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    20403 was on the 305, 314, and 316 routes today. Here's a video showing the interior and exterior of the bus. After riding this, I can tell they have a faster acceleration than the El Dorado Axess buses. They seem to be well built quality buses and can see them lasting a long time.
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    New Flyer 20406 northbound on #330 at Rosemont CTA Blue Line.
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    Got 20401 on the 322 now. No stop request cords, only buttons.
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    This I will dispute. 53 NEVER went past 31st. Lived on route 1959 to 2001. Surely would have noticed. Pulaski has had zero route changes for almost 60 years now, Peterson to 31st.
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    Sad. I been doing it for 2 years 🥴
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    The buses dont get that crowded. The #169 always runs with artics. They are surprisingly fast. I was driving a few shuttles for the xmas season. Mostly down 95th and 79th. The #169 gets alot of riders at night when I was shuttling. The workers seem to complain about there jobs. I always talked with my riders. They claim they dont get breaks. The hodgkins complex is very impressive from the outside. They have two bus stations serving opposite ends of the complex. Sometimes they complain they got erratic service. They liked our supplemental shuttle. It was cut short due to Amazon now having there own delivery Van's.
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    I'm assuming you applied to be a package handler at UPS. UPS hires only part time employees. They have four shifts which are approximately six hours each. You would work the same shift each day Monday-Friday, but the exact start and end times would vary based on demand. There are multiple bus trips to choose from to accommodate the schedule. The work is very physical and you must work quickly. If you stay for a few years, you could get promoted to a tractor-trailer driver or possibly a managerial position. UPS workers are unionized and have good pay and benefits. Amazon shifts are typically 8-12 hours, four days per week which may include any day of the week. I believe they have two shifts per day, with a 2-hour "dynamic shift change" so that not everyone starts and ends at the same time. The catch is that the 360/361 buses only run once for each shift change. If you take the bus, you'll be spending almost 12 hours there no matter how many hours you work. With the 2.5 hour commute, you'd have an 18 hour work day. I wouldn't recommend this option because fatigue can easily cause a workplace accident, especially when safety issues already exist (a common complaint of Amazon workers). The work at Amazon is also very fast-paced and physical, but probably slightly less so than UPS. I'm not sure what promotion opportunities exist here. Amazon is nonunion. Both UPS and Amazon bus routes tend to have relatively high ridership which doesn't seem to have slowed much during the COVID-19 crisis. These companies say they need more workers to keep up with demand, so bus ridership could possibly increase, unlike every other route. Riding these buses may be too risky if, for example, you live with a vulnerable person.
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    I probably should've posted this a while ago but I was fortunate enough to catch Geoffrey Baer's movie trains for his new documentary "Chicago by 'L'". This was back in late September of 2019. 4000s at Howard and 6000s along the Purple Line. Subscribe because I'm trying to beat a rival in subscribers 😂 but most importantly enjoy and give me feedback.
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    There were a couple other passengers who I overheard mentioning that the bus was new. The driver didn't really seem fazed. Here's a couple snaps of the rear portion seating. Every other seat was "intentionally not in use" for obvious reasons.
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    And here they are hot off the presses, I was surprised they actually have a rear window. I don't think I ever saw an Xcelsior with a rear window!! But wow the buses are nice, I'm happy they seem to be retaining the flush tinted windows feature, that's something we haven't seen on a standard bus since the grummans, ironically out of the same garage. (of course they exist on the highway buses, but it makes the bus look more luxurious, like you want to ride it versus something that is so municiple standard equipment. ) They seem to need programming on the destination signs and the plates are applied for. Surprised they are running without plates but I thought I remember the I-90 buses debuting the same way. My company got new buses but they didnt leave the yard without plates. So without further adeau lets see some shots!!! 😃
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    Just some FYI...When I started at Colonial in 1999, they ran five routes (610, 1006, 1012, 1015, 1017 . When I was not out of town, I worked 1017 to Sears on 79th). We lost all subscription routes after 9/11 one at a time due to cuts at Sears headquarters. And, when I started, all motorcoaches were equipped with restrooms. Not sure the equipment before that. But we used equipment purchased both new (MCI DL3 12-units) and used (MCI B3 8-units purchased through Indian Trails) on Pace routes.
