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    Exactly. What 5750 is refusing to acknowledge is the fact that while FG has their fair share of busy routes, outside of Milwaukee their service being dedicated towards north and northwest service means they put less wear and tear per mile compared to the other garages that all do downtown service which means more costly deadheads especially for routes with peak heavy demand and end up pushing up and down the Kennedy, Dan Ryan and Lake shore constantly. Therefore the current fleet allotments make sense. Same thing for the artic assignments. Kedzie has mainly peak only demand for artics outside of 151 and 12 on weekends and therefore have the oldest artics
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    Took a ride on Route 603 to Elgin on Friday and photographed Pace 2738 at the Elgin Transportation Center.
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    The ac on the Novas at least the 7900s is terrible. They would be better off with the windows open. Can you imagine a warm place like Miami with these buses? You would have a revolt. I havent been on the 8325s please tell me they fixed the ac??? Sorry guys if I've been away been working my butt off. I got a cdl now and I'm driving buses. I dont know if I should come to the cta but I might be interested in them or working for Pace. Been trying to figure out Pace starting pay but it's like a a classified secret. I think cta pays better though. I'm trying to collect a hiring bonus where I drive but they give it in installments but when they are through I'll be ready to roll somewhere else.
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    You are forgetting two things here. First, FG had a practically new fleet of Novas when they received late 6700 and 6800s when they were new. Later, they got more young 6700s from C and had all of the 6700 and 6800s along with some 6000s. They did, at the time, have a pretty new fleet there. Second, along with North Park, FG is an outdoor facility. It makes a little more sense to store new stuff inside as opposed to outside at those 2 garages. Sounds like a good reason to me that the older stuff is there. Actually, myself, I'd rather ride on Flyers vs Novas. Although the Novas may ride a little smoother, they are so damn uncomfortable. FG is probably better served with older Flyers over the newer 8325s anyday.
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    I've been saying it for years as long as the buses are maintained properly what is your point about bringing up seven buses possibly getting moved, FG has always maintained there aging fleets well over the last 15 years or so and whether or not certain drivers don't like it along with certain residents of the far northwest side don't like it, if you want newer novas so bad how about you get on the phone with the CTA higher brass and ask them about it but if not just give it a rest. Buses age fast especially on poorly maintained infrastructure that currently exists in Chicago. The newer equipment that you desperately crave will soon end up like the rest of the current fleet in a year or so. Its more about principal and equality to you than anything else when it comes to the northwest side getting new equipment. However, the current fleet that FG has seems to be doing just fine. Now what the future may hold is unknown but please give it a rest,we get it but there's nothing any of us can do to fix this problem that has existed for decades now.
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    Or you can move somewhere that has them since you're that pressed about it. You're the only one left on here still pushing the issue 🤧
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    Apparently, they meant sick
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    Tracked down two more Pace Heritage wraps today. First is Pace 6567 (Nortran) not 6571 as originally stated. Then drove down to Oak Park and photographed Pace 6360 (West Towns). Very productive day to say the least.
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    Two of my friends happened to photograph two of the Pace Heritage wraps. Don Ellison photographed Pace 6770 in Waukegan. Joe Goryl photographed Pace 2825 at Midway.
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    Another advantage is they give people on this forum something to argue about.
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    If it were that simple the CTA would have done it a long time ago but its not.
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    I am not impressed too much by how they are actually doing this. They should have just wrapped these buses in the old colors instead of hurting your eyes looking at windows inside windows that aren't there. The pic of 6360 above may be the best looking of any done. Also, the most obvious wrap missing ???...the original Pace white livery !! Each garage should have one of those too !!
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    CPD has a mid 5300-5400 series and CFD has #6163
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    I agree; what a ridiculous argument! 😂 There's literally 1,000+ D40LFs in the CTA system right now. Whether people like it or not they make the MAJORITY of the CTA fleet.
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    Yes, rehabilitated buses that make up the backbone of the CTA fleet, the premier workhorse that every garage has, and that's a bad thing? Methinks you only want FG to be only buses numbered 8200-8349 🤣
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    Yea but only 7 of them CLEARLY Forest Glen didn’t want the other 18 of them so they sent them to 103rd for way better buses.....FLYERS I’ll be surprised if FG doesn’t get rid of the 7 8325’s they have left since K has 8342 chances are medium for FG to send 8343-8349 to K so they can pair up with 8342
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    By the way, Forest Glen has the newest Novas as well. Yet people still complain. Isn't that funny?
