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    I think the service reductions are likely to be exactly the same as the ones going on right now because of Covid. If this is true I feel that this might be more of a "look how bad things will get" if another stimulus doesn't happen. Will be interesting to see what CTA and Metra put together soon.
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    Most of the routes on the list are feeders to Metra stations or office complexes. With so many people working from home, Metra predicts ridership won't return to normal for three years, if at all. The same would be true for the feeders being cut. With all the excess capacity these cuts will create, Pace could have a golden opportunity to seek new markets and grow ridership.
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    More work being done on the pantograph (located top left). Looks like they’ll be doing some cabling work today
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    Pantograph has been installed at 63 bay at Midway
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