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    I got a tour of the skokie shops today and was able to take a good look at 5011 and 5012... there was quite a number of workers doing different tests below the actual car... I was able to snap a picture of the interior... there are no seats inside only test equipmen... as a quick aside, speaking to one of the managers, he mentioned that they tested the load capacity of the trains with the new seat configuration to that of the 3200's...they did this by cramming everyone they could find into the car, and counting how many individuals fit. They were able to fit the same amount of people in both cars... so there you have it, side facing seats don't increase capacity!
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    Your showing your stupidity again. The Inspector General is a part of CTA. Why would CTA investigate CTA ? And brakes are done at the shops, not in the garages. Like I said before, If you dont like whats being posted then move on. Dont be childish and start another post to get attention and "slam" people. Thats very childish. Nobody posted and said that people shoudlnt be riding them cause they are unsafe. They do have their problems. They are being fixed, but they do have their problems. If you dont understand how something works, dont slam it. Grow up and move on now.
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    Below are pictures of transit trains/buses during my recent trip to Seattle. I'm gonna tell you right now, my favorite one of all of them was underground transit; to me is was so cool and the trains there are awesome. I came across this fish bowl bus that's not a part of Seattle's transit, it is a private company.
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    Thank You ! Someone who realizes whats going on. As of this date ... no managers got any layoff notices. I dont think the bonds were tied into the real estate tax. A few months back there was a big wirte up about how several accounting firms warned Carole Brown about the bonds. They sold the bonds at a guarenteed 6% return on interest but CTA was only getting less than 3% on the bonds. If I can find the article online I will post it. I think it was in Crains Chicago Business. CTA was warned by 5 different accounting firms not to do it and guarentee a 6% return. But they did it anyway.
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    Ok to correct ... To my knowlegde or anyone elses I have talked to in the system I have not heard of any Bus Maintenance Managers getting layoff notices. If 2 you know got them for a layoff date of Jan 1st that means they got them sometime in late Sept. (to comply with the 90 notice requirement). If any get them now in 90 days it would be past the Feb. 4th deadline for putting the budget in effect. So thats why Im assuming Managers wont get any. Rumor is they are getting rid of Managers II's. None have recieved layoff notices. It will probably be a manuver like they did about 10 years ago. They got rid of "supervisors", and re-named them "managers", and instead of 1 in each gagrage, they hired more and had 4 in each garage plus the foremen. Then they eliminated the foremen and created more managers. 6 years ago they eliminated a bunch of non-union jobs only to "retitle" the positions to something else and no one lost their job. In 2003 they had 50 foremen and 7 managers in the bus system. They got rid of the foremen and now have I believe 200 managers in the bus system.
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    Well Greenstreet since your putting it that way and jumping in after I said I might have made a mistake, Lets see your proof. You contradict me and say thats proof? I asked 3 managers today if any Bus Maintenance Managers got layoff notices and they all replied "not yet, but they are expecting them. And your "real facts"? Think about what you said ... your telling me not to listen to the postings at the garages that CTA puts out, dont listen to what managers tell me since they work there and know and attend meetings, but instead to listen to something I read on the internet from people who dont work for CTA. Could you be a little more specific other than "I know 2 managers that got layoff notices" ? That does not constitute proof to me. And Busjerk, (sorry there goes my spelling again) If you actually think CTA cannot pursuade them to change the Il. Pension Code to get out of the pension your wrong. They have been working on it very hard. But I guess you wouldnt know sine they didnt post it on CTAtattler. Hell, 2 years ago when they got the money to stop the doomsday, we got a new contract. And the whole Pension Code was changed for CTA Employees. Our Pension, multiplier, and Pension Health Care are no longer an issue for contract negotiations. It is now part of the Illinois Pension Code. http://ilga.gov/legislation/95/HB/09500HB0656ren.htm You can really tell from posts here the people that dont work for CTA, and the people who do work for CTA that have been there for 3 or so years.
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    SECTION 5. PENSION AND RETIREMENT RIGHTS Membership in any pension or retirement system of the State, any unit of local government or school district, or any agency or instrumentality thereof, shall be an enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired. (Source: Illinois Constitution.) She cant get that overturned, but there is nothing in there that says she cant get out of paying their 12%. The BENEFITS CANT BE DIMINISHED, it dont say CTA's contributions cant be diminished, and someone would have to make it up. US. Like I said, in the mid 90's or so CTA was not contributing their 6% for a few years. That was most of the reason the Pension Plan funding went so low. Thats about the time we stopped getting yearly Pension Statements. Heck of a coincidence. I will admit I said CTA has the best layers in the country and Im probably wrong, but they are very very good and finding "loopholes" in everything. You are interpreting the way you want. Not the way it reads. Law degree or no law degree.
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    busfan, you are running on busfumes and layer cake now. What do you think the transaction cited in the Bloomberg article was about? They borrowed money to replenish the pension fund. That might have been a stupid deal, as Bloomberg said, but the fund is now funded at least better than it was. "and someone would have to make it up." That's right,but besides your contributions, it is the TAXPAYERS WHO ARE ON THE HOOK. So, if the CTA doesn't kick in the 12%, who do you think will have to? You have a defined benefit plan, don't you? Do you know what one is? In fact, CTA is more on the hook. Kruesi's boys didn't pay their contributions, but now there is no way CTA can avoid paying the bondholders. That's part of the deficit story. Maybe you shouldn't be playing lawyer. Your statement about CTA "layers" indicates that you are out of your league. Since you don't respect that I have a law degree (and also wrote an encyclopedia article on the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act*), why should I care if you claim to have 25 years in the barn? ___________ *Not Wikipedia, but a real encyclopedia. If you go to the 29th Floor of the Daley Center, there is a way to verify that.