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    You said the West Side has a bunch of 7900s and doesn't need any more. I am only using your reasoning to say the same thing about the NW side.The 6400s ru just fine. Remember they were also on the South and West sides.
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    "...boxes from Kustom Seating Unlimited of Bellwood wait patiently." Sticking with the vintage models, I assume. Speaking of vintage, their website is a doozy.
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    Exactly, I've been on nearly all of the southside routes and throughout the years I haven't seen much of a repave on most of the major streets unless there in small 1 to 2 miles sections. Living right around Ashland near 95th is a nightmare, from 95th all the way down to maybe Belmont is nothing but rough roads and untreated pothole cities, there's a one mile stretch that did get a recent repave a few years back from 71st to 63rd and that is nearly back to the same old rough terrain that it once was, the 8000's take one hell of a beating on Ashland but that's just one of many routes where buses take a beating. I remember riding #6877 on route 54A a few months ago and the ride felt as if the bus was brand new based on the roads itself along with the moderate condition of the bus, riding along Skokie blvd felt like I was riding on cloud 9 vs riding on Route 9.
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    I'd prefer a general PID ala Washington Metro over just a live camera, but that's not too bad either. Also, Lauren Victory, helluva name
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    So does FG so I guess they don't need any more either.
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    Thinking about the 6400 situation at FG, it reminded me of when WMATA did something similar with their Metrobus Virginia operations. Important to note, while CTA routes tend to be longer than WMATA ones, WMATA has a much bigger service area (almost 3 times the size if my rough calculations were correct) Years ago (before 2008, I believe), WMATA had three VA garages, Four Mile Run (F), Arlington (A) and Royal Street (R) (which are all about as close together as 74th, 77th & 103rd). Together, these garages served every Metrobus route in VA and they were all served exclusively by Orion VIIs. Now, the Orion VIIs Metrobus had weren't that old, certainly not as old as CTA's 6400s, but bar a small amount based out of Bladensburg (B), the only other CNG garage in the system in DC, every single Orion VII would serve in VA. Some might make it out, only to get sent right back next pick. This was the system for quite a while; things didn't change until 2008, when Arlington closed and West Ox (V) opened (think closing Chicago and then opening a garage out in Downers Grove). Still, the Orion VII dominance, persisted; it wasn't until some people in DC got fed up with how the DE35LFA's were allocated that they got sent to West Ox and Shepard Pkwy (DC garage that deals with a lot of small, windy, neighborhood routes). This became the system, from about 2008-2014. Meanwhile, older Orion VIIs in DC got sent to VA as WMATA had the C40LFs rehabbed and Orion Vs started the retirement process. Around 2015-2017, the C40LFs and some Orion VIIs are replaced with XN40s. This is about where CTA is with the 6400s, as not all of the Orion VIIs are gone. They've been consolidated between Bladensburg and the last original VA garage, Four Mile Run. Royal Street closed in 2014 and it's replacement, Cinder Bed Rd opened this year (think closing 103rd and opening a a garage in Homewood or Flossmoor. Funnily enough, the Orion Vs were being retired during this time, the only ones left were at garages with heavy maintenance shops, Bladensburg & Landover, until after a while, a bunch got reactivated and sent to Cinder Bed Rd. Cue complaints about VA having the oldest buses in the fleet (nevermind that some of the Orion VIIs were being replaced with fresh out the shops XN40s). For posterity, here are the buses in VA as of this point in time (circa 2016-2017ish) DE35LFA / West Ox (VA), Shepard Pkwy (DC) / 8-9 years old Orion VII (35ft/40ft) / Four Mile Run (VA), Bladensburg (DC) / 10-12 years old Orion V / Cinder Bed Rd (VA), Bladensburg (DC), Landover (MD) / 16-17 years old Now, in modern times, more XN40s have come, and WMATA has also been able to expand the fleet in general, and also make some managerial decisions to alleviate concerns: A significant amount of MD buses, primarily DE40LFAs and a few XDE40s, from Landover & Montgomery garages, got relocated to West Ox and/or Cinder Bed Rd Shepard Pkwy, a DC garage, is located fairly close to where the southern portion of the Beltway crosses from MD into VA and vice versa. Some VA routes that end/begin near the Beltway on the VA side got transferred there. Metroway (our BRT) was even even run from here temporarily). Shepard Pkwy has Xcelsiors (both 40 & 60 ft), some of the last NABIs ever made and older Restyled BRT flyers. The relocation of garages in VA. Before 2008, all 3 VA garages were located fairly close to DC and urban centers in VA, but WMATA routes ran much farther than that. Aside from cheaper land, WMATA was able to dramatically reduce deadhead costs, as many routes were/are peak-directional, and would now end near a garage instead of having to return half of the way back. 4MR is still centrally located, but Cinder Bed Rd & West Ox (a weekday only garage incidentally) are at the far end of WMATA's service area, making it easier to dispatch and accept buses. Eventually, the 6400s will be gone (or maybe even moved to 77th) and then we'll speculate on what'll replace the 1000s, which I do believe is the largest single order of buses in the US, except maybe something from NY? It'll be interesting to see if we get 1000 of the same bus or many different manufacturers (especially since CTA will put out a bid that all 4 manufacturers can bid on) Thanks for coming to my TED talk!
