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    "Diverting" a bus to another route to fill a major gap is not unheard of. Was a lot more common years ago than now, but still done occasionally. In the late 60's it was an almost daily practice for instance to grab North Limiteds on their pullin trips after the AM rush to make a trip[ up Pulaski to Peterson as Pulaski had a tendency to have major service gaps in the morning. Strangest example I personally ever saw was one day about 1968 when Fullerton had some kind of electrical problem and the trolley buses were immobilized in the PM rush and service was being run entirely by diversions, including a Mack and a 100 presumably off Halsted and various propanes. However, this still occurs. I personally while out of 103rd made a trip on Grand from Navy Pier to Nordica and then on Fullerton from Nordica to Halsted one day about 5 years ago, with a 4000 no less.
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    Another short freight train on the UP North line at Addison and Ravenswood heading south. About 15-20 cars total.
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    I saw this a couple of minutes ago on Sheridan and Foster, and I'm wondering when does the #147 ever terminate at Morse Red Line...? Thoughts?
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    Looks like a retired 2600 has found a home in the new Bulls/Hawks store at the United Center. Can't tell the actual number because they replaced it with 555
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    A supervisor has the power to tell any operator to do any route if something happens. At 12 at night they once had a blue line mishap. They were telling operators on the #4 to report to Jeff Pk. If something happens like at 2AM there are no buses out there, the #81 and #77 have like 8 night cars between them. You can only pull one here and there off other routes. Another question that comes to mind is are the signs programmed to reflect a Chicago operator on the #82. (a "C" run) or can they only reflect a kedzie operator even though it may be chicago's bus and operator?
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    The run # was K200 something which is a Roosevelt Run #
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    Actually the other way around (unless you meant "lent"), and the question might be why a C driver was on a K route rather than if K borrowed the bus.
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    I ask why Chicago borrowed Kedzie a Nova 8190 instead of a 1000 Flyer. I do not recall Kedzie ever being assigned new Nova`s so can a driver be assigned one without training? When I observed the bus northbound at Bryn Mawr the driver had string of followers behind him. The driver pulled into Devon terminal and pulled out immediately.
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    125th Anniversary Plus Finale...thanks to huge crowds, the Cincinnati Cars, 4271/4272, stayed out after their scheduled departure times and the 2400 Boeing Historical Cars came out early. Towermen at Tower 12 and Tower 18 junctions were under orders to keep both trains together as they rounded the Loop tracks. "Hats off" to the CTA crews and management...a great job done by all. Chosen views featuring the Wabash Ave side of the Loop. SB along Wabash south of Adams and the curve at Lake and Wabash. With the afternoon crowds and enthusiasm shown by riders and picture takers, speculation is growing that the CTA might investigate could several railway museums around the country permit the CTA to grow their collection with other series of cars like the PCC 6000 series cars. Despite the thousands of celebrates that joined in on the Loop, millions of daily passengers in the city and suburbs on CTA trains and buses are more interested in keeping fares low and keeping routes and services. It's heart-warming to see management going in a new direction different than one of the 1990s when CTA sold-off many historical pieces. DH
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    Anniversary Plus 1.....evidently, no photographers came south. 4271-4272 did!! It carried media, managers, political people, and crew. They were all going to a special ceremony set up at the Green line Garfield Boulevard station. Since this special trip was not a public run, invitees only.....it was not published. I set up next to the Alley 'L' near 29th St and waited. It wasn't long before I heard the whistle in the distance. Soon I spied the headlight and in seconds 4271/4272 thundered by. Short blasts on the whistle gave me a "HELLO" as the passed. DH
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    Ok, here it is.... The Metra GPS is a joke, pure and simple. The crew will program the info on the train when they set it up. The pre-departure announcements used to be 2 minutes prior to arrival, as long as the train is set up. Lately for some reason, it is closer to 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. This sometimes will have the train departing while the announcements are still going, depending on how many stops there are. As for the outer terminals, sometimes the crew won't set up the GPS until they "go back to work", like after the train departs. So in the Blue Island example, you could be 1/2 way to Burr Oak and have the pre-departure announcement be playing. As for delays. The GPS center has absolutely no clue what is going on, EVER. They are looking at a computer screen that shows stuff, but they don't ever know what is going on....even times when they are told what is going on. If a crew doesn't call, they don't think to call a trainmaster or a dispatcher to see what a disruption may be. As for duplicate announcements, after the crew programs the GPS, if they can't track (which is quite often) they may program it themselves, which they don't realize creates annoying duplicate announcements.
