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    Contracts can vary.. sometimes the govt agency owns the equipment and contracts out to a carrier to provide the drivers and service. Other contracts can stipulate for the carrier to also provide the equipment. Only in those cases the carrier owns the equipment. In the ChicagoDash example above, Valparaiso owns the buses that Free Enterprise operates with FE drivers. If CUSA Indiana (Tri State) somehow won or was awarded the next vontract, the buses would be simply transferred from FE to CUSA, but Valpo still owns the buses.
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    GPTC is launching the Merrillville Shuttle (Route R5) tomorrow, about a month in advance of the Broadway Metro Express launch. The service runs every 40 minutes, weekdays. This is the first route in the new numbering convention. http://www.gptcbus.com/routes_files/Rte R5 - Merrillville Shuttle.pdf Some Board Meeting updates as well: Lakeshore routes were funded by City of Hammond and Lake County, preventing elimination. Agreement with "Token Transit", which is an fare payment phone app. Broadway Metro Express launches on February 19th. The Ivy Tech South Broadway Shuttle had the naming rights purchased by Ivy Tech College, and is also starting on February 19th. http://www.gptcbus.com/board_files/Jan 4 2018.pdf NWI Times article: http://www.nwitimes.com/business/local/gary-public-transportation-preparing-february-launch-of-broadway-metro-express/article_36bb40b5-7ff2-59c7-bb07-bdd56f2d3283.html
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