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    I think everyone on this forum should know since you brought it up. It can't be as bad as the guy who breaks into garages (but we won't go into that). When you make a claim here, you provide PROOF. You just don't say "this happened but I can't show you the proof so don't worry about it." 804 is the only DE40LF in service. Until you can prove to everyone that there is more than one DE40LF in service, your words are invalid.
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    Okay I know for a fact that most of the 800's and 900s are at south shops awaiting to be hauled away for scrap while also being stripped for parts when needed, now as for Kedzie having 3 #800's sitting on there back fence I would need visual evidence to see for myself, what numbers were they,how was there condition, etc. Making claims of seeing XY and Z here requires some form of factual evidence to be presented here.
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