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    What? Unless there are autonomous buses in France, it would probably be good to ask for suggestions in another thread.
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    Just finished driving our Flx #6163 down to Chicago Ave. for storage. Its parked with the Chicago Police Flixble bus
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    Lol that's true he will have homework to do lol. The 1st cta bus I drove was NF #1285 out of 77th garage, every time I see that bus I always smile cause you never forget the 1st bus you drive. I only wish I could've had the chance to drive a 6000 series flixible bus. I came in 2yrs after their retirement lol. I love the way those buses lean when they turn aka the flixible lean.
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    I still remember my training when I started at CTA back in 1997. Paperwork and other things were at the time handled at CTAs previous headquarters in the Merchandise Mart. I will never forget my very first time after driver familiarization, taking the bus out onto Pulaski Rd. for the first time. We were in a Flx Metro #5485! I still remember the bus number! LOL! I also remember having a couple of issues during my CTA training. Our classroom training was fun. We had an awesome instructor. He was very patient and helpful with us. But be prepared, there are instructors who can make your day a living hell! We had another one who constantly yelled at us like we were little kids for the smallest issues! He lacked people skills and really made us feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. You will also remember the guys and gals who were there in training alongside you. My first day out with a line instructor. He was a total jerk with me! I had the #12 Roosevelt on a saturday. Another time I was driving #52 Kedzie Calif. I was driving the #6000 Flxs which were still brand new then, Heading SB on Kedzie at the Stevenson Expy, my bus died out. Turned out the bus ran out of fuel at the top of the bridge over the sanitary canal. I had to coast it down to the bottom! LOL! My very first assignment on my own. I was assigned to Kedzie Garage. A morning AM tripper on the #156 LaSalle/#125 Water Tower My bus which I recall was a MAN Americana broke down on me. On my first day solo! LOL! But all in all I had fun and enjoyed the training period when I was at Chicago Ave. Take it seriously! Study hard, they throw a lot of info at you in a short period of time! You get homework too!!! LOL!
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