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    Looks like I'm going back to 103rd (again - 3rd time...). Probably will pick late work, very likely 34/119. I am tired of the ungodly congestion on the nw side.
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    Not true, last summer I did ashland from 95th all the way to irving park in a artic. They had some concert or event going on by ashlsnd and lake and 103rd usually helps out during that time. We would be in service from 95th and ashland to madison then go park the buses close by the United Center till the supervisor needed us to help out. It was cool too! I even made that turn you make to pull up in at the orange line stop. Its a long ride but you can do that route in a artic with no clearance problems.
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    It's likely no different than him driving for 103rd which as BH pointed out serves the Roseland area which is about just as rough. And as we can see CTA85 is still here and in one piece. And CTA5750 drove for Kedzie garage which also serves some rough areas, he too fortunately is still here. 74th country isn't the only place you can get shot. As a matter of fact how many operators have we heard of being shot? Not many if any at all. As Sam pointed out, east-west routes from 74th you're likely going to relieve at Ashland and north-south at 74th Street or 75th Street along the #75. #49 you might be relieving at the 79th Western terminal though. And of course for #94 right at the garage itself since the layover is done on the side of the garage from the training map Andre showed a scan of when that route first got extended to Damen/74th.
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    I can tell you off hand I see a lot of reliefs as well as pullins via Ashland for east/west routes like 55, 63, 59, 67, 47. Then north south lines of course use 74th and are pretty close to where you probably can walk from those streets or take the 75 74th/75th
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    It's probably no worse than the wild #100's at 103rd as far as shootings. Blair Holt was killed in 103rd territory. At least now you'll have a tank sneeze guard!! 74th though doesn't have as many feeders and has more main lines, so you'll work harder there. There are some less crowded routes there like the #59 or those around Midway. But 77th is the hardest working place to go, that's why they go through buses so fast. Now you can see what's it's like to drive the longest CTA route Ashland or try out the #49 or X service. The only thing I don't like about 74th is that the reliefs make it harder to get to the garage. It's definitely probably one of the places you would use a car more to travel to/from the garage. I don't know what you do if you pullout though and don't pullin. I guess you walk from #67 or take a #94, #67 combo.
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    Im from Englewood as well lol so im familiar with the routes. And plus I've always wanted to work out of 74th, as a kid I always wanted to one-day drive the bus routes I grew up riding like the 9 Ashland and the 63rd street route. I'm not worried about any shootings or anything of the Englewood activities lol. This Chicago, you can get shot anywhere I this city ??