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    “LOUD LOUD LOUD” ”Loosies for sale, loosies for sale” ”got those squares” It’ll never beat Baltimore though, where someone was advertising some drug at the Penn-North train station (presumably heroin) as “Chicago” 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    When I was in New York City in February I was at the Fulton St subway station complex outside the fare paid zone and I saw one of those fare card amount checkers so I started walking over to swipe my card but at the same time I could see a guy in the direction of the fare checker watching me out of the corner of his eye. I felt like he was trying to solicit something from me and when I was walking by he said “Yo excuse me sir!” I wasn’t in the mood to stop and also I was trying to get to a dinner near Penn Station, so I just kept walking because when I’ve done that in Chicago people just back off. The second I pass him I hear him go “Aw hell no!” and the next thing I know he’s got his phone out and is videoing me while almost chanting “I got you! I got you! You’re Instagram famous!” while I’m checking my balance and getting ready to pass through the turnstiles. I guess his popular little Instagram account doesn’t give him access to the subway system because the second I started heading towards the turnstiles for the A and C train platforms he started walking away while still shouting at me.
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