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    For one, I never said It was a guarantee MTS was bidding. How many times do I have to type that same phrase?????? Don't quote me on that MTS statement. New developments tell a different story. So as of right now, MTS may still be in there, and I cannot confirm either way. BYD is an established (New in the North American Market) manufacturer of standard low floor buses. I have a few photos from APTA that I will try to find and post. Until then, here is a shot taken by a friend of mine. However, I was not aware of the fact BYD still produced diesel buses, and I didn't think they had 60 foot buses. So it is hard to know what exactly they bid until the documents become public after the bid opening date, which is now set for October 16th. (Date subject to change) http://www.byd.com/
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