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    The best I can say is social distancing because they only had one out this morning on 79th and the Union once again made headlines by sharing pictures of crowded buses on 79th almost a week ago so I can only imagine when I head in this afternoon if not more will be put out in use to the operators that have experience with artics and are willing to operate them. I would also like to add that we have about 10-15 of our own buses oos for various reasons as of late as I've seen a lot more of our #7900's hit the boneyard along with #6400's. #804 has returned to the boneyard after being moved briefly so maybe it may return service I would hope. Southshops has been very busy as of late, I've never seen so many lines of OOS buses that clumped together in one space other than the time I remember seeing retirements of the #7500's and #6000's.
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    3457 and 3458 were in existence before this accident. There was a period when the Blue Line was suffering from many incidents including this one, a derailment in the subway, a car fire in the subway, and the infamous crash into the escalators at the O'Hare station.
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    #4008 is on Rt.79 and I can only imagine it being used as a social distancing pilot test.
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    I have to admit both buses look good in MTA livery. PACE livery with the New Flyers looks great,! I prefer the New Flyers but if it comes down to these two manufacturers, it really doesn't matter. Now if Gillug or Eldorado were to win, then we'd really have something to talk about.
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    Metra debuts new "State of Illinois" livery on engine number 402 Video from Facebook:
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    Yep, managed to grab a shot of it this evening. Apparently it's supposed to be reassigned eventually.
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    None of these new buses appeared to be out this past weekend - the first weekend since the buses were officially placed into revenue service. A few Eldos were out, but a lot of the old NABIs were. Pace appears to be holding back the new buses during the first few weekends or so, ironing out the kinks.
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    I'm actually really amazed at how our transit system is able to keep up during these trying times. This episode really shows how important transit infrastructure is to any city. Ridership is down but I think the right call is to continue to run as much service as possible to maintain reliability while bolstering social distancing. I'm guessing the biggest challenge is filling in any holes created by operators staying home. Also, to the greatest extent possible, L trains should all be 8 car consists to encourage distance.
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    20401 is officially in service, right now on the 307!
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    The bid opening date has been extended from Monday, April 13, 2020 to Monday, May 11, 2020. https://www.transitchicago.com/solicitation/details/?cta=Bg2Kaov023rGcoKigj6lTp5YpDqyz4EiJ%2F8BalJfw4E%3D
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    BINGO!!!! Thank you thank you NewFlyer.
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    The last few days alot of artics have been parking on the North avenue NB LSD ramp and outside the Peggy Notabart Nature Museum. It's really amazing watching buses come off the drive with 2, 3 or 4 passengers. Even the #151 coming down the gold coast with a handful if that. The mornings are pretty bad the afternoons it picks up a little like a sunday service crowd. The staple main routes like the #77 or #79 have been doing better. I saw a group of 5 or 6 yesterday at Broadway/Belmont waiting for the #77. Metra has been pretty smart, coming out with an alternate weekday schedule that cuts service in half. I think a saturday schedule would be good. But then you risk passengers sitting closer to one another. It would be a good time to park the #6400's or at least use them as spares. My company has roughly one third old buses but half never really leave the yard and if they do the other half takes there place. Less maintenance + less breakdowns = More profit and less issues.
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    I don't know. but I don't think any adjustment has been made to bus service. First, unlike the rails, published bus schedules are much more specific. Also, unlike the rails, bus garages aren't on the ends of each route. They might get away with a mission bus here and there on a route like J14 during the rush, but I think off peak service would need advanced notice, and even then, there may not be much to cut.
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    CTA is doing people a disservice by not annoucing changes to the frequency and schedule if this is the case. If you go to the website, other than all the promo vidoes about cleaning, you would think service is running as usual
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    here’s the list that went to FG
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    back to red if anything
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    Managed to get 701 on the 79 this morning. His last eastbound trip terminated at the Red Line then he went back to 77th. This thing still rides flawlessly.
