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    The CTA has announced the 2011 Holiday Train schedule http://www.transitchicago.com/holidaytrain/ It starts November 25, the day after Thanksgiving, just in time for holiday shopping. Green Line - November 25, 26 & 30 Orange & Brown Lines - December 1, 2 & 3 Pink Line - December 7 Blue Line - December 8, 9 & 10 Red Line- December 14, 16, 17 & 20 Purple Line - December 15, 17 & 21 Yellow Line - December 22
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    Back in 2001, I came to the aid of a Pace (West) bus operator at South Blvd. half block east of the Ridgeland Green Line Sta. I was working the #86 Narragansett, as I came around the corner for the return trip I saw a Pace 2200 Ikarus working the #315, on the sidewalk, it had jumped the curb taking down a stop sign. I stopped alongside I saw the female operator slumped over the steering wheel. I got out, tried to get her attention but she didnt respond. So I jumped up the bumper and accessed the drivers window and opened the doors. The bus was still in drive so I quickly secured it. I tried to wake the driver, she was moving but was not responding, so I called Pace to tell them one of their drivers was down and unresponsive, they notified the Oak Pk. Fire Dept. I also called CTA control to notify them of the incident. Fire/paramedics arrived within minutes. After explaining to the fireman what I came up on, they quickly took over the incident and I resumed my bus route. I later called Oak Pk fire to find out about the bus operator they told me she had a seizure at the wheel. I was thankful this didnt happen at the Ridgeland stop where there were a crowd of people who couldve been seriously injured or worse.
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