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    oh the humanity it's the end of the world as we know it
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    The instructor might have told the trainee that we are going to train on the cermak route that's just like I see NP buses training on FG routes & seen buses from all of the garages training on C training lot they do whatever they want too
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    Can someone else who actually knows the answer explain? I believe I saw just one instructor with those 3 buses. 2 from Kedzie and 1 from Chicago. Could it be that 2 operators from Kedzie and 1 operator from Chicago is training? (Let me know if I answered my own question or if I'm wrong lol) EDIT: If you're just going to answer simply "because they can", why are you here? Only speak if you know what you're talking about. This forum is for sharing detailed info about the inner workings of our transit systems AND providing proof of your claims.
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    Forgive the dumb question from the expat-Chicagoan, but what is so interesting about this picture?
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    It should be. It's not like this project was done in phases I'm willing to give leeway to the train stations, but @chicagocubs6323 & @andrethebusman are correct, they've had more than enough time to at least have all the stations completed, TSP aside. I'd be more forgiving if they released a statement that said TSP isn't working/currently undergoing testing/etc but we don't even have that
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    It’s 215 that’s go to Jefferson Park, not 213. I believe the 641 will run every 30 minutes.
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    Take a walk under some of the UP North bridges. They're in terrible condition. My favorite is Wrightwood Ave., where you can see the sun on a bright summer day. The UP also had crews welding new flanges at the bottom of some bridges in Rogers Park. Get off at the Lunt side & you can see them. Other than Addison [1960 or so], Peterson [concrete with steel supports] or Emerson [1960 or so] in Evanston, they're all rusting away. And the Emerson bridge is so rusted on the outside, Evanston tried to force the UP to paint it or let students paint it & they refused.
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    More and more PACE is looking like a Three Stooges outfit. Milwaukee Pulse seems to gone off half cocked, who knows when North Shore Phase 2 will happen. Pace turning into The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight???
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