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  1. I get what you're saying, and to some extent, I somewhat agree, but transit and politics are naturally intertwined, and it's not like this is off-topic. These are CTA buses and personnel we're talking about here, in the appropriate topic
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  2. It's the LEDs themselves that do that. If you look closely at them with your eyes you can see them stutter a little bit. Use exposure time of 1/60 to get the signs to come out clear. The problem is that you need to be in a lower light environment so that the photo doesn't come out too bright. Phone cameras can't accomplish this.
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  3. Here's a photo I took where the signs came out slightly better.
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  4. Yea 8135 was just a bus that 7 went & snatched for a run
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  5. Now gone head change your name to NephewMCI 😂
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