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    Nothing exciting about those.
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    Peeking at the Royal Zoom schedule, South Bend and Notre Dame have service every 4 hrs, Valpo has service every 4 hours, Michigan City and Griffith have service every 2 hrs. A Michigan City bus serves Griffith and a Valpo bus serves Griffith alternating, leaving every 4 hrs, thus Griffith has 2 hour service. Every other Michigan City bus originates in South Bend, with those buses running Express to ORD. The other Michigan City bus originates there and serves Griffith before going to ORD. The Midway schedule is exactly the same as the ORD schedule. I don't know if they are running 2 buses the full route , a transfer bus at Griffith. it one bus serving both airports. The latter is least likely due to time constraints. When Coach USA ran it, all Midway buses originated in Highland, and the MDW passengers from points east transferred at Highland.
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    I forgot about 5800s. 5800 thru 6399.
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    Indian Trails (not Trailways) is a privately and family owned company based in Owosso Michigan. They run service between Chicago and points in Michigan. In exchange for using Greyhound facilities in some places, Greyhound and Indian Trails share ticketing. Greyhound does this with other companies like Burlington Trailways in Iowa and Jefferson Lines in Minneapolis. Remember Pace leased from MCI and not Greyhound.
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    53 never ran south of 31st. 52 was cut to Orange from 51st/St Louis and 52A from 43rd. The squawk was to service from south of 49th to Archer, so 52 got extended to 63rd to replace the alternate 52A 49th to 63rd trips. When Orange opened there were many totally unnecessary changes made because of Lipinski that were not fixed until the 19 90s cutbacks.
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    3293 3295 3389 3391 3393 and 3405 Blue Line
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    I agree with you. That would have solved a lot of issues. On the other hand, given the advocacy for more open space I wonder how much support this would have had.
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    Don't forget the obelisks at the "stops." That's what makes them "stations." Although it isn't publicized almost all Pace buses have free wifi. This whole project is proof that Pace hates its riders. At the open houses they assured us that Pulse would be an "addition" to the current service, so who could object? Then at the final hearing they said "oh by the way, we're slashing the service on 270." So now people either have to walk a mile or wait an hour for a bus. Yes, picking up and discharging passengers is an obstacle to running an efficient bus service. According to the schedule, the run time between Devon and JP is one to two whole minutes faster on Pulse than 270. I'm sure that people would gladly walk even two miles or wait two hours to save this kind of time. Late the other evening I was waiting at Jeff Park and saw a Pulse bus pull up and discharge exactly two passengers. I'm sure it would have killed Pace's efficiency goals to have picked those two people up at somewhere other than an obelisk. But if those two people have no option other than taking a bus, they'll walk a mile for Pace's convenience and learn to like it.
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    To realign the tracks, one track will be out of service at a time, similar to the construction of the Belmont Fullerton, and Wilson station. They have to remove the old track and build a new track, and repeat this for each track.
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    For all the hoopla and planning you would think they would have been completely ready to go on this. This has been in the wish list pipeline for 20+ years. It is being rushed through because someone has an agenda on it. It is an overhyped overspent covered up service DECREASE since it is not servicing ALL of the people on Milwaukee Ave equally. To spend money on what is nothing more than an elaborate bus stop, required wrapping (or painting) signal preemption (which wont help you in rush hour with the traffic leading up to said signals) is a waste on something that could be better spend on other projects. There will be some that MIGHT ride this and be happy, but IMO the majority of of passengers will be disserviced in some way.
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    Some of the stops are quite far from each other. I tend to believe that a 1/3-1/4 stop distance is reasonable. The problem here is that CTA needs to reintroduce the 56A for city riders.
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    Yeah, at Jeff Pk the Pace rep has been getting an earful from riders! Theyre not happy with the service change to the local buses. The Pulse stops are not convenient because many riders are seniors and they dont live near a Pulse stop. They will be forced to wait for the 270 local and if they miss it they have to wait an additional hour for the next one. In a few instances it will require riders to change their commute plans including mine! I know there can never be a solution to everyones commutes. But this is a drastic change that will have a serious effect for many riders. I will have to revert back to Metra in the morning. I chose to stop Metra because of the ticket prices nowadays. The Pace/Blue Line combination for me was a better and more reasonable option. I live in between the Austin and Central Pulse stops so its not an alternative for me.
