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    I have done my share of pub crawls. They are usually good tippers. I laid down the laws at the beginning of the charter. 1. No opening of windows or roof hatches. 3. Do not sit drinks on the seats. 3. Use the trash bags provided throughout the coach. 4. If anyone THINKS OR FEELS like vomiting, DO NOT HESITATE and use the lavatory. This charter will end if anyone vomits anywhere in the coach other than the lavatory.
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    I ride the 4 from 58th to the Loop a few time a year. Every single ride, there is always someone that boards with an expired Ventra card & argues like crazy that it's good. But the 151 between the Sheridan L Station & Foster, is also truly weird. Many of the people that get on, have no idea of how to ride a bus & can't figure out using the card reader & even how to sit down. But the best thing I ever saw was about 25 years ago, on a TMC bus, in that area. The driver stopped for a man, lowered the stairlift & the man pushed a stolen Jewel shopping cart on, the driver raised the lift & he rode about a mile & got off, in the reverse manner. I called up the CTA to complain & the woman who answered was flabbergasted at that happening!
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    Well it appears that the era of the NABI'S has ended. I haven't seen any in service lately.
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    Facts any questions about a particular bus should Be searched. This thread is for equipment moves
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    enjoy!!!🤩 (Credits: to someone from a facebook group)
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    This is a post from 2006. You don't know what you're talking about.
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    Now see that's a little bit extreme, I don't even see how that he could even fit that onboard without creating a hazard for customers.In my case the cart was fairly small but sill noticeable but I only had three customers on board after he got on and they were all on my side about not letting him on because they even knew it what he was requesting was complete ludicrous. If it was a target shopping cart i'm not even going to entertain that customer attempting to bring it on and just tell them that it poses a safety risk and he can only board without it, if he refuses i'm pulling off after I send control a message about a customer disturbance because in my defense if they were to call in on me i'd have all the evidence in the world ready to have that charge immediately dropped.
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    Man bro honestly I just be bullying my way into traffic like I'm a big bus you gone think twice about hitting me
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    Get back to getting us those New Flyers in the Pace New Flyers thread.
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    i’m pretty sure 8087 was on 3 as @YoungBusLoverexplained no one came to pick it up so they sent it on a run on the 3
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    So are they making that bus wear a face mask now? 🧐
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    I'm glad the NFs don't have the annoying "caution look both ways" and "bus is turning " announcements that are on the Axxess buses.
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    yea @Mr.cta85 already confirmed this a while ago
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    A lot of the answers can be found by using the search bar or by reviewing pages of topics.No one is coming at you disrespectfully so watch your tone on here.
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    Check page 36...........
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    77th probably has a charger. Why not have one there, even if it's at south shops. That is heavy maintenance for CTA. How can they maintain anything if they don't have a basic charger. If the buses charge like a Tesla, it may be as simple as plugging them up. They might need a little electrical upgrade, but the power systems should already be heavy duty at South shops. Eventually they may get to Chicago or 74th because why install a pan on the buses, if your running them on 79th? I think the running of them on 79th is the first in a series of baby steps, when they have proven themselves, they'll move to the next level. It would be nice to test the pans, to see if they work or there's any kinks. All this construction and if it don't work something would have to be altered then in the plans. Work smart not hard!! LOL!!
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    It was already posted earlier today and has nothing to do with the #1000's bud.
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    Right now there are no NABI's running. So its very possible that they're all retired. *edit* NABI's aren't out again today either (09/10) I'll be checking tracker often. If a NABI pops up get video footage as it'll be your last.
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    ima PM you so we don’t make non relevant posts here
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    good to know your my neighborhood firefighter TL23 my favorite
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    No NABIs out this morning according to the Bustracker. Looks like they may have all gone this weekend. Last week only 2 or 3 where out in the mornings. On Friday it was 6269, 6292 and 6321.
