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    Meet Emily! Tuesday afternoon, Skokie Shops.
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    Here is a photo of CTA 4374 taken at Jefferson Park earlier today.
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    They park some buses in a lot on the SW corner near Manheim and the I 294 bridge. They run a shuttle at the airport. Airseev also runs a shuttle at the airport One runs for airport employees like STA and one is for airline employees I believe. I don't know which one runswhat. Aries main garage is on Kostner near Roosevelt.
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    If he means taking either a 250 or 330 to the remote lot and taking the free light right to the terminal where the O'Hare station is located, actually it is possible to transfer. The fare chart though seems to imply that the $5 only applies to when boarding at O'Hare is your first ride since the footnote about the premium fare is linked to both the $2.25 Ventra first ride L fare and the $5 O'Hare premium fare entries.
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    Usually now if someone requests that the picture being taken down like the author you have to abide by it. Someone shouldnt put there pictures on the net at all if they didnt intend to share them. Even with protections in place like sites that dont let you download the picture there are ways to get around that. Only way to really protect it is make it friends only like on Facebook. They have cease and desist orders I've heard about on the other site but basically if you cease no problem. As far as me it's useless to fight about my info, my decision was made to share it when I posted it.