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    20403 was on the 305, 314, and 316 routes today. Here's a video showing the interior and exterior of the bus. After riding this, I can tell they have a faster acceleration than the El Dorado Axess buses. They seem to be well built quality buses and can see them lasting a long time.
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    Got 20401 on the 322 now. No stop request cords, only buttons.
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    And here they are hot off the presses, I was surprised they actually have a rear window. I don't think I ever saw an Xcelsior with a rear window!! But wow the buses are nice, I'm happy they seem to be retaining the flush tinted windows feature, that's something we haven't seen on a standard bus since the grummans, ironically out of the same garage. (of course they exist on the highway buses, but it makes the bus look more luxurious, like you want to ride it versus something that is so municiple standard equipment. ) They seem to need programming on the destination signs and the plates are applied for. Surprised they are running without plates but I thought I remember the I-90 buses debuting the same way. My company got new buses but they didnt leave the yard without plates. So without further adeau lets see some shots!!! 😃
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    Welp here's the first of many to come. Credits go to the actual photographer that took this photo.
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