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    Yea it does that all the time. Off topic but aren't you that foamer that made the video screaming overhyping the 3200s on the Blue Line?
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    Cermak (22nd Street) was originally #22 in the original scheme. 21 was Fulton/21st. Clark/Wentworth was Thru-Route 22, which was a different series, and local Clark and Wentworth cars were considered 2, This was soon seen as a problem. So Cermak became 21, Clark/Wentworth kept 22, and Fulton/21st was renumbered 15, which had been its old Thru-route number. This is also why Canal-Wacker bus became 15, as it partially replced the Fulton/21st carline.
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    This could have been done so much better. Like when NS did their historic units. Original colors but adapted to the lines of a current locomotive.
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    The bus itself is clean and runs in good shape Being 24 yr old bus, It has to be treated with a little more care of course! But its age is certainly showing
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    In the summer of 1995, GPTC started a Route 3 Ridge Road Connection express Route between IU Northwest in Gary and Hammond Clinic in Munster. It connected with Hammond Route 5 at Indianapolis Blvd (at Ultra Foods) and Route 1 at Hammond Clinic. For a couple of years there were two routes designated with "3". How? GPTC was still running the "Georgia Delaware" route in the city of Gary until 1997 when they made some service changes, eliminating "Georgia Delaware" and adding the South Broadway Express, which extened service into Merrillville and Crown Point. This is when GPTC started using route numbers in their destination signs, i.e. "17 S. Bdwy Exp, 35th to 93rd". None of the destination signs buses before the 1995 Flex buses could handle route numbers.
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    Actually, all facilities except FV are looking for drivers and some mechanics. Wonder why the turnover all of a sudden? Are the old Nabis running folks away? They also better figure out the a/c soon, it's supposed to be really hot tomorrow and then again this weekend.
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    I have found an Assett Management Report dated Sep 2018 for Kenosha Area Transit. The fleet at that time was: 2439 Dupont Trolley (1998) 3012-3019 Gillig Low Floor (2004) 29' 3369 Dupont Trolley (1999) 3415 Hometown Trolley (2010) 3501-3513 Gillig Low Floor (2004/5) 35' 3524-3528 Gillig Low Floor (2010) 35' 4004 New Flyer D40LF (2001) ex MCTS 4439 (2016) 4005-4008 New Flyer D40LF (2000) ex Madison Metro 834/3/45/35 (2016) 4009-4012 New Flyer D40LF (2002/2) ex MCTS 4447, 4617/9/33 (2016 or 2017?) 4023-4026 Gillig Low Floor (2009) 40' 4027, 4032, 4034 New Flyer D40LF (1995/7) ex MCTS 4019, 4120/5 (2011) 4041-4043 Gillig Low Floor (2012) 40' 4044-4050 Gillig Low Floor (2013) 40' 4070-4072 New Flyer D40LF (2000/2) ex Madison Metro 844/6/8 (2017) In addition 6 buses were on order for delivery in 2019 and 4 for 2020. 4051-4056 Gillig Low Floor (2019) 40' must be the 2019 deliveries. Do not know what they replaced. The New Flyers that are still owned are probably used on the school trippers and not on regular services.
