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  2. It maybe I hope it is imma try to give 7 their 7900's back 😂😂😂😂
  3. Dam K C & I think NP sent buse to 3 tf going on over there
  4. 1223,1635,1667,1793,1794,1795,1946,1971 and 2028 are at 103rd
  5. Today
  6. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    I'm seeing 1610 and 1272 on the 34
  7. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    I got a feeling that it’s about to be some serious bus swapping for this summer pick since the city is open again and the capacity limit is lifted. According to the tracker 1946, 1971, and 2028 are all currently doing 103rd routes 🤯🤯.
  8. Metra shuttles? What happened here? Also, can you explain the part in bold a bit more? I'm mostly unfamiliar with how this would work and what the ramifications were?
  9. 8232 is down at Harlem and Belmont SB
  10. Aw dam I aint know that
  11. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Well if 77th was loaning to 103rd for a morning piece you gotta remember 77th is more likely to have spare equipment in the morning as a PM heavy garage. Thats partially why they ended up taking the Metra Shuttles. That’s how I’ve always seen loans happen since high school. 103rd has always borrowed from 77th mainly durijg mornings cause their AM requirements are a bit higher than the PM. If anything there used to be a 3 way dependency, 74th was involved in frequent loaning to 7 and 03 (also had to help out with 108 in the mornings) but that ended when decrowding put an end to the wild interli
  12. Yesterday
  13. Don't assume I didn't. The signs are not malfunctioning and I already explained what causes it to appear that way on camera.
  14. Dam bro yea some is down due to vary reasons
  15. From my estimates just from looking and counting yesterday yes. I counted at least 20-25 buses that were down for numerous issues including a few minor accidents.
  16. I told you bro bro sometimes I think 7 dont be feeling like using their buses how the golden child garage be short of buses way more then the middle child garage & stepchild garage
  17. Out of SS 7 stay going over there taking buses fron other garages I think they dont be feeling like using thrir own sometimes
  18. Lol man we csn give 7 their 7900's back for our artics
  19. 1706 and 1788 are also at 77th for the afternoon on the 87 and 79.
  20. Yoo 103rd gave 77th 1069 to drive on the 87 . Or that bus came out of south shops
  21. Did you guys have a little of buses down yesterday for breakdowns and/or scheduled maintenance?
  22. Thanks. Hopefully I get a chance to ride the 7000s myself soon, though I will probably wait until they are on the Green line.
  23. So let me get this straight, we were short buses yesterday for the PM school runs but they we're able to help out 103rd today, ahh the operations puzzle me at times.
  24. I think its one of the signs in the general area of the Bryn Mawr station. Though I haven't been there recently, my guess is there are similar signs along Bryn Mawr for the 84, Broadway for the 36, and probably one SB on Sheridan at Bryn Mawr too. The map for all of these stops should be in the Bryn Mawr station. Up the thread just a tad I explain the Harlem and Lake station and signage in the surrounding area.
  25. I believe it's an artifact of the camera and the signs having different refresh rates. Here's a short explainer: https://electronics.howstuffworks.com/question336.htm
  26. Some of the other videos on YouTube show a clear sign when the train is sitting still but starts "acting up" just before the train starts in motion. So I'm not sure if its an LED refresh issue with the actual signs, a camera issue with settings, or a weird combination of both.
  27. It's located on at the south entrance under the glass awning, if memory serves. Harlem/Lake is definitely one of those places that needs it, since routes like the 309/313 stop but don't end, the 757 stop is separated from all the rest of the routes, etc
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