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    That's for the mods to tell me not you.
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    The situation has been reversed. That is the part you are in denial about. Other posters and I have pointed out the history that you choose to ignore. It's okay for other garages but not FG, even though to this point, the newest buses are at FG.
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    Also if you do your research all TA's tend to stick older equipment at garages with light service requirements this isnt just a cta thing
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    You're insulting your own intelligence. You say you were at FG since 1980 something and there's plenty of PROVEN examples of that go against your "NW side is ignored" facts. 74th had all 6000's as recent as 2006. Red line south was essentially built with crappy trackbed that didnt get addressed till 201e, blue line literally CANT take 5000's so debunk these PROVEN facts with your own credible proof or just give it up. Youre starting to just sound bitter. You can always get a one day and ride south or in Chicago garage territory if not being on a 7900 hurts that much
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    Looks like they're ditching hopper windows. Pax windows are one piece.
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    Need I remind you you are not a moderator. But we are tired of you too.
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    I remember that. I also remember that this is a 7900 series BUS thread!
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    Yea they will, eventually the 29 will be relocated to its original spot once the terminal is fully completed. They told us this while they were showing operators the north terminal before it opened.
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    Hmm... Guess we just have to wait and see.
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    The old ats cars are on the move. These shots were taken this morning at irving pk and Taft rd. on airport property.
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    Lucky for us, our city and state officials don't ride CTA nor Metra. Maybe they will ride the new cars once for publicity.
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    How did 7900s become the Blue Line? Isn't that a Pace topic?
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    The red brick building on the river is the Reid, Murdoch Building. Originally it was a grocery warehouse. It was also used as a makeshift morgue after the Eastland sank. For decades it was owned by the city & called the Central Office Building, but was known to most people as Traffic Court. Now Brittanica has its name on the clocktower, which is just a front for the water tank. The original C&NW station was where the Merchandise Mart is now.
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    Getting back to the topic at hand most likely the glen will get the last 25 because in theory it would make the most sense to a degree. The glen receives 25 8300's and ships off nothing as result of retiring 25 6400's to compensate for the gain. I'm not saying it will happen exactly as that but with 77th shipping off a few of its 7900's takes 103rd out of the game and the rest of the garages have there batch of 100 or so 7900's minus NP. So in theory giving the glen the last 25 makes the most sense. I also agree with Sams point on the entire Old equipment vs New equipment agenda that has been heatedly discussed over the past 6 to 8 years. Each side has valid points but at the end of the day each garage is responsible for maintaining its equipment properly regardless if its new or old, if the streets are torn up on some routes, or if passengers decide to act reckless and etc. You have to work with what you're given that's just how life is sometimes. We all can agree on this though,The CTA is slowly but surely making the necessary improvements for the entire city whether you're a northsider or a southsider,I'm not saying its a massive overhaul that everyone likes but things are improving to some degree.
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    Someones gonna end up with old equipment either way it goes so stop acting singled out caue 74th was all 6000's pretty recently along with archer being all NOVA when it could've gotten some new flyers if you wanna go there. Also the fact that outside of Addison, Belmont, Lawerence, Milawaukee, everything else is pretty light an gentle on equipment. (Notice Kedzie has the oldest artics but makes sense for them to be there since the only use they really get is weekday rush. Notice west siders arent whining about that)
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    8236, 8238, 8239, 8240, 8245 and a whole host of other new novas would disagree with your statement of not getting new equipment.
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    I suppose time will soon tell us. What possible reason would CTA have to send 8325s anywhere other than FG? The simple fact that these buses have no rear or hopper windows is reason enough to send them to only one garage. Since FG still has buses eligible for retirement now, that's the logical place to send them. Even if CTA sent the test 8200s to 74th or 77th, the logical place for 8325s is FG.
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    I went past there yesterday and saw 112, 108 and 352 on the west side of the north terminal. I also noticed 381, 34 and 119 on the east side of the north terminal. I didn't see what was boarding on the north bridge area.
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    1805 car ran into front of bus in 2600 Madison block 5/7/2017 4119 wrong way driver struck bus on Jackson 10/6/2018. Bus crashed into Willis Tower.
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    78 Development article pics with internal and external pics of proposed 15th/Clark Red Line station: https://chicago.curbed.com/2018/12/21/18150211/the-78-cta-red-line-related-midwest
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    I am puzzled by the lack of a rear window in these remaining 25 buses. https://chitransit.org/topic/3636-is-it-just-me-or-a-discussion-on-bus-design/?do=findComment&comment=97599 Although, it could be the reason for its elimination is so passengers cannot look out the rear and notice the pack of buses bunching behind them.
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    Not only is LACMTA route 605 2,000 west of Michigan Avenue, service to Olympic and Atlantic was curtailed. According to the schedule effective June, 2018 the route now ends at Olympic and Grande Vista.
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    Caught #4136 on Michigan today displaying "605 OLYMPIC-/ATLANTIC" which is a Los Angeles local bus route.
