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    Power issues are one of the main reasons why CTA can't run a large number of 5000s on the Blue, and fleet commonality between lines is another reason. CTA won't run different series of cars on Red/Purple/Yellow or Pink/Green just to please Blue Line riders; they want the flexibility to swap the cars between those lines. Also, the 5000s running on the Blue are still technically assigned to the Pink Line and are operated by Pink Line crews, so commonality with the 3200s isn't much of a problem right now. It seems like some Blue Line riders remind me of those in NYC who complained about losing their R142A cars on the (6) train. Blue Line riders are not entitled to the newest equipment any more than riders of other lines.
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    Let's see. The Red Line South was in total disrepair and needed to be rebuilt, in part, because it was affecting North Side service as well. It also had a bunch of 2600s. But I suppose you think the south Siders should've kept them. The Green Line reopened in 1996 with ALL 2400s, which were the 2nd oldest cars in the fleet at that time, behind only the 2200s. Before the shutdown, the Green Line was saddled with the 2000s,which were even older than the 2200s. I suppose the West Siders shouldn't have new equipment either. The Brown Line was still running 6000s before retirement. Are Brown Line riders not entitled to newer equipment? Remember both the Brown and Orange were also passed over for 5000s. Add in the fact the Orange Line lost all of their 3200s to your Blue Line. But I guess it's okay for the southwestsiders to have them. The entire CTA system was dilapidated. With limited resource CTA has had to prioritize which projects were most urgent. While the Blue LineO'Hare branch did get some work, other lines needed the most attention, period. Now it's time for the Blue to get the attention.
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    Necroing an old post, unless it is relevant to the more recent posts in the same thread or another thread, is just poor Web etiquette. The most recent posts in this thread has more to do with buses that remain in service. But 6441 and nearly all of the other early 6400s were retired from revenue service a couple of years ago, so that necroing became irrelevant to the current discussion.
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    This year you can look for Mayhem instead of the cyclops Elmo. Should be easier to locate.
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    Northbound Brown Line train to Kimball: 3293 displayed the Kimball sign, but 3294 displayed the O'Hare ✈️ sign.
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    Nope. L car series start with 01, so 3200 (which exists or existed) is a 2600 (Transit America). Always has been. Similarly, since the 2400s started with 2401, 2600 was a 2400 (Boeing-Vertol). If you look at any intact married pair, the even car is the higher number. Or maybe you have an alternative world explanation for this. Embedded from the above source.
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    Last I checked, North Park doesn't have any Novas.
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    I think both of you are jumping the gun here. A need for of some cosmetic body work is a heck of a lot different than a bus actually being able to run. And two things to also remember further, if Kedzie didn't take care of its buses, 804 would not still be running many years after the test the 800s and 900s were part of would have thought to have long ended. The second point to remember is if cosmetic body flaws dictated a bus series retirements, then NONE of the 6400s should still be on the road transporting passengers. The remaining 6400s should indeed be gone by CTA's own initial timetables for retirement, but the fact that close to 100 still remain in service makes the impulse for making this thread entirely overblown. Maybe one should have ideas on how CTA secures hundreds of millions of dollars on a faster timetable as needed to get new buses before squawking about retirements based merely on a cosmetic flaw. What do you think you're going to ride if CTA retired buses on such a trivial matter? Heck there are 4300s and 7900s with worse cosmetic damage and those two series are CTA's newest series in the fleet. As stated, the 1000s as a series aren't going anywhere any time soon. And if we're going to worry about retirements, let's come up with better reasons than what amounts to little more than a scratch at a rear back corner of one bus out of the whole freaking series. Sheesh
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    More fantasy and redundant routes. Instead of playing, why don't you tell us what passenger demand would be met? Are there that many potential passengers going from Tribune Tower to the zoo at 8 a.m.? If so, they can take 151. Seriously, there are obvious reasons why you are not employed by the CTA planning department.
