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    That's all that's needed.... just the link, not the whole "search and find" rapport. I've been away on a live feed for quite some time, hence my long period of absence. And I've learned on that feed that working with the Moderators and various people who stop to chat that working together and helping when someone asks a question or is unsure makes a happier, more productive chat(or in this case, forum). We would post links and direct them to the links that were available when needed rather than just say "find it yourself". Being helpful to the follow chatter(or in this case, poster) goes a long way. Let's work together and help each other!
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    Yeah I'm totally tripping over here in Oak Park. Two straight 8 car sets of 3200s just passed me up. First consist I only saw #3219-20 cause I was driving the expy. They passed me on the forest pk branch at kedzie and pulaski they are inbound. I couldn't get runs but the 2nd was 213. Second consist had all #3250's in it. Those are from brown no? Look like the 3200s block is going to blue. The cars look so new and good they look like 5000s. I was completely tripping. Finally blue line has some newer equipment. Hallaluyah Hallaluyah Hallaluyah!!!! LOL!!
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    It’s official! 3207/08 - 3221/22 - 3245/46 - 3249/50 - 3251/52 - 3257/58 - 3259/60 - 3279/80 are part of the Blue Line fleet @BusHunter
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    3219/20 - 3411/12 - 3233/34 - 3212/11 have arrived at Forest Park from Midway as of 2AM.
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    I hear Forest Glen is getting electric buses, too! I'm sorry. Sometimes I can't help myself.
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    Obviously, Metra is only making a political statement, since a balanced budget has to be sent to the RTA around Oct. 15, but, any "state money" could only come in a state budget effective July 1,2019 (if then). As a couple of years ago, when the RTA told all 3 service boards to raise fares, and CTA faked around not submitting a budget until the budget disclosed that it was working in cooperation with the RTA, Metra is going to have to submit a budget that is balanced with existing revenues, not this. If the 2 lines are cut, Metra would have to pay back a lot of federal money. Not sure about the source of funding for the Romeoville station, but the NCS New Start was federal money and probably has a 35 year service life. Back to the posturing point, this is probably a ploy to get the riders to contact their legislators, but compared to Doomsdays of 10 years ago, will be even less effective, given the current dysfunction in the legislature.
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    3 extra trains will be running on the Blue from Pink between Racine and Jefferson Park using Pink’s 5000s all 8-car sets. 320, 321, and 322 are the run numbers and they’ll debut this Monday. Stay tuned.
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    Then show some appreciation for what he's doing instead of nitpicking. Otherwise there's plenty of tools such as bustracker and maths22 if you're really that pressed about live info on every bus' location
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    First reported by chicagopcclcar. Welcome back garmon757!!! We will see if the 3200s are the lead and tail cars with 2600s being bellys. For that matter, it could also happen on the Brown Line. It hasn't been the case on the Orange Line.
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    Have you forgotten that the 5000s infiltrated the Pink Line first after the test runs on all lines?
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    The 3200s now on the Blue Line may not be in continguous blocks. Today I was in car 3279 of an 8-car Forest Park-bound train made up of 3270s, which were (listed in numerical order) 3271-3272, 3273-3274, 3277-3278 and 3279-3280. And for the first few weeks (at least) of 3200-series operation on the Blue Line, the 3200s will all operate as solid four- or eight-car trains, in order to work out any bugs that the Blue Line operators may encounter.
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    Here it is again! 3200 = Blue Line
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    Reason 12 was cut back was that museum riding only went to State St where there was a 100% changeover of passengers where 146 carries them up to downtown and up Michigan Av. This is where the museum business is - tourists.
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    There is.... here's the link, helps to put it in the reply to find it faster(good forum members help each other out ).
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    I happen to live pretty much right at where Ravenswood and Ridge coincide with each other, and YES Ridge along that stretch is too narrow to accommodate transit buses 40 foot standard or artic on a regular basis without mucking up traffic. Looking at a Google map while sitting home in Philly is a heck of a lot different than actually being right here in Chicago and actually interacting with the environment of a given neighborhood in real life. That's a big reason you don't see very many of us taking a map of Philly and saying that SEPTA should add routes X, Y, and Z into downtown Philadelphia from neighborhoods A, B, and C that add to the already existing express routes 9, 44, 62. 123, 124 and 125 for example that get into downtown there by way of the Scuylkill Expressway and already adequately serve or connect with routes that adequately serve those neighborhoods.
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    A ton of posts about the accident at Western Orange Line have been moved to this topic for relevance. If that bus wasn’t asking the be transferred to another garage then you got the wrong topic!
