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    I dont try to look to deep into it because I myself have seen operators get real petty with passengers out of 103rd in the past on the 6 especially when passengers were short cash. I remember being on the 6 a few years back heading southbound and we were at State and Monroe I believe and one lady got on the bus and at the time the fare was $2.25 and she paid $2.15 and told the driver that's all she had. The operator then told her about the fare policy and she pretty much went to go sit down after they exchanged a few choice words but this operator was so hell bent on getting her off he sat there for about 2-3 minutes and waved CPD down to remove her off. She eventually got off but not before she got her money's worth with the operator, I I among several other passengers got on the driver for doing that. Even though I wasn't an operator at the time I even knew what the correct protocol was for a situation like that. At the end of the day being an operator takes a toll on you but trying to set an example everytime will eventually get you in a tough spot that could of easily been avoided. During my training all three of my instructors made it clear to not have fare disputes with anyone, one went as far to say some Chicagoans have the "petty" gene and will literally try anything to trigger you while operating. This is CTAs equipment at the end of the day and I care more about transporting my passengers along with myself to there destination safely and back home in one piece to my family. $2.50 isn't worth your job,life or pride.
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    The passenger who was short on his fare knew that before he boarded. He should have informed the driver before putting any money in the fare box or tapping his Ventra Card. If the driver kicks him off, just gets off with no problem. It's the passenger 's responsibility to have the proper fare. That said, I think the driver possibly overreacted. I say possibly because I don't know if this driver had a previous encounter with this same person who may have been trying to get over. This is the only reason I can see the driver kicking him off the bus and not letting others pay his fare. Unless that passenger had a visible weapon or made a threat, or attempted an assault, I don't think the police should have been called. With all of the violence goun on, this seems petty. Considering the body slam incident and the termination of those drivers for not following procedures, perhaps this driver and others fear termination to the point they will follow procedure to the letter.
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    Likely falls under "business to be at the airport" which sounds like it would be enforced at the discretion of the officer. Seems like a strong-handed move to address the homeless situation, which of course would be better spent helping people or fixing causes rather than telling people to go sleep somewhere else.
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