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  2. Instead of 12 eight car consists there will be 18 eight car consists on the Blue Line. Don't forget the 2 5000s consists that run during the rush periods. Even so, half of the route is still 2600s.
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  4. It was on kedzie but it wasn't in revenue service,#700 has left south shops and #701 is currently getting tested on the road again.
  5. chances of me catching a 3200 on blue is getting higher then
  6. They will get less work and last longer on the Brown Line rather than the Blue Line
  7. Its about time it got back. Now i hope i can get to ride it on the 53a since it looks like it won't be operating mainly on route 79.
  8. Whiny Ravenswood people, like a friend of mine says.
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  10. Ugh, we don’t need more of the crappy 2600s on the Brown line.
  11. According to Maths22 tracker, 701 is currently on the #52A...
  12. 50 more 3200 series cars are being added to the Blue Line while they trade in 50 2600s to the Brown.
  13. 3119-3120 Blue>Brown 3421-3422 Brown>Blue 2989-2990 Blue>Brown 3407-3408? Brown>Blue (couple months ago) more to come as i see on on both routes
  14. Seen 7902 on another route other then the 20 its on the 72 today was taken heading west at North & Austin
  15. I guess that would depend on the frequency I'd imagine that the alternate trips to Ford City would continue .
  16. I meant 69th/western and ford city woth the new 71
  17. I only chose the 5 because it matched the current N5. 67 South Shore/67th works too. I suppose certain trips can still serve LaRabida, but now it can be in both directions, giving those South of 67th access to the hospital.
  18. He meant with the 67, I'm pretty sure since a not insignificant portion of trips end at 69th/Western
  19. I'd rather see it be the 67 67th/South Shore rather than bring the 5 back, but that's semantics. I'm also interested in the alternating trips answer, although my guess is no. How would you handle LaRabida trips? Would your new route have certain trips run "via LaRabida" or would the new 71 have some trips extend north?
  20. No. You do know that currently all 71 trips run the full route. That changed about 2 to 3 years ago. Before then, trips alternated ending at 73rd and Exchange and 112th and Torrence.
  21. Would you still alternate trips as well?
  22. The portion of the 67 east of the Red Line would become the 5 (like the N5) except the 5 runs to the Lake (like the 77) but then proceeds south on South Shore Drive to 83rd, then over the current 71 to 112th. The number 67 would no longer be needed. The alternative is to make the 71 a 24 hrs route with owl service truncated to 92nd and interlining with an N95 with service from 92nd/Buffalo to 95th Red Line.
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  24. So what would 67 do? Become the east 67th bus?
  25. That doesn't correlate to the charging stations construction, Bus operators still have to receive training on them before they're placed in revenue service. The buses have been in CTA's possession for several months now and as of today they haven't received the full order of the proterras.
  26. That's not a bad idea in theory, I wonder if it were possible for 103rd to send a few artics over to the 69/71 during rush periods.
  27. In the spirit of the 52 and 94 swapping on their north Terminals, I propose the following,: 5 South Shore operating between 69th Red Line and 112th and Torrance bis 69th, Keefe. Rhodes. 67th, South Shore Drive and over the current 71 routing south of 75th. The N5 would remain unchanged. 71 69,/71 would operate between 73rd and Exchange and Ford City running the current 71 between 73rd and the Red Line and the current 67 from the Red Line to Ford City. My new 71 would match the hours of service on both ends of the current 71 and 67 west of the Red Line and providing consistency east of the Red Line (and a 24 hrs route) along the current 67 . The other minor change would be to rename the 95th portion of the N5 N95 95th. The N5 and N95 would interline so it still would operate as one route. 103rd garage would operate the 5 and 74th would operate my 71 69/71.
  28. Who says that the Green Line is less crowded? When you factor in frequency ( Green Line trains run every 7 to 8 minutes during the rush) and the fact that Green Line trains are only 6 cars long during rush periods, riders that normally use the Blue Line won't find this a better option. It could have been a great option IF the Green Line trains were 8 cars long. However, because Cottage Grove can't berth 8 car trains, its stuck. But I wondered why Ashland trains can't be 8 cars long and Cottage Grove trains remain 6 cars? There's no law that says every train has to be equal length. As it is, 6 and 8 car trains berth in the same location on the Green Line. This will help give any former Blue Line riders a 50% better chance of finding a seat or ample standing room on a Green Line train. As it is now, inbound Green Line trains are packed in the a.m. rush.
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