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    Guys no disrespect but can we stay on the subject or topic at hand. It's like lately when I click on a topic and read the comments it has nothing to do with anything. I was ginuely hoping somebody saw a Nova on a new route but yall talking about female operators being fine and calling people out on being married and flirting?? This not Facebook lol let's keep it according to the title of this form again πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ½.
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    Keep your little kid gossip and disloyalties to yourself. This is a transit forum. We don't need to know if the driver was attractive or not or your relationship problems.
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    It’s an electric bus, not a steam-powered bus. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)
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    Do you have proof of that? There still needs to be a replacement for the 2nd Gen Novas that we all love except you apparently cause you're "special".
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    That's exactly what happened. It's sensitive information I do not want to share here and I don't know why @Erin Mishkin Jr.would even bring this up in the 1st place.
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    They have,as you posted earlier this past Wednesday of #8343 being in service without its tracker working properly. I myself have seen a few of them out with and without functioning trackers (#8345,#8348 and #8349) along with a few new flyers recently, could be a number of factors in regards to that but to say they haven't been in service for a while is a bit of an exaggeration. I don't want to over speculate but could #8325-#8349 have a different setup than of its counter parts #7900-#8324? Could the glen be holding out for possible moves to 103rd? Maybe every driver at the glen hasn't received training on them that we know of . Could be a number of factors but if anyone that keeps in touch with drivers or reps from the glen would of said something by now about it.
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    That pumpkin bus does look pretty cool. Too bad it's stuck in the boondocks. What's with the yellow and green bus. It looks like a Green Bay Packers bus.
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    Marker lights and destination signs are set together on the same panel. Not sure why the 54th/Cermak announcements were playing though, as that is a separate device. On a charter years back we had the signs set to O’Hare on the 2200s while at Kimball for a bathroom stop. As a joke one of the operators was messing around with the announcement system and despite the O’Hare signs everyone soon heard β€œ58th is next.”, followed by β€œYour attention please. We are standing momentarily because of a raised bridge ahead. We expect to be moving shortly.” Everyone got a kick out of that.
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    FG only gone get more flyers when they retire enough novas they gone have somebody replace the ones they knocked up but I def don't think they gone swap all the novas for flyers
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    Cite your source πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
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    Let's see. 9 Ashland is close to Clark which is why its truncated at Irving Pk. At that point, ridership is light on Ashland and heavy on Clark. 11 Lincoln. CTA had regular service on Lincoln going downtown. It didn't work so it was cut to Clark/Wisconsin, then combined with the 37 Sedgwick. The 37was restored as its own route and the 11 was cut back to the Western Brown Line. After many complaints and petitions, the 11 saw weekday service restored to Fullerton Red Line on a trial basis. The ridership was not there and CTA cut the route back to Western Brown Line. 38 Ogden. History has shown there is no ridership along Ogden. The Pink Line is there at Cermak and Central Park and Ogden crosses many routes that already have one seat rides downtown. 44 Racine. The street ends at 31st and doesn't start again until Cermak. Also there was once a 23 Morgan/Racine route that was eliminated. 51 51st used to terminate at Drexel Square. When the 1 Indiana/Hyde Park got reduced to Drexel Square, the 51 was extended to 47th/Lake Park. In 2003, the 51 was truncated to 47/Red Line and a new 15 Jeffery Local was instituted from 47/Red to 103rd/Stony. This works best because there's little traffic on west 51st traveling to east 51st and vice versa. The other reason is the 15 carries traffic in that east 51st area south. It was the substitute for the 28 Story Island, which used to run on 47th to the Red Line, but was rerouted to go downtown via Lake Shore Drive. 53 Pulaski. When the Orange Line first opened, the route was extended to the Orange Line station and the 53A was truncated to the Orange Line station. However this upset many people because those on the 53A list their one seat rides to jobs between the Stevenson Exp and 31st while there was little to no traffic on the 53 going past 31st. Therefore the original routines were restored. 54A is being eliminated. Discussion in Pace thread. 56 Milwaukee. CTA eliminated the 56A for a reason. No need to extend a route that serves downtown and endures heavy traffic further for little traffic. The 270 handles that. 57 extensions not necessary. 74 Fullerton used to have a 74L that went from Fullerton Red to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Traffic along Fullerton east of Halsted is horrendous. It would ruin service on Fullerton. 85 Central.and 85B No one is riding south of Harrison into Cicero. CTA is not responsible for suburban service. 90 Harlem. The Green Line is a perfect turnaround for the route. Nothing exists like that at the Blue Line. Besides the 307 handles Harlem. Once upon a time there was a 90N North Harlem and a 228 Harlem. The 90N was eliminated and the 228 became the 423 which handles Harlem north of the Blue Line with EZ Ridera. That should tell you something about the ridership north of the Blue Line. 92 Foster. The 88 Higgins runs close to Foster. 103 103rd was one route until the Dan Ryan Line opened in 1969. If the Red Line gets extended to 130th, 103rd will become one route again. 108 Halsted . Most of the ridership south of 95th is going to the 95th Red Line. Why do you think the 352 is the number one Pace route in terms of ridership? There's enough traffic traveling north of 95th to justify the 8A. Besides that, rush hour ridership is too heavy for 352 to handle alone. Other notes. I don't think California runs through to Lawrence because of the river.
