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    I just saw 3 8100's at South Shops. One of them was numbered 8102.
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    Another one bites the dust...
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    Salmonella, a belated welcome to the forum. Your's was a good find....a set of four 5000 series on the Blue line. Late Friday update.....My sources say, about the four-car 5000 series seen on the Blue line, it had nothing to do with revenue service, training, it had nothing to do with equipment being assigned to the Blue line. The train set was performing laser measurements which explains the equipment seen hanging out the front door. The 5000s have gone back to the Pink line. DH
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    There were a few 8000's doing on the 29 today guys! 8038 was one of them but of of they were only extras from 74th to help with the downtown crowds. But it was still cool seeing them as a 29. I actually got a chance to sit in the drivers seat of a 8000 today which was frickin awesome lol. Just a quick sneak peak of how they feel and etc when the next system pick starts again next year depending where the new novas will be, that's most likely where I'll be trying to go. So 77th, 74th and any other garage I'll be looking at those garages.
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