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    Better pictures I just taken 👍🏾
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    The 7000s are another step closer to running in passenger service. They were testing at Bryn Mawr today.
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    Cops are not above the law and neither are you. Two wrongs don't make a right, and frankly a CTA bus operator (whether on duty or not) running a red light and blatantly recording it is absurd. Even cops don't just cruise right through the lights most of the time, 9/10 times they'll at least hesitate and check for traffic, which I didn't notice in the video. Not to mention the cops you see could be responding to calls and were instructed to keep their sirens off for various reasons. Honestly, this place is going downhill fast. It's sad to see.
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    Math stay down like McDonald's ice cream machine
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    Since Chicago-l.org or no place else has pictures of the stations in the Milwaukee subways. I checked them out. Not bad looking good. The stations before were so bad now they shine. They rehabbed the old escalators. (Probably a mistake) as Chicago is out for maintenance again. Escalators are 60 years old. They look like antiques. Heres some photos. I like the yellow stair risers at Grand. Chicago just uses the standard red ones that are original to the stairs. The station platform lights seem to be the same ones they are using at Logan square and belmont blue line stops.
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    Those aren't loans. Those are buses that were at South Shops for maintenance. As stated before, it the present home garages don't retrieve them in time after maintenance is completed, 77th which sits on the same land as the South Shops maintenance shops will send them out on runs for PM rush. This is a years long practice.
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    Driver got fed up with the constant call offs and lack of reliefs so started practicing to be a stripper and quit 🤣
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    Got both my covid test back from the VA & Jewels both came back the same negative for the virus now I can go home & this is why wear my nike gloves when I'm on shift driving
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    In this video it appears you have ran a red light. 6803 was waiting for the light to turn green along with the silver SUV, and you went left of the SUV to pass the red. But yes I rode 6803 the other day it ran well.
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    Looking back at PACE's fleet, I'm not sure why they went with El dorado instead of Gillig. It seems like it does better performance than those El dorados
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    I agree they dont give a dam so they come out when they wanna come out cuz they know it aint like they actually protecting anybody in the hood anyways they only protect downtown & up north the rich white people
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    Another catch of the 7000 series cars testing. Good to see them for the 1st time testing in the mixed snow ❄ and rain ⛈.
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    Usually theres a heavy police presence out south. I was wondering what happened to all the cops cause I barely see them up north. I found out one Sunday night. I was working on an uber bonus and got caught up working in Roseland around Michigan and 112th through the ryan split. There were cops it seemed like every 2 blocks hanging out all over. It actually unnerved me seeing all the police. They were sitting around some were on calls. I never really saw that before. I got to north side and noticed people driving over 100 on the kennedy. It just seemed that night like there was so much lawlessness. I was happy to get home.
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    this was spotted at midway right now (Credit: Jeffery Williams from a FB group)
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    How did we wind up talking about CTA train service in a Pace thread?
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    Essential employees and early morning travelers would need the Blue Line more than you think. Those 1-2am arrivals or a 4-5am departures are rough (but from experience, necessary).
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    I wonder what was the purpose of ordering another 10 buses? They look the same as the other 76. The nabis are already gone, so they really dont need them. Wait until the 2021 budget year starts there really gonna have a surplus then.
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    Elk Grove, California which provides additional commuter service to (Downtown) Sacramento.
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    it’s back up and running
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    There still would be the question of people on the platform for pics... no social distancing.... maybe/maybe not wearing masks. I would think it'll be cancelled for safety measures. The positivity rate is at 5.4% in Illinois and we're only in October. Danger point is at 5%.
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    hopefully fixed later today
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    True. In fact, the old-school seats such as the Freedman Angel and the American Seating (AMSECO) 6468 were eventually discontinued. At AMSECO, the default seat choice is now the InSight Classic (it was just called InSight when the CTA and Pace ordered the buses that they were installed in) - the same design as the ones in the current 30-foot Eldos and most of the 1000-series CTA New Flyers.
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    In hindsight the federal government failed to build a railroad infrastructure for passenger trains alongside with the highway system. The railroads have historically claimed passenger services were losing them money. Railroad after Railroad eitger abandoned passenger services, went broke, or merged with another railroad. Its the reason Amtrak exists today, though it is a big money loser. I do think high speed rail service on exclusive r.o.w. like Acela would be profitable. This country is prehistoric compared to other countries. If the railroads could, they wouldn't allow Amtrak service Either..