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    Here's the flyby video I shot yesterday of the Wilson reconstruction. Here's some shots of the trucks with steel on them waiting for installation. I count about 9 spans with 1 being installed to make 10 spans. Here's a few shots from the platform. And a shot of the north entrance taking shape.
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    Route 11 pilot to receive a 90 day extension at the June meeting.
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    4271/4272 headed for a layover at Ashland/63 while the Green line ceremony took place. The cars parked on the tail tracks. Then over my scanner I heard the train's supervisor ask the tower man for a lineup to leave. 63rd St. became my concern as I fought the one traffic congestion that I encountered on the south side. I made it and set up across the expressway with the Englewood branch in full view. I even caught SB Red line train in my sights. DH
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    Wanted to give you all heads up that #4095 and #4102 JUMP wraps were stripped. That may indicate that the rehabilitation will be underway soon.
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    The bus finder has been updated to automatically refresh once a minute. I might need to reduce the frequency since buses don't really update their position that frequently.
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    Sounds so Chicago!!! Thx for posting! I remember when Forest Glen had the (replacement) #9822 for a little while, it had a larger destination sign and Flyer #9844 which was assigned to FG for a good while after the closure of North Ave., all Flyers were consolidated from North Ave. to FG in Sept. 1986. Flyer #9844 was equipped with a Cummins Diesel instead of the standard Detroits. I remember it sounded really cool!
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    It's only one writer's idea. It was part of a $183 million BRT proposal, but that went down in flames exactly 8 years ago (city missed the deadline on raising the parking tax to get a grant). On creating a topic, a restriction was placed on newbies doing so, although you can contact the administrator. Personally (and I think many members) don't think Streetsblog is worth doing it, but that's up to the administrators.
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    Actually Chicago also has 8200-8212. 1026-1030 have moved from 103rd to 74th according to maths22 tracker.
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    Here is the updated Wilson Flyby for June 19th. https://youtu.be/eqrK_LCkhVA They have done quite a bit of concreting, all the spans that were on broadway last week have been installed. The escalator has been installed, (notice the blue tarp) as well as more steel has been installed for the station itself.
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    Maybe a supervisor or operator can clarify.
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    Here's my favorite photo.....4271/4272 southbound at 29th St. DH
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    Thanks to all. I hope you enjoyed the coverage. What's next.....the CTA has announced a whole array of goodies and best of all, shopping with the CTA shop benefits the Heritage Fleet. And if you are a first time buyer, you get a 10 percent discount. NEXT #2.... Have you spotted our commemorative Ventra tickets for 125 years of ‘L’ service? This special, limited-edition commemorative ticket has a photo of an early, steam-locomotive-pulled wooden South Side ‘L’ train at the original Indiana station in the 1890s. You may still be able to find them by buying a Ventra ticket from vending machines at the following (historic!) stations while supplies last! - California (Blue Line) - Western (Blue Line, O’Hare Branch) - Damen (Brown Line) - Ashland (Green and Pink Lines) - Conservatory-Central Park Drive (Green Line) - LaSalle/Van Buren - Kedzie (Pink Line) - Dempster (Purple Line) - Main (Purple Line) - Belmont (Red, Brown & Purple Lines) - Fullerton (Red, Brown & Purple Lines) - Wilson (Red Line) DH http://www.ctagifts.com/shop/cta-125-anniversary-collection
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    But not necessarily a driver from the K extra board.
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    I would call this a guided bus with multiple articulations. If you couple more than one together it could be train.
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    And was back at C on 74 by Monday
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    Related Daily Herald article on while AECOM was bounced in favor of WSP (formerly Parsons Brinckerhoff), AECOM got some contracts, including the Central Tri-State. As Mel Brooks would have said "it's good to be the consultant."
