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    Latest from PACE SPacebus So18010408120.pdf
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    Some of you might find this interesting. I stumbled upon the Illinois Railway Museum's online archives of CTA employee publications from 1924-1991 http://irm-cta.org/EEMagazines.html
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    I remember these. I used to pick one of these up on occasion as a young transit fan back in high school during the final years these were getting printed back when CTA headquarters was still on the seventh floor of Merchandise Mart. It was in an early 90s issue that I read that it was policy that bus operators allow passengers to ride on deadhead trips. I suspect they meant something like "52 TO JACKSON" or "22 TO FOSTER" as buses that flash the garage name don't generally take passengers. Though there times on late evenings that North Park operators heading back to the garage along Western with their buses displaying "NORTH PARK GARAGE" will sometimes pick up passengers and take them as far as Foster since they know many are traveling to make that connection to the #49.
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    Thanks for the memories. I started CTA in 59 and my first job there was being a traffic checker. Looking through the November 59 archives I spotted a photo of my supervisor giving me instructions at the corner of North & Narragansett. Passenger counts at that time was visually.
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    NPR reported this evening that positive train control was installed but was still undergoing testing. Based on news accounts, the train was going 80 MPH despite a 30 MPH speed limit. It seems to me that the line should never have opened without operable positive train control when the speed limit decreased 50 MPH in order to navigate around a curve.
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    The project is called the Point Defiance Bypass, and it was intended to shave some good time off the Amtrak Cascades route down to Portland. The Amtrak Cascades service is unique because the trains aren't conventional Amfleets and Horizon coaches. It uses special cars made by Talgo, and each car has it's own axle and wheels at one end. The car next to it provides the axle and wheels at the other end of the car. Whether the shared wheel arrangement played a role in the severity of the derailment is yet to be seen. There are no two-axle bogies, but the cars can be hooked up to any locomotives in Amtrak's fleet. Historically the trains had an F59PHI from a dedicated Cascades fleet pool at one end and an F40PH cabbage at the other, but then they got new trainsets for the service with cab cars built into the last car. Now it seems that they have locomotives on both ends. It was announced later on that the Genesis was at the rear of the train, apparently undamaged, and that the Charger was in the front. A frequent visitor to the Seattle-Tacoma area, I have driven under that bridge countless times. Interstate 5 is already heavily congested in that area most of the time due to Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
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    I don't see what we are arguing about. In the 1970-80's a large percentage of the center city's population fled to the suburbs to get away from "them". Since then, a significant part of the center city's black population has followed them out to the suburbs, and the whites they displaced have moved further out. Meanwhile, millennials are moving back into the city to reclaim areas like Uptown, Bucktown, Lincoln Park that 30 years ago were hellholes. Armitage and Sheffield in the 1960's was an absolute dump where you would be afraid to wait for the bus. I remember riding the L past Willow St and looking down at all the abandoned buildings and seeing a dead dog in the middle of the street. Look at it now! This is the natural cycle, where an area is colonized by the relatively wealthy, gets passed down to less and less wealthy until it becomes a dump, then gets re-colonized by the wealthy looking for a "deal". Places like Calumet City, Dolton, South Holland are still on the downward part of the cycle. As for city depopulation, considering many more housing units are being demolished than being built, why is this a surprise? In the early 60's my girlfriend Samantha's family lived at 53rd and Peoria. We went back there a couple of years ago. There is a single house standing within two blocks. So in that square block, the population has gone down by what, 99%? Most of Englewood is like that. So is much of Austin. If there are no houses, chances are nobody lives there. As a historical statement, in the mid-60's, when I started exploring, this is what I saw: the west side was black largely bound by Western on the east, the CNW on the north, Burlington on the south, Garfield Park on the west. South side was black south of 31st to about 79th, between the Rock Island and the IC, excluding 47th to 60th east of Washington Park (Hyde Park area). Black suburbs were East Chicago Heights, Robbins, Dixmoor, parts of Harvey, Chicago Heights east of the C&EI, and what was referred to as the Juneway Jungle, Howard to Juneway east of the L yards. That was about it. It might really surprise people today that on 9/28/69 the area around 95th/Dan Ryan was all white except for the projects west of the Ryan, even around 87th. South of South Shops was too. Just some historical perspective...
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    I can't say for Howard, but there's a big difference along Austin separating Chicago from Oak Park.
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    Service changes take effect February 5. This includes the opening of Romeoville station.