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    That's correct, as the city would have to pay off the concessionaire. Problem is that between State and Stony Island, 79th is one lane each way, and, as is typical of Chicago streets, there are 4 way stop signs where there aren't stop lights. No way to manage an arterial. Also, a lot of on-street parking in one of the few still successful south side business districts.
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    Demonstrate how this isn't fantasy. Ridership needed to comply with Community Guidelines, especially given prior failures by both CTA and Nortran.
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    Btw I did see #6224 at Harlem/Chicago but it was belching alot of black exhaust.
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    That confirmed what I stated above. Note the run number in the box beginning with "A", and the "A" on the windshield sticker.
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    Also take into consideration the supposed study to fix or rebuild the Eisenhower through Oak Park and Forest Park. CTA has its hands tied until IDOT figures out how to go about this project. I agree that Orange could get 7000s first, which could put the Brown Line second in line to get them. Don't tell BusHunter, sw4400, or cta5750😁 that. It wasn't CTA's choice that the 5000s and the 7000s wouldn't be compatible. The only immediate hope for the Blue Line is to swap some more 2600s for some Brown Line 3200s or for CTA to send another set or two of 5000s to 54th Yard to help out Blue Line service.
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    Put extra 5000s at Howard so that extra 5000s can go to 54th so that some can be put on blue? I can't say that I can make sense of that statement. Before they said anything about power, it was just (from what I observed) speculations, accusations and the same old "CTA lays siege to the NW side, NW is CTA's dumping ground" talking points of before. Now, there is a clear reason as to why the blue can't continuously have the latest equipment and from there you can establish a tentative timeline to where service can be comparable with the rest of the city*. FG is no longer exclusively 6400s, there are shoeboxes and 7900s present, there is a goal of bringing the blue line to the modern age, I just don't see what all the outrage accomplishes. As a veteran of this forum, you should know better than I that these things just take time. I'm sure everything will be up to snuff soon *Happy to be wrong if someone has more pertinent/correct info than I do
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    To address this specifically: CTA isn't getting any CNG buses because it would have to make the same infrastructure improvements (rehabbing a garage to remove open flames in the furnace; constructing a fueling station) that Pace did at South (for which the state capital program paid, and if you were awake at all during the election last week, there currently isn't one). The only reason Pace got the 2 Orion hybrids was that Sen. Mark Kirk and the politicians in Highland Park made a stink about hybrid buses, and supposedly only Orion made a midbus one. Besides their never being as efficient as thought, Daimler put Orion out of its misery a couple of months later. You can look up these matters on this forum. If the requests for clarifications to both the CTA and Pace requests for proposals indicate anything, NF is not interested in the business except only on its terms. Nova seemed somewhat flexible as indicated by such questions as "do the wires have to be that color?" to which CTA said yes, and somehow Nova still got the contract, or Nova proposing its type of floor, to which both CTA and Pace replied could be proposed. Since someone mentioned Orion 7s, the Standard Bus Procurement Guidelines were developed by NY MTA and TTC because of prior rust buckets,and the Orion 7 conformed to them. While both CTA and Pace use something that looks like them (CTA said that the NABIs were bid on them) both show certain commonalities, such as that the frames must withstand some kind of extremely corrosive road salt used here. As noted in the New Eldorados? topic, the Pace specification has become very specific.
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    I think blue line being isolated from the system is part of the neglect
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    You guys are glossing over 2 major issues still. First there is the power issue on the Blue Line. The power needs upgrading to handle a bunch of 5000s and future 7000s. The second is fleet flexibility. CTA can rotate cars between the Red, Purple, and Yellow Lines easily since they all share Howard Yard. Why is this so hard to comprehend?
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    That’s what I figured. My point was, those taking Amtrak south from Joliet have to get on the Blue line to leave O’Hare. Given that constraint, would they see any advantage in transferring to a bus at Rosemont when they could stay on to Clinton (Union Station)? A trip from O’Hare to Springfield would cost $26.00 via Union Station and $21.30 via Pace to Joliet. But most people will have to wait few hours for the train, so they’d probably opt for Union Station despite the extra $4.70.
