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    The stupidest attempt at Metra fare evasion I have seen was a guy who tried to use a weekend pass on Tuesday by trying to make the conductor believe it was actually Saturday.
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    Compounded issue because of visitors who barely understand where the train is going, let alone trying figure out the bus shuttle connection. Saw some airport/airline employees caught off guard as well. It's clearly something that needed to happen, CTA seems like they try to avoid closures as much as they can.
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    If you feel someone is oversharing, take that up with them directly. Your message would have been a lot clearer than the comment you made about "youngsters"; a group which you then tried to exclude yourself from. Someone's perceived age is much less "relevant" than information on temporary bus moves could possibly be.
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    Speculation and guesswork is at least 1/3rd of this forum. Also, it feels like "youngsters" is being used as a pejorative. Notice we aren't throwing around "oldhead" or "boomer". I'm happy to be wrong, however. Kedzie hasn't had Novas. I like the even mix thing as well, my concern is just where they're coming from. I'd hate to see them come from FG or 103rd, not only because of the reaction of this forum, but it would be unusual to see not-even-6 month old buses be shuffled around like that.
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    I saw this bus laying over at Howard station recently.
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    Let the fun begin Pace Heritage – 2764 JMTD Pace Fox Valley – 2614 Aurora Pace North Shore – 2656 Wilbus Pace Northwest – 2775 United Motor Coach Pace North – 6770 Waukegan Pace South – 15500 South Suburban Safeway Pace Southwest – 2825 Suburban Transit Fleet
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    I’ll give an example I saw recently to clear things up. Hope this helps. First are the two claims. 1. In a married pair train set on the L, the even numbered car is the higher numbered car. ✅ Yes, that is true. Like 3457-3458 and 3201-3202 for example. 2. In service, even numbered cars always face one direction and odd numbered cars face another direction. ❌ This is false. While driving on the Kennedy I saw an eight car set of 2600s heading towards Forest Park. Some of the leading cars in the set were even numbered cars and some of the cars were odd numbered cars. This probably happened as a result of cars moving around the system over the years, and what the train did when it reached the end of the line. For example, at O’Hare, to change directions, the train operator must leave the cab at the front of the train and go to the cab at the rear of the train, turning that cab the new front of the train, where at Forest Park, he or she also has the option of looping around the yard and returning to the station without changing cabs.
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    Mated pairs don't get switched on a daily basis. In fact, they only are ever separated when one car is damaged and either goes for repair or scrap. If scrap, the leftover car can be mated with another car, but only if it's the opposite to the original. Example: 2635 (odd-numbered "A" car) is semi-permantly mated with 2636 (even-numbered "B" car). 2827 (odd-numbered "A" car) is semi-permantly mated with 2828 (even-numbered "B" car). 2636 is leading a train and strikes 2827, damaging both cars. The spares, 2635 and 2828, A and B cars, respectively, can be mated. Potentially, 5148 and 5149 could be mated, but that would mean 5147 and 5150 were taken out of service, and that's been proven wrong already.
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    Weekend Madness At Jefferson Park And Harlem
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    Lol this youngster knows what he's talking about that's for sure especially being a bus operator and knowing operators currently out of Kedzie who said they're about to start getting trained on the Nova bus.
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    I remember when they were filming this at Sheridan, they did quite a lot!
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    I agree, its embarrassingly bad. Instead of trying to make a modern bus look vintage, they should have adapted these liveries to fit on a modern bus. If this is the route they are taking, I'm not looking forward to the others... Here is a rendering of a West Towns ElDorado that I made during my free time. (I based it off 776) Its a very simple livery, I'm curious to see how Pace will botch it.
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    Oh and to make it more clear, the way pairs are mated when they are manufactured are how they stay. Ex. 5000s prototype 5001-02. "1" is 1st, "2" is 2nd. The only time mates are separated or changed are when a car becomes unrepairable from an accident/derailment.
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    Ashland is all Nova because X9 and X49 are supposed to be TSP BUT since Nova's came with tsp, Ashland was prioritized in implementing the system on that route since 74th only has enough Nova's for one or the other while Flyers get retrofitted with the tech so both routes can use it
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    “I can’t open it keeps giving me the play button with a slash over it”do you not understand something in that sentence?
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    Here's a vid of the new screen test bus #7902 I took this afternoon 0509191410.mp4
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    I think it was a bad move to let the 800s and 900s slip away. They could have done a rehab on those to keep them going or do a complete rehab with new components or technology. They basically had a working frame. Now someone I forget who bought the 900s and did just that. It's not a big fleet but something you could test the viability of.
