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    Welcome to chi town, where there are more speed bumps, traffic cameras, speeding cameras, Cul de sacs, curb cuts, bike lanes than anyone else. Talk about municipal control. You don't see until you leave the city how much better everyplace else is. South California is like that. Damen is like that. Streets like Western have so many speeding and red light cameras they ruin the street. Then the bike lanes ruin traffic. Milwaukee is a mess. It's like the street was built for bikes not cars. Then most places outside the city are tollways, so you can escape the city but you will pay for it!! The home of Al Capone and organized crime has changed but in ways it's still the same. Home sweet home!!😀 Oh I forgot to mention staying on topic the whole california is stop signs north to Division it's almost every street. I was ubering there it's incredible how bad that has been screwed up. It's faster to drive through humboldt park!!
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    Look at the current schedule on the 52. A bus leaves Addison and Rockwell. By the time it reaches California and Mulwaukee, another bus leaves Addison. By the time rge first bus reaches Chicago and Kedzie, a third bus is leaving Addison. Now let's count the first bus at Chicago as a 94 . The aforementioned 2 buses coming south plus a NB bus around Addison is 3 buses. Let's add one more NB bus at California and Milwaukee. That's only 4 additional buses for the 94. These calculations are based in the published schedules. Believe it or not, the 52 and 94 are quite similar in frequency
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    7 to 10 extra buses? No way. Also, the talk of essentially keeping the California portion of the 52 AND extending the 94 is ludicrous. Any west sider or Forest Park branch rider wishing for ride north can use the 49 or 82 or ride the Blue to California... North California's not able to support two routes .
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    I think another possible factor is to reduce the load on Kedzie garage. Right now it is operating at full capacity, while 74th has a lot of spare capacity. 74th could easily handle the extension; the only problem I see is deadheads. As many have said, sharing the route with Kedzie could help solve this problem.
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    8200-8249 i think
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    What's your definition of long? The 9, 49, 62 & new 94 would be the only routes over 10 miles. I think the 94 will be fine as is, routing-wise, and should be shared with Kedzie. And for however long the pandemic is going on during the pilot, they won't actually need extra buses. If you're at Divison/California or south of that point, you're either equidistant btwn the Blue & Green or closer to the Green Line, making the Green Line the "faster" option. However, if they're banking on the 94's CTA connection being more attractive than the 70, 66 or 65, they're sorely mistaken. I think @artthouwill's statement that this was more an attempt to streamline Kedzie & California rather than get Humboldt Park riders to take the Green Line rings true here.
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    Honestly I don't see why the extension 94 can't run out of 74th. The current route runs out of 74th. The frequency wint change. The extension is is only 3 1/2 to 4 miles, which would only require an extra 3 buses at the most. I expect 74th to keep the 94. If anything, I would expect K to lose 3 buses since the truncated 52 won't require as many buses.
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    Trust me no one wants to wait 5 to 10 minutes each time a long freight train leaves one of the intermodal yards north and southwest of that grade crossing. Sometimes trains even stop there and sit waiting for signal clearance which creates a traffic nightmare for anyone going E/W on 71st.
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    I remember the video in Cleveland when the female passenger spit on the Male driver. He was no small dude so he KO'd her. Act like a man, get treated like a man.
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