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    The original 48 short turned at 47th with weekday day service extended to 35th and Archer (before the Orange Line was even built). At that time, Damen had a bridge that ran from 47th to 37th. It crossed over 43rd, railyards and Pershing. I forget what year ( it was sometime after the Orange Line was opened), the city determined that the Damen bridge was no longer structurally sound and said it would be too expensive to rebuild. The city closed the bridge and eventually tore it down. Because of this decision, the 48 was initially rerouted via 47th, Western Blvd,and Archer to serve the 35th and Archer station that it was already serving. Due to traffic congestion, it was determined that Western Orange Line was closer and would better keep service consistent. Actually the 48 was originally numbered 50A South Damen before being remembered 48 in the 1970s ( along with the 22A to 24 and the 36A to 29).
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    The old 48 use to go the 35th Orange Line station in the late 90s if i'm not mistaken but was shortened to accommodate 49th and Western station which was quicker to get to rather than going all the way towards 35th and Archer. Running the 50 from Ashland/Clark all the way to 87th would just be another Halsted 8 in my opinion because the further south you go on Damen the amount of ridership decreases especially after Peak rush periods.
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    At this point this is becoming pretty repetitive... As with the other route splits discussed, this is either a hold over from streetcar days that cta determined was better left as is or due to completely different demands between the different route segments that necessitate a whole different schedule that short turning alone wouldn't suffice thus a whole separate route and schedule is needed to prevent over serving the light side or under serving the main trunk. Any further questions about "why aren't these routes combined" will pretty much be always be met with this reason so it's a waste of forum space to ask about every single route that has an A or B extension at this point.
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    I think thats 418. I've seen it twice on the Rock Island and the paint looks deeper and brand new, especially the stripes on the front. I wish they would repaint 407 and 415. 415 is among the worst MP36s in terms of paint issues. Paint's cracking everywhere, rust is showing, and there's metal visible along the body.
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