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    I looked for it cant seem to find it. When I was reading it I was like really!!! Pulse does seem to be a really big bus network. They do want to expand Milwaukee first to highway 68 which I guess is dundee rd. Then as far north as highway 120 in lake county. Might as well go to great america/gurnee mills. Seems dumb to see them in the distance and not go there. Plus you could connect to a host of Waukegan service.
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    6472, even though it has not hauled a passenger in years, is still carried on the books as an active vehicle, based at FG.
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    They have,as you posted earlier this past Wednesday of #8343 being in service without its tracker working properly. I myself have seen a few of them out with and without functioning trackers (#8345,#8348 and #8349) along with a few new flyers recently, could be a number of factors in regards to that but to say they haven't been in service for a while is a bit of an exaggeration. I don't want to over speculate but could #8325-#8349 have a different setup than of its counter parts #7900-#8324? Could the glen be holding out for possible moves to 103rd? Maybe every driver at the glen hasn't received training on them that we know of . Could be a number of factors but if anyone that keeps in touch with drivers or reps from the glen would of said something by now about it.
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    The CTA "X" routes that were popular enough that 2 were brought back and many more still want to return (I know I'd kill for X3, X4 to come back)
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