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    I think we are still a little ways off from totally reliable electric buses but there getting close. What bothers me is mostly the extra cost per bus and we don't really know the viability of the batteries. What is the oldest electric bus age. 5 years? Do the cells degenerate over time? Example: My cell phone doesn't charge as good as when it was new. It won't hold a charge and dies quicker. The fire risk. Has a bus been in service long enough to weigh the risks. What happens if a tower is struck by lightning with a bus attached? All good questions that we don't know the answer to. So they can just take baby steps. One thing that interests me was that Seattle was supposed to go all hybrid. Now that seems like a more plausible direction as far as cost savings. What can 45 buses save you cta? That's 2 percent of the fleet. I understand to move forward we must try new things, but the risk elevates when we increase bus orders. Maybe they should have went with 10 buses or even 25 but 45 sounds a bit much. How many hybrids could they buy with a budget for 45 electric buses? I just feel they are sticking their neck out let's just hope they don't end up losing it.
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