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    So you're dying to see a 2nd gen Nova get retired?
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    it must have multiple personalities
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    You're being ridiculous. The riders would figure out the new stop positions in two days!
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    Those cars are on their way for a rebuild
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    The new 307 destination sign is “TOYOTA PARK/TRANSIT CTR” in front and “BRIDGEVIEW TC” in back. At least three buses were displaying the “A1 MESSAGE”.
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    I don't know how many variations of railcar designs that are possible. Sometimes transit agencies have specs that dictate the design of a car. CTA has Budd, MK, and Bombardier cars that are basically the same. Bombardier New York cars are pretty much like their predecessors. I'm glad Metra is open to different designs as its current basic design dates back to the 1950s.
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    I just think you should appreciate these Novas more that's all. They're the most unique in the CTA system. Yeah they're getting old and it's time for their retirement but appreciate that they're still here while they last. Forest Glen has been doing their best at maintaining them. I was on the 81 the other day and there were 2 buses; a new Nova and an old Nova, which came 2nd. I boarded the old one. I saw that a person in a wheelchair waited for the old one because the ramp on the newer Nova was not working. Some of these 2nd gens still run pretty well and that's why CTA has not fully replaced them yet. They're still being put into good use. People always wanna talk about "the new stuff is always better". Not always. Nothing is perfect.
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    oh the humanity i think Metra riders will adjust. lets give them some credit. besides they do adjust now if taking a different train or riding on weekends. for example on Milwaukee north om wkends they dont use the last 3 coaches and people seem to adjust to that
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    What are you saying?
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    Some of the stops are quite far from each other. I tend to believe that a 1/3-1/4 stop distance is reasonable. The problem here is that CTA needs to reintroduce the 56A for city riders.
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