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    Probably cause he has other things outside of this forum. You could see about becoming a moderator for this if it bugs you that much
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    There was a reported testing of a 5000 series train on the Blue Line a few weeks ago. While no one seems to know the exact purpose of this test, it could be related to the power usage of the 5000 series cars on that line. Perhaps CTA concluded that it cannot yet put these railcars in service on the Blue Line and they recognize power upgrades are necessary before the 7000s come. We will have to wait until the 3200 series rehabs are completed to see if CTA will send some of those from the Brown and/or the Orange Lines to the Blue Line. That's the best case scenario for the near future.
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    6737 is now on 309. 6736 is on 316. 6732 is on 318. 6735 is on 317. Some of the 6730-6739 buses moved to West.
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    Yes, but I did mention the 6730's and 6559.
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    What time? Usually there are about 70 rush hour. As of 7:40 a.m, 7-10-18, math's tracker had 69: maths.xlsx Any reading of FG has to take into account that maybe half the buses are in the yard other than during weekday rush hours.
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    I guess the 2003 NABIs have nearly all faded into the sunset. How long will the 2005s last? Pace is going to need more buses sooner than later .
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    Both Crain's & the Tribune are reporting that Mayor Emanuel is going to China next week, in an attempt to salvage the deal to build the 7000s in Chicago. Apparently there are serious concerns that Trump's tariffs will kill the deal due to Chinese retaliation. Part of me would like to see it killed, because the 7000s won't be compatible with the 5000s & the rehabbed 3200s.
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    Keep me out of your stupid argument, please.
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    The 8300’s were not loaned to Chicago for the 4th of July. FG was helping out Chicago for the heavy passenger load. FG operators, FG buses, all pulled out of FG to start Route 66.
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    This year I decided to go to Wilmette to see the buses, and also some fireworks. I took a 422 to Edens Plaza, getting there around 8:35. While pulling in I counted 14 buses lined up. After taking a few pictures I got in line to board. A supervisor who was talking to a passenger mentioned that North Shore and another division were both running buses this year. I thought she said North division, but I didn't see any N buses. I did see 6410, which is (was?) a NW bus, so maybe I misheard "North" instead of "Northwest". All the other buses I remember seeing were from NS. I got on 6724 which left Edens Plaza with about 15 empty seats. That turned out to be the perfect amount for a full seated load after picking up local passengers. Once at the park I walked around taking bus pictures until it was time for fireworks. I found a decent spot to watch that was slightly obscured by trees but away from most of the crowds. Afterward I walked to the purple line instead of getting back on the bus, as I had no need to go back to Edens Plaza. That means I can now add the ticket to my collection of transit memorabilia. It still looks the same as the one @Zol87 posted on page 1 of this thread. Line of buses at Edens Plaza: Bus stop sign at Edens Plaza: Riding 6724: Unloading at Gillson Park: Buses parked on the street during the show: Found an OK spot to watch fireworks: Community vehicle 16407 was parked here: Lots of people packing the buses after the show: Police directing buses and pedestrians: Loaded buses leaving the park:
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    Was on the news. The driver in the red SUV was killed.(ABC7)
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    Bus 1413 got in an accident earlier today I have a photo.
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    I said one year. Can't you read? They NEVER did fail. CTA inspectors at the factory discovered air voids in the castings. I was going to say something that would violate the community guidelines, so I won't. But I suggest that you reread about 10 years of this forum and inform yourself before you post another rhetorical tirade completely devoid of factual support.
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    I think we're getting off track here. If you're complaint is that 5000s should be on the Blue Line and not sitting in Howard Yard, re read the article concerning the 5000s and its power usage versus the 2600s. I believe the 3200s will eventually make their way to the BlueLine with some 2600s going to Orange and/or Brown. The 2600s will stay around until the 7000s fill the rail yards. They have to stay in case your 7000s "fail." I think your real issue is you just want different equipment to your own neighborhood and those other neighborhoods should get the 2600s. Even if the Blue gets 3200s, the 2600s aren't going anywhere.
