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    Ok, it just hasn't moved lately. BTW, I straightened out the retirement roster so it's a little less confusing (organized stuff) I included Youngbuslover's dates list. I'll give Youngbuslover credit for his info, thanks guys.
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    You didn't see #4080 around SS did you? It's been missing and I wonder what happened to it. You know if you go to the RTA equipment page (here's the link below) and you click CTA equipment they claim there are only 97 #4300's. So if you subtract #4323 and #4333 what's the 3rd one? It would seem to be a hybrid. I'm starting to wonder about #4332. Did it show any signs of it possibly being retired. I could be wrong, once #4327 was oos, don't know if it ever came back or not. The #600 at least has license plates, but it's been around just not in service. Somewhere along the line they'll need to wrap it, but it's probably just there for the mechanics to learn from. RTAMS rolling stock fleet list: http://www.rtams.org/rtams/rollingStockForServiceBoardAndMode.jsp?sbID=2&mode=MB
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    I was surprised to see #600 back there along with #1125. @BusHunter #1257 was the bus number for the fishbowl you were asking about a few weeks back.
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    #6867 and #6687 are back at the glen.
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    Charters and Intercity buses are exempt, as is Universities for now. MCI has an electric model out there, however, that Flixbus has tested between Berkeley/SF and Sacramento.
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