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    Current progress underneath.
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    Let's start digging shall we?
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    All of the State Street subway platforms have the length to accommodate 10-car trains. I have posted those lengths previously. CTA has published plan for future Red line alignment with a diagonal station marked "Irving Park". I am sure that station will have 10-car capacity. 35th St also will easily handle 10-car trains. The rest of the stations can easily be extended. The last time that CTA extended platforms was in the 50s...From Howard through Loomis/Jackson Park to accommodate the 6000 series PCC cars with their quarter-point side doors on the North-South route. DH
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    I know the 95th st terminal construction lasts until the fall.... I made a Special Segment on it on April 7th and it's on YouTube
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    Previously unreported here, the 98th shop will be closed too. The time will be used to rehab the facility. Inspections and maintenance will be handled by Howard shop. David Harrison