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    It's a rumor, so getting it from someone, even if they are in the company, doesn't back anything up. And I'm sure the rest of us forum members don't even know who your uncle is, so for all we know, he could work for the CTA, but as something completely irrelevant. Similar to people on Airliners.net convinced that airlines are getting new planes, but their "source" is a pilot rumor. I suggest a quick read of the community guidelines, which has a bullet point concerning sources, instead of posting emojis.
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    Had a story that popped in my head from my childhood thought I'd share it with you guys Back around early-mid 90's around my 8th or 9th birthday, I had a CRAZY event happen to me as a kid One day me and my family had finished a downtown trip to the museum and we were at the Howard station waiting for the 97 Skokie bus and out of nowhere a CTA supervisor came up to my dad yelled his name and went nuts, Greeted him (his old college roomate) they talked in private and then he came up to me and said that my dad had told him that it was my birthday soon and that I was a big transit fan and then asked me what was my favorite bus, So I said that MAN artic over there. What happens next is INSANE to this day He told my me and my dad to hold on for a minute, Went over and talked to the driver of the MAN artic and then came back to us and said "There's your 97 bus to skokie, Happy Birthday" !!!! I was happy and I remember we were the first to board the bus and all the other confused passengers waiting for a 4400 TMC followed us behind lol So just wondering for those of you who knew CTA policy back in the 90's. Was this a possible termination event ?? How lucky was I to experience this ???
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    Current disposition list. Nothing surprising here, but note: Orion VIs and NABIs had the same power trains, so I'm not sure what was the big deal separating them by garages. A S NABI ran up over 700,000 miles, while the rest of the buses about 500,000.
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    This car was at KYD weeks ago i posted about it in Random Metra... thats how it looked at KYD.. they left it in the yard on a friday night and it was gone the next day. KYD did the paint job as i did see the car before it was painted a day before it was inside.
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    It's subtraction man. Geez. He's asking you 25 subtracted from RTA's last official count of 103 for the number of 6400's CTA has remaining comes out to be. His larger point is the combined total of the electrics and buses 8325 though 8349 is not even close to being enough buses needed to knock out the remaining 6400s even after accounting for the smaller spare ratio of the new buses compared against the spare ratio for the 6400s. So like he pointed out, you heard a bad rumor.
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    Took the Milwaukee North Line to Grayslake yesterday to see how the work on the track replacement between Grayslake and Fox Lake was proceeding. There was the usual Metra MOW equipment and trucks parked around the station, they happened to be working on the northbound track this day. According to the construction schedule, they should be finished this weekend. Photographed a Metra caboose while there, along with Metra switcher 6. Also photographged the replacement bus service being operated by Pace between Grayslaks and Fox Lake. The two buses being used were out of Northwest. Surprised they were not out of Waukegan.
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    Metra wants to ultimately move the Clybourn Station south to where the Finkl Steel property was. There are two reasons for that. 1. They believe it will get far more passengers once that property is developed, especially if Amazon was to choose it, however unlikely that is. 2. Both Metra & the city want to replace the UP bridges over Ashland Ave., as they are an impediment to traffic & cause the occasional crash against those pillars in the street. Straightening Ashland is a priority & the bridges are at the end of their lives. I'm sure that would mean the additional replacement of the bridges over North Ave., which is constantly blocked due to trucks that get caught under it, it's very low clearance is a problem. I'm sure that the Deering Bridge over the North Branch of the river is also over age & would also get replaced. A few weeks ago, someone finally removed that ancient wooden siding that ran from just south of the Deering Bridge & northwest along the riverbank & hadn't been used in decades.
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    Sorry but no. This isn't about CTA assigning buses to fit an enthusiast's specific wishlists to see any one model at a given garage. It's about whether CTA keeps enough operable buses assigned at the garages to fit the schedule needs for each of the garage's assigned routes.
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    It USED to be a cab car, but has since had its cab deactivated. Even the ones that held on to their cabs haven't been used as such since the MK/Amerail cars were delivered in the late '90s, though I don't think the cab was actually removed until it went to VRE circa 2004. Metra car number is 8718 - that car came back as part of a group of 6 sometime in 2014 and has been in service on the UP lines since returning. Not sure if VRE or Metra is responsible for the seat swap.