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    Sorry to go a bit off topic here, but coincidentally enough on the Metrobús BRT system in Mexico City, the seats on the front section of each bus are pink because they’re reserved for women. (Though this is only really enforced during rush hours, as I was able to ride in that section in the offpeak without any complaints.) Supposedly it’s to curb sexual harassment.
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    I cracked open the proposal, which says:
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    Here’s 701 at New Flyer in Winnipeg
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    Actually, Kedzie never had been officially assigned these Novas. During the time that the #21 ran primarily Novas, that route (along with the #60) were assigned to the now-defunct Archer Garage, not Kedzie.
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    Amtrack 77 at KYD yard looks as if switcher 4 just dropped it off as he was locking the yard gate.
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    CTA could build the proposed Lawrence subway in time. Not!!!
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    To put it one way, it ain't pink, but maybe half of them should have been.
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    Here's one that is making it's final trip on Amtrak from Los Angeles to Chicago via the BNSF Southern Transcon before being changed to a Metra Train(video captured November 3rd at 5:40p MST in Flagstaff, AZ).
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    The signs depicted in the photo, above. It was originally posted in the 7900 Series Nova LFS thread. Not seeing that type of display in the renderings displayed on Chicago L .org, unless they change the ones displayed at the ends from limited-information LEDs to an LCD display. I suppose the Chicago Skyline sign displayed in the following picture could be a placeholder for something like that, but it would seem easy enough to mock up a display. Can you provide a link to the renderings that show these types of signs?
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    I know our (why do I say that even though I left Pace three years ago?) Orions are gone, LA's are still going...and catching fire.
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    Pink & Green, but not Blue as well. IIRC, happy to be wrong, this current measure is essentially a stopgap until the necessary equipment and upgrades are in place. I don't see this being a long-term solution.
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    North Side Main Line.
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    As BusHunter suggested before, you can copy one and make your own.
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    7903 and 4 are at my garage at 103rd currently being used as training buses for the operators who aren't familiar with them. We'll be getting 15-20 buses possibly 7900-19. They should be showing up with in the next few days. 😊👍🏽
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    Pretty sure at 103rd as discussed before about NOVAS going to 103rd with recent assaults on bus drivers happening check over night tonight on 7901-7904 7900 is used as a mechanical bus or training bus 7905 is a 77th Bus
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    All they have to do is run 2601, 2602, 3201, and 3202 together!
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    Wow, now this is some nostalgia. I have boarded #3201, the very first 3200-series built in early 1992. And yes, it's on the Blue Line. 👼
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    NOT IN SERVICE means that it is not in service, such as heading on a non revenue trip (Andre said there is one trip per day between each garage and 77th for supplies, for instance). You seem to have some idea (based on your last 2 posts) that it means the bus is dead. Usually a dead bus is stuck in a yard with a big X on it, or on a tow hook. For instance, around 1974, I saw from the Dan Ryan L a trolley bus on Wentworth. Going up the stairs, I saw it was being towed. It was not running magically 45 years before its time, but was junk.
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    The question is whether the Ventra app will be accepted the same as a Ventra card, as using a normal payment app is a cash fare and hence a screw job.
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    https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-biz-cta-buses-digital-screens-20181024-story.html "The new screens will be installed in the front and middle of a small number of CTA buses later this year for public testing, CTA President Dorval Carter announced Wednesday while speaking at the City Club of Chicago. The screens will include estimated arrival times for upcoming stops and transfer information, along with ads and public service announcements, such as reminders to riders to keep their bags off the seats. The test screens are being installed at no cost to the CTA by four different vendors, CTA spokesman Brian Steele said. The CTA does not have a budget for the screens at this point, and it does not know how many buses will get the screens during the pilot period. Steele said the pilot program will allow the agency to get customer feedback on how well the screens work."
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    I didn't get pics, but 2771-2772 are also on the Brown Line(I rode it to Montrose this morning).
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    I spotted 2645-2646 and 2663-2664 on the Brown Line today.
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    Thanks for providing a justification. Personally, I don't think that would do it, certainly not north of Belmont, but that's a matter of opinion.Otherwise, I tend to agree with @orionbuslover.
