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    The original Kensington station had two island platforms and the station house wS a street level underneath the viaduct on 115th. Now the station house is in Front St north of 115th under the tracks. Those tracks were both originally SB but now one is SB and one is NB. The old NB island platform is gone and the original station house closed . Seemingly building the current station house didn't compromise the integrity of the tracks, though i imagine they used the other island platform until the current one was completed. .
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    I see drivers use the Clark/Arthur terminal as a U-turn spot all the time. Especially when there aren't any buses in it.
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    Only on the southside you'll see this kind of stupidity. I guess the Hennessey was to important to get from the liquor store.......the sad part is there is a parking lot on the northern side of the building yet hardly any customers use it....🙄 Note - Not my photos.
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    I'm guessing that the 20300s are the 30 ft Eldorado EZ Riders, and the 20500s are Axxess buses. The question with the Axxess buses are whether they are diesel or CNG? If CNG, will they eventually head to Wheeling? How many CNGs are actually arriving?
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    So true. New stations won't change that one bit.
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