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  2. I thought they were already at level three tier. When Metra got them they had been rebuilt over the last five years or so, if memory serves me right.
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  4. Hello, Has anyone on here ever had a field trip or large group use Metra? If yes how was it? Today I was taking the 12:35 out of Ogilvie home from work,and a group of School Kids from Kenosha returning from a field trip came on and were allowed to ride in a closed off car. Thank you
  5. I was the only passenger on the last northbound 806 from Crystal Lake today. The driver hadn’t heard about the route’s proposed elimination but he wasn’t surprised by it. He said the most passengers he ever had was 5 and that 0-2 was typical. The most popular boarding location in the afternoon is Centegra Hospital in McHenry. I mentioned that everyone affected could use Dial-a-Ride, and the driver said they might not want to because it’s often late. However, he then noted that the fixed route isn’t necessarily more reliable, and that he was an hour late yesterday due to road construction. I got off at Edgewood Road and remarked that he probably didn’t stop there often. His response was “No, there used to be someone who got off somewhere around here”. Long story short, there probably won’t be any big fuss when 806 goes away.
  6. The link posted by @Smolensk explained the meaning behind the name. Although the name change seems to have taken effect in 2012, Metra timetables don’t appear to have been updated until September 11, 2019.
  7. I got to ride 6246 today (this one has the black interior number due to it having a front-end crash when it was new) and it sounds like brand new. I rode it NIS on Lake St. because the operator was so kind and she drove us on Lake back to my street.
  8. So to clarify... the F59PHIs Metra received from Amtrak are being rebuilt? I thought they already were rebuilt.
  9. My bad man. But yeah I don't mean it in a bad way I just found it funny to see you're actually a transit fan. I'll pm you in the forum messages so this page doesn't continue off topic.
  10. I would rather not talk about it. Mostly because id like to keep it to myself but also because this isn't the right place to talk about cta
  11. Explanation for those not in the loop?
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  13. Ahh so you're the guy who keeps reacting angry to CTA's posts on Facebook lmaoo
  14. Credit goes to the original owner
  15. I found it. It is a PEDESTRIAN grade separation project. Google Burnham Avenue Grade Separation Project. An ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission) listing should come up. On the site you will have to scroll down but you will find listings by county You won't see it in the first set of listings under Cook. but continue to the next table where there are more listings by county and you will see it there
  16. Swnewsherald online: Oak Lawn Should Hail ‘Patriot Station’ Name
  17. Why is the station called Oak Lawn Patriot and how long has it been named this way? https://metrarail.com/sites/default/files/metra_79898_fm80_manhattan_tt_proofsws.pdf
  18. Perhaps the $4mil is only the federal contribution, although a quick google search reveals nothing about the project
  19. The item that piqued my interest was the $4 million for the Burnham grade separation. I wonder if that is the Burnham Ave which is east of the Hegewisch station? Does or will the separation include the adjacent railroad tracks? It seems like $4 million is a small amount for a grade separation. Will the tracks go over or under Burnham?
  20. https://www.masstransitmag.com/management/news/21109997/il-cta-and-metra-stations-barrington-naperville-and-other-transportation-projects-get-federal-funding I didn't want to make 3 separate "Random xxx" posts, so I thought this would be better EDIT: I definitely meant projects
  21. Minimize interruptions by doing all the station filming at one location?
  22. Maybe it wasnt as bad as it looked. It's an old bus and they can have stupid things go wrong with them. Soon they wont have to deal with them. The nfs are coming. Most likely they'll be coming to west too.
  23. Why not just film the stations as is? So confusing to change the sign for no reason.😂 & did they change it to CTS because of copyright?
  24. Just saw METX 94 coupled to an F59-PHI at the "Rocket House" at 47th st. on the Rock Island line.
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  26. Well yes, but ofc that happens. We're talking about a specific incident where dude could've definitely been caught and definitely been prosecuted.
  27. LMAO!!! Have you ridden the Red or Blue lines lately??? Just about 90 percent of these rules are broken each and every day!!!
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