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    And for the record, I didn't bring up an old topic. I just responded to an older post, there's a difference. But again, you don't need to be so insensitive about it. Defeats the purpose of a forum if you can't discuss old topics. Remember, everyone wasn't here 15years ago to comment on it so be mindful that new users may come in and want to contribute to conversation. I like this site, but don't be that guy please.
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    As part of these forum guidelines please refrain from constantly replying and bringing up old topics without good reason. It’s causing unnecessary alerts
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    There are actually two 151 routes. The short one out of K & goes to just Belmont/Halsted is fairly normal. But the long 151, out of North Park, goes through Uptown & the ride between Sheridan & Pine Grove to Sheridan/Foster has some of the most burned out people in the city! That two mile stretch has people too addled to figure out how to use a fare card, let alone how to think & breathe. Booze, drugs & serious mental illness are the problems there & then they get on the bus & make their problems your problems.
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    Idk about you, but I've seen more robberies happen on the north side than south side. Let's shy away from over-generalization, its not like the north side is this magic bastion of safety and the south & west sides aren't monolithic
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    Harmless. Welcome to the forums and carry on.
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    Think about the fact that I literally just joined 2 days ago so I wasn't here to comment when the topic was originally discussed..... I would think you can turn off notifications, but I don't know the site's inner workings. No need to be a prick about it.
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    To be fair, it's usually new members who may not know what had been previously posted. Some threads have over 50 pages of posts. Some subjects are discussed in multiple threads. Most people tend to respond to the most recent posts.
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    CRAZY COOL !!! never knew these were ever made !! 😵 According to GM ARCIVES on facebook only 12 of these RTS artic's prototype were ever made I'm sure CTA/NYC MTA and many other TA's would have SCOOPED these up in the 90's if they actually made it into production
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    😭😭😭😭😭😭I will miss him a lot too. I loved all his pictures he posted on Flickr and I kept looking at them over and over since they were so fun to watch. I hope he rests in peace very well and I give condolences to his family too. Also how old was he when he died and does anyone know cause of death?😭😭
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    @mel bernero will be missed on this forum. He developed an impressive collection of bus images over the decades, and I appreciate that he shared them with us.
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    #701 sure does look good at this angle of sunlight.
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    I know this is not regarding transportation but the last sentence is like a person at the cashier writing a full check holding everybody up instead of writing the amount only.
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    Man when I use to work 79th street that's all I would hear and see from Cottage Grove to Western. I would get so irate with people who would do that and half the time those senior cards or special cards as I call them dont even work which then wastes my time trying to get out of the intersection and let alone the redline. I wish there was a better way to combat those people who abuse the little freedom that they have to make a quick buck. Its even worse when the card is stolen and it doesn't get deactivated.
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    Got it. I misread it as a typo for it. I give him some credit in that, once upon a time, he would have typed it out, but now it's abbreviated. Some printed articles will use the word expletive when quoting someone who uses profanity. Most people can still infer what the expletive is.
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    “tf” is an abbreviation of “the f***” Personally I think since he abbreviated it it’s not a big deal as it isn’t blatantly obvious, but I know some people disagree, and from a public forum standpoint I can understand why. Though I still think the main point is that he damaged a bus mirror in a manner similar to the bus operator mentioned before.
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    It amazing how the locomotives have such great designs and the passenger cars have such terrible ones
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    Another catch of the 7000 series cars testing. Good to see them for the 1st time testing in the mixed snow ❄ and rain ⛈.
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    Right? Thought ISIS got a hold of him 🤣🤣
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    Agreed. This has been happening a lot lately. A random reply 15 years later... 😂😂😂
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    Melvin Bernero has died, either the 12th or 13th. I believe he was a member of this forum. He was a director of Omnibus Society of America for decades and did quite a bit of work behind the scenes. He also gave several programs each year. OSA's December 4 2020 meeting at 7 pm will be a tribute to Mel, so if anyone has slides or digital images of Mel on old fan trips or just want to show a few slide Mel might have liked, you'd be most welcome. We meet as San Lucas United Church of Christ, basement (entrance on the side of the building), 2914 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.
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    According to his facebook page he was born Oct 2, 1949. Said he was a retired USPS employee. Only lists a niece on there as a family member, but most people tend to not put family on their facebooks.
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    My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
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    Definitely one of the stars of the chicago transit fan world. He will be missed. Hes done an impeccable amount of film work over the years and my hats off to the man. Thanks for sharing Adam. My thoughts and prayers for his family but we all know somewhere Mel will still be taking his pictures, he has quite a collection.
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    Base fillets? Now I got a taste for some steak or some fish thanks lmao but I get it lmao
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    20483 is on the 331 and 20482 is on the 318. There are only two XD40’s that still need to enter service.