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    Latest from Metra 2017_3rd_Quarter_Rolling_Stock_Report.pdf
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    9/17 update: 7847 retired (last used on North Central) 7867, 7871, 7881 being stripped for parts (never in service?) (listed at Kensington) 7798, 7843 being stripped for parts (listed at UP-California Av)
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    In reverse order: The essential political problem is that The Machine runs Chicago politics. As has been discussed many times before here, even though the CTA is an independent municipal corporation, Daley II and Emanuel think it is their personal property. This was exemplified by such things as Kruesi proposing the 7 days a week Sunday schedule, which would have eliminated service in the close-in suburbs (after Frank overextended into them), and both he and Claypool distorting the ridership stats, implying that CTA was entitled to 81% of the RTA tax receipts from the 6 county area, not clearly stating that that was based on unlinked trips, not passenger miles. The one thing Claypool was correct about in the Crowd Reduction Plan was to recognize that CTA was overextended, but he was not transparent about that, not only lying about 11 Lincoln, but not admitting that CTA had coordinated with Pace (Pace later disclosed that). Of course, Claypool's disdain for the public finally caught up with him at the Board of Ed. (Are you aware of that episode?) So basically, since the mayors have acted like CTA is their personal property, and sububanites don't have a vote in that election, why should they let Kruesi and Claypool screw them over? While I advocated that the service boards be abolished, I backed off for 2 reasons 1) Carter is more receptive to public input and transparent, and 2) through such things as the North Shore and South Halsted Coordination Projects, CTA is willing to coordinate. As far as what you wish would have happened in the 1950s, that's currently irrelevant. I suppose you don't have the answer to the bond indenture conditions CTA could not meet, but unlike what most public employees think, money is not an unlimited commodity, and unlike the 2 individuals I mentioned above said, it isn't up to the suburbs to bail out the city's financial distress. The RTA got Carter to acknowledge that last month.
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    You're right I definitely misread it my apologies 👍🏼.
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    No this is just some odd thing with the gearing in the transmission that used to be heard in some of the MAN 4000s, the TMC 4400s, and the Flxible 6000s. I actually encountered this once on 1869 on the X9 back when 74th garage had 1800s assigned and when New Flyers still ran regularly on Ashland. The maintenance crews at 74th had it corrected within a couple of days.
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    Going back to a time with which I was more familiar, I looked at the 1972 Transit News, and noted: The drawing on the January one looked familiar, but slightly strange, because they put the pine and lime scheme on a Flxible. More surprising is that while that issue said that they were going out to bid, the July August issue said that the first deliveries were on August 11, and most of them were depicted by October. Also, it said where all the buses were supposed to go. Imagine either happening today. The proposal for the 2400s had square classification lights.Also, they talked up how the passengers wanted the same interior scheme as in the buses. In one sense that didn't last long (vinyl inserts), but in another, it lasted until about 2012 ("dusky" must have been a technical term).
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    Sexual harassment was apparently o.k. in those days, too (page 12).
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    Thanks so much for posting the link. That website has a ton of stuff scanned and available with more to come!!! We are working with Andre and just completed a big "updated route histories" project and are in the process of formatting and adding more data on buses, streetcars and work equipment. Thanks again, Ray
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    I think you misread me there. I'm saying they appear to have moved BACK to NP FROM 74th in the past week as part of the winter pick transition of services. Both sightings were on NP runs including my ride on 1405 on the X49 Wednesday morning. After I made it to Foster. It pulled into the Berwyn terminal and immediately headed to North Park garage. And the 136 is obviously one of NP's routes. So my ride in 1406 on that route yesterday evening looks to be further evidence to the possibility that 74th may have given up a few 1400s to NP for winter pick.
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    Also of note: When the 14 first started, it ran WB on Washington and EB on Madison, as those streets had reverse flow bus lanes. Also when the route first started service, there weren't any destination signs for the then new route. NB buses simply had the NW Station generic roll sign and SB buses had a blank sign. Drivers would put paper in the windshield with 14 handwritten on it. Initial hours of service were 6 to a.m NB from 100th and p.m SB 4 to 6 from ME Station. Southbound riders ad to pay a 25 Cents express surcharge (as did most express bus riders did from downtown). This route was originally operated from the 52nd/Cottage Grove garage with mostly 40 ft buses. When 52nd closed and the route shifted to 77th garage, it became mostly attics.
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    What? Unless there are autonomous buses in France, it would probably be good to ask for suggestions in another thread.
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    #4099 today had updated lighting like on the 1000 series after their rehabs.
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    Did you guys catch the newer presentation slide deck? Essentially details service hours and span.
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    The new 17000s have arrived in South Holland. Thanks to @Busjack for the tip that they were here. These pictures were from Wednesday, they were busy moving these around and parking them on the side. 17004 had just come out of the building. I saw up to 17016. There were no 6700s here that haven't been reported already.
