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    Current progress so far.
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    The "ole days" return......ENGLEWOOD- HOWARD "A" trains using the southside incline at 13th St. Service starts Monday, 04/03/2017. DH
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    This is a manufacturing plant, so I'm too sure that security will be available to greet individuals that attempt to make that unauthorized move. One a brighter note, here are more views of the revised rendering of the 7000-series
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    Pulse buses are in service at NW... (Video shot by MJChicagoland2312)
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    Let's start digging shall we?
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    Saw these cars in the KYD yard (ME) was surprised as these cars look old..... Like some of the cars on the Aurora line.. judging by windows.
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    Another short freight train on the UP North line at Addison and Ravenswood heading south. About 15-20 cars total.
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    Here's the Wilson construction update for 4/18/17. Major milestones reached this week are that all old steel spans have been removed except for 2 spans north of Wilson. The elevator framing has also been installed on the nb side platform. New spans for track 4 have also started being installed. I took a few pictures, one at street level of cranes getting ready to remove one of the final spans. Then I took this shot of the elevator and platform
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    Current progress underneath.
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    Guess what I found on the tail track at Ashland/63 today, 04/07, around noon. 8 cars of 2600s, springs unhooked, and two in hundreds numbers....2799-2800, and 3199-3200. Couldn't see the other numbers. I have to get up with some sources to get an explanation. EDIT....Just checked my photo of 04/03, the same consist was there. I never noticed. DH
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    Car cards now sport the Red line re-route and the approximate opening and closing of Washington/Wabash and Randolph/Wabash. DH
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    The re-routes carry yellow-green class lights on their southbound trip. On northbound trips, they carry yellow-yellow class lights. It was good to see eight car trains on the south line main again. DH
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    After meeting the first train at 59th junction, Run 820, I selected several site to get a flavor of the south side on this first day of the Red line reroute. The first train was down about 10 minutes at Lake so it had been held up on the north side. There was no crowding on the south side main. There was plenty of room for two routes on the Green line and the Red line reroutes. Photo 1....The first train approaches to home signal at 59th. Photo 2.... With markers showing, the eight car follows the rest of the consist onto the former Englewood branch. Photo 3....This southbound slows as it begins to cross the underpinning bridge over the Dan Ryan expressway at 59th St and Wentworth Ave. Photo 4....A northbound Red line train has the controller handle on full speed in-between Garfield Blvd. and 51st St. DH
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    Why are you instigating? We get that Busjack currently blocks out your posts. That's a side issue best left out of the current discussion. And the conversation is still on civil grounds here, so there is no need for you to now instigate and try moving it to a point of incivility because of your past gripe.
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    I uploaded what I shot 3/29/17 on youtube. (another flyby of construction action at Wilson/Red line) They have removed all ties and are actively taking down the structure. They were cutting down the structure wirth welding torches while I was there. i took some street level photos that I still have yet to upload as i find all this interesting to say the least. I'll try to upload those in a few minutes. Pretty cool they had cranes holding up the structure as a welder would cut it away. We'll here's the flyby so far.... https://youtu.be/4So1fJ63Lxo Ok here's a bunch of shots from street level. Interesting from a construction perspective. Here's the gerber facade as well as the Wilson overhead structure removed, (street was closed) A look up broadway A shot of the Wilson overpass Cool construction shots behind Aldi and Target at sunnyside, where they are actively removing structure. Pretty cool one crew demolishes, the other builds the caisson to hold the future structure Here you see just how old looking that steel is they are removing. That's probably the oldest steel at the authority that has not been rehabbed as it looks like it's the original painted color of the structure. I believe originally it was just plain unpainted iron, so maybe this dates to the 60's. A few shots at station level and a few shots of completed track 3 structure and tracks I guess that about covers it.