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    Idk who stay down more math or McDonald's ice cream machine
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    20478 is on the 301.
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    I've always been interested about riding that route during the summer months because I saw a lot of funny stuff on it while going through Lincoln Park and Lakeview.
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    Yeah I don't what he's smoking as if routes like the 22,36,77,81,90,92 and 151 doesn't have its fair share of nuts on it.
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    Crazy stuff seems to happen all over the city. Last fight I saw was on the 9 by Chicago and Ashland. Routes like Belmont and Lawrence have their fair share of characters. I used to live off the #12 (probably a bit biased from riding it everyday) and I always thought that one takes the cake. Fare issues happen everywhere, I feel like operators give people more slack on the north side compared to the south side.
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    I ride the Cottage bus occasionally. Every single time, there's someone who boards with an expired fare card & tries to scam the driver out of a ride. Also saw a few bizarre screaming matches on it. But on the North Side, the problem are people, 90% of whom are young women that must use their phones to add money to their Ventra account. None of them have the brains to do so at home or even while waiting for the bus!
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    There are a few routes like the 1,2,8,24,29,52A,53A,54B along with the Midway Corridor routes that aren't rough at all on the southside, An honorable mention would be Ashland.
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    They're stationing buses in front of police stations again today, in case of violence tomorrow. There are two 40 footers on Clark in front of the Rogers Park police station.
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    Now this is random as hell only in Chicago on CTA this was taken 2 years ago on 1042 when it was at 3 now its at FG
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    The 79th redline station is a cesspool for lose sqaures,drug deals, $1 tap ons and Gang activity. Whenever CPD has multiple units sitting in front of the station almost 9 times out of 10 that station is empty which sucks because it shouldn't take CPD being there every blue moon to remove these people.I remember one evening last summer during the 4th of July CPD has half a dozen units sitting in front of a several CTA stations along the red line and they were practically empty compared to any other night where they would be full of people loitering. Yeah the red line during the late evenings has it fair share of moments and having to be anywhere near 79th will throw you for a loop with all the chaos that goes on there.
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    605 must gone go into service at C soon it got legit numbers & a paint job its sitting at SS
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    Watch your language bro
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    They survived the Great Recession with making adjustments to routes that definitely weren't performing (MED feeders, 696/699, 767, UP-W Feeders, etc). You have to right size the operations so that you get the ridership that exists (and conversely, prevent the death cycle). You could request a temporary pause of grant funds for extenuating circumstances (655 and 889 were reused for 895). Since 2011, Service Planning had made efforts to adjust and make leaner changes to service so that the core network (30 routes comprise of roughly 70% of the ridership plus needed connectors). If ridership drops like it has been for the last eight months, then you make continual adjustments. Same with the satellite cities. Case in point here: AC Transit has suspended their Transbay Routes in March 2020 only to bring back a handful of trips in August, and basically working 70% of pre-COVID levels across the board. Ridership has started to track upward; including the students at Cal (who choose to stay on campus). Pace can and will manage this (at one point, not really the agency that got as much support from the RTA). Remember: agencies aren't out to make a profit and one has to operate service based on the ridership they have.
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    Aht aht dont compare us to outwest. They’ll prolly steal your bus 😐
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    A chunk of the Pace service is peak period service, including the low ridership feeders. Take them out, and about 50% of the ridership is majority legacy services (Pulse, 208, 250, 270, 290, 301, 311, 318, 349, 350, 352, 353, 565, 606, etc). The exurbans aren't as heavy as the aforementioned but provide some essential connections (272, 554) and (after rewriting the title VI plan) can't be evaluated or suspended for the reasons that legacy routes (apples to cantaloupe). Express routes is something you can take it or leave it (608, 610, 616 needs employer generators to work, whereas 606 is an core route and the rest of I-90 is supported by grants). I-94 and I-294 expresses are cut for the same reason but maybe they'll return as needed (626 is a legacy connector). Comparing Pace to CTA isn't a fair nor equitable approach. Density and the dynamics of the inner and outer suburbs vary wildly and the services are far different.
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    Better pictures I just taken 👍🏾
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    I was wondering, is there any particular reason why CTA chose to make the Pink Line go clockwise on the Loop like the Purple and Orange Lines, and not counterclockwise like the Brown Line? It would seem like counterclockwise would make more sense, as there would be two lines each going both directions. Or is there something I am missing?
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    I would say the Orion ll is got to be the ugliest bus I have ever seen.
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    That makes sense, The reverse is basically only for alternates or short turns. I assume that the only thing that potential passengers see on the platform is the color, and the color isn't distinctive if it is 80% white. I'm also sure that the reason CTA went for the tight matrix electronic signs, instead of Spectrum ones was to preserve that color dominance.
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    to be honest, i hate the o8's font end, that was a major direspect to me.
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