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    Sitting under Roosevelt Road at the north end of 14th Street Yard is 7661, with the paint job mostly done. Not sure if the work was done by BNSF, or what.
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    Those metal things with Merc on them are mercury thermometers. It's an old temperature control system. Only a few of the older Budd and Pullman cars still utilize this. Most cars have been modifed to use thermistors to measure temperature. Some still have the rack without the thermometers in place.
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    The only time you have to requalify as a motorman is when you're out of service for over 1-3 months. Now I don't know what's going to happen when the 7000s arrive but I'm not getting any help with any information from the rail supervisors, managers, and instructers.
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    That is incorrect. You have to learn all railcar series in motor school.
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    1398-78 Montrose 1400-77 Belmont 1776-152 Addison 1873-85 Central 1898-76 Diversey I know this doesn’t go into bus moves but they are prob just helping out with routes since 1595 is prob getting redone at FG But all of those buses up there are north park buses
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    These photos were taken 4/29/18, two weeks in to construction. View northeast from Route 30/Cedar northeast corner: View east from west end of platform. The light poles along Platform 1 were removed so the depot can be moved along this path. At the street, it will be turned 90 degrees to head north on Cedar. The remaining light poles now have wires strung between them due to the utility lines under Church Street being cut. Construction trailer at west exit: Exit to Cedar Road closed April 30. A single lane of traffic can go past the depot to exit to Cedar Road. The parking areas closest to the building were removed. The bicycle rack was moved to the sidewalk along the south wall. ADA parking area east of depot: Looking south along where Church Street used to be: The closest parking is seen in the background. I took this picture on Sunday afternoon, so it was not very busy. On weekdays the lot is packed. View south from east side of depot: View southwest from east end of platform: Temporary ticket trailer and pay station for the parking lot behind it: Announcement on pay station: View northeast from southwest corner of Route 30/Church: View north from southeast corner of Route 30/Church: CVS Coming soon. Just what New Lenox needs. View northeast from southeast corner of Route 30/Cedar: A Sunday afternoon train heads toward the city after picking up a handful of passengers:
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    Interior shots: The three doors from left to right are a restroom, storage area, and ticket office. Bay window area. The New Lenox Public Library has a book exchange set up.
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    Construction started about 3 weeks ago, so I'm going to post pictures here as it progresses. The pictures in this post were taken during the past few months, showing the area before construction. About three years ago the Village of New Lenox bought and demolished four businesses along Route 30 for a new retail development to be built in conjunction with a new Metra station. At the time, the mayor said the old depot would be preserved and a new one would be built to the east. After a few delays in the planning process, it was announced last year that the depot would need to be demolished. The "justification" was that the utility lines to the building run under Church Street, which would be closed and torn up, so it would be too costly to relocate them. Metra, who owns the depot, also would not allow an unused building to remain so close to the tracks. The New Lenox Area Historical Society circulated a "Save the Depot" petition, collecting over 4000 signatures, and found a donor who was willing to have the depot moved to his property. The village government then agreed not to demolish the depot while allowing construction to begin nearby. This display inside the depot provides some historical reference: The same location in 2018. Note that Dickinson's Granary, built in 1852, still exists and is currently used for medical offices. The bridge over Hickory Creek (out of frame to right) has been replaced twice since the 1905 photo. Note the old baggage door on the east side of the building, replaced with a fixed wall with window but still distinctly visible. Looking southeast from Platform 2: Looking east from exit drive to Cedar Road: Looking north from Church Street: Looking northwest from parking lot: View to southwest from west side of depot, showing the corner of Route 30 and Cedar. The four businesses that were demolished were between Route 30 and the depot. Occupying most of the corner was the BP gas station, and Hutchins Cleaners was to its east along Church Street. View southeast to Church Street from same location: View to south along Church Street from the depot. Hutchins Cleaners was on the right, close to Route 30. House of Hughes (formerly Bruns) restaurant was on the left. Looking east from corner of Route 30 and Church. House of Hughes was in the immediate foreground, Pit Stop Tavern was behind the trees. Looking west from same location. Note the old lantern (near the tree) that stood at the entrance to Hutchins. Looking north at depot from same location: While I was photographing, two passengers got in an altercation while waiting for a delayed train. I called the cops to hopefully prevent them from getting on the train, and they both ran away when they heard the sirens. Here is the train arriving after that incident:
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    Seems like the first time they said something explicit about Highland Park. Also, the alternatives part seems real redundant, but maybe the consultants' intent was to head off adverse comments.
