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    Along with some buses get a break gets parked overnight or for the weekend while others run 24/7
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    Yea 6686 been kept up at all the garages its been at
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    Well as long as CTA pays for parts they could run a million miles. It would be cool to know what bus has the most miles ever. Probably one of the heritage buses. You might be seeing more artics down than usual. Since the pandemic they are being used more. In a way it's good put some more miles on those and give these 1000s a break. The 4300s you see they could possibly fix cause they have the rehab coming for those. Some will never come back like 4323. Question is what do they do with all the broke down 4000s. Seems like some of them are just sitting. The older 1000s they also are not too concerned with. If they have major issues they can probably sit until this bus order comes in. The fleet is starting to show its age all they really have are the 7900s and 77th is working those hard and they are always out at chicago and 74th. They really could use 600 new buses but all this using of the artics is going make them need some more of those as well. You have to figure if it's a bus and a half to drive it's a bus and a half to maintain. 150 percent chances it will fail versus a 40 foot bus.
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