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    Okay how did this turn into a rehash of the Gray Line proposal that is long dead? The costs outweigh the benefits, so please let it stay dead and in the graveyard where it belongs. Geez. As pointed out by Busjack himself, he only quoted those numbers to highlight how little the demand is for current ME services that the Gray Line would replace.
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    Latest official info. Note something very interesting - 8325-8349 ARE expected late 2018! Also, 804 is last 40-foot hybrid among the living. cta bus 010418.pdf
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    And, so do you have the money for CTA to run it? Neither the CTA nor the state has. Again, you show total ignorance of economics. No. CTA is applying for a grant. I don't know if it will get one, but nobody is mandating that it make the application. If there are any, post verifiable links to it. 2 indications that there are not are that Hyde Park, which was somewhat behind it, now says it is satisfied with the scheduling restructuring and when the Red Line was completely down, nobody demanded free transfers and few took advantage of the combo 10 ride ticket and 5 day CTA pass. Finally, as @artthouwill pointed out, there is another topic for that.THIS IS NOT IT. If you want to keep beating this dead horse, do it there.
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    To put this to a close, I don't know if @mahatta is a sock puppet for the personn who no longer is the advocate for the dead Gray Line, but it is as dead as, say, bringing back the 5 Cottage Grove South Chicago streetcar. CTA never had any incentive to send revenues to Metra, and the last restructuring of the ME schedule shows that Metra has no interest in serving the very few passengers in the city. The only reasons I originally cited the statistics here were that they were in the Red Line documentation and they showed that there were miniscule boardings on the ME in the study area. Since, as @artthouwill pointed out, the reason for the extension is to move the bus to L transfer points south of 95th, the burden is on you to demonstrate not only that those riding buses between 103rd and 119th would rather ride the ME than the Red Line, but that bus riders from 95th to 63rd would give up the Red Line for the ME. Nobody has demonstrated that so far, and until that is, neither agency has any incentive to pay for transfer privileges or any additional capital or operating costs.
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    Other notables: They still count the burned electric bus as part of the fleet. Spare ratio of 15.9% for standard buses is about normal, but 42% for articulated buses is ridiculous. It can't be just that they are holding back buses for rehab and they have reliability issues (in which case they are no better than the NABIs), but that the acquisition of the 100 for the Red Line project was otherwise unnecessary, as demonstrated by their failures on #66 and #79. Remember, the Optimas and 1st Generation Novas were supposed to be replaced by the 100 artics and 450 Novas. Now we are know why FG is stuck with so many 6400s, and, undoubtedly, being stuck with so many of them is why its spare ratio is high.
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    Well they did extend the #4 to 115th I have a feeling 103rd might have trips on Cottage Grove or send the whole route to 103rd, and send the 29 back 77th St since the garage is a couple of blocks away.
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    Then you owe us a complete inventory of all the junk
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    Except it looks like the owners will be Uber, Google, etc. Some guy sleeping at the truck stop who just bought a Kenworth may eventually be out of luck.
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    Only in the sense that it may be on a litigation hold for a while. @YoungBusLover made the connections that it had been out of service, and instead of being on the northwest side, it was 1 block from the boneyard. But you won't be able to catch it at Jefferson Park.
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    Yes indeed, It hasn't been in service for about a week now and I was shocked to see that it was the culprit of this accident.
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    This is my final post concerning the Gray Line, which by the has its own thread (also under Gold Line). As stated before, CTA has no desire to run Highliners nor a suburban commuter service to University Park. CTA has no incentive to compete with itself on the mainline nor South Chicago branches. Assuming that the ME could be converted to accommodate current CTA rolling stock and service (which it can't), that would require an entire rebuild of the ME which would cost way more than $2 billion dollars. And that doesn't include money for fleet expansion. It's dead. Let it stay dead.
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    I didn't mean to imply that CTA was always confusing for the same reasons it is today, so I basically agree with you on that.
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    Bring back the 152 Addison Express😃
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    Per the Roster List from 1/3/18, the 6 buses at West are 6612 (which was out on Wednesday), 6651 and 6652 (neither were out), 6666, 6669, and 6672 (66 and 72 were out, 69 was not). North may still have a couple of stragglers, but they may be relegated to spares. It's likely the rest have gone to South2 lot. There's also the chance some may make an appearance at Ravinia this year, but we'll have to wait until the season begins to find out.