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    After stopping at Garfield station the special invitees were boarded from the ceremony and 4271/4272 heads northbound towards the Loop and passes the camera set up near 52nd and Calumet Ave. in the prairie grass. Of course they give friendly toot or two as they pass. It pays to have friends on board, LOL. This is one stretch where the Alley 'L' had no alley.....between 51st and 56th. I always contend that the structure has the shortest dimensions between the track and the ground level. DH
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    When constructed in 1907, the Englewood branch had three elevated railroad crossings, so that from S. Indiana Ave (5900S) to west of S. Halsted Ave (6300S), the tracks constantly are either going uphill or downhill.....called "runoffs." When the Dan Ryan expressway opened, thanks to an "underlining" technique, a new bridge with a spectacular view was built on the incline for the Rock Island RR east of Wentworth station. With the church structure that dates back the 1870s in the background, there's no mistaking any photos when any "L" equipment is posed on this stretch, at 59th St. over the "Ryan." 125th Anniversary Historical Cars had their debut on June 6, 2017. DH
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    During the layover Ashland/63 giving time for the special ceremony back at Garfield Blvd. station, the Cincinnati Car Co. duo parked on the tail tracks. They went out onto the tail tracks first the get out of the way from Green line service and for some photos. Tail tracks, Ashland terminal have been here since the late 60s. Is this the first time 4271/4272 has visited?
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    That's the second extension they've granted #11. CTA must be hesitant to pull the service if the numbers aren't indeed there, for risk of a backlash from Ald. Pawar and the people who live in the affected area. I don't see the numbers on the bus when I do see one driving on Lincoln. If anything, pulling the service the first time may have done this section in.
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    Yeah I think they even had a cake when the brown line celebrated its anniversary. 90 or 100 years i forget but it's in one of the david harrison videos at damen/brown. If you saw that video you'll notice the vintage bus fleet was out. This is actually the first time i can recall an event without them.
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    Heck, the oldest cars they ran were 30 years younger than the L. Dust off the one at the Chicago History Museum.
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    Kedzie received 4053 -4066 from North Park.
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    That route is too rough for an 35-foot during the day, especially Peak Hours, busiest Pace route in the whole system.
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    We are less than a week to the anniversary of the city's oldest "L".....the Alley 'L'. On June 6, 1892, service began from Congress to 39th St. We have already discussed how the name Alley ‘L’ developed. The final section north of 12th St. was built over this thoroughfare, Holden Ct. or as it was called in 1892, Victoria Ave. Many downtown thoroughfares had and still do..... have names. Is it an alley....or a street?? A single track Congress terminal was the line's northern end. Incoming trains had their steam locomotives disconnected and an out-going one was connected to the south end for the trip to 39th St. After departure the remaining loco moved to a position where it could be attached to the next inbound train. In preparation for getting access to the Union Loop "L", the South Side Elevated petitioned the city council who sweetened the deal by saying they would give permission if the "L" agreed to raise its structure to clear the St. Charles Air Line at 16th St. The RR was a ground operation forced to elevate. The "L" access resulted in the familiar two "S" curves at Harrison and Wabash. In May, 2003, the city and the CTA opened the new eased curves. Photos: “Old Congress terminal" was taken July, 1949. The second photo is a private charter taken from Roosevelt Rd. The third photo shows the curve replacement at Harrison and Wabash. DH
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    The elevated companies and the Chicago Rapid Transist went to the Cincinnati Car Company with numerous orders for steel cars, the "baldies" and the "plushies" which were distributed among the lines. In the first photo, a "pushie" leads a Jackson Park thru express train through Tower 8 junction while advertising today's base ball game. Tower 8 was located at Wells and Van Buren. This junction was where Met lines.....Douglas Park, Garfield Park, and Logan Square trains accessed the Loop tracks. By 1938, the city had begun digging the Initial Subway System and the thru routes would use it. The whole fleet of steel cars would be assembled in 1943, to run the State St. subway. In the month before the grand opening, models dressed in their finest were staged for pictures....second photo. DH
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    Yes. I don't recall them saying they were good at other Krogers (if I go to Cincinnati), but I don't know if my gelato bonus carries over, nor if they have gelato at Food 4 Less (although I am not taking a trip to Evanston to find out, now that the Guaranty Bank there has closed). Since we're off topic already, another oddity is that this week's Sunset Foods ad has "We’ve changed our primary supplier so we can bring you Wild Harvest." No, your supplier (Central Grocers) went bankrupt, so you picked up SuperValu,* and its brands were kicked out of Jewel in favor of Safeway brands of the same stuff. In this case, "Simply Roundy's" became "Simple Truth." *But their website has a banner that they "announce a partnership with SuperValu"--"brands which are already well-known to many Chicago shoppers."
