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    Honestly I don't see why the extension 94 can't run out of 74th. The current route runs out of 74th. The frequency wint change. The extension is is only 3 1/2 to 4 miles, which would only require an extra 3 buses at the most. I expect 74th to keep the 94. If anything, I would expect K to lose 3 buses since the truncated 52 won't require as many buses.
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    Trust me no one wants to wait 5 to 10 minutes each time a long freight train leaves one of the intermodal yards north and southwest of that grade crossing. Sometimes trains even stop there and sit waiting for signal clearance which creates a traffic nightmare for anyone going E/W on 71st.
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    I remember the video in Cleveland when the female passenger spit on the Male driver. He was no small dude so he KO'd her. Act like a man, get treated like a man.
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    The DUI was issued to the driver of the car, not to the driver of the bus.
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    Just like the charges are up at Chicago and Austin terminal
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    #130 is actually taking you to the forbidden zone which is east of LSD. So it promotes naughtiness. Besides the museums are closed. The #10 and #130 dont make sense to run now but the #124 dont make too much sense either. At least someoner can use it downtown.
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    Its news to me. Theres been so much talk about corona, we forget theres still a whole other world out there to explore.
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    Welcome to chi town, where there are more speed bumps, traffic cameras, speeding cameras, Cul de sacs, curb cuts, bike lanes than anyone else. Talk about municipal control. You don't see until you leave the city how much better everyplace else is. South California is like that. Damen is like that. Streets like Western have so many speeding and red light cameras they ruin the street. Then the bike lanes ruin traffic. Milwaukee is a mess. It's like the street was built for bikes not cars. Then most places outside the city are tollways, so you can escape the city but you will pay for it!! The home of Al Capone and organized crime has changed but in ways it's still the same. Home sweet home!!😀 Oh I forgot to mention staying on topic the whole california is stop signs north to Division it's almost every street. I was ubering there it's incredible how bad that has been screwed up. It's faster to drive through humboldt park!!
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    The old 63 used to run between Stony Island and Narragansett, with rush hour trips extended to 65th and Harlen. in the a.m rush, the Narragansett and Harlem trips ran via 65th west of Cicero and EB via 65th in the p.m. rush. So when the Orange Line opened, the 65th portion got it's own route number and interlined with the 63W. Just a modification of what already existed.
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    That's part of the plan of that rich loon from Wisconsin, who has never ridden mass transit in his life & who has this insane idea of adding an additional Amtrak Station there, along with rerouting the Green & Orange Lines to service these buildings. Amtrak isn't on board with it & they don't want all of their trains from Union Station's South Berth having to take an unnecessary detour. I'm sure everyone who rides those lines would be thrilled to have an extra 10 minutes added to their commute for a dozen people on each run.
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    Non since 10 is bidirectional and has an even schedule throughout the day vs the 192/j14 setup which is using 192 to make the cost of rush hour extras cheaper
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    If you mean letters like FS, J, and L, LA, those are I believe commuter lines for AC Transit. VanHool models are A first Teansit, CX and TX for motorcoaches. The TDX is the double decker motorcoach. Alexander Dennis builds the double decker transit buses. ABC Companies sells new VanHool abd Alexander Dennis products in the U.S.
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    Naw its on the northwest corner & a lol bit of both some out due to this virus bs retired & to be fixed
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    AC Transit and WestCat has a bunch of Double Decker's; and Foothill Transit will be getting electric ones in a couple of years. The agencies are starting to use them for more high capacity routes and corridors where artics and OTR hit a capacity issue (definitely the case with AC Transit on several lines). Other things come into play with clearance issues and maintenance but for any long distance route, you want comfort, ESPECIALLY if you're paying a premium fare for it.
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    the derailment was yesterday i have video of it and a NB train derailed at the switch right before entering howard on track 1 5519-5520 were the incident cars and they were towed by 5303-5304 to skokie shops
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    Look at the current schedule on the 52. A bus leaves Addison and Rockwell. By the time it reaches California and Mulwaukee, another bus leaves Addison. By the time rge first bus reaches Chicago and Kedzie, a third bus is leaving Addison. Now let's count the first bus at Chicago as a 94 . The aforementioned 2 buses coming south plus a NB bus around Addison is 3 buses. Let's add one more NB bus at California and Milwaukee. That's only 4 additional buses for the 94. These calculations are based in the published schedules. Believe it or not, the 52 and 94 are quite similar in frequency
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    7 to 10 extra buses? No way. Also, the talk of essentially keeping the California portion of the 52 AND extending the 94 is ludicrous. Any west sider or Forest Park branch rider wishing for ride north can use the 49 or 82 or ride the Blue to California... North California's not able to support two routes .