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    I hope that doesn't happen. I don't want to see another woe is FG/Northwest side post/rant.
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    If I see an EZ Rider on 307 or 311 when these Morton HS kids in Berwyn leave school for the day imma laugh. I hated how the 35' NABIs out of the poor choice of the driver to use this bus for his run, would even use it knowing there's less space for standing. The bus would get packed full of immature Morton kids. I can tell you this cause I just graduated out of there lol On 311 it's pretty bad cause lots of them get left behind as well. Before I started taking 307, which was faster and less packed, I would leave school as soon as the bell rang and try to walk as much north past Cermak as possible before everyone else goes 1st than me so I can get a good seat. It was so bad freshman year that one time on a half day (and I don't even know why i did this) but the bus was really late and I ended up walking from Cermak & Oak Park ALL THE WAY TO I-290! That's when I realized that I need an alternate route LOL
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    πŸ˜€ I rode the 50A South Damen to Lindblom Tech various times between 1968 and 1972. One winter day I boarded a 1950s era Flxible Twin Coach propane bus [working #50A at 87th] which felt colder inside than it was outside.
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    I worked at O'Hare airport too. The actual Bus Shuttle Center is located in the Main Parking Garage. If you are walking, you can access it from Terminals 1, 2, or 3 by going down to the basement level then catch an elevator from Elevator Centers 3 or 4 to the first floor and follow the bus shuttle Center signage. You could walk across the roadway from Doir 1F LL or 3F LL, but for safety reasons I generally don't recommend that. If you are taking a shuttle bus from Remote Lot E or Terminal 5, those buses drop off on the Upper Level. That means taking the elevators off escalators down to the BL (Basement Level and following the above steps. If taking the CTA shuttles, I recommend Elevator Center 3 Elevators as they will put you closer to Door 3, but Elevator Center 4 works also, especially from Terminals 2 or 3. If you are coming from Remote Lot F aka the Rental Car Facility, those buses drop on the Lower Level Center Lane at Terminals 1, 2, and 3. The best exit is Terminal 1. The stop is 1F LL. In this scenario, the fastest way to the Bus Shuttle Center IS to use the crosswalk and walk to Door 3, which is the 2nd doors you would come to. If you mistakenly wind up on a bus that only serves Terminals 2 and 3, exit at Terminal 3 and use the crosswalk. Go to Door 3 which is the 3rd door. A brief history lesson. At one time, Terminal 1 was the International Terminal. United paid to have it demolished and rebuilt for itself. This is how United got to be in Terminal 1. That meant a new International Terminal was needed. The interim solution was the Main Parking Garage. The 1st floor was designated Terminal 4. Passengers were bused on super wide buses between Terminal 4 and the planes, which were parked in the area where Terminal 5 sits. The ATS was built with the intention to serve the new Terminal 5, initially the same way as the other terminals were served, but the design was altered so the ATS would go inside Terminal 5. Prior to the opening of Terminal 5, shuttle buses operated from Lot C ( now E) and Lot E (now Lot F). There was also a Terminal shuttle which served Terminals 1 thru 4 and also served Butler Aviation ( now Signature), which is where the light is just south of I 190 and Bessie Coleman. To the east of that, where the service road is located, is where Skychef was located. It was also served by the Terminal shuttle bus.
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    LIRR: *Fan Railer goes M9 hunting* LIRR:
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    Pace is not the only transit operator that has wrapped buses for their anniversary. Tr-Met in Portland Or has wrapped one of their 40 foot Gilligs in the old Tri-Met colors. Photo from Tri-Met Facebook.
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    1616 and some other Kedzie 1000's have the STOP program.
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    We have rules on the server just like here on the forums. Please do not come over here and vent out because you did something wrong as it would be explained in the ban message. The purpose of the server is for everyone to have a safe clean and comfortable environment for everyone to have fun in our interests in transit.
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    Still not over 2,000! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks
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    But to get back onto topic if Pace is launching Pulse service on Harlem, they should order some XD40s for West Division with Pulse specs. I wouldn't be surprised if they add that option to the order since they have done this before by picking a whole variety of extra options in that very large El Dorado Axess order.