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    Yes, it was a 'medical emergency' at Kedzie-Homan around 915am.
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    The story of HILLS & VALLEYS, the ups and downs of the Alley 'L' came next. 1905 ended a dozen years when the "L" rumbled alongside the Washington Park Race Track. 1905 also marked the massive 20,000 ft. construction project to add a third express track from 12th St. to 43rd St. The south side has grown greatly and the "L" has grown too, adding Englewood, Normal Park, leased the Stockyards and Kenwood branches. All the ground stations in the project area must be demolished and replaced with mezzanine fare collection. Entire tracks, stations, and structures must be raised to give 14 ft. clearance below. The two railroad crossings must get 16 ft. Curves will be eased too. After two years of construction, the project was finished and the fastest rapid transit speeds in the country 1907, opened. People noticed tracks went downgrade leaving stations and went upgrade approaching.....giving rise to the "urban legend….The hills helped "L" steam engines start and stop at stations." Never mind the project came ten years later after steam was discontinued. Photos: 1. 2017, ITT student center at 33rd; 2. NB Engelwood/Ravenswood express at 33rd St. in 1949; 3. 1949, shot of 31st station showing mezzanine station below tracks.
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    GIDDYUP...... As the Alley 'L' used East 63rd St. to reach Jackson Park and the 1893 Columbian Exposition World Fair it ran alongside the Washington Park Race Track. Centered on 61st and Cottage Grove, it was the largest race horse track in the midwest. After the "L" was built, Alley 'L' officers and managers would sit in cars and watch the "ponies." The South Side elevated first proposed a structure with uprights on the street surface but curb-side columns were eventually used. I have searched and have never found another elevated in the USA that used the design found at E. 63rd St. The race track covered the land from Cottage Grove to South Park, from 61st to 63rd. A Illinois Central branch came up along 61st St. to S. St. Lawrence Ave. Washington Park Race Track closed in 1905 thanks to changes in state laws. By 1912, residential homes and apartments had replaced the race track, to the delight of the "L". The race track would later move to Homewood, IL. where it kept is connection with IC commuter trains. Photos: 1. Aboard a charter turning east over 63rd St. 2. Postcard showing Washington Park Race Track grandstand on the north side. 3. South Side Rapid Transit cars parked on middle track. 4. End of the line at Cottage Grove.
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    Thank you for clarifying the public hearing issue. Of course, they would never tell us about that. As for turn arounds, yes, you could turn trains at the interlockings between 63rd and 70th streets with little interference. This is where the South Chicago branch leaves the mainline.
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    Instead of a mid life rehab, they really should be calling it a 3/4 life rehab. Maybe one day someone will decide to order electric buses and we'll actually see a bid for them!! (Maybe they are waiting for them to go on sale) Hopefully Trump hasn't screwed up funding so bad they can't order them. i can't explain this delay otherwise or why we have to have soon to be 18 year old novas driving around. Soon they may have to send out a bid on #6400 replacement parts!!
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    Under the circumstances of deadly investigations involving CTA vehicles, expect #1805 being OOS for at least two years depending on the severity of the damage sustained. I'll check up on it once I can get a close up at the Shop.
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    route ideas part 2 74 extended to the zoo 57 extended to jeff park blue line 99 Central Park start: 32nd/Millard end: Foster/Drake 83 Ogden express start: Fry end: 42nd PL/center 162 Irving Park/Michigan express start: Congress plaza end: Mango/Berteau express from Ontario/Orleans to Irving Park Blue Line 204 North Sheridan start: Howard station end: Westerfield/10th
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    I Remember riding the MAN Americana Buses on the #119 Michigan/119th and the #111 Pullman/111th/115th (back when the 95th bound #111's were operating on St. Lawrence between 115th and 111th)
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    I can see a small shuffle after the NABI's left service but I agree...this is out of control. Im sure they can help close the $53.7M deficit by STOPPING ALL OF THIS.
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    The Glen needs to get flyers bad. They need to stop messing with our 6000s. :angry:
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    Having to do a search of the Pace site (there wasn't a link on the Express Bus page), the answer is no. http://www.pacebus.com/sub/espd/chicago_auto_show.asp