bell rang and try to walk as much north past Cermak as possible before everyone else goes 1st than me so I can get a good seat. It was so bad freshman year that one time on a half day (and I don't even know why i did this) but the bus was really late and I ended up walking from Cermak & Oak Park ALL THE WAY TO I-290! That's when I realized that I need an alternate route LOL
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  14. I wouldn't expect those EZ Riders to be permanently be assigned to W. But if NABIs start to crap out at a higher rate where extra buses are necessary, if the new EZRiders arrive first, some of either the new or old EZ Riders could act as a stopgap until the NFs arrive. Remember, the EZ Riders and the 6600s have the same seating capacity and W used to have a large inventory of 6600s. Hopefully the 6162s and 6262s can survive another 12 months.
  15. I don't see why West would get EZ Riders if they are 30'. Unless they use them on routes like #302, 314, 315, 316, 305, 327 that mostly never get packed. And El Dorados can be used on the heavier routes
  16. To add to that, CTA President Dorval Carter said at the most recent board meeting that the Forest Park branch is a priority but will be worked on last.
  17. What I meant was everywhere says 483 buses, but since this was unused, it would make it 484 buses .
  18. Yes, but not recently. That was the size of the Nova LFS order delivered in 2001-02: 6400-6708, followed by 6709-6883.
  19. The Nova really does have that fresh-from-the-factory look despite its 18 years. Still, I wonder why it has an ad wrap if it's never seen revenue service.
  20. For some reason, 6735 is still at West while the rest of them went to North. 6734 is probably a ghost bus, I did not see it at all this summer.
  21. Probably just stored especially if in the back yard at NW along the fence.
  22. CTA is currently working on the power upgrades between O'Hare and downtown. The upgrades should be completed by the time the 7000s are slated to arrive in 2021. As for the Forest Park branch, I don't know if that is a power issue or a weight issue or both with the 5000s, as the track condition is terrible. A complete rebuild of that branch is necessary. However, CTA is trying to wait on IDOT to determine how it will reconstruct the Eisenhower Expressway to coordinate reconstruction of the Forest Park branch of the Blue Line. That could possibly include an extension to Manheim Rd in Hillside.
  23. From the registration that is the original 6400 which never entered service and has remained a mechanical trainer.
  24. Are at least 7000's going to go to the Blue Line? Because the 2600's will be retired, some 3200's...
  25. Unfortunately, because of long neglected upgrades, the Blue Line power cant handle a fleet of 5000s
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