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    When did this supposedly change? Hopefully FG still gets the 8325s and sends it's New Flyers to 77th who in turn sends more 7900s to 103rd. Or maybe 103rd swaps New Flyers for Novas with 77th. It doesn't make sense for 103rd to get the newest buses while FG is still saddled with 6400s. Besides that, we'd never hear the end of the NW Side Carping Crew.
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    Pace has a blue.line or 7900s? Wouldnt want you as my attorney!!! When you become a moderator let me know so I can head for the hills!!! Lol!!!
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    Revisionist history. Tha Albinos, the 1983 Flyers, 5300 Series ( which got swapped for 6000 series), 6400 Series and the most recent 82xx of the 7900 series prove you wrong. FG may not necessarily get the first batch of a new series, but new buses it gets as the 82xx proves. Whenever and wherever new buses arrive, they don't stay new. So please stop with the "woe is FG and the NW Side" narrative. It's old and untrue.
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    Doubtful 6363 retired. Might be an accident victim, or a major failure victim, but WAY too new to retire.
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    Going down this beaten path again? You forget that YOUR FG still has a bunch of 6400s that need to be retired. CTA can knock out 15 to 25 with the 8325s. There's no basis in sending them anywhere else, otherwise 103rd would be getting them instead of 77ths 7900s. And 77th is not sending enough of those 7900s to warrant getting 25 new buses. Plus at some point, expect FG to get back the 8200s that were "stolen" from there.
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    Trying to break the record for posting the same thing in 12 hours?
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    Reply moved to correct topic.
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    Even 18Th you still close to cermak. I feel like we can use the time and resource to put something more dire on the priority list especially for all the disruptions this will cause to make this happen
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    Rumor is the 8325’s are all suppose to go to FG to replace the 6400’s I don’t know if it’s true or not
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    Depends on their build dates. Like a car, September-December builds are considered next model year vehicles. So if September-December 2017, they'll be 2018 models. September-December 2018 will make them 2019 models. Anything in-between will be 2018 models.
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    If you are using a 1,3, or 7 day CTA pass there is no Pace transfer discount. If you pay using the Ventra stored value, transfers work between CTA and Pace. If you are planning to just do a CTA+Pace trip and return, it may be cheaper to just use stored value. If you are planning more extensive CTA use, I'd recommend going with the 1-day pass and paying the extra fare for the Pace buses you need to take.
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    Well it's all moot now anyway because winter pick changes started yesterday and the 50 is still at NP and 134 and 143 still at K.
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    Yes like half a second to a second is a real safety issue when drivers do that, just my opinion though. It wouldn't really be a safety issue if passengers stay behind the yellow line near the front of bus. Common sense isn't common these days though among a majority of CTA riders.
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    The brown line flyover is alot more than just the brown line. The current config is blocking all sb and nb traffic through clark jct. So it affects all lines. Plus the curve straightening will help alot. You could conceivably have 35 -40 mph runs between addison and belmont. Plus the traffic then spirals into other delays like red line north delays which then puts up to a 3 train crowd at belmont nb. They try to hold trains back if there bunched but then that screws around with scheduling at kimball so although it may not seem like a wise thing doing the flyover, logistically it is.
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    It is indeed opening up on the 30th. Before it opens, the operators will get a tour of the north side of the terminal so we'll know where the new bus stops for all the routes that will be on that side are located 😊.
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    In other news, travelers riding home from work were treated to a nice surprise when the Holiday Train or Bus arrived. When asked about their faces filled with joy, they replied “We like having fun in our lives!”
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    My roster is updated. Talk to sw4400. My problems are with the cta bus roster which needs major help. I could probably fix it but I need time. When it gets cold this winter it will probably get fixed. Currently rail is more interesting until the electrics or 8325s show up.
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    It's not that they can't do it so much as they won't do it. The heaviest portion of the line extends from downtown to Polk. I guess that is too short a distance to justify 2 extra cars per train. Besides, if things keep going the way they are going now, those surplus 5000s will get used elsewhere. You might see some on the Orange Line for the Holidays.
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    I'm not authorized to say. Plus my posting is ignored by one individual who posts 90 % posts so why should I. Case closed. DH
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    #6240 is at West too now.
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    As far as FG getting stuck with all 6400s, that day has passed. As Garmon just said, some more 8200s just arrived, so let's all be patient and see what transpires. For all its worth, I'm sure the 8200s will be running on FG routes before long.
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    Since FG operators are training on the new Novas my prediction is about to come true. I knew CTA was going to follow the sequence of how they did the 6400's series. As far 103rd getting Novas that's clearly not going to happen because I didn't hear any 103rd operators talking about training on them. Also not all of those new Novas can't replace the old ones, so they're going to need some more NF's to cover some of those runs.
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    Well that gets down to the purpose of 8197 and 8199 being there at this point. They're there to get FG operators acclimated to the next bunch of 7900s heading there.