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    Oh, I understood your Mark Felt references. It's not exactly obscure history that he was the Deep Throat of the investigation into the Watergate scandal. It's just that analogy didn't/doesn't apply to me, so I didn't feel compelled to reply. Not sure to what you are referring. I'm not suggesting that every preacher on the south side knows as a fact about the planned closure. If I wrote something that seemed to imply that, or was so obscurely written that it misled you to infer that, please point it out. That would surely be worth a clarification. Well, this is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. You weren't exactly speaking (or writing) in code when you posted that "you don't have to give real identifying information" in this post from Feb 2012. And you were even more clear about not providing real, identifying information in an August 2008 post, where you stated about the registration page: "But apparently you provided real identifying information. I didn't." So, for you to imply that I spilled the beans on how to download a procurement document is, at best, disingenuous. In fact, I learned how to do it from you, here on this site. Thanks.
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