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    I think it's more than that. Temps in the extreme do that to the trains but it's been in the 20's at the coldest. Then that doesn't happen on the elevated because there's less snow. I was surprised to hear it there. Maybe the contact shoes are different or something. Something for the CRRC engineers to figure out. I'd be concerned with the winterization of the cars in their current state. But these are just test cars, not everything is going to work as planned.
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    According to his facebook page he was born Oct 2, 1949. Said he was a retired USPS employee. Only lists a niece on there as a family member, but most people tend to not put family on their facebooks.
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    My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
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    I know some 1500's going 103 to 74 in return for 1100's. No specifics yet.
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