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    Up to #6777 at North
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    They have to be AMTRAK F59PHI 450-470 new 1998 from California (450-464) and Washington (465-470) states
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    It isn't 8 a.m,, but at the moment there are no NABIs on S routes on WebWatch. There's this bus, though:
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    If it s a green dot sign, it should be split between the big number box and the less tall 15 character destination sign. If you are portraying 6000s after the rehab, it would be the full height and width orange one. I think you have it backwards.
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    This will probably be the closet I will ever be to driving a Metro E. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnyK92I3g38&t=1021s
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    Well here are a few freeware and payware map add-ons that I've used besides the Chicago add-on and base game map over the past several months since decided to buy the base game and Chicago add-on. I list some pros I've personally observed for each while playing. Chicago Downtown: Well who among us hasn't asked himself what it's like behind the wheel of a Chicago transit bus? Newcastle Pro w/OMSI 2 patch: Nice suburban feel; good variety of routes to drive including limited stop express and a few route interlines Projekt Gladbeck: Good scenery; good variety of driving conditions from 2 lane roads through rural and suburban style environments to larger multi-lane highways with a few routes even running in BRT like lanes buses share with light rail through the median of main roadways and one route even operating on its designated busway part of the way; vast variety of routes to pick from out about 35 including an express bus network and overnight owl service network as part of the line up Berlin X10: Based around Berlin's real life route X10 limited stop express services with game experience similar to Gladbeck but minus the BRT like conditions Gladbeck provides in some areas though it does still feature designated bus lanes for some routes including the X10 for which the add-on is named Berlin-Spandau Version 2.1: Modification of the Berlin-Spandau map of the base game with much larger variety of routes to choose from including a few limited stop express and a few overnight owl service Bowdenham Version 4: This one uses the chrono feature that helps distinguish OMSI 2 from OMSI 1. You actually get to experience simulated conditions of how a transit system changes and evolves over time. The simulated time frame is 1980-2014. Good variety of routes and services over the course of the simulated 35 year service evolution; good suburban feel; the multitude of traffic circles will test and challenge your skills; the express services go beyond just being limited stop supplements of local routes, a few actually operate on an expressway (referred to as a motorway in the game content since this add-on is based on a UK environment except with right handed roads as opposed to Britain's left handed ones in real life) Spandau Modern M&Z: Another modification of the base game Spandau map with a smaller route selection than Berlin Spandau 2.1; I like this one for the designated bus lanes through the busier portions of the map and the weekday interline of two of the add-on routes I tried a few others as well. But as you can see from my short list OMSI 2 offers a good deal of variety based on one's different tastes. Like Chicago, Gladbeck and Berlin X10 are add-on that you pay for. The rest are free ones developed by other players, that I got off the OMSI game forums maintained by one of the base game's main developers.as well as another reputable OMSI game content and mod site Aussie.org. I drive all these mainly using the D40LF bus and sometimes the artic from the Chicago add-on with repaint mods I found along with a tweak to the depot (.hof) files to the Chicago bus so that calling up a route from the various maps is possible with the Chicago buses.
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    My guess is that it is what I call a "sanity test". I had to take these when I applied at the old NORTRAN (before the Pace days). It is a couple of hundred questions relating to situations and how you might react. There are parts that will ask you how you feel about working alone, perhaps missing a holiday, what kind of person you are, etc. Then there will be questions about the type of job it is. There is no right or wrong answer, per se, and the scoring, is well, questionable. But someone somewhere feels this is a way to weed out people. Personally, I think it is a BS kind of test, but like I said, obviously someone feels it is worth the $$ to use it. I would be interested in knowing if this is in fact what it is. Good luck. Like I said, there is no right or wrong answer...it is multiple choice or give an answer on a scale of 1-10 or 1-5. For those who want to know...I did not score high enough on the tests both times I applied at Nortran. How good of a predictor was this test ??? All I ever wanted to be was a bus driver growing up...Pace took over, and did simple interviews and I was hired real quick. Drove, supervised and am back in railroad now. Just get a good night sleep and go from there. Good Luck !