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    To take these two peak direction only routes and turn them into bidirectional, all day routes 7 days a week would constitute a huge service increase. Probably the biggest service increase ever embarked by CTA just to improve two routes. It would take more than simply interlining trips with other routes, you'd for sure need more drivers and buses than the current baseline. The cost would be astronomical and probably give the budget and finance staff ulcers.
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    The main point of the north side peak expresses are to get the 9 to 5 people to their jobs quicker/add capacity by splitting the zones up which would be overloaded and bogged with high dwell times since beefing up the 146, 147, 151 and red line already run every 2-3 min at rush and thus can't really add any more service to them. That's the reason the LaSalle corridor doesn't have weekend service as it's mainly for west loop, financial place and Wacker drive commuters. It would be different if there was a case similar to 6 and 14 where the 20 block deviation through Hyde park on the 6 was deemed problematic enough to make Jeffery it's own route and use the 6 for mainly hyde park and end it in south shore but for these which are pretty much an 8 block express zone difference those midday/reverse peak riders are good with what they have. I doubt they'd leave that hour wait between Devon/Clark runs in the morning if the demand was that heavy
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    Um as @Busjack mentioned with your idea about running 155 to Cumberland, explain to us how and why this would be needed passenger-wise and not simply ideas you're pulling up from thin air and just proposing them just for the sake of proposing them.
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    Brown has already been doing that. I caught 2611-2612 today mixed with 3200s. I caught 2 more trains as well that have a pair of 2600s in the consist. 3457-3458 was on run #412 and #415 this morning and afternoon as well
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    First, there was probably no immediate knowledge of a stuck train. Secondly, unlike cars that can just u turn, buses are limited to what they can do. Thirdly, they cant just improvise but get authorization from dispatchers. Fourth, we don't know if the dispatchers were given enough information to warrant a reroute or were told the problem was a quick fix and kept the buses on route based on information given to them. Every stoppage of traffic doesn't warrant a reroute, especially when you don't have all of the information.
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    I'm trying to figure out what bus types were assigned to what routes between 1990 and 1994. Of course the assignments of the bus types would depend on the garage's buses, and the garage would send different buses on different routes each day. This said, certain types of buses are (and were) still generally assigned to certain routes; this is what I'm looking for. I only know a few routes' bus assignments (mostly North Side routes), and I'm not sure if they're correct. Any help would be nice. The routes I have are: 3 (King Drive) Flyer 4 (Cottage Grove) GMC New Look 6 (Jeffery Express) MAN articulated MAN Americana 8 (Halsted) GMC New Look 12 (Roosevelt) MAN Americana 16 (Lake) Flxible New Look narrow 29 (State) Flyer 56 (Milwaukee) Flyer Flxible Metro (?) 65 (Grand) Flyer 66 (Chicago) Flyer 81 (Lawrence) Flyer 84 (Peterson) Flyer 91 (Austin) Flyer 128 (Soldier Field) Flyer 135 (Wilson/LaSalle Express) GMC New Look MAN Americana TMC RTS (?) 136 (Sheridan/LaSalle Express) GMC New Look MAN articulated MAN Americana 145 (Wilson/Michigan Express) GMC New Look MAN Americana TMC RTS (?) 146 (Marine/Michigan Express) GMC New Look MAN Americana TMC RTS (?) 147 (Outer Drive Express) GMC New Look (?) MAN articulated MAN Americana 149 (Stateliner) GMC New Look 151 (Sheridan) GMC New Look (?) TMC RTS Flxible Metro (?) 152 (Addison) Flyer 155 (Devon) GMC New Look 156 (LaSalle) Flyer unknown # (Elston/Bryn Mawr) Flyer
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    Since any bus from a garage could be assigned to a route, check out the Chicago Bus and Railfan Page (via the links in the bar above) and go to the bus assignments section. There is a history section on what buses were assigned to what garages during a specific time. From that you should be able to determine which bus might have been on a route at a given time.