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    So today, I decided to make a switch and take a different route to Naperville. Normally, I take route 463 to Metra DG, then take that train to Naperville, but that option is pricey due to the raised Metra prices. Today, I took 463 to Metra DG, but then got on the 834 from there to Ogden/Main in DG, then eventually got on 722 to Naperville Metra (bus was about 5 minutes late). I was one of 2 people on this bus and I was all alone after Warrenville/Yackley in Lisle. I must be truthful, this is a route that I don't think last thru the end of the summer. I've seen empty buses on this route a lot during the day, both peak and off-peak. The routing on Warrenville Road is redundant with 829 and 888, both are rush hour buses. Why would anyone need to go into that area after 9am? When I take the train and get to the Lisle stop just before 8am, at least 10-15 people get on route 829, going the same direction as the 722. So that tells me that people that live in the city and work in Lisle/Naperville would rather take Metra, not go to Yorktown and then get on 722. In the past, I didn't see a lot of people get on the 714 when it used to run down Ogden, not even COD students, could be one of the reason why the route changed. In the afternoons when I get to Naperville Metra, I almost always see 714 and 722 waiting. 714, usually 3-5 people are on that bus. 722: maybe 1 person? Today, when I got off at my stop near the Naperville Metra, I asked the driver if this route gets busy often, she said "nope, I rarely see more than 3 people on this run and I've never seen you on here before." Says a lot. Pace has got to know this route isn't a money maker for them and I just can't see it lasting.
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    Well the Flxible Metro has made a comeback to Chicago, sort of. Still a work in progress.
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    “THE RED LINE IS GOING BACK ASHLAND”…….TURN UP THE MUSIC to the JacksonFive recording “Goin’ Back to Indiana.” But this “goin’ back” is so much different than when the Dan Ryan was closed a few years ago. This time Green line trains will run to Ashland/63 at all of their regular hours. This time Red line trains will only serve Ashland at certain rush hours. And for 24 hours everyday, Red line trains will still serve 95th St. Starting, Monday, April 03, 2017 through “TBD”….. During morning and evening rush periods only, some Red Line trains will be rerouted south of Roosevelt onto the South Side elevated and Ashland branch (normally used by Green Line trains). These trains will operate between Howard and Ashland/63rd, via the subway. Between 7:53 and 9:17, at Roosevelt southbound, there will be 29 trains, 14 go to Ashland and 15 go to 95th. Each train is on a three minute headway. Question……How many passengers see the head end signs. How many only see the side signs. At Roosevelt, passengers who didn’t know about the reroute might learn about it then. And for public announcements over the PA....lets hope the man from Milwaukee has his announcements “on cue.” If all announcements were for naught, there will be some passengers getting off at Cermak wondering how to get to their destinations. Northbound, in AM, in-between 8:44 and 9:56 am, 95th will send 15 trains northbound on a headway of six minutes....that is regular service. Ashland will send six additional/extra trains north. 13th tower will merge those extra trains at Roosevelt so Howard will receive 21 trains. 95th terminal and the Dan Ryan service will not miss anything. The six additional/extra trains carry eight deadhead crews back to Howard. They also bring the 48 cars for Howard to yard until the PM rush. In the PM rush hour, Howard will dispatch six Red line trains to Ashland/63. They are scheduled to leave Roosevelt from 3:39 through 4:45. These trains also carry eight deadhead crews. Passengers need to choose how they are going to their destinations by the time they reach Roosevelt. Ashland will use these six trains plus the eight trains stored in the yard to dispatch 14 northbound Red line trains for the peak PM rush. 13th St. tower will merge these trains with those sent north from 95th St. and all the trains will make the peak rush hour to Howard. Going back to the “man from Milwaukee”, a CTA spokesman said, “It's also still a choosable sequence in the prerecorded announcement system rather the operator announcements.” He added more information, “Yes, announcements were programmed into the 5000s starting back in 2013, even though there weren't many 5000s on Red line during the other reroute, for maximum flexibility for equipment usage. Rerouted Red line trains will use LED rollsigns with white text on red background……white “Ashland/63 on red background. Also, it was felt best to just use the existing signs, since they're already out there, and the re-route is very limited (only rush, only for six months). The readings are also still on the roller curtains. “When an operator logs into the OCU and enters an 8xx or 9xx run number, the options for origin and destination are Howard, 95th, and Ashland/63 -- it has been since 2013. It was never taken out,” the spokesman said. Finally, over the three prior weeks, there was some dispute about employee pick for the new schedule. There was a legal agreement between the CTA and the rail local union ATU 308 known as the 10 hour rule, which meant that rail workers had to have minimum 10 hours between runs, or shifts. The judge gave the union a favorable decision. The schedules will be redone, the workers need to re-pick. This will result in the week delay for a second pick. Instead, the reroute will go into effect as scheduled on April 3. The first pick will last one week and the second pick will begin in the following week. Enjoy this session of “Goin’ Back to Ashland/63rd.” Photos: Car card showing map; Ashland service in the first re-routes; Schedules northbound, southbound; 6000 PCC Rollsign Englewood-Howard "A". DH
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    Here are some pics of #6514 I took a video of the video screens to show what screens are cycled through. Kind of cool I got a video too that shows when someone pulls the cord stop requested shows right on the video screen. I'll upload those in a few hrs from now.