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    Off topic but that number is incorrect. 2,000 New Flyers? Do your research next time. 1,029 D40LFs 208 DE60LFs 100 D60LFR/DE60LFR 1 DE40LF (804 is the only one left) +_____________________ 1,338 Flyers Even if some Flyers may have been scrapped due to accidents, the point is that there NEVER WAS 2,000 New Flyers.
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    You might see a repeat performance tomorrow night as Da Bears host the hated cheeseheads at Soldier Field to open the 2019 NFL regular season. Go Bears!
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    I kind of like it. Reminds me of the Flxible Metros.
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    So we got the #8 Ashland and the #9 Halsted
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    This sparring reminds me of another person that formally contributed to this group. He spared with evidence and I respected that. I sure miss him and I hope he is in good health.
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    Who said you can't talk at all? Just don't talk if you don't know what you're saying or payed attention to what others said before you respond.
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    Midday storage of rush hour buses rather than returning them to garages.
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    I would hope not. I'm at the perfect height where if I sit in the high floor portion of the bus, my view out a hopper window is perfectly obstructed. That's one reason I love the 8325's and am looking forward to the Proterras.
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    To add to that, CTA President Dorval Carter said at the most recent board meeting that the Forest Park branch is a priority but will be worked on last.
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    CTA is currently working on the power upgrades between O'Hare and downtown. The upgrades should be completed by the time the 7000s are slated to arrive in 2021. As for the Forest Park branch, I don't know if that is a power issue or a weight issue or both with the 5000s, as the track condition is terrible. A complete rebuild of that branch is necessary. However, CTA is trying to wait on IDOT to determine how it will reconstruct the Eisenhower Expressway to coordinate reconstruction of the Forest Park branch of the Blue Line. That could possibly include an extension to Manheim Rd in Hillside.
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    From the registration that is the original 6400 which never entered service and has remained a mechanical trainer.
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    Yeah that's an update. If it's not an update for you, then there are no updates at this time. This is info that was shared at the most recent board meeting which was about 4 days ago. They said no work is being done at Navy Pier or Midway yet but showed photos of construction at Chicago & Austin for the super chargers that they barely started. I've also been at Midway and there is no construction at this time. Again if that's not an update for you, you're ungrateful.
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    METX F59PHI 94 is now painted and ready to be delivered to Metra ο»Ώproperty. These are the ones I was referring to a while back that supposedly will beο»Ώο»Ώ overhauled before delivery. 95 and 96 should follow.
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    METX 99 has been shipped off for rebuild. 98 should follow eventually.
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    Would love for CTA to wrap one bus from each garage in the old liveries of the 100s/300s, GMC 1000s/7400s/9000s, and the MAN 7000s,4000s, and the original 9800/1600 series Flyers. I would also like a CSL livery as well as the bicentennial livery.
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    It’s a firebox πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚it caught fire didn’t it?lol
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    700-701 are back!!!!!! Here’s 700 (photo from a Facebook group) at Kedzie garage
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    Better not send that bus to the bears game or theres going to be a revolt. Cheeseheads might like it though.
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    So ten more Flyers leaving C...it looks like the first Proterras could be here within a matter of days. Hopefully progress on the chargers is sped up a bit.
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    Though anything is possible, FG becoming 100 percent New Flyer? If it were to happen, I don't think it will become that with the fall pick. You have nearly 100 6400 series Novas and nearly 100 7900 series Novas. If you meant 100 New Flyers, each of the other garages would have to give up an average of 16 New Flyers. If C and 74th received their combined total of 45 Proterras, then the other 4 garages would give up 14 New Flyers apiece. That's a lot of buses, assuming that the purpose is to retire the 6400s. It wouldn't make sense to me to swap New Flyers for 7900s at FG.
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    Probably 3. 1-Pay of the run picked. Old timers tend to pick runs that make the most money. 2-Route itself. Many drivers prefer to operate certain routes over others whether it be how busy its is, traffic patterns where it goes, etc. 3-Time of day. Believe it or not, many operators will actually choose night runs over day runs. Probably mostly because it is more laid back if you can handle the stress of working the night. Others will choose early day runs to be done early. Others will pick the split runs for $$$ as well as the time off in the middle. There is no form and the rookies really do generally get the crap left over.
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    the flipdots on that sign are either stuck or there is a fault within what connects the sign with the Luminator. Could be electrical
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    Someone said 600-619, which would make sense. And I would assume BE40 Catalyst.
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    When was that picture taken?
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    Those would be 94-96 from Metrolink
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