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    Just between you and me I live in Rogers Park and ride UP-N once in a moon. My church is a member of CMME www.modernmetraelectric.org An admitted pipe dream is for ALL of Metra to be electrified, service increased and city fares reduced. 😉
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    It would affect the entire Metra System. Under the proposal, suburban Cook ME and RI riders would see their fares go down by two zones. Wouldn't an Aurora BNSF rider like that? Here's the crazy thing. Hegewisch riders, who live in the city on the far south side (southeast) who are mostly White would NOT get these benefits. I understand that giving Hegewisch riders these benefits would shift all of Hammond's riders and a sizable chunk of East Chicago riders to Hegewisch, which is already NICTD's busiest station. But if Metra sets the fare for Hegewisch, and they are in the target area, why don't they benefit? Hegewisch riders dont get weekend fares like Metra does. The other question is whether the Red Line extension to 130th is on death row?
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    All of Metra, except the Heritage & SW lines will eventually be electrified, due to pollution & climate change problems. New rolling stock will be needed only when it's worn out, electric locomotives would be used until then. UPN is the simplest to electrify, as it has almost no freight interference from North Ave. to Lake Bluff. It also could be turned into high level platforms, unlike any of the other low level lines Metra runs. If they do make the ME & RI cheaper in the city, Metra will be forced to lower all Zone 2 fares throughout the system, as they will be inviting a federal lawsuit under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. As for pulling riders from the CTA, pulling them from the rotten Red Line would be good, maybe it will wake up the numbskulls at the CTA & change the horrible seats on the 5000s & either bring back the A&B trains or even better, close the stations from Wilson north to Howard that are too close to other stations, such as Lawrence, Thorndale & Jarvis!
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    1. All of Metra can't be electrified because Metra doesn't own a lot of the track on most diesel lines. RI could be electrified, but that's about it Maybe UP N and NW. But now you're going to need new cars with pantographs. Will they all be cab cars or will some be gallery also? Would there be a push to make those other lines high platforms? 2. This proposal seems like another Gray/Gold Line proposal unbundled. So now we're going to pull ridership from CTA and Pace to prop up this low ridership service 3. If I live in the city along SWS, MD-N, MD-W, NCS, UP-N, or UP-NW, I am looking sideways at Cook county and Metra. Though there are Whites among the ME and RI ridership, the dominant ridership is African American compared to the other aforementioned Metra lines. Surely there would be some sort of pushback from them if this fare structure weren't extended to them as well. It would be about fairness, but because of the racial makeup of the Chicagoland area, a plan to boost ridership has racial overtones that will eventually surface. Personally I don't think this is a good idea. Metra's main ridership is for people traveling to and from downtown. Everyone riding Pace 352 to 95th isn't necessarily going downtown. Who is going to pay for increased conductor and engineering staff? Who is going to pay for new rolling stock, power upgrades, station maintenance, equipment maintenance, etc? Do CTA and Pace have to cut services, reduce frequencies on bus routes AND the Red and/or Green Lines? What about the south lakefront Express bus services? There's only a finite number of people to serve which means something(s) has to lose. It seems like the losers will be taxpayers.
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    8342 been missing from K the pass few days see it's been going out training drivers
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    There has to be a UP-N rider wondering why they aren't afforded the same courtesy
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    Pace has updated its legacy fleet page with photos of all of the heritage buses, including the RTA Pumpkin. I think the Pumpkin might be the best one. United Motor Coach disappeared from the page, I wonder if they decided not to do it... http://www.pacebus.com/sub/news_events/anniversary.asp
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    His last post was January 19 at 8:39 AM. However, his last login was January 23 at 9:02 AM. So we can presume he didn't just abruptly disappear on the 19th. His posts in his last few months indicate he was frustrated with a perceived decline in quality of discussion, so I’m willing to bet he just decided this forum was no longer worth his time. It would be consistent with his personality to not offer an advance explanation. They should name a Pulse station after him.
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    Does seem unusual hes gone. He had his mother in a nursing home. Maybe something happened to her or he was just busy or bored with the site. I havent posted much myself. I got turned off with the site because I cant contribute. It's funny how your interests change when life events happen. I actually met him one day at nwtc. He was very attentive to the buses but I suppose I am too. When Pulse opens he will be there if not in person in spirit. I was always intrigued by some of his comments and I think he was intrigued with my comments too. A worthy opponent, we always seem to debate topics. Sometimes it would get nasty, but sometimes heavy debating is like that. I hope hes ok too, the forum seems to have lost some of its luster without him. Besides I have no one to argue with!!! Lol!!
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