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    Hi All; What is the device (or component) on the 5000s which makes that high pitched sound [usually heard when accelerating out of station for example]? I've seen the word mentioned on the forum previously but can't think of it. BTW, whatever this device is I think it must be common to electric transit vehicles with AC motors. Thanks for your help!
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    The UP that goes towards harvard runs short freights as I used to live really close by. Saw them alot, but they only run midday, I'm assuming that's when this was shot. The UP's down to two tracks in that area due too viaduct construction.
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    I was by Prudential Plaza yesterday and was able to get photos of eight of the Proterra buses running for Aon Center-Prudential Plaza shuttle. I did not get photos of 1 and 7. There appears to be a four digit number under the drivers window. Here are the 8 buses I photographed.
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    Going on the third week, CTA's south incline has been a railfan's delight. Because 17th Tower is manned south bounds receive a straight lineup and a 25 MPH cab signal. Without being manned, trains going up the incline would use the route selectors which would demand a stop at the home board. Before the selectors get a lineup, the computer would take time to check to see are the tracks clear. I imagine if a SB Green line is approaching, that train would get clearance. Here's my incline photo sequence....its called TWO 8ths The Hard Way....an eight SB Orange on top and a SB Red down below. Chose your game...craps or billiards. Enjoy. DH
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    I know the 95th st terminal construction lasts until the fall.... I made a Special Segment on it on April 7th and it's on YouTube
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    The Cubs "W" cars will run next Sunday, 04/23 on "rare territory" including Blue line, Forest Park branch. DH
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    Excellent photo news coverage about the work done so far at 95th. The CTA says in their 95th Street Terminal Improvement Program, they have finished much of the west track which you show here. They have done improvements to signaling on the west side, west track construction, west wall and supports, and are now flipping over to the east side, foundations laid, water retention, drainage, ductwork traction power, preparing for east track construction. Concurrent with the east track construction, the platform will be built. Future track closures and weekend station closures with shuttle bus service will take place. And at a later date there will be future relocations of bus operations to adjoining streets. Garmon757, keep up your news reporting. DH
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    Here's a flyby of the Washington/Wabash reconstruction along with a few pictures at street level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbxGzv_impY Here's a couple shots taken at Washington/Wabash at street level showing the open street and status of construction. Here's a final shot taken from Madison/Wabash showing the construction from that end.
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    CTA program planners, schedulers, managers, celebrated a successful completion of one week of reroutes on the Red line trains. With a goal of providing peak rush hour service for 90 minutes southbound in the AM rush and for 90 minutes northbound in the PM rush from Howard terminal on the north end to Roosevelt on the south end at the end of the State St. subway, the schedules managed to weather delays brought by signal and switching problems at Leland interlocking and a two-hour diversion to "over-the-top" Loop "L" route. The peak service staged roughly thirty trains on a three-minute headway from 7:09 through 8:33 in the AM at Howard terminal. Contrasted with another thirty trains on another three-minute headway northbound from 4:37 through 6:01 at Roosevelt, service met desired forecasts. With construction of the 95th Dan Ryan terminal limiting train service, the CTA rerouted 14 trainsets onto the southern tracks of the Green line with 8 trainsets yarded at Ashland/63 in mid-day. Although rerouted Red line trains served the involved Green line stations, no new service was inferred since Red line trains on Green line tracks was only 80 minutes in a particular direction and in the counter direction, like southbound, a passenger seeking a Red line Ashland/63rd train might see two or three 95th/Dan Ryan trains in the ensuing time. Since Red line service to 95th/Dan Ryan is maintained little change in ridership is anticipated. The average rider will keep transferring to east-west bus routes from Ryan stations rather than using Halsted or Ashland to transfer going south. Thus the six scheduled conta-run trains carried light loads, especially southbound AM trains south of Roosevelt. But for railfans, the reopening of south incline service and seeing eight-car trains in the south side main served as a celebration. The first week proved that Ashland yard had more than the necessary space to handle all the yarded put-ins plus Green line mid-day cut backs with spare room for more. Even a typography error in car cards was corrected. Sorry to splash water on all the speculation...... there was nothing to "read" into the red ending between 87th and 95th. So now we settle in for six months of reroutes as a daily occurrence...."Its just a day to day thing." DH Photos: LED roll sign (CK Ellison); Incline action; Entering the Englewood branch.