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    If anybody had a right to carp it was the unfortunates at 69th in early 70's. At the time they had: 5545-5749 1954-56, there since new, totally word out at almost 20 years 7200 Macks 1956 - not much newer, but in a lot better shape - Mack built a very solid bus! 8775-8859 1962-63 - no spring chickens at 12 years, woefully underpowered, but the pride of the fleet. Forest Glen same era: 5000-5499 series - 22 years old, running 24/7 on most routes. 5900's, 8000's - small number by comparison to 5000's, 5900's especially slow and rattly. 8400's - 14 years old, used on lighter routes only. 300-303 - dozen years old, used International Towers. 3240-3244 9 years old, 99 percent of time only on O'Hare. Marmons - 22 years old on Irving Park and Montrose By contrast Beverly: 100's dozen years old, base fleet 3000's 8 years old, on Vincennes mostly 3300's 7 years old, mostly 95th and 111/115tb Mind you it was much more fun for busfans, but CTA was a rolling junk yard at the time.
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    6224 and 6257 on 332 with workubf air today .
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    Which as a well.taken care of and reliable model is better than the former arrangement
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    It's a crappy video but it answers your question lol
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    K is using 8342 as their pet or something they literally aren’t doing anything with it
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    Looks like August 11th will be the launch date for the Pulse Milwaukee BRT line.
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    I like the West Towns bus the best so far. After seeing the picture, I tend to agree with @NewFlyerMCI that the "windows" look better matched to the contours of the bus (unlike 2825). It's interesting that the position of the fleet number was changer to fit the design of the Nortran bus, although the real thing had it on the darker blue stripe below. It actually looks like they just left that part in standard Pace blue, which probably explains the "discrepancy".
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    And I said "sorry if it came out as "rude". Now I'm offended cause you didn't read that close enough 😂
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    The mask has come off! Look at what Uber states in its initial public offering document. [url=https://jalopnik.com/uber-finally-admits-its-directly-competing-with-publi-1834009027]Jalopnik[/url]https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/25/tech/uber-public-transportation/index.html]C N N {!}[/url][url=https://48hills.org/2019/05/ubers-plans-include-attacking-public-transit/]48 Hills [San Francisco][/url] [url=https://prospect.org/article/ridesharing-versus-public-transit]Prospect .org[/url] [url= [/url] Uber (& by extension, Lyft) are attacking public transportation. If I can temporarily set to abeyance the element about persons earning lower income being crumpled by increasing 'rideshare' operations; what would happen if public transportation ceased operation on the routes where rideshare operators literally and physically slowed down the operation of transit vehicles on that avenue and at that time? I believe more single (or dual) occupancy vehicles is not a valid transit alternative. In Chicago's case, the Authority should bellow, "Riding a #22 Clark bus costs $2.25 regardless of when and where you board it. Can Uber or Lyft give a more definitive price on what it will cost at a specific time of day {or night}?"
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    Which is part why I preferred that the chargers be place at terminals where the buses could run on multiple routes (Midway, 95th, Cicero/24th Pl, Union Station, 47th Red, etc) but I think part of the reason is long-distance, high-performing routes is where they want to see if the buses could perform
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    These are becoming very similar to the old wire-dependent trolley buses, you notice? Can only run on certain routes with chargers.
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    I was thinking, if dwell time is a problem on artics the only sensible reason would be the fact that the back doors take a few seconds to close. To my knowledge both the 66 and 79 used just 4000's. As a frequent rider of artics i noticed 4300's doors close faster than the 4000's ones. Is it possible that 4000's are the only buses causing dwell time problems? If so almost all of the 4300's could move to 77th and Chicago which have the heaviest routes and the rest at the other garages where they might be needed. Here is my idea of the garage assignments it could go down any way but this is one option I think would work 103rd: 4312-4316 NP: 4317-4322, 4324-4327, 4370-4379 Chicago: 4328-4332, 4334-4349 77th: 4301-4311, 4350-4369, 4380-4399
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    https://flic.kr/s/aHsjyuwukc If anyone is interested, here is a link to my CTA Flickr album. Admin, if not allowed please delete.
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