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    Guys no disrespect but can we stay on the subject or topic at hand. It's like lately when I click on a topic and read the comments it has nothing to do with anything. I was ginuely hoping somebody saw a Nova on a new route but yall talking about female operators being fine and calling people out on being married and flirting?? This not Facebook lol let's keep it according to the title of this form again 😄😊👍🏽.
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    Keep your little kid gossip and disloyalties to yourself. This is a transit forum. We don't need to know if the driver was attractive or not or your relationship problems.
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    You right that was my mistake bro I brought that up when I said I also seen 8221
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    I feel like 8343-8349 dipped
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    You have a lot of history to catch up on if you think the CTA and the City have money. The city is nearly a billion dollars in debt right now and the CTA had fare hikes not to long ago. The CTA is state government funded and has no correlation to the City budget at all. The red light camera deal was an inside job of corrupt politicians giving bribes and cut backs among other things I can't remember from it but the city had to find ways to make money somehow and that deal happened during the Daley administration which was nearly a decade ago. CTA has no future plans for purchasing any new buses other than the last 45 electric proterra's it ordered. Most of the #1000's will be around until 2024 at the earliest before some of the #1000-#1300 blocks start getting retired.
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    Ayyyyyy🤣🤣🤣how you gon call another female sexy when you got a wife🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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