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    This statement is really incorrect.....to say the CTA will NOT BUILD CROSSOVERS FOR THE NEW WILSON STATION. I've posted and referred to CTA plans numerous times. I could not quote from a different topic so copied most if the information and reposted pictures. On March 9, 2015 at 10:36 AM, chicagopcclcar said: The plan shows three crossovers at Leland using a standard that the CTA seemed to have adopted with X's between the outer and the inner tracks and than a X's between the two inner tracks. The crossover that went into use today is temporary and will have to be reversed then the new track is completed and track two is scheduled for replacement. The plans also show two single crossovers south of Wilson between the two inner tracks. The fate of two more crossovers are outside of the plan boundaries. You might have noticed a internet dispute about information on those X's with a person I won't name. My photo. CTA design for four track interlocking....they may be reversed. Note complete interlocking signals including reverse signaling too. On February 15, 2016 at 4:16 PM, chicagopcclcar said: Bus Hunter, look in page 2 where I reproduced the track plan and see if the double-crossover you saw is in the same place in the track plan, then you have your answer. You are correct...after the change over from track 2 to track one, track will be out of service from Leland to Waveland. Red line track will crossover there to service Addison. On February 16, 2016 at 2:23 PM, BusHunter said: Ok, thanks. I remember you posting that somewhere, but I didn't know where. So no there is no diamond between purple and red, but only for tracks 2 and 3, so they must be going to rig up a switch from 2 to 1. So that says there will be a weekend closure. They looked to be attempting to raise track 1, they have the ballast removed there and seem to be cementing the structure. Maybe I'm wrong but they are doing something there. Like I said before the track coming off the new structure is higher than the existing track 1 from Lawrence so somewhere there's going to be a descent and it can't be at the switch, so they have about 15-20 feet to descend about 1/4 to half a foot. PHOTOS......Sample showing typical interlocking using crossovers between all four tracks........Track plan when Wilson Station and Red/Purple Lawrence-Bryn Marw is finished. DH
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    Eight-car railfan's specials...... Photos: Southbound at 31st approaching the IIT Covering at 32nd; 40th St. approaching Indiana Ave. station; Northbound leaving Garfield Blvd. station; Northbound doing the "snake" at 59th junction. DH
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    Ashland yard had room to spare. Photos: Loaded with Red line trains from 63rd St.; Reroutes were put on every nook and cranny, south edge track alongside shops at Racine Ave.; Still, the two northern tracks were still unused; Even the tail tracks west of the platform only held the 2600s sleet fighters, due to be returned to Midway and Rosemont. DH
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    Actually during the days of the Americanas, the north side Lake Shore Drive expresses were assigned to Limits (up until its closing) and North Park. So all Americanas seen on those routes were primarily North Park's for the most part except for the rare occasions one or two Kedzie Americanas were loaned to Limits (though I think K Americanas mainly got loaned for runs on local routes out of Limits like 37 or 156). Kedzie didn't get to operate any north side express routes in an officially assigned capacity until March 23, 2008. It started out with getting 134, 143, 145, and 148, but after the DeCrowd Plan went into effect in Dec 2012 that was reduced to only 134 and 143. You are correct. In the case of NP especially, the last routes to become accessible tended to be express routes. Interesting enough even though 136 and 147 got the accessible designation during late 2001 if I remember right, 147 still saw Americanas somewhat regularly among the assigned 40 footers on runs up until 2002, while the 136 had Americanas as main 40 foot bus assigned up until the last Americanas were retired from revenue service. To shed some light on the question though, north side LSD express routes started getting the accessible designation starting about October 2001 with 147 being the first to get the designation. 136 got designated accessible a few months later, but in practice as stated above, Americanas were the main 40 foot buses assigned up until the last Americanas finally retired. 