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    I think another possible factor is to reduce the load on Kedzie garage. Right now it is operating at full capacity, while 74th has a lot of spare capacity. 74th could easily handle the extension; the only problem I see is deadheads. As many have said, sharing the route with Kedzie could help solve this problem.
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    8200-8249 i think
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    What's your definition of long? The 9, 49, 62 & new 94 would be the only routes over 10 miles. I think the 94 will be fine as is, routing-wise, and should be shared with Kedzie. And for however long the pandemic is going on during the pilot, they won't actually need extra buses. If you're at Divison/California or south of that point, you're either equidistant btwn the Blue & Green or closer to the Green Line, making the Green Line the "faster" option. However, if they're banking on the 94's CTA connection being more attractive than the 70, 66 or 65, they're sorely mistaken. I think @artthouwill's statement that this was more an attempt to streamline Kedzie & California rather than get Humboldt Park riders to take the Green Line rings true here.
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    Ha that's a good one. I'm pretty sure Kedzie and 74th will share the route similar to how 74th shares western with North Park. So that'll sort itself out real quickly if the top brass goes that route which in my opinion would be the best solution. The only problem with the pilots is the big elephant in the room and that is covid-19 vs ridership for all three.
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    How many times do we gotta say merging 103/106 is out of the question till a red line extension 🥴
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    Some people's perception of dangerous is colored. if you understand.
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    The wild things I see on FB 😂😂
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    I believe that whenever a route change happens CTA just puts a sticker over the old information. That's what it looks like to me, but I could be wrong. A lot of cities have bus stop signs that have almost no information (a lot of times they just say "Bus Stop"). I'm glad CTA puts so much effort into communicating service to riders.
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    The new signs for #52 & #94.
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    20426, 20427, 20428, and 20429 are now in service!
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    O'Hare's website has this statement about the E Lot: Effective June 1, 2020, Economy Lot E will be permanently closed. If you still have a vehicle parked there, please contact Standard Parking at 773-686-7530 for assistance. https://www.flychicago.com/ohare/tofrom/parking/Pages/economy.aspx Speculation on my part, but it could be that the E Lot is getting converted to employee parking? I believe the adjacent H Lot is employee parking.
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    When it comes to X routes their purpose is to help move the MAJORITY of riders within that corridor, not just ONE specific area or stop. That's what locals are for. 58th is not far from 59th and adding extra stops for relatively few riders defeats the purpose of an X route to begin with. So no adding an extra stop when MAJORITY of the market the x route serves can just walk that one extra block (which is also a side effect of what an X route encourages to take the stress off the locals and reduce dwell time on side streets) is not an important factor for a return of the X4 nor will it do much
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    I know they are currently assigned to Pulse at NW. I only floated a possibility that 20 New Flyers go to NW and become the new Pulse buses at NW. It would give their Pulse buses a more uniformed look as opposed to 10 New Flyers and 10 Axxess buses.
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    RIP Target on Chicago's South Side
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    There's no transfer at 59th. There's nothing at 59th! The main entrance to U of C Hospitals once were on 59th, but that was decades ago! You don't place a stop just because it's a half mile apart. You place it where people go. People go to 58th! So you put the stop were the people go & half mile spacing be damned!
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    The X buses stopped approximately every 1/2 mile primarily to facilitate transfers. 59th us 1/2 mile from 55th. The only exceptions seem to be rail transfers such as 49th/Western Orange Line . If you stop at 58th and Corrage why not the Social Security office at 64th, Ir the Disable Museum at 56th,? Target at 86th? Tha Armory at 52nd? The locals stop at these places so it's not like there isn't service.
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    Boy, @Nova's at 103rd and @NewFlyerMCI posts long! Too long to quote , but overall I agree with @NewFlyerMCI.
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    Gotcha. Surprised those are still running.
