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    Well technically yea it is for the rail operators and flagmen but bus Operators go there too to have their fallback. I'm sure the new place will be bigger for both bus and rail lol.
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    6261 has moved to West and is currently operating on the 318.
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    Yes. Out of the Nippon-Sharyo cars from the 1980s, 31-38 are Metra owned.
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    Latest from Metra 2017_3rd_Quarter_Rolling_Stock_Report.pdf
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    Thanks so much for posting the link. That website has a ton of stuff scanned and available with more to come!!! We are working with Andre and just completed a big "updated route histories" project and are in the process of formatting and adding more data on buses, streetcars and work equipment. Thanks again, Ray
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    Got my new Ventra Card in the mail today and the expiration is indeed longer, 20 years out in fact. The expiration is November of 2037. I wonder if the chip will hold up better than in the old cards with these new longer active cards since the chip in my old one started weakening and taking longer to read on the Ventra readers during these last few weeks before expiration.
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