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    Figured this was an interesting article. http://www.vox.com/2015/8/10/9118199/public-transportation-subway-buses
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    Unfortunately, there is still a stigma against public transit in America. The only reason 90 or (heck even 100%) of the people that use public transit use it is because of either a medical reason or it is financially impractical to do so. I guarantee that if everyone had access to car and free to cheap parking, everyone would be driving. We are an automobile based society like it or not. The whole idea of public "anything" is still a very foreign concept to people in this country.
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    I was thinking maybe if/when the Orange Line actually starts getting 5000s, it would more than likely get the lowest numbered ones currently on the Red meaning anything under 5269. Of course it is still possible for them to get the newest ones, but CTA loves to shuffle equipment around the system.
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    Well OMSI 2 does have a chrono feature which basically helps the simulate how services, real or fiction, on a given city map changes over time. So past CTA routes wouldn't be an issue to simulate. But routes like the 7, 126 and full length of 151 would be resource heavy and would take a lot of computer storage space and extra work placed on your computer's graphics capabilities due to the combination of their lengths and number of stops. 10, 134 and 143 are on the long side too for OMSI simulated routes but each of them having express nonstop zones along tree lined highways with fewer buildings along those express zones helps balance the internal computer resource issue.
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    I read on the tribune website that CTA will buy 125 more new Novas, well since they already have an order for 300 then that means 50 New Flyers will have to be sent to FG. Personally I think CTA should've gotten the additional 150 and sent them all to FG and called it a day.
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    Monday, Aug. 10, Report......##5677-5678 and #5685-5686 should be ready to go. I'm surprised they didn't go last Friday. All four cars are parked on an unpowered siding. The Shuttlewagon would move them the one of the powered siding where would be assembled to a Green line drag.
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