146 got the designation I think in March of 2004 at the start of that year's spring pick. 145 was next on 4/25/2004 at the introduction of the 148 due to the interline that existed between those two up until CTA eliminated the 145. And 135 was the last NP route to finally become accessible at the retirement of the final Americanas. Yes accessible buses could operate on nonaccessible routes. They could be assigned to any route assigned to their home garage. If the route was still non-accessible though, the lift generally didn't get deployed on the route as standard practice. I remember an operator in a TMC on the 126* in the days that route still operated with a lot of Americanas telling that to a passenger in a wheelchair downtown wanting a bus that stopped near Union Station. Only the Americanas, Flyer 1600s and 9800s, and other non-accessible buses were restricted in route assignments. Outside of the flukes with the 136 and 147 mentioned above, you generally wouldn't see Americanas or old Flyers on the accessible designated routes unless there was an occasional shortage among accessible buses at the garage in which case you might see only one or two Americanas or Flyers total on that route for the day. *Above incident occurred on a weekday as 126 had a weekend/holiday only accessible designation because buses served Cook County Hospital all day on those days EDIT: I forgot to mention that after 1991 when accessible buses first went into service, it became standard practice by CTA that new routes that got created were automatically designated as accessible when they went into service which is why the 145 had to be designated accessible when 148 came into existence and was interlined with it.
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    Its been so long since 8-car trains have stretched around the curve at 59th St. and S. Prairie Ave., leaving the main line and entering the Englewood branch. DH
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    Car cards now sport the Red line re-route and the approximate opening and closing of Washington/Wabash and Randolph/Wabash. DH
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    Alright guys, the 5000s LEDs situation is getting kinda haywire but the main focus is Red Line operating to Ashland/63 for the first time in 4 years. Future posts needs to relate to that. Y'all can still talk about the LEDs but inside the 5000s topic. @chicagopcclcar @jajuan @Busjack Y'all are the top members in this forum and I need y'all to provide better example of leadership and integrity inside the forum in a civiled manner please. Can we all just get along?
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    Probably B, because if the hours are not restricted, I can pull out at 8 at night I can make Minneapolis in 8-9 hours via Milwaukee as I have drove that exact trip. The choice A I would make less money, sit in more traffic and burn up equal time as sitting at a dock or at a bus station you are not making any money also. Most CDL jobs are geared around moving as sitting is no good unless you get paid by the hour. Most local trucking companies pay locally by the hour. Trips overnight are gravy, as many of the OTR drivers do just that as they are restricted to 10 hours work per day, per cdl regs. You can do way more mileage at night than you can in the day. I was talking to a JB hunt driver who claimed he was doing an overnight st louis run to chicago which is like 5 hrs and then doing an unload, not a dropoff, and returning in another 5 hrs. Don't ask me how he was passing regulations, maybe unloads don't count on the log sheets, but maybe Missouri is different with their restrictions. What would make me choose A you ask? Maybe a few sick days, more vacations, but really it can be based on your personal life as well. If you are single it probably wouldn't bother you to be away from the misses as every other night your on the road, but also you would have to take into account that you'll be out of the house for 24 hours only to be back in the saddle again in 8 hrs. A married man has to take into account his wife's fidelity as long distance relationships don't last. I've talked to wives of truckers, and this going out stresses them as well. So it can become a family issue. Choice A if it can be done in 8 hrs has it benefits. If Choice B goes into Saturday then that would make you choose A. Also it depends on if you need the money, if you are finiancially secure, choice A makes more sense. So me personally while I may choose Minn. now I wouldn't in a few years because I don't need the money. I also know cdl drivers, that have switched from otr to local because of the stress. Don't know if $17/hr is worth it to go local, but 40 cents a mile sounds like a good deal. Best to get a hazmat endorsement and you may get your cake and eat it too. Fuel rigs can make $30/hr and basically your making more than what an entry level otr driver makes. So you got to pick my brain!!
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    History has been First Student, but MV Transportation got the Wheaton-Lombard contract (674, 709, 711, 715), and the Westmont contract (66xs). As noted, it seemed strange that First Student sent a couple of Naperville routes to FV, but it isn't clear if that affects its ability to bid. As usual, we'll have to wait for the contract award.
