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    “tf” is an abbreviation of “the f***” Personally I think since he abbreviated it it’s not a big deal as it isn’t blatantly obvious, but I know some people disagree, and from a public forum standpoint I can understand why. Though I still think the main point is that he damaged a bus mirror in a manner similar to the bus operator mentioned before.
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    Got it. I misread it as a typo for it. I give him some credit in that, once upon a time, he would have typed it out, but now it's abbreviated. Some printed articles will use the word expletive when quoting someone who uses profanity. Most people can still infer what the expletive is.
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    605 must gone go into service at C soon it got legit numbers & a paint job its sitting at SS
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    Watch your language bro
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    Yeah for now 30 min would be ok with the red line but once bars open up those late night crowds are INSANE so they should at least be ready to restore Arnold lease back to 20 min when that part goes back to normal
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    I agree, although there’s not really much you can do with the corrugated stainless steel bodies on the newer cars (New Jersey Transit has some smooth sides on their stainless steel cars and apply color there, possibly as a vinyl), and I personally like the way the bare metal looks. As for the Pullman cars, the new liveries have been disappointing to put it nicely... But since they’re not wheelchair accessible they have to be put with a newer car, so there is always going to be a changing design down the consist. My favorite colors on them used to be the RTA white with brown and red window stripes, but now I like the Metra silver with light blue and red stripes. It clashes the least with the other cars in my opinion.
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    Better pictures I just taken 👍🏾
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