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    Yesterday I rode the bus to Kankakee for the first time since last year's restructuring. The system is definitely more efficient, with more direct routing and only two timed transfer points. I got photos of most of the buses that were out that day. #9801 I'm not sure if this is the "recently acquired" bus or if this vehicle is normally used in Metro Plus (paratransit) service and was borrowed for Route 2 on this particular day. #400 Series Gillig #500-Series Optima (ex-IndyGo) #600-Series Optima (ex-CTA) #800-Series IC (700 series are identical) #806 Chevy Cutaway. This is the only vehicle of this type that Metro has. It is usually found on the University Park route. #1003-5 International cutaways. These are wrapped and used for the Midway service. In addition to Metro, SHOW BUS provides hourly service between the downtown Kankakee transfer center and Momence with a stop in Sun River Terrace. The fare is $1 each way and the bus can deviate from the route to accommodate prearranged trips. Some updates from the board minutes: March: "The contract for our medium duty buses has not yet been signed by the secretary of IDOT. If the buses can be ordered in April, we would still expect to have them by the end of this calendar year. The four New Flyer buses have been ordered and should be here in January or February." April: "While the grant allows $97,500 per bus, the low bid came it at $84,000 per bus. This does not include head signs, fare boxes, etc., but IDOT will only allow $84,000 per bus. It will cost us $73,515 to get these buses ready for service. We have $35,000 from previously salvaged buses and $7900 from sign damage insurance money. In addition, we will be selling or scrapping current buses when new buses arrive." May: "Last Friday, a contractor was selected for our new cut-away buses. All paperwork has been submitted for the vehicle purchase. Estimated lead time for delivery is 6 months." July: "We are having serious issues keeping enough buses on the road to make service and are looking at the possibility of leasing 3 or 4 vehicles until our new buses arrive. IDOT has ok’d this as an eligible expense."
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    As the one depicted above is Montrose Mayfair on the map, the theory must be that that's where to transfer between the Milw. N. and the Blue Line to O'Hare, as stated in the Metra schedule.
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    If one wants to compare apples to apples, the following routes are comparable in the sense that they are short, run rush and midday, and don't have real apparent traffic generators: 11 1430 now reflects only north of Brown Line 43 1369 81W 1743 96 0808 The goal for 31 (after 10 a.m.) is comparable to 96, but the average daily passenger count in March 2018 was 552. Two buses cover each of 31 and 96, so one is talking about adding 9 service hours a day on 31, which, as I said above, would have to cover the recovery ratio of those hours plus the deficit for the current service span, My calculation is that something in the area of 43's ridership is necessary
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    Why would you ask such a question? Seriously?
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    Yes, I know it's been quite a while since I've been on here consistently but I'm still alive! Some key events have been occurred since my absence: 1. I'm a flagman now. I've transitioned to that position in late March. I was definitely not about to waste my life in a booth! 2. I now have two of my four children in charter school. My third one will be in school after Labor Day. So my time will be limited on here during the midday. 3. @Busjack @BusHunter @jajuan @sw4400 and all other members concerned, on behalf of the bike lawsuit way back in 2014, (you all are not going to believe this) the circuit court ruled in favor of the taxi driver, in which it's BS but that's what happen when you have a biased arbitrators that don't gives a crap about bikers. So therefore, they will make a settlement but as far as pushing this matter to a trial, it's a complete lost. PM me for more details about it. Other than that, I will continue on with my duties and like my mother always say, "Keep a cool head".
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    Training is suspended due to Rail Instructors are booked with other classes. It will resume in September.
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    It it confirmed that 100 3200s are transferring to the Blue Line moments after the Winter pick begins. However, the pick begins as of September 16 because of the Red Line return of 63rd/Ashland rush hour runs.
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    Probably was the reason they were the first thing installed in the rehab. They could have left the Red, Purple, Brown and Orange rolls, but certainly didn't want to come up with ~770 rolls with Blue readings.
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    Just be happy there is a roster to complain about. If you can do better be my guest.
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    If lower Michigan stretched far enough I'd go Seattle style and have all the buses underground 😎😎
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    Don't care what series car it is, I ride the Blue line the most and HATE those bowling aisle seats !!! Keep that BS in NYC lol
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    Well, I was thinking, CTA can consolidate fleets into three different pools - Red/Purple/Yellow, Blue/Pink/Green, and Brown/Orange. One series on Red/Purple/Yellow, the other on Blue/Pink/Green, and either series on Brown/Orange (whichever has more available cars).
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    Central Harlem Avenue Corridor Study Open House October 4, 2018 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Oak Park Public Library (Community Engagement Room) 834 Lake Street Oak Park, IL 60301 http://pulse.pacebus.com/images/Harlem/Pace-HAC-PM-flyer-9_2018-FINAL.pdf This open house will present the study recommendations.
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    I didn't notice any reaction on the Jeff Park trip surprisingly. It was empty getting into Jackson and crush loaded leaving Monroe, so I think it was too full for most to notice. I also don't get why these aren't running all day. Just a round trip or two then sit in the yard for the rest of the day? Also, the 5000s do nothing to mitigate the insane noise levels in the Milwaukee subway.