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    Honestly, smart thing to do would be about 30-34 electrics (30ft or 35ft, this makes up the gap btwn the 6400s and 7900s), station them at 103rd, 74th & NP. From there, hybrids are the way to go in terms of replacing the 1000 series
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    This is what the route needed in order to sustain itself in the longer term. Instead of running only midday through early evening, it makes that route a truly weekday daytime operation. Still no later evening or weekend service yet, but such service might come when the ridership justifies it.
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    Pace Fox Valley – 2614 Aurora Transit System Pace Heritage – 2764 Joliet Mass Transit District Pace North – 6770 Waukegan North Chicago Transit Pace North Shore – 2656 Wilbus Pace Northwest – 2775 and 6571 United Motor Coach and NORTRAN Pace River – 2738 City of Elgin Pace South – 15500 South Suburban Safeway Pace Southwest – 2825 Suburban Transit Pace West – 6360 West Towns Bus Co Highland Park Garage – 2631 Highland Park Transit McHenry Garage – 2661 1970’s RTA Naperville Garage – 2681 West Suburban Updated list. At the moment there are only three buses wrapped: Aurora, Joliet, Wilbus. They are redoing the wraps to cover-up the rear grill area to get rid of the Pace "P" and paint the front of some of the buses to match the original scheme and not have the blue front. Melvin
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    Full section shut downs aren't really common imo, for any stretch. I didn't hear of them before the Red Line South, and then in the years that followed, Washington, Baltimore, NYC and others I'm sure followed suit started doing the same. Not everyone is tuned in like we are though, so for them, it is an incredible disruption of service
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    He's in the correct topic. Training drivers on Novas is relevant to bus moves.
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    On Thursday I hung around to get a few more pictures of 2764 in front of Joliet landmarks: the Jefferson Street bridge and Union Station.
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    Interesting about novas at kedzie. I was told they couldnt fit through the wash rack there. That's why they have never had any. Could be cta wants to put a few new buses at each garage so the mechanics and operators can get familiar with the buses. Probably if kedzie did get novas it might get a few new 8325s but would have to get a majority of 7900s. Maybe 3-6 new buses at a garage could be a reality.
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    That's a really good question, besides the exterior difference it is in fact a difference between 7900-8324 and 8325-42. The difference is the braking which is different from the older 7900's. 7900's breaking are more sensitive and take some getting used to while 8325's are more like the new flyers articulated buses as far as breaking is concerned a great improvement of the newer Novas. I wouldn't be surprised if cta were to get more novas in the near future to replace the new flyers 1000 series. Probably half novas and half flyers.
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    No worries glad were able to come to an understanding,i'm 21 but already have grey hairs so don't feel too bad.
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    Yeah a name I made when I was young in my teenage years a long time ago but that's nor here or there. When I mean over shared info I'm referring to useless stuff that to me isn't relevant. I've stayed quiet about it up to this point but I'd rather be informed on major changes going on throughout the system rather than seeing random posts about one or two buses moving for a day then to be informed of them returning back to there home garage the,next day or later in the week. Not to rub anyone the wrong way about it just saying keep things relevant and not over speculate things that aren't major.
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    The youngsters on here will speak anything into existence these days.....
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    I must be living right. This afternoon (around 3:00pm or so) I was northbound on Canal going under the Orange Line tracks and I saw the car sitting on the the adjacent ROW.
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    After all operators and mechanics over there have been trained on them 👍🏽👍🏽
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    Mhm, but two garages got 8325s, and one has less than the other. I think we're gonna have a Saturday Night Massacre Swap and FG will lose their novas
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    CTA did say every garage will be tested so who knows maybe that’s the reason
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    Finally ran up on 7902 on Madison been seeing it on the 20 Everytime I see it is it a permanent switch with 7
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    That ain’t helping they’ve been on routes when cubs weren’t playing
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    8-Car 3200’s on the red line between Roosevelt and 95th as a training train? Very cool
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    Traveled out to Joliet today to get a photo of their Heritage wrap. Here it is. I guess it looks alright. I wish they had put the red around the front like the original.
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    Reminds me of the Galaxy D60 I saw in New York last February, god that was a relic
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    When North Park garage was constructed and opened, it was the garage for all the Authority's Propane buses. Propane buses were discontinued in 1975. The area where the propane buses were refuelled could be converted to hold the CNG tanks.
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    Great pics. You have the best collection around
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    But what about the reports, such as this one, mentioned earlier, that an applicant already has to have a CDL to get past step one of the job fair?