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  2. My, how times have changed. In the 1990s ACT UP laid down in front of buses to garner attention. Now people deface the Santa's Elves train.
  3. The protesting group’s goal is usually to end up on the news, thereby reaching a broad audience. Getting media coverage generally requires doing something moderately disruptive such as putting stickers on the train. This strategy probably attracts plenty of individuals who try to feel fulfilled by yelling at someone, which can certainly have some negative impact on their cause.
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  5. I do find it dumb to do it at Washington/Wabash. Who's attention are you even getting? The ones who already agree with you? There's no point and they're just being annoying so to speak.
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  7. Ok. I've seen protesters blocking streets and buildings, but I have never known them to disrupt rail service before. It would seem like Trump Tower would be a more appropriate place for that particular protest. Disrupting CTA service inconveniencing a largely majority democrat leaning constituency doesn't accomplish anything. Not that a Trump Tower protest would accomplish anything, but that would more likely get his attention.
  8. what happened to 8147
  9. #8147 has returned to serivce currently on Rt.24 Wentworth.
  10. I forgot to mention sometimes the buses Wi-Fi disconnects periodically. 6363 and 6364 and including more buses happens to disconnect periodically. And i would've loved to tell you but unfortunately about 2 weeks ago i accidentally uninstalled 20 apps including my note pad. So i lost everything i wrote in that app.
  11. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    Been back since September.
  12. They were part of a Seattle order not delivered to Seattle, but I assume already in production. Delivery started six months after the order was placed. The straight clean-diesel were $157,000 cheaper per bus but I do not think that was the reason. From Tribune on 5/12/2012 "Calling it too good of a deal to pass up, the CTA board on Wednesday approved the purchase of 100 new accordion-style buses, averaging $800,000 each, that were left over from a contract initiated by the Seattle transit system. The CTA will pay New Flyer Industries Inc.$80.1 million for the 67 clean-diesel buses and 33 diesel-electric hybrid buses. The 60-foot articulated buses were part of an order for up to 715 buses that King County Metro Transit in Seattle agreed to buy from New Flyer. The CTA will use federal and local funds." "The CTA is paying $740,000 for each of the 67 diesel buses and $897,000 for each of the 33 hybrid buses, CTA spokeswoman Molly Sullivan said. The purchase from New Flyer includes spare parts and extended warranties, she said." https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2012-05-10-ct-met-cta-buses-0510-20120510-story.html
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    More Bus Moves

    Just to let you know, 1088 is Back, it's on the 103, I saw it on Bustracker
  14. It seems really stupid that they decided that those would be D60LFRs instead of their hybrid brothers (DE60LFRs) like the 4300s and 4000s (DE60LFs) were. Is there a reason that I am not yet aware of for this decision such as cheaper to purchase them or something else?
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  16. Trump/Pence. They're protesting kids being separated from their families at the border and the way border patrol treats the kids.
  17. Elves train had to go right through a protest at Washington/Wabash yesterday. It was reported as well that protesters tagged the train with stickers.
  18. Well at least it would be less complicated than if they still had Wilson on the rollsigns.
  19. You as well! Appreciate the correction and further explanation on that VRE sale in '08 - I hadn't given much thought to it but it definitely helps clear up the timeline. Let me know if you if you find any more relevant info, MTDX or otherwise, as you keep searching.
  20. After Clark and Lake, "Monroe (and State) is next." Train goes through Block 37 portal to State Street subway and continues route. That is Bled (or blured) train. Lol!
  21. This is a red line train to downtown and 95th welcome aboard red line run 915 Jarvis is next in the direction of travel doors open on the left at Jarvis this was taken at ohare
  22. I like how they tidied up the area where the fluid is stored. The last time I rode in a sleet train they had a bunch of tanks on the floor in trays with a bunch of hoses coming out of them. The tanks weren’t that big either, each one about the size of two plastic gasoline cans put together. They were also clear too, so it just looked like a bunch of tanks holding apple cider in them.
  23. Thanks for the correction broham
  24. That’s 21 Cermak bus the 21 doesn’t operate out of 7 so 1221 and 1227 are not on 21 they are out on 4
  25. 21 cermak bus broke down on the Dan Rayn this morning I didn't get to see what number it was seen it while I was shooting my car video for YouTube
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