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    This is becoming a national phenomenon. Reducing number of stops to speed up service. I say it discourages riding as the further a prospective passenger has to walk the less likely they are to do so. I think this is going in the wrong direction, and in the long run will reduce riding. Bus passengers look for convenience. If speed is more importance, you drive.
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    Eh. It's already tied up with hipster highway. Having to crawl out of river north would make it worse which is why #124 took over full time instead of just for special services
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    @andrethebusman Can you please stick with the community guidelines because you last few post is making me wonder, “What on earth am I reading?
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    I don't see what we are arguing about. In the 1970-80's a large percentage of the center city's population fled to the suburbs to get away from "them". Since then, a significant part of the center city's black population has followed them out to the suburbs, and the whites they displaced have moved further out. Meanwhile, millennials are moving back into the city to reclaim areas like Uptown, Bucktown, Lincoln Park that 30 years ago were hellholes. Armitage and Sheffield in the 1960's was an absolute dump where you would be afraid to wait for the bus. I remember riding the L past Willow St and looking down at all the abandoned buildings and seeing a dead dog in the middle of the street. Look at it now! This is the natural cycle, where an area is colonized by the relatively wealthy, gets passed down to less and less wealthy until it becomes a dump, then gets re-colonized by the wealthy looking for a "deal". Places like Calumet City, Dolton, South Holland are still on the downward part of the cycle. As for city depopulation, considering many more housing units are being demolished than being built, why is this a surprise? In the early 60's my girlfriend Samantha's family lived at 53rd and Peoria. We went back there a couple of years ago. There is a single house standing within two blocks. So in that square block, the population has gone down by what, 99%? Most of Englewood is like that. So is much of Austin. If there are no houses, chances are nobody lives there. As a historical statement, in the mid-60's, when I started exploring, this is what I saw: the west side was black largely bound by Western on the east, the CNW on the north, Burlington on the south, Garfield Park on the west. South side was black south of 31st to about 79th, between the Rock Island and the IC, excluding 47th to 60th east of Washington Park (Hyde Park area). Black suburbs were East Chicago Heights, Robbins, Dixmoor, parts of Harvey, Chicago Heights east of the C&EI, and what was referred to as the Juneway Jungle, Howard to Juneway east of the L yards. That was about it. It might really surprise people today that on 9/28/69 the area around 95th/Dan Ryan was all white except for the projects west of the Ryan, even around 87th. South of South Shops was too. Just some historical perspective...
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    CTA seems to attribute ridership loss to Lyft and Uber. I wonder how much, and if that's one of the reason's the proposed budget is not out on time, again. While I don't think Lyft and Uber are much of a draw for the elderly and disabled who originally complained about 11 being canceled,it certain is to the yoga studio and Trader Joe's crowd that the promotional materials sought to reach.
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    Your mention of what's in the Metropolitan Transit Act regarding where CTA can operate service means that from a legal standpoint and outside some overlapping with Pace routes, CTA isn't encroaching on Pace territory as has been the complaint from some other members in terms of extending the 90 to the Green Line, operating the 86 south of North Avenue, the 82 and 96 extensions giving on property service to the Lincolnwood Town Center, absorption of the former 25 West Cermak into the 21 to provide direct service to North Riverside Mall without needing to transfer, its former operation of the 17, the Yellow, Purple, Green and Blue Lines having terminii within the suburbs, and its bus routes serving Evanston, Skokie and Old Orchard. All those are still within Cook County.
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    Geez can you be anymore of a negative cynic today? Anyway getting to the topic at hand, if it were possible to bring a route back, the 41 would be a good one for the reason mentioned above. For similar reasons, I'd also restore the 11 to North/Clark at the very least. The downtown portion was kind of weak but it did have decent ridership along that middle portion because of all the shops and restaurants up and down Lincoln Avenue.
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