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    Either you cant read or you just dont understand what you are reading. Because you claim to be a lawyer dont mean anything to me. You tend to twist things around they way you want to and then claim Im the one starting "rumors". You just have no clue as to what your even saying. You are constanly contradicting you own posts.
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    Look who is talking. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. Have you heard about the psychological term "projection?" Apparently an apostrophe doesn't mean a thing to you either. However, since you have just reduced yourself to a punching bag, I'm giving up on this. Good day. Update: I forgot to make my usual offer that if you delete the message I quoted, I'll delete this.
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    Your a real trip! You post something, I make you look stupid, then you change it and refer to the Bloomberg article ? Your problem is you think becaue you have a so called "Law Degree" you know everything. Are you an actual practicing lawyer ? Or a lawyer that corrects peoples spelling mistakes? Then you even said Krusei didnt contribute to the plan all them years. I thought you said the Illinois Constitution would have to be changed to do that? I will repeat myself since you seem to be a little dumber than I thought. BACK IN MAY CAROLE BROWN WENT DOWN TO SPRINGFIELD TO TRY AND GET THE STATE TO APPROVE CTA NOT CONTRIBUTING THE 12% FOR THE NEXT YEAR SO CTA CAN USE THE 78MIL. FOR THEIR OPERATING BUDGET. Im telling you what I know. Why dont you call Carole Brown and tell her that she cant do it? Dont tell me Im stupid. Grow up dude ! Your making yourself look really dumb. You should have never told anyone your a Lawyer. Im not reduced to a punching bag by you, your making yourself look really dumb here. Since you seem to know everything and your have a law degree, tell me this.... How many innocent people are in jails and prisons because the lawyers they had didnt know what they were doing or talking about when they represented them by "interpreting the law" in front of a judge? If they interpret the law like you do, this country is in big trouble. I would be leary of any lawyer that has over 4500 posts on a messagebaord. Obviously you dont have many cases and dont spend time in court since your whole life is on the computer insulting people because you think you know everything. Find something else to do other than poke your nose in peoples buisness who come on here to try and gather information and learn something. Like you said "you have no knowledge of the internal working of CTA". Then leave that to the people who actually do.
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    How can I delete a message you quoted ? I can delete a post I wrote that quoted you. If you quoted my message in a reply I cannot delete your post. Look in the right hand corner of the posts. There are numbers. On this thread they go in order from 1 to 60'something now. All in order. None missing. I think you should stay away from your computer when your drinking. You have some real issues that maybe you need to talk to a psychiatrist about. If your refering to me deleting a post that corrected your mistake so you can take back your post, forget it. You started all this and instead of trying to discuss it you started insulting me here. Quit while your ahead, your making yourself look really bad here.
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    Both CTA and Pace always have their secret capital projects. However, I find it difficult to believe that a new barn would be built in place, in that that place isn't suitable (i.e. it is landlocked and basically surrounded by residential, school, and church uses). Given that someone is building in Bridgeport, CTA could clean up and sell that site, as opposed to 69th, which they basically had to give away to get the Food-4-Less.* Archer now is in about the same position as Limits in the late 80s, early 90s, in which it was clear that it wasn't going to be rebuilt there [we discussed that the proposed site was around Diversey and Elston, and is no longer available], and there were people on John Kass's hit list willing to develop the land. Of course, expecting anything rational from nearly anyone at CTA.... ____________ *North Ave. could be a similar situation, except that the original plan was demo and rebuild, but someone said they wanted the land. Apparently not too badly, as CTA pretty much threw it in with the Limits deal, something Kass doesn't talk about.
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    Might not be as crazy as you think. However, I wonder how CTA could promote this in a profitable manner. Chicago-L.org has its annual historical L trip, but I don't think one could premise a business plan on that. Also, to satisfy these cravings, one would have to know when and where the 10 out of 1700-2000 buses would appear. I don't believe the regular riders on, say 67, would appreciate having their route turned into a historical one. There is finally the question whether any of them has avoided 92nd and Ewing or a similar fate in the about a year since they were taken out of service.
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    I picked it somewhat arbitrarily, in that it is a route that uses about 10 buses. However, given any route that uses about 10 buses, I still don't think that the riders would appreciate having a route with buses that, as you put it, have maintenance problems.
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    I never said that all the buses would be on one route. That would be a little too much absurd due to the reasons you stated. So I'm going to say that 2-3 of these buses on a few routes each day would be fine.
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    Of course you didn't, I did. However, that might be the recipe for interval bunching. I suppose there are some enthusiasts who, for instance, know to look at BusTracker for when cta5555 (I believe he was the last big supporter of 5300s) will be doing his run on Division with a resurrected 5300, and keep monitoring that 5300 on a web-enabled cellphone to make sure he or she is at that bus stop when it passes. However, that's probably not enough to make a business plan.