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    Which shows that folks were looking for problems where it was stated several times over it wouldn't be. Yeah the pilot for all door boarding was announced for the south side with J14 and 192 as the pilot routes, but most people on the south side pay their fares and tap their cards just like everyone else in the city. That it happened that day on the 79 is a consequence of artics having moved from 103rd to 77th and K as part of the spreading out of artics among all the garages that have maintenance facilities for better social distancing on the buses.
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    Well the procedure is 5-10 minutes waiting for your relief, if they're not there within the scheduled grace period then you pretty much call control and they either will inform you to pull in the bus after giving your followers bus your passengers, continue in service to the end of the route then pull in or stand by for further instruction via supervision.We're suppose to wait for our relief to take control of our bus but some operators leave there bus and sometimes the relief may or may not show up after 5-10 minutes. Sometimes if control and the garage are in communication with eachother via telephone or radio they'll relay a message to the operator to inform them that they do not have a relief and usually were instructed to pull in from the terminal or go a certain distance before pulling in. Sometimes you'll see certain runs on 79th street heading eastbound from Ford City/Western with only the Wentworth destination sign displaying. I remember having to display the N87 destination after being notified that I wouldn't have a relief.
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    Yeah 63rd is pretty bad. First it gets hit at ashland, then the red line plus the ridership is good on the side streets like a #77. The #9 would be good with artics. They have the ridership for it easily plus it's a nice wide street. I know 79th/ashland is dicey so why not have direct pullouts. 77th isnt that far away what 12 blocks. Plus ashland is a good 2 and a half hour route so it should work. You could even combine it with something else.
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    Cool thats nice I met you here friends with you on FB & got to meet you in person
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    Thank You. I will be waiting tonight.
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    Im certainly going to do my best.
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    I worked at K when the 6000s were only two years old. Later when I transferred to FG I was excited when they were sent there to swap with the 55/5600s. We had 6128 with a special experimental paint scheme. Sadly, not long after the 6000s arrived at FG, buses #6131/6147 were involved in serious collision at Peterson/Spaulding while traveling together. Cant recall if #6131 ever returned to service But 6147 did. As for 6163, my plan is to save this bus from the scrapper.
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    That is pretty wild, Sadly I had to do the same thing a few months back right before the riots started when a man brought a stolen Laundromat cart on the bus during my overnight shift on 79th, He didn't want to get caught in the rain so we went back and fourth for a few minutes until I let him ride, I was frustrated and shocked that he would go out of his way to do that but what was even worse is he tried selling whatever goods he had in the cart to customers. He got off at ashland and still got caught in the rain but was happy to have that cart with him, just happy as a clam I tell ya.I haven't had an experience like that ever while operating up to that point other than when i've rode as a passenger during my high school days.Riding down Ashland and mostly 55th I saw some odd things happen.
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    20474 is on the 322.
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    20472 is also a ghost bus and I just saw that on the 309.
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    The only money Metra has gotten from the UP since April I believe, is the people who purchase tickets by mistake, which are usually the "once every so often" riders. UP doesn't televise that they aren't collecting fares (for instance, the ticket windows simply tell you to visit the kiosks in front of tracks 4 & 12) but I'm sure it didn't take long for the info to spread via word of mouth. I took the UPN on what was one of my last riders before leaving Chicago to head back to college and someone was about to buy a ticket from the kiosk before another passenger stopped them and said they weren't going to collect it. All of this makes me wonder if the UP lines got a very slight ridership boost from people who know the UP lines are effectively free right now, causing them to take the UP when they wouldn't otherwise (for instance, CTA riders at Oak Park, Jeff Park, Evanston, etc)
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    MrNF1051 is right. Several rush hour runs between Kimball and LakeShore operate as pull-outs or pull-ins from K.