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    CTA loves new flyer and u can even tell they got 700’s 800’s 1000’s 4000’s and 4300’s
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    Cook County Car 1 was based at Kedzie and served three state owned mental health facilities during its life. It was also used over the Chicago & Interurban Traction line to Kankakee Mental Health Facility for nine years until the line closed in April 1927, and for six years to the Elgin Mental Health Facility via Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway to Joliet, Aurora, Plainfield & Joliet Railroad to Aurora and Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Electric Railway to South Elgin until the Aurora, Plainfield & Joliet Railroad closed in August 1924 More info about Cook County No. 1 from:http://forgottenchicago.com/forum/5/10734/10916/re__dunning_insane_asylum One of the more interesting facets of Chicago State Hospital was Cook County Car No. 1. From 1918 to 1939, this 60,000-pound interurban type car made weekly trips, carrying mentally ill patients from the Cook County Hospital to Dunning Hospital. For many patients this was their last journey, as many would be warehoused at this hospital for the remainder of their lives. Once inside Cook County Car No. 1, one would find sleeping berths, leather reclining chairs and small cabinets. The car had separate sections for the male and female patients. The female patients were closest to the motorman. Usually the crew consisted of two attendants, a nurse, and a physician. Unruly or agitated patients were strapped to the beds. Patients who were infirm were removed by wheel chairs and stretchers upon reaching Dunning Hospital. When the car’s work was finished, it would return to the old Kedzie station at Kedzie and Van Buren via Irving Park Road to Milwaukee Avenue (Six Corners), to California Avenue to Chicago Avenue, west on Chicago to Kedzie, and then subsequently, to the Kedzie depot. Two Irish lads regularly piloted the hospital trolley from its inception of service in 1918, to its last run on 18th May 1939. They were motorman Danial O’Brien and conductor Patrick Gibbons. Since it was of no value to the Surface lines, Cook County Car No. 1 was scrapped in late 1939. Starting in 1940, a $17,000 gas bus brought patients from the Cook County Hospital to Chicago State Hospital.
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    Ok. We need to see another 10 to 15 new buses on the street before we start seeing the NABIs start to retire.
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    This is why reading is fundamental 🤦‍♂️
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    Speaking of accidents, here's a dumb little video I made inspired by a meme going around the NYC Transit community. Hope everyone on here is doing good during this pandemic.
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    See @YoungBusLover's post. Back in my football analogy. Even a small safety can push a big tight end enough to make the TE lose his balance and run or fall out of bounds if the Safety is running as fast or faster than the TE and he pushes him from the side.
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    I'm not sure if you saw the video but that bus wasn't angling in towards the curve because the operator was in the second lane when the crash occurred, which means that during that time of the morning it was a pull out run and several routes out of 74th during that time frame use Ashland for there pull out runs. The bus was going fast but the car that hit it was going twice as fast if not faster for the bus to spin out the way it did 360 degrees nearly towards the southbound lanes of the street into the former currency exchange and fat alberts restaurant. Momentum and the laws of physics can work in strange ways at times even during auto accidents. Sudden hits to anyone would make you lose control of your vehicle no matter how long you've been driving.
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    No they weren't. This is a response to the pandemic. I believe that the shields came with Pace's New Flyers and the Axxess buses are being retrofitted. If I see one I will let everyone know what it looks like. Greyhound buses were outfitted with security shields/doors after since high profile incidents involving passengers attacking Greyhound drivers in the open road AFTER the September 11 terrorist attacks. I've never seen any on other carriers.
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    You being a former CTA driver and a bus operator should know better. Many things can contribute to a bus winding up in a building. These are buildings that are close to the street and the sidewalks aren't more than 10 ft wide. That amount of space can be covered in a millisecond even at 15 mph. Imagine you are standing still and someone next to you pushes you. You might move a little bit if at all. Now imagine walking and the same thing happens. You lose your balance, but at this slow speed, you can regain it without falling. Now imagine running and getting pushed. If you watch football, a player may or may not lose his balance, but his momentum after the push may take him out of bounds. Plus with the weight of the bus, it won't stop on the dime. Slamming on brakes can cause brakes to lock up, then you have no control. If a driver keeps his steering wheel straight pointing forward, and he gets hit putting the bus at angle, the bus will roll forward at the angle it was pushed. Once the bus jumps the curb, its over.
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    Isn't 53A out of 77th?
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    74th's east west routes have always used Ashland as the relief point. That goes all the way back to when the garage was located at 69th and Ashland (which is where the garage code 6 comes from). Though one could say Damen is a tad closer, Damen only runs during rush periods only. Now that the 94 serves 74th, the 49 (trips operated by 74th) can do driver reliefs at 69th and Western.
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