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    Busjack is correct. Linking is fine. Re-uploading here is not unless the photo is licensed to allow that.
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    It just seems like West is the new destination for buses to die. It's like sending Orion VIs to SW; they didn't last long. North Shore has a capacity of about 50, but I don't see a need for about 38 40 ft. buses there. I'm waiting for the effect of BOS, but also the 2016 budget saying that small buses will displace 30 footers. If that's the case, the NABIs still at NS get replaced by 30 ft buses, and with a surplus of 30 foot buses, some of NW and SW's Axess buses go to W. Add to the "who knows?" that the 2017 budget said 35 and 40 ft. buses.
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    No, actually you do. The urls indicate that he copied this picture onto your server. That's a copyright violation. Now, if he used the "Insert Other Media" and then "Insert Image from URL" all that would be on your server would be a link, and that's legal. The quick rule is: If someone copied something on your server and didn't have permission to do so, it can't stay. SW's theory that if you give credit that serves as permission is wrong.
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    No. I just put this up so people would know which bus I’m referring to. I find the picture from the website below. http://www.hopetunnel.org/bus/cta.html
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    Hmm, didn't know Track 1 was already properly reconnected between Lawrence and Wilson. My bad. OK then, looking forward to Track 2 getting reconnected this weekend and running SB Red Line trains at the Track 2 West platform by Sunday evening. So then, SB Purple Express won't stop at Sheridan starting Monday morning? (Already answered by BusJack, 5 posts up, happened on October 23, 2017) Applicable Alert from: http://www.transitchicago.com/travel_information/alert_detail.aspx?AlertId=44568 (No stations/track map associated with this alert) Length: Friday, November 03, 2017 - 10:00 PM to Sunday, November 05, 2017 - 8:00 PM Impact Level: Planned Work w/Station(s) Bypassed Full Description: How does this affect my trip? 95th-bound trains will not stop at Argyle or Lawrence stations. For service to these stations, take a 95th-bound train to the Wilson station and transfer to a Howard-bound train boarding on the east platform. For service from these stations, take a Howard-bound train to Berwyn and transfer to a 95th-bound train. Allow extra travel time. Why is service being changed? We are performing work as part of the final phase of the Wilson Station Reconstruction Project
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