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    1033 still has “3” Along With 1028 and 1032 idk about 1029 1031
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    Ex-103rd bus 1031 at Jeff Park, still with the “3” in the windshield
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    This gets down to similar to the end of the MAN Americanas--when they get down to route signs taped to the windshield, it's near the end, but in this case probably not until the end of the year. Since it is an LED sign, it is not even a mechanical problem, as it was with the flip dots. But the paper sign indicates that the problem didn't just happen, and won't be fixed.
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    They've been in service for a month now
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    Are the rosters going to be updated
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    6651 was repaired and returned to service. It, along with 6612, may be the last two 6600s left. By the way, W got all of the 6730s (6730-6739, 10 buses) over the weekend. The 6740s are still at N.
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    You spelled "29 State" drivers wrong.... You ever seen what happens once state becomes more open? 😂😂
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    No I was talking about just 1379-1385 idk why 1386 went to C but he was at FG For a while before FG it was at NP
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    1562 is my favorite bus along with 1000 it’s sad to see 1562 leave FG we will just have to wait and see the whereabouts for the rest toma morning
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    At least he made it easy for the police to make the connection to the surveillance pictures (Tribune).
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    OK...not crazy. Here it is going IN to Ogilvie Station at 5:14. My guess is it will leave at 5:35
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    #2024 is on Rt.67 this morning, that is the strangest thing I've seen in a long time.
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    That being the other part of why I say it won't have much impact on the 6400s in that we know a significant number of them will be around into next year. Irreparable age related breakdowns will be more of an impact at this rate.
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    Which bus series do I have to specify?! Is it Nova Bus "A" Or "B" Or "C" or the 40-footers or LFS. Or WHAT Busjack?! I specify whatever buses the Chicago Transit Authority numbered 6400-6884 has run on its routes. Geez! I expect better than to be nitpicked for not referring to the correct nomenclature of a bus which even somebody daft about transit vehicles would recognize on this forum! Anyhow, on Wednesday night, I was unfortunate to wind up on a Forest Glen garage bus, #6553. Believe me, this bus should be retired right now. It did not display either its end destination [Lake Shore / Diversey]{are you going to call me out for having the 'wrong' destination for eastbound route #77 buses?!}, or even its garage run number. Further, and which is more important to the Authority - it took six touches of my Ventra card before it recognized this was me. My bus operator told me it would take multiple presses to the pad. He was correct. So here are what should be the last-ever images of #6553. My commiserations {ha ha! I spelled that correctly ~ no snagging me there}} to any operators at Forest Glen garage who get stuck having to run this vehicle.
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    Latest transplants from 74th to FG: 6470, 6685, & 6692. I assume that they were displaced by 8000s. Also: 6427 has migrated to FG from C. (I actually eyeballed that one on Irving Park earlier this evening). It won't be long until 74th runs out of pre-6709 Novas; only about 20 are left. Another poster suggested that some of the recently arrived 6800s might return to FG after the older ones have been transferred there --- or retired. In the meantime, at least one 74th St. NF, 1194, has been recently reassigned to C, probably as a replacement for one of their retired 6400s.
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    Maybe numerically dyslexic, as the Axess buses assigned to South start with 6379 (unless something strange happened). Was it one of the one-door express buses? See the image link in this post. Also, 6276 is among the blue 6262 NABI series transferred from West to South. Update: That's more likely what it was if it was on 353.
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    Also, this PM rush, 6330 and 6334 are on #302 and #305, respectively. So that makes at least six of the new 40-foot Eldos that have been placed into service thus far. By the way, I rode in 6337 on route #303 this afternoon. I counted 37 seats inside the bus - three more than the 34 seats in the 40-foot NABIs in the 6162 and 6262 series, and two more than the 35 seats in the Orion VIs. (The driver is not counted in the above numbers.)