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    maybe they care about passengers?
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    I think the artics CAN make the turns at 95th going east to SB Cottage Grove and from Cottage Grove to WB 115th. If an artic can turn a 135° angle from NB Exchange to EB 83rd, it can make 100° turn. Obviously a driver would have to watch the high curb, but if he makes that turn and uses the left lane on Cottage Grove until the trailer wheels have cleared the corner, he should be fine.
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    Great shots. /just a little homesick right now
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    I see everyone else already posted their shots, but here are mine anyway! Also, thanks to guy who gave me this Pulse drawstring backpack! I do like the purple theme featured on both the interior and exterior of the buses. Also, the Nortran Legacy Fleet bus made an appearance at Golf Mill, running the 208. And if anyone is wondering about the artics at Jefferson Park, they were blue line shuttles, as service was suspended between there and Harlem.
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