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    Any idea why there are keypads on the outside at the B ends of each car?
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    FG be so slow with everything
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    The 2600's came around in 2006. With 14-15 years of service, they've lasted well beyond their (FTA) useful life. Link
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    I think the service reductions are likely to be exactly the same as the ones going on right now because of Covid. If this is true I feel that this might be more of a "look how bad things will get" if another stimulus doesn't happen. Will be interesting to see what CTA and Metra put together soon.
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    That would mean 6782 is back at NS
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    Most of the routes on the list are feeders to Metra stations or office complexes. With so many people working from home, Metra predicts ridership won't return to normal for three years, if at all. The same would be true for the feeders being cut. With all the excess capacity these cuts will create, Pace could have a golden opportunity to seek new markets and grow ridership.
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    Bet somebody might have put it there to keep that bus from going out
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    Erin, yes you are correct 6784 and 6785 were later than 6786.
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    Yeah some of the 3rd parties running Pace equipment seems to have been scrubbed from the landscape. The first student out in westmont that did the #690's must have got its Pace contract pulled. That's why those buses are gone but where did they go? Pace is losing alot of routes like the #610 and #616 that run the highway. #608, #604 are getting scaled back or cut too. Some of the more mainstream service is getting scaled back like the #311 even Pulse milwaukee. Wow this is alot of service going bye bye.
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    Is this on purpose? It doesnt look like an accident. Maybe this was done to make sure no one drives it.
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    Now I've encountered a lot of things in my short career with the company but I've never seen a pole in the middle of the drivers seat of a bus holding up the ceiling panels. I can't make this stuff up, when I was about to do my pull out pre trip inspection I see that and I couldn't help but laugh. I mean look at this.
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    Yea that's why me & my girl saving for a house in Oak lawn I lived in the hood fight had shootouts in the hood but once I went to the military & came back I said I survived both wars I don't wanna die in the hood
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    I say get out of the hood. If the hood doesn't care about the hood, why should anyone else? I know a lot of innocent people are seemingly stuck but the best chance of survival is out of the hood.
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    damn FG really was lazy to send someone to pick it up lol
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    Route 13 doesn't exist. I'm pretty sure you meant to say the 12 Roosevelt.
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    bunch are instruction buses and bunch are retired pretty much
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    City needs more red light cameras... the only people that complain about red light cameras are the ones eating red lights.
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    When I first saw the video I thought the light was green. Upon further review it was red. Im glad he wasn't driving it bus. Fortunately SB Narragansett had tge green lights. If NB Ridgeland had the green, it might've been a bad story. Be careful bro! @Shannoncvpi
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    Here was the approach (where it was explained when I started in 2009): Using a one-seat ride from Orland Square to MVC to 79th was a better draw for the 379 than having 386 operate to Orland. The initial report from 2006 was that the 386 was supposed to go to Harvey (but instead, came the 356). Mannheim didn't have a bus route (save 386), and was slightly faster to go to Orland Square than the original 384 routing (especially if your final destination was Ford City or Midway) 384 didn't have enough trip generators from Orland Square to Chicago Ridge. It was easier to have a direct route from Tinley Park to Midway (and everything in between) since DeVry and that business park was there (and said 356 was a transfer point). And it was also the objective to have more direct north-south, east-west routes and to eliminate/reduce the zig zagging.
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    I seen that a few days ago when 6803 was running the 85 at north & Central but I didnt have my phone out nor going that way so I knew I would see it again or someone else would
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    They dont need them but probably it's best to keep the same buses at the same garage. I think 10 eldos will be leaving west. I thought when they first got the nfs that they might be shifting away from Eldorado but with the continuing orders from Eldorado looks like they are more in the game than nf is. West has always been the garage with the different buses. The icarus 2200s, the grumman's in the 80s. and now this.
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    More work being done on the pantograph (located top left). Looks like they’ll be doing some cabling work today
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    Pantograph has been installed at 63 bay at Midway
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    Eventually the cinnamon fades throughout the month but it did also smell like cinnamon last year. This year I still smelled it at the end of the month, even though it was less. If you couldn't tell by my video, I rode it on almost every line this year so I probably got too used to the smell (noseblind) 😂
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