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    6163 out on the street with the sign lit up
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    Caught 6163 on the streets a few mins ago & u turned parked & got pics & video of her she still runs beautiful got 500k miles dam alot of new flyers got more then that but she was assinged to FG her entire life even went aboard to get video after asking the driver could I come on video_2020_08_24_17_33_10.mp4
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    I did that plenty of times myself I did that today on the 82 when somebody was set tripping about why I was creeping then they got off & I floored it passed them & nap going for sitting again then I waited for him then when he got close I sped off he walked & ran all the way from central park to Pulaski & when I was pulling out of 31st & Kaminski I could see that he was tired as hell
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    these might go to heritage fleet since they the first 2600’s ever or will be work cars as 2401-02 are
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    Judging from these photos...Santa Monica and Los Angeles, unless you have accessibility problems, it's more visible than you think.
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    I could be wrong but I think white might be difficult to see in the sun from a distance.
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    You have to order the headsigns for them. Unless they call for color signs, the agency may opt for white or the standard amber. Both agencies should look into at least going with white signs.
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    I think it could easily be worked in as long as it doesn't confuse passnegers.
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    That I don't know, you'd have to ask someone else how long it usually takes for a winner to be chosen and announced.
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    First there's the end date for bidding. While the bud iss open, ,, manufacturers will submit various questions pertaining to the bid. It may take 2 to 3 months after the closing date to award a contract, assuming funds are secured. If New Flyer wins, it will be the first time in years that Pace and CTA will have buses of the same model. I suppose the same could be said it Eldorado won
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    Fingers crossed for New Flyer 🤞
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    so when will we know who got the order new flyer or nova
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    I am aware that it will take a long time for ridership to return to pre-COVID levels, but I was thinking that social distancing would probably still be in place for a while, and there might be more instances of routes that regularly reach the 15 riders per 40ft bus limit. I'd definitely prefer increased frequency over increased artic use on these routes, but some routes are already operating at very frequent headways during rush hours. An example is the 66, which at times has 2-minute headways. In order to increase peak frequency on crowded routes that currently have lower peak frequency, CTA would most likely either have to order a lot of new buses or keep some 6400s and early 1000s in service for longer. I wasn't sure if it would be cheaper to operate more 40-footers and pay the increased purchase and operation costs associated with the increased frequency, or purchase a smaller mix of 40-footers and artics while mostly keeping frequency as is. But looking at the chart, I notice many of these routes approach red zones during midday and on weekends, so increasing midday and weekend frequency for these routes could be a solution. In that case, there shouldn't be as much of a problem. I am also aware that the maintenance bays at 74th and FG cannot facilitate 60ft artics, but I think some routes could be reassigned to nearby artic garages, such as moving the 63 to 77th. I can imagine at some point CTA might decide to renovate 74th and upgrade the lifts, but I don't see that happening anytime in the next decade, as CTA has been losing a lot of money lately. I will leave it at that, since I don't think this discussion is going anywhere.
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    Even then months from now in this hypothetical future that you're thinking too far in short term dynamics, CTA doesn't need to buy more artics. That issue you speak of can easily be solved by reassigning more of the artics CTA already has back to K and NP, and that's evidenced by the point I already made that the way artics were assigned before this current pick resulted in 100 artics parked daily during a normal pre-COVID weekday rush hour. The problem wasn't and still isn't that CTA didn't have enough artics. The problem has been that CTA wasn't efficiently assigning and using the ones it has at hand already. Some of the routes in question can be solved with improvements in headways and/or having more buses staged on standby. 21 for example runs on a 12-15 minute headway. If one bus is delayed due to traffic or any other reason, that's adding even more people at bus stops where people have been already waiting for a time period that allows a significant number to congregate at that stop. 55, 63 and 77 just aren't going to see artics because as has been mentioned numerous times over the years, maintenance bays at 74th and FG can't facilitate artics on top of the fact that FG's present layout doesn't leave room to store them properly. Also remember that red zone doesn't necessarily mean crowded in the traditional sense given that the current rule is max occupancy of a articulated bus should not be much more than 22 riders, but that it's more likely that riders for that route will run into more buses passing them up because they've reached their limit of allowed passengers and have to switch over to drop off service only until their passenger counts drop to allow any riders other than those already aboard. And yes, as CTA cautions that can be for only part of a route and not the entire way.
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    Why are you guys talking about a bus slow zone on the 7000 series forum?
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