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    Sorry if I offend some by saying this, but these people are dead because they failed to use plain and simple common sense! Some have this mentality that "it wont happen to them!" I cant feel any pity for these indivduals because they performed a dangerous act without any regard for their safety or the safety of others! Its one thing if people jump infront of a train to save a persons life, but when you perform a reckless act jeopardizing your own safety just to make a train then youre just plain stupid! The worst part is that it will happen again!!! People will continue to lack common sense and ignore the bells and lights, they will get injured or killed by Metra trains.
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    Unbelievable. I agree that these new signs are useless. It points people to a bus stop but the average person still can't figure out where they need to go or which bus to get on once they are at the stop.
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    The turnback track at Dempster holds 5 cars. Common practice as of recent is to run 4 car trains during winter weather (ice, snow, sleet, etc). One unit has the deicing equipment on board. They cut the doors out on the one unit since you can't properly berth a 4 car train at Dempster.
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