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    For any of my fellow travelers and operators god speed with you because cottage grove is an absolute mess. I never thought it was this bad until I picked it but on the weekends it's just nutty. Imagine having to work a double and triple street then add on to that not having any reliefs. I haven't had any easy time on cottage until my very last trip of evening around 10:30. Currently there is only 6 buses out there and I unfortunately have to go work on that street. I wish CTA would do something about this because it keeps getting worse and worse. I had one passenger tell me that had to wait nearly 2 hours for a bus because they had to keep switching buses due to no reliefs getting made. That to me is unacceptable and should be looked into if it hasn't already because I have get caught in the crossfire of tension from the passengers. I'm grateful it hasn't gotten violent but I'm starting wonder what the breaking point.
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    I have never driven a Nova, so I can't say what the set up is for sure. I don't know if there buses came with daytime running lamps standard. My guess is that the New Flyers are. In the old buses, the outer lights were operated from the run control. One turn notch was the engine running and the next notch activated the headlights, rails and the markers. I think the run position also operaed the markers only. The interior lights operated on a different switch altogether, usually marked dome As far as the positions if the lights outside. That may have to do with repairs where sections of a bus are replaced with parts from another bus. The panels may come from another Niva, or could come from a New Flyer and customized to fit. I've seen side panels on buses where the striping was slightly off compared with the rest of the bus
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