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    He could have just caught the blue line to rosemont and he would have been happy but hopefully he practiced his frogger ability. That trip across the highway might take him to a whole new world otherwise.
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    That article is about as big of a joke as, for instance, the Monroe distributor of about 1992. Only thing indicated is that some developer is submitting a plan that might include a use for an abandoned ROW. There's no way to assure that the developer will build the development (especially if he is counting on Amazon HQ2), no less the LRV.
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    Doesn't explain who the "individual" was, or more importantly why the gps announcement system was not used. @richii0909: Do you have the train number or departure time from what terminal?
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    Ahh thanks for the correction, Makes sense since that's where all the "junk" goes to lol *Source said it was Archer Garage
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    On 5-1-2018, 6235 was operating on 307, while 6251 and 6258 were operating on 311.
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    Well jujuans observation of the X9's effect on thinning passenger loads supports that Ashland could do without but looking at other routes, I can see western, Cicero, Chicago, north ave, 79th, Irving Park, Kimball(?) benefitting from such changes even if it started off as rush only initially. This also could possibly attract some people back from uber because even though you wouldn't get door to door service on demand, the return of quicker cross-town travel for $2.50 vs the cost of an uber could be enough. Of course Irving Park would have to be taken up partially by NP for this.
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    For the past few nights I've tried to catch a glimpse of the geometry car CTA is using. I'm usually up in the mezzanine and run down as soon as I hear its unique sound. Working midnight shift has it's benefits. Anyone know if CTA owns it or are they contracting a service?
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    (Moved to General Transit Discussion since it seems more appropriate for this topic.)
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    Tribune story that Toyota Park is becoming SeatGeek Stadium. Relevance here is whether Pace will feel be compelled to have destination signs saying 856 SEATGEEK EXPRESS.
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    Thanks for clarifying. I don't have as much time as you do it seems. So first they take away 54a and then they give you a route that is more inconvenient. Way to go Pace!!!
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    Looking at that video Theres no doubt of course that bus was traveling at a high rate of speed! This operator is clearly at fault! That should be the number #1 question! This operator obviously had no control of through this intersection! A professional and safe operator would have had good control of this bus which could have avoided such a violent crash. Any thoughts???
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    Another new development - apparently Metra has decided to put the MP36 paint scheme on the handful of Pullmans that were in full VRE paint... (PHOTO - William D. Robinson/Flickr) Per a post in a Metra-related Facebook group, this is car 7664 (one of the 7 in the final group back from VRE). First of the 1956 cars back in service. No idea which territory it will be assigned to yet.