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    Yes, but saying everything is fair use would absorb the rule. The basic rule under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is that if you don't own the pictures you aren't allowed to post the file on the server without permission. Fair use would require some kind of satire or editing (i.e. a snapshot of WebWatch seems to be fair use, although copying the program isn't). It sure looked like @widecab5was copying something he didn't create. As has been mentioned frequently, there are ways of embedding pictures and tweets that don't put them on this server. Read the Community Guidelines.
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    6263 probably goes to W, as the other blue ones did.
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    And given that #6258 and #6263 are not on any NS routes at the moment, they might be transitioning up there too. Those two should be the last Nabis remaining.
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    I dud a quick circuit of South Holland, and the only thing that looked new there were 17000 series paratransits. Axess buses seemed about as @Pace831 described, i.e. in the 6730s to 6750s. Most were too far from 167th St. to figure out without binoculars, which I didn't have.
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    Shhhh I didn’t get to that part yet! Yes, I recently got hired as a Customer Service Assistant. Also, CSA’s are not allowed in the yards without a supervisor and/or Rail Instructor. I do have my badge number (feel free to pm me about it if anybody wants to visit me one day) and completed all the paperwork. I will begin my career this Monday. With all that being said, I will continue to excel my duties on here as usual.
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    Again, this was just a suggestion, not something that is absolutely necessary. One problem with the transfer at Sheridan/Devon is that people have to walk between the bus stops. It would be a different story if Route 147 ran via Broadway between Devon and Foster, where the buses would share some stops, but since it does not, maybe extending Route 36 could streamline the service a bit more. However, the stops are not too far from each other, so it should be fine. Route 147 should not be reduced to rush hour only because it currently has very good ridership.
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    I think Route 36 should be extended to Howard station via Sheridan. This would duplicate Route 147, but I feel that it would create a better grid.
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    Just wanted to update that I finally ended up completing the hiring process after about 8 months...lol. Currently down at 89th St completing car repairer training then will be moving to Rosemont shop. Glad i stayed patient and didnt look for another employer!
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    I was googling and found this years old topic. If I have a Indiana CDL.and Indiana address will cta accept me.as a driver or do I have to have a IL CDL
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    There would be many issues though on that proposal. You would basically have to rebuild platform extensions into the state street subway and what do you do with Sheridan? While it sounds good, it might be sometime before it actually happens. Though the 20 car estimate is correct as Wilson will be 10 car berths. Maybe they could skip a few stops once they got the heavy stops online, but practically I think the RLE has a better chance of happening, but really they could stand to merge the projects. That might just be too big of a project though.
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    Just finished driving our Flx #6163 down to Chicago Ave. for storage. Its parked with the Chicago Police Flixble bus
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    Lol that's true he will have homework to do lol. The 1st cta bus I drove was NF #1285 out of 77th garage, every time I see that bus I always smile cause you never forget the 1st bus you drive. I only wish I could've had the chance to drive a 6000 series flixible bus. I came in 2yrs after their retirement lol. I love the way those buses lean when they turn aka the flixible lean.
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    I still remember my training when I started at CTA back in 1997. Paperwork and other things were at the time handled at CTAs previous headquarters in the Merchandise Mart. I will never forget my very first time after driver familiarization, taking the bus out onto Pulaski Rd. for the first time. We were in a Flx Metro #5485! I still remember the bus number! LOL! I also remember having a couple of issues during my CTA training. Our classroom training was fun. We had an awesome instructor. He was very patient and helpful with us. But be prepared, there are instructors who can make your day a living hell! We had another one who constantly yelled at us like we were little kids for the smallest issues! He lacked people skills and really made us feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. You will also remember the guys and gals who were there in training alongside you. My first day out with a line instructor. He was a total jerk with me! I had the #12 Roosevelt on a saturday. Another time I was driving #52 Kedzie Calif. I was driving the #6000 Flxs which were still brand new then, Heading SB on Kedzie at the Stevenson Expy, my bus died out. Turned out the bus ran out of fuel at the top of the bridge over the sanitary canal. I had to coast it down to the bottom! LOL! My very first assignment on my own. I was assigned to Kedzie Garage. A morning AM tripper on the #156 LaSalle/#125 Water Tower My bus which I recall was a MAN Americana broke down on me. On my first day solo! LOL! But all in all I had fun and enjoyed the training period when I was at Chicago Ave. Take it seriously! Study hard, they throw a lot of info at you in a short period of time! You get homework too!!! LOL!