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    The hour long video based on my Central Electric Railfans Assc. presentation covering the odlest, the oddest, the best, the busiest, with coverage of the CTA's PCC 6000 series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE7pWP42Tug
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    I noticed the only route that connects at Rosemont is the 605. Does PACE think that the majority of riders are not connecting with the L at Rosemont to explain the 604, 607 and 608 only going to NWTC?
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    Thanks. I'm thinking about it. Good news: #7908 has arrived @ South Shop parked by the fence.
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    Moving Forward, in announcing the agreement with the Tollway, had a map with the routes and park and rides, see below: 604 Palatine 605 Rosemont-Randall Rd. 607 NWTC-Randall Rd. 608 Addison The 3 Call and Ride zones are also indicated.
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    In that the "victim" boarded at Belmont, I started getting ideas.....(on which I will not further elaborate).
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    Would've been funny if he had upskirted a transgender.
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    Basically, there seems to have been a major miscalculation made as to manpower and equipment requirements this last system pick. 500's were retired without replacement (that's 45 buses, poof! with most from 103rd where they were in fact used daily all the way to the end) and south side garages were allocated way fewer drivers than needed which resulted in many runs not going out last couple of months. For instance, their "performance metrics" for April show 44 runs missed at 74th, 30 at 77th, 29 at 103rd, but ) at FG, 2 at NP, 3 Kedzie. 4 Chicago. Now blowing a couple of runs a month is pretty normal, but 44? Come on! Remember, this is ENTIRELY missed, not a first or second half only, or everything except the last tri[p, but 100% not out there that day. It's like after the Red Line Shuttle operations ended somebody just thought, OK, we added so many drivers to these garages and so many buses, we just take away the same number and all will be OK. But nobody thought that ALL garages ended up with more buses and drivers in that period, and the other four were not reduced, so they are doing all right, but those three are now badly short. Result is a hiring binge has started, with new ones going to the south side barns, and 7900's probably ending up at south side garages too (and not too many 6400's going away as the 500's still have to be replaced first). Entire series of buses moving between garages on a frequent basis is not historically unusual, though. For instance, almost half the 3000-3239 Flxibles started at Archer, but moved to 77th when the 3500's came in. Or 1969, when all of 69th Macks went to Forest Glen, then a few months later all were traded to 77th for 5900's. Other than the mass movement of 4300's from 77th and Chicago to North Park, and 6400's from 77th to 74th and FG, you really have only had small groups bouncing around as garages get more or less desperate for buses.
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    Do you have a reading comprehension problem? I told you earlier, that I used to see the 24th district arrest reports & they had people's names, addresses & the stated reason for the arrest was illegally crossing from car to car on the L. **UPDATE** I found the CTA regulation is used to enforce that. ORDINANCE NO. 006-75 2.6 Unsafe Conduct (a) to cross between the cars of a train unless there is an emergency and one has received direct instructions and authorization from an agent of the CTA http://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/ordinances/Ordinance_006-75.pdf
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    I was walking from car to car when I was ten, until about ten years ago & I'm still here. That's 40 years of doing it. The only reason I don't do it now is because the cops are arresting people who do that.
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    Welcome! CTA offers 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day passes that are your best value if you plan on riding the CTA frequently during your visit. Children under 7 are free with a paying adult. Children aged 7-11 are eligible for a reduced fare ($1.00 for bus, $1.10 for rail). You need a Ventra Card to load passes and pay fares. If your visit is still at least a couple weeks away, I recommend ordering your Ventra cards online in advance. Doing so avoids the refundable $5 card fee, and you can pre-load the card with passes or transit value that will activate on your first tap. If you're not able to obtain a Ventra card in advance, you can purchase a Ventra card, load transit value, or buy passes using vending machines located at every CTA rail station. In your scenario, you may wish to obtain two Ventra cards: one for yourself and another for your wife. Each can be loaded with a 7-day pass for $28. Since a reduced fare option is not available for 7-day passes, for your 9-year-old you can also load one or both of your Ventra cards with additional transit value.* When boarding, tell the bus operator or station attendant that you're paying a reduced fare with your same Ventra card. The first tap will use your 7-day pass and the second tap will deduct a reduced fare from the transit value portion of your card. –– * To purchase a card from the Ventra web site with both a pass and transit value, first select "CTA 7-Day Pass" under "Purchase a Pass", and then switch to the "Load Transit Value" tab and select an amount. In your shopping cart, you should see both the pass and transit value listed. (You can also load both a pass and transit value on your card at any Ventra vending machine.)
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    There are only passengers in that last car, so no one is going to complain about an open door if the A/C is broken. Plus I was on lots of 6000s where all the doors on the train were open during the summer.
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    There's kind of an interesting reroute in the works on the #78. Montrose is going to be closed soon between Milwaukee and Cicero due to sewer work. Which ever way they go in planning the reroute is not really ideal. They can't go Milwaukee to Irving Park because there's no left turns at Six Corners so they are going Milwaukee to Lawrence to Cicero to Montrose. Even that is going to be hair raising. All those streets have a high volume of traffic and there's all dicey turns if it's not for 115- 135 degree turns, it's navigating the turns at Cicero with the viaduct and mid street support and then they have the Cicero viaduct at Sunnyside where rookie operators tend to rub the walls there. I see alot of 30-40 minute late buses in the rush. It might make more sense to short turn more buses at Cicero and use the #54 terminal (probably what will happen) or maybe even break the line up in two segments. This should be interesting!!
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    Kevin needs to update his garage roster page. Buses, a few routes, and some garage runs information are currently in need of updating..
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    Yea that's the 1st and last time I share some happy news to you guys on here lol I was basically telling you all that I got the chance to drive a nova before they retired which is frickin awesome for me and all y'all can say is I mentioned the same thing some one else did about the old buses at 77th? How about a oh that's great man I'm happy for you sheesh, nothing big just an acknowledgement Woulda been cool.
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