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    I was on such a train yesterday and asked the motorman as I exited at Dempster. He said it was for more traction.
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    Door to door will always beat routes. No two ways about that. Whether it is by your own car, or somebody picking you up at your door and dropping you off at your destination. Public transit has basically two functions: Cheaper, for those that are willing to take less convenience in return for lower cost, and more efficient, where the authorities have decided everyone coming one per car would lead to too much congestion.
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    Well the post I replied to didn't have the qualifier of innovative solution. But yes, BRT and what makes a good BRT system has been known for decades. TSP may present a problem with having to rewire all traffic lights but red paint for bus lanes, bulb outs for bus stops, and pre-pay, level boarding go a long way in improving speed and reliability. The up front expenditure may be high, but CTA would save money if the time savings are sustainable. The fact most American transit agencies have sat on their hands for decades and done nothing with BRT technology and coasted on with the status quo is why Uber/Lyft exists in the first place. And the fact you wouldn't ride the L at 11:45 on a Saturday night doesn't mean the CTA shouldn't plan and operate a good service for those that currently ride at that time or potential new customers.
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