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    I took a trip out to NWTC. The correct signs are now on the bus shelters, with a different text code for each. The 611s are wrapped community vehicles, the one I saw was 16404. The destination sign for 607 is ELGIN/RANDALL PNR. Finally, the sign for 757 was changed to 757 HARLEM/SOUTH BLVD/CTA GRN LINE.
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    It might be warranted. Sometimes I ride the Metra passing the Belmont Station in the morning arriving at 7:48. I see people get off to go to other company sponsored shuttle buses, but only about 2-3 people get on the 465. Then at nighttime when the train arrives at 5:44pm, very few passengers get on despite the fact the bus drops them off at 5:32pm. People that need to be at work at 8:00am don't make it with this bus so that could be part of the reason, but if the earlier buses aren't getting ridership either, then something is wrong. Wonder if folks are just getting on 877-888 in the area or it just didn't jive with workers up there, thus they are driving instead. UPDATE: So getting on the train this morning, upon arriving at the Belmont Station, I counted 11 people getting on the 465 this morning. For comparison sake, I counted 12 people getting on the 829 at the Lisle stop. I know that bus goes to more locations, but 11 people getting on the 465 is significant to me. This makes me wonder if the contract is more the issue and maybe cutting times instead.
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    Testing suspensions for 7000s. Posted this before. Forest Park branch is the best with its bad track. Car numbers..#5307-08, 5471-72. DH
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    Oh yeah, on the blue line. Any particular schedule, and they will be on more than the Forest PK branch?
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    I think what hurts the south side elevated too is this trip it takes through the loop which is slow with its gridlock and trains waiting for signals at the towers and such. This may be why ridership is so low because they now have a combination of the slower service. Doing a bypass at the roosevelt incline couldnt hurt. You know how the purple line is expanding with all these new stations and such. Maybe it would be interesting to send it to 63rd Ashland. It has less frequency than say a brown line and it could stand to run as an express service 7 days a week. The nsm does that good, that it may be time to explore that option as well. If pace can run the #600 everyday, I think that alone can justify this service besides the lsd express' for the most part do it.
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    It would just be in the rush when the red line was going to ashland 63rd. I don't see a major confusion with that. 95 percent of riders would be unaffected. If anything east 63rd could have better rush service. I wonder if it wouldnt be too ridiculous to possibly branch off the red line there at roosevelt full time. I mean ridership on the south green line is particularly weak. It could shake up the ridership to have not only a west side direct link but a north side one too. Demand on the north side could be fed by two lines which is not a bad thing. If something closed one line you have the other. If headways are too tight on the 95th branch they could be shared with the englewood branch red line. I've rode to 95th in the rush it seems to have standing loads sometimes to 79th but only in the peak of the rush hour. if cutting 95th service is too drastic i wonder if they couldn't beef up north side headways even closer by doing this if they kept red line south service as is normally and added more trains via englewood. Playing with the fleet I believe they could actually increase service on the north side red, by far the heaviest of all ridership lines. Something to be explored maybe.
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    Just something I happened to run across this morning while messing around on maths22... The two buses used for 31 31st are interlined with late AM rush runs on #2 Hyde Park Express
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    Previously unreported here, the 98th shop will be closed too. The time will be used to rehab the facility. Inspections and maintenance will be handled by Howard shop. David Harrison
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    I respectfully disagree that it should never have been built, it's just that it should have been designed to be much more energy efficient and space efficient than it is. It would have resulted in a bland-looking building but a more useful and efficient building that wouldn't even be the subject of a possible demolition.
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    Is this for real? And plus it was the Elston/ Clybourn bus route.
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    What did the old non-electric destination signs say? This is all I have: 3 (Northbound) – King Drive l Michigan / Chicago 4 (Northbound) – Cottage Grove l Michigan Av / Illinois Cntr 29 (Southbound) – State l 95/Ryan station 68 (Northbound) – Northwest Highway l Toughy / Park Ridge 91 (Southbound) – Austin l Roosevelt 128 – Soldier Field 146 (Northbound) – Marine/Michigan Express l Berwyn station 149 (Westbound) – Stateliner l Soldier Field 154 – Express l Wrigley Field 152 (Westbound) – Addison l Cumberland 155 (Eastbound) – Devon l Sheridan
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    According to Jajaun, 23 was assigned to Kedzie.