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    I agree they dont give a dam so they come out when they wanna come out cuz they know it aint like they actually protecting anybody in the hood anyways they only protect downtown & up north the rich white people
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    Another catch of the 7000 series cars testing. Good to see them for the 1st time testing in the mixed snow ❄ and rain ⛈.
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    Usually theres a heavy police presence out south. I was wondering what happened to all the cops cause I barely see them up north. I found out one Sunday night. I was working on an uber bonus and got caught up working in Roseland around Michigan and 112th through the ryan split. There were cops it seemed like every 2 blocks hanging out all over. It actually unnerved me seeing all the police. They were sitting around some were on calls. I never really saw that before. I got to north side and noticed people driving over 100 on the kennedy. It just seemed that night like there was so much lawlessness. I was happy to get home.
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