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    Passengers on this train to UIC look confused but it’s such a sweet ride I also saw 3200’s Towards O’Hare
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    320 321=2 Morning Trips 322 will depart Racine at 5:01pm toward Jeff park and then from Jeff park go back SB to Racine and deadhead from Racine to 54th according to a chat on the Facebook “Chicago L” Group
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    According to the board presentation on the 12th, the 21 locomotives will arrive between October and December. https://metrarail.com/sites/default/files/assets/about-metra/leadership/board_meetings/20180912/13_board_presentation_-_rolling_stock_procurement_update_-final.pdf
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    There is a place just south of Bryn Mawr Av that has a siding that gets plastic pellets in covered hoppers. Also this used to serve the bakery at Palmer and Kenton on the old freight line, but that might be gone.
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    In this case, it was a minor faux pas given this is a random CTA thread, and therefore technically doesn't make the responses off topic.
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    There was no confusion sir given I directly quoted who I was responding to. I did use your hometown though as an example of why it makes sense to at least know the area that one makes a fantasy route or route extension proposal. So from there I can see how you thought I meant you. But I was in fact making my point to our other member with New Flyer in his username.
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    Why only 2600s that end with "9"?
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    1377 is at FG or at SS or ghosting could be anything but any money says it joined 1374-1379
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    Nothing like dwindling resources to make people get creative.
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    A Ridge bus is needed north of Devon, as there's no N/S service between Clark & Western, which is close to a mile apart. But I would just extend the 50 Damen to Howard/Western. The 96 Lunt should be moved to Pratt, since Pratt was widened to a normal arterial street width in 1979. Previous to that, Pratt was exactly 16 feet wide from Seeley to Western, due to the golf course, which is the sole reason why the 96 runs on Lunt, which is in reality a side street with no parking allowed on one side of the street, between Ravenswood & California. But I certainly agree that the 74 needs to east to at least Clark. This is just one more case of the CTA just replacing the old streetcars with buses that follow the same route as 100 years ago. Another route that needs extending is the 53 Pulaski which ends at Peterson, simply because they didn't want the previous streetcar route to cross the C&NW grade crossing at Granville. That should be extended to Devon/Kedzie, as there's not any service on Devon west of Kedzie. I remember the trial of the 155A years ago, but it ran so infrequently, that few bothered to use it. And last, midday, non-rush runs of the 151 Sheridan should all go to Clark/Devon. Hardly anyone goes west on Belmont at that time & beyond Belmont, waits of 30-40 minutes for a 151 are not uncommon, especially north of Foster. Those few wanting to west on Belmont can transfer to the 77.
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    The 62 Archer gets a good crowd from Chinatown and also has an unsurprising Bridgeport-Loop ridership because the Orange Line stations were not planned around serving the neighborhood. There's another wave of ridership between the 35th St Orange Line station and Brighton Park, then again from the Pulaski station out to Harlem. I think some attention should be paid to splitting the 62 up, because the high passenger turnover and route length absolutely kill reliability.
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    Novas that were not on the street this week: 6468 (7/26 last seen), 6581, 6671 (last seen 4/16), 6687, 6706 (last seen 7/27), 6764, 6784, 6835 (last seen 5/30), 6859, 6868, 6875 (last seen week of 7/30-8/3). Off for at least 2 weeks: 6468, 6581, 6671, 6687, 6706, 6784, 6835, 6868, 6875. Buses missing for 3+ weeks, off the roster: 6468, 6671, 6706, 6835, 6875.
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    8-Car 3200 Series at rosemont yard as of 12:41pm
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    Good news.. the pilot will still be continue!
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    Yeah just letting you guys know I'm at Kimball yard and there is a string of 2600s here (8 cars) #2705-06. I'll get the others in a second. #3223-24 I think or it was #3225-26 is at rosemont yard (at least a 4 car string) on the west end. I think the transfers are starting so keep your eyes peeled guys cause it's about to get real fun around here.
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    Which also indicates that @Aiden Tabucic has been given permission to copy a base and then post his own roster. Then we can hound him.
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    One of the units undergoing Blue Line training was, indeed, 3379-3380, one of the first two pairs of 3200s to receive LED destination signs on an experimental basis (along with 3207-3208, which AFAIK remains on the Orange Line) but by this time had received a full rehab. The ad-wrapped car I couldn't make out its number. The roof board equipped cars will remain on the Brown Line as the clearances in the subway connection between the Milwaukee Avenue elevated and the Kennedy Expressway prohibit their use.
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    Seems you should offer to help if a bus or two off bugs you that much or seek the actual roster from cta themselves 🤧🤧🤧
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    Forgot to mention that I was officially qualified two days after Christmas. Sorry for the late post but I’ve been busy mostly working overnights. I’m officially working on the Forest Park Branch via the extra board until the universal system pick (around late March to early April).