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  2. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    I guess 1987 is back from Cummins then.
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  4. 1236 back to 77th it’s on the 8
  5. from what i seen at NP’s 1345-1383 and 1387 they all have “P” on them and FG’s 8080 8090 8091 8212 8218 8220 8231-8235 all have “F” 1589 1594 1597-99 are in the phase of getting the “F”
  6. the problem is the heavy routes 77th has (Ex: 79th, 87th, 4 cottage grove, 3 king drive)
  7. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    Kind of surprising seeing they picked up so many artics. Maybe they have the problem of operators not being artic qualified or there are some who don't want to drive them. Notice all the new temp buses are everything but artic.
  8. John7

    More Bus Moves

    8225-8228 & 8230 appears to be a permanent move to 74th. Unlike the artics that moved to 77th & chicago garages, these now have the "6" sticker.
  9. My first time seeing a Metra car that looks like this
  10. I’m on an MDN train. Btwn this, the MDW I took last weekend and the ME trains I take, Ive not seen any signs about social distancing (no posters, no flyers, no blocked off seats). Only the usual fare evasion, operation lifesaver and occasional advertisement
  11. I wonder if it’s to keep people off the red line to promote social distancing or if it’s something else. Knowing CTA, imma lean towards something else.
  12. With the new XD40's that have arrived, I got another one to add to this list. My first XD40 was on June 13, 2020 going WB on the 318 and it was bus 20433 that I got. Now I have already rode 7 of them (17, 22, 28 twice, 31, 33, 35, and 36).
  13. That is strange that it's transponder showed up at Pace North Shore in May and June from time to time!
  14. Not sure if this is the right place, but I was looking at the rail schedules, which were quietly updated on May 24th. The Brown Line timetable shows the late night shuttle trains between Belmont and Kimball have been extended to the Loop. The Brown Line now has the last train circling the Loop, from approximately 2:00 AM to 2:10 AM. https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/rail-tt_brown.pdf
  15. Ah ok. For some reason I don't hit a paywall on Crain's on my phone. Basically, UP has notified Metra of a couple things. 1. If they win the lawsuit they will stop operating trains within 90 days. 2. Beginning August 1st (and continuing at set dates) UP will stop providing legal, claims, clerical, and mechanical/repair services for Metra. UP refused to share the statement to Metra with Crain's, but it sounds like there will be more news on this topic.
  16. I guess you didn't see that was mentioned.
  17. Ammo to look REAAAAALLY foolish at this point but I'mma let you be great 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. BusHunter

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    That's the consensus at cta according to Garmon and he should know. Starting a line that will take a year or so to complete also doesnt say much for the other lines. I'd only do that if the cars were in bad condition. They would have to be worse than the #2600s which would be a stretch. Then if #5000s go to orange to retire 2600s how do they end up with 7000s? Too much transferring there. Probably they need to go where someone else will benefit off the receiving lines transfers.
  19. 383, 384 & 386 might not always need EZ Riders, but they’re useful for weekend trips. Can’t speak on 385 and I know 379 & 381 would be fine with Eldos all the time. Also, if SW lost their EZ Riders, the 895 would have to be moved (presumably to West). As I type this, I realize why SW is one of the smaller garages in the system 😂.
  20. Article from Crains with some more info https://www.chicagobusiness.com/greg-hinz-politics/metra-union-pacific-fight-heats
  21. All of you realize CTA still has to test the cars on all 8 lines before putting them in service, right?
  22. I forgot to add that on the UPN #368 south is also a deadhead. Deadhead trains sometimes/maybe/somewhat operate on a schedule.
  23. On the UP North: #367 is a yard switch from Cal Ave so doesn't use equipment from any inbounds. #362 turns for #369 which is deadhead equipment out. #366 deadheads in and then turns for #371 out also a deadhead. Must be to balance out crews and equipment
  24. The good thing is that CTA won't need a bunch of shuttles. They might need shuttles from Forest Park Blue Line station to Harlem Green Line station. Most of the Forest Park branch stations serves Lines that also serve Green Line stations and some also serve Punk Line stations.
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