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  2. We will see if W gives up any more Axxess buses. The mystery is where are the remaining New Flyers and where will they go?
  3. 6558 is found on the tracker again, it is now at SW.
  4. 6734 moved back to North Division and is right now on the 272.
  5. Most of the "existing service" is owned and operated by freight railroads. They are not, nor will they ever be interested in passenger rail service. Amtrak has to pay them to use their tracks everywhere except the northeast corrudor Acela service. If CN were to abandon its Illinois Central tracks through Illinois then that would be a fantastic thing. Outside of that, you are in fantasy. Most freight cars are top loaded which could not be done with overhead electrical wiring. The costs would be astronomical.
  6. On existing service lines of course. The service is already elevated in the city. You just need to elevate it in the burbs. The world is changing. Metra is at 10 percent ridership. Covid has changed the world like 911 changed it. Those office buildings downtown that are vacant may remain vacant indefinitely. The office sector has been shown now how easily to have a stay at home network, so why would they ever come back to the office? Even with a vaccine it will be until 12 months for people to get vaccinated, so it will be at least that long. Remember the 911 scares we had after 911. It will be some time before the people trust confined spaces even after a vaccine because no one will know who got it. Plus being elevated you can electrify the whole line. Trains would be faster because they are lighter. We could actually get around the city instead of waiting for trains all day. That could also work on a freight network too. You could have high speed freight which would rival the trucking industry. I'm not saying it will happen tomorrow, but if it don't happen at all then your stuck in the past and things in the past get left behind.
  7. There's no bridges on 17th Avenue between Cermak and Roosevelt is my point.
  8. So did I miss the punch line? Why are they doing down 17th when they are a cermak bus? Construction or something? I havent been on cermak lately
  9. I dont see the difference in building a structure in texas versus here. A structure is a structure. If each state could build something then they could all connect and become a network. They say that rail service in the us doesnt have good ridership but if you speed it up you have something to rival the airlines. I wonder why all the help for the airlines and not so much love for the trains. There just seems to be a different culture here than in Japan. In Japan the trains carry half the population of Japan. That could change here but you have to invest in it or you'll have a lackluster service. Was looking at amtrak last week and the journey on the california zephyr, out to SF from here is 41 hours youch!!! Its something I always wanted to do. Theres actually an amtrak train tracker which shows the train out to sf in real time. Theres like 5 trains one a day. Each train is numbered 1-5. Seems like a cool thing to do!! Oh I was reading also the new engines amtrak got for its state ran service as well as Wisconsin and Michigan* the hiawatha ro milwaukee runs them and a service to carbondale runs those). I was reading amtrak wants to buy those engines for its interstate service like the california zephyr or empire builder so the future of amtrak will be those locos. It's really cool seeing those run downstate. If you drive I-55 down around Pontiac you'll see them.
  10. Last week
  11. 1797 on the 3 1912 on the 2 1913 on the 3
  12. That would be great. Southwest Airlines started as an intrastate airline connecting Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. These high speed corridors would be great, except the big problem of land acquisition and bureaucracy. Some landowner will always be an impediment and Some advocate will always file lawsuits to blick these projects.. in bigger, older cities like Chicago, there's no infrastructure to support high speed rail.. The way our Chicago to St Louis high speed network would look, top speed would be 110mph and would only shave one hour off the current travel time. Lis Angeles to San Francisco needs a high speed rail network. I thought Florida was trying to construct one too.
  13. After some long over due snooping I've finally found the location of the charging ports that the #700s use. It is a fairly medium sized port that is mounted up agaisnt a wall of the bay along with a charging cord that comes out from the bottom of it that leads to the charging outlet of the bus. It was hard to find at first but after getting a closer view inside the bay I finally figured it out. So this leads me to wonder if Chicago has something similar setup along with 74th?
  14. I don't know for sure, but 17th Ave, though not a side street, is mainly residential. Perhaps Broadview could better answer that question.
  15. Why would there be a weight restriction?
  16. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Yea I notce that happens
  17. i’m pretty sure 8087 was on 3 as @YoungBusLoverexplained no one came to pick it up so they sent it on a run on the 3
  18. Well it appears that the era of the NABI'S has ended. I haven't seen any in service lately.
  19. Just rode 20420. This is the first New Flyer I noticed that the very first bank of lights on both sides of the bus were off while the bus was in motion and the doors closed. When the operator opened the doors, those lights came on, luke the other models. Once the doors were closed, the lights would go out after a 5 second delay. I wonder if Pace is making this adjustment or New Flyer?
  20. To my knowledge, Pace has always contracted for its paratransit services. Im not even including the city paratransit services it inherited from CTA which has always been contracted. The 331 was extended when the 304 was eliminated last year. The 322 originally detoured via 17th Ave and some side streets before taking 25th Ave and a frontage rd back Cermak . I can only think about some drivers being lost and confused by the detour and Pace simplifying that detour. I don't know if 17th Ave has a weight restriction north of the railroad track crossing, otherwise 17th Ave to Roosevelt should have worked.
  21. You should sign up for Pace's email notifications cause you're not up to date. #331 has been replacing #304 since summer of 2019. #322 has a dumb reroute that bypasses the Broadview Shopping Center by taking 1st Av, Roosevelt, 25th Av, and Cermak. This is because the small Addison Creek bridge has weight limits in place now. Why are buses restricted even if they're lighter than semis? I don't know. If anyone has the answer please comment it.
  22. 8087's on the King Drive too
  23. Oh yeah a probably a loan.....
  24. #1649 was on the 3 yesterday, were not short buses but whenever most of the buses that were supposed to be picked up for transport back to there home garage aren't picked up by the PM rush period normally whatever is available will get sent out for a run.
  25. 1391 is on the 3 for strange reason
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