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    1616 and some other Kedzie 1000's have the STOP program.
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    Good to see that they're out again more often with everything working properly.
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    Yea we do I just happened to see it & was like dam it's back not knowing that it's been back
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    We have rules on the server just like here on the forums. Please do not come over here and vent out because you did something wrong as it would be explained in the ban message. The purpose of the server is for everyone to have a safe clean and comfortable environment for everyone to have fun in our interests in transit.
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    There keeping a close eye on them so no one will steal them!! Lol!!
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    They have,as you posted earlier this past Wednesday of #8343 being in service without its tracker working properly. I myself have seen a few of them out with and without functioning trackers (#8345,#8348 and #8349) along with a few new flyers recently, could be a number of factors in regards to that but to say they haven't been in service for a while is a bit of an exaggeration. I don't want to over speculate but could #8325-#8349 have a different setup than of its counter parts #7900-#8324? Could the glen be holding out for possible moves to 103rd? Maybe every driver at the glen hasn't received training on them that we know of . Could be a number of factors but if anyone that keeps in touch with drivers or reps from the glen would of said something by now about it.
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