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    I don't see what we are arguing about. In the 1970-80's a large percentage of the center city's population fled to the suburbs to get away from "them". Since then, a significant part of the center city's black population has followed them out to the suburbs, and the whites they displaced have moved further out. Meanwhile, millennials are moving back into the city to reclaim areas like Uptown, Bucktown, Lincoln Park that 30 years ago were hellholes. Armitage and Sheffield in the 1960's was an absolute dump where you would be afraid to wait for the bus. I remember riding the L past Willow St and looking down at all the abandoned buildings and seeing a dead dog in the middle of the street. Look at it now! This is the natural cycle, where an area is colonized by the relatively wealthy, gets passed down to less and less wealthy until it becomes a dump, then gets re-colonized by the wealthy looking for a "deal". Places like Calumet City, Dolton, South Holland are still on the downward part of the cycle. As for city depopulation, considering many more housing units are being demolished than being built, why is this a surprise? In the early 60's my girlfriend Samantha's family lived at 53rd and Peoria. We went back there a couple of years ago. There is a single house standing within two blocks. So in that square block, the population has gone down by what, 99%? Most of Englewood is like that. So is much of Austin. If there are no houses, chances are nobody lives there. As a historical statement, in the mid-60's, when I started exploring, this is what I saw: the west side was black largely bound by Western on the east, the CNW on the north, Burlington on the south, Garfield Park on the west. South side was black south of 31st to about 79th, between the Rock Island and the IC, excluding 47th to 60th east of Washington Park (Hyde Park area). Black suburbs were East Chicago Heights, Robbins, Dixmoor, parts of Harvey, Chicago Heights east of the C&EI, and what was referred to as the Juneway Jungle, Howard to Juneway east of the L yards. That was about it. It might really surprise people today that on 9/28/69 the area around 95th/Dan Ryan was all white except for the projects west of the Ryan, even around 87th. South of South Shops was too. Just some historical perspective...
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    HEY!!! You're not supposed to talk about 702!!! That's the bus nobody is supposed to know about!!!
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    Impressive. You even taught me there are more mismatched pairs involving 2600 series cars than I thought were actually in place.
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    Here's the #4400's assignments. I have included an article preceding pg 3 talking about the pre heaters, somewhat as an explanation why the assignments scatter throughout the garages.
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    Here's a few pictures of the #4000's on Austin and Addison. and a few interior shots
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    You could add 8, 12, 18, 23, 27(before N5 existed), 28, 29, 38, 47, 52, 54, 67(before N5), 72, 74, 85, 88, 95E(before N5 existed),108, 111, 112 (until 1991 not sure), 119 and 155 to the list above. Also as noted in a previous post 87 was added in the 90's. It's owl service was between 91st/Commercial and 87th/Western, but that was cut back to the current operation on 87th between Western and the Red line during the cuts of 1997 and 1998. 18 and 74 lost owl service in 1991. 27, 67 and 95E had their owl service along the more popularly ridden portions replaced by the 5 in 1991 which was later to be designated N5 toward the mid nineties. The rest lost their owl service in the big service cuts of 1997 and 1998. As for that reference to 24 it's possible that it was a part of owl service up until 1991. For the person who made it a point to point out that 24 is not a part of the owl service in today's CTA, that's true but I believe the original post was referring to it as a possible part of past CTA owl service. Let's read each other's post carefully before we're so quick to point out corrections. If some were lucky if waiting for a 70 Division during the 1990s, they might run across a bus stop sign that referenced it's former owl service from the 80s that operated between Clark/Walton and California/Division.
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    Couple of other things I noticed. What was being called 83 83rd was actually a part of the 95E 93rd/95th which was Americana and then totally Flxible starting in 1991. 93 was actually called 93 N California in those days. What was listed as 31A were actually special rush hour trips of the 35 35th until the opening of the Orange Line in 1993. MAN Arctics, Americanas, GMCs and TMCs from North Park operated eastbound school trips from Lane Tech High school. Also 154 Wrigley Field Express wasn't listed. It was shared by North Park and Forest Glen so there might be Americanas, MAN Arctics, TMCs, Flxibles, Flyers and GMC New Looks
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    Correction 10 (Lunch Loop) Flxible Metro 27 (South Deering) Americana Flxible (1991 onward) 28 (Stony Island) Americana Flxible (1991 onward) 37 Sedwick/Ogden GMC New Look until 1994 Flxible until 1994 Flyer Americana starting 1994 TMC starting 1994 38 Michigan Express Americana TMC starting 1994 Flxible 6000s starting 1994 61 (Archer/Frankin Express) GMC New Look Flxible MAN Americana (Borrowed only) 63 (W 63rd) after 1993 Flxible TMC 94 (South California) GMC until 1991 Americana until 1994 TMC until 1994 GMC after 1994 Note: this route transferred from Kedzie to Archer permanently in 1994 131 Washington GMC until 1991 Americana TMC only (starting 1991)