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    That's exactly what happened. It's sensitive information I do not want to share here and I don't know why @Erin Mishkin Jr.would even bring this up in the 1st place.
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    So speeding up service for your passengers you have left is a bad idea? Doesn't sound very smart for transit agencies trying to survive the challenges of increased auto traffic making bus traffic slower and therefore discretionary passengers go elsewhere. And that's before even getting into the challenges of rideshare services eating into that along what used to be attractive corridors for transit (i.e CTA's recent attempt to reintroduce #11 bus service south of the Western Brown Line being a dismal failure). The main issue it seems, is that transit agencies have to monitor these services when introduced and make tweaks as needed based on ridership patterns. And let's be completely honest here. CTA's X express routes weren't cut for low ridership reasons across the board. The ridership was actually there for many of them actually with the X20 being the one real low performer that stood out. And that was because CTA made the dumb decision to make the route do local stops west of Central Park along the portion that operated on Madison. It wasn't much of an express at that point since it already had local stop only zone in the downtown portion. But back to my point, CTA's X routes got cut because CTA was strapped for cash and was trying to go for a service cut option that wouldn't be a hard hit from the passenger point of view. That would be seen by many who follow transit in the media, along with us transit advocates and enthusiasts, as part of the contributing factors into why CTA bus service became slower and lost customers because of it. Granted in that it could be argued that former Mayor Emanuel may have been trying to lure in southside votes had he decided to go for a third term, but that's still too easy a dismissal without attempting to look at all the facts since. As pointed out, the X9 and X49 were not hurting for passengers when they got cut in 2010, and they are not hurting for passengers now, three months shy of completing four years after being resurrected. I happen to use both routes for work commute options, and in this almost four years I've observed how the numbers of riders opting for the express over the local continually increase especially when they discover and realize that the express stops at their intersecting rail and bus routes to which they transfer. In regards to the relation between the Milwaukee Pulse Line and local 270, wasn't the local 270 bus service north of Golf Mill already limited due to the fact that the 272 extended further south to start at Golf Mill at its southernmost terminus? It seems the larger reduction effect to local service is that between Golf Mill and Jefferson Park.
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    They have,as you posted earlier this past Wednesday of #8343 being in service without its tracker working properly. I myself have seen a few of them out with and without functioning trackers (#8345,#8348 and #8349) along with a few new flyers recently, could be a number of factors in regards to that but to say they haven't been in service for a while is a bit of an exaggeration. I don't want to over speculate but could #8325-#8349 have a different setup than of its counter parts #7900-#8324? Could the glen be holding out for possible moves to 103rd? Maybe every driver at the glen hasn't received training on them that we know of . Could be a number of factors but if anyone that keeps in touch with drivers or reps from the glen would of said something by now about it.
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