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    The low 7900's that went back to 77th is not even true lol. 1st its only 2 buses we got from 77th which are 7903-04. Which are both at 103rd. All garages have rehabbed 1000 series so I don't see the unfairness there neither unless you wanna mention them having the oldest nf but so does my garage but still irrelevant cause they're all rehabbed. I was the 1 who said FG might lose their Novas in exchange for flyers but that doesn't mean it's going to happen lol. I have my reasons as to why I said it but I wont speak on it to just to avoid the back and forth. But currently as I said more than a few times at this point, FG still has 89 new novas so why are you guys still upset? I get the 6400's are still there but they're also on the way out. It's a reason FG have the fleet they have. You a former Operator I'm assuming from that garage so you know just as well as I do how different things are from the North and South side of the city. Kedzie and NP dont have Novas at all but you dont hear anybody on their behalf upset like you and Bus Hunter. Bus Hunter dont even ride public transit so I definitely dont see his reasons lol. He mad about the "lack of new buses" when he riding past people at the bus stop in his personal vehicle πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ come on. Its Novas all across the city now. I feel all garages should get 60 a piece but since that's not the case as of yet FG still have 89 in comparison to our lil 20 so yea.
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    Where did I swing at you? I didn't. No insults, name calling, personal shots. I ve respected your opinions which I ve stated which ones I agreed and disagreed. Bottom line is CTA will do as they please and our opinions don't matter. As long as I have decent bus service in my neighborhood, I won't complain about old buses serving my neighborhood. Last thing is when you speak, whether verbal or written, you should expect a response to your statement. If you want your opinions respected, respect others. Disagreement is not swinging at you.
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    Here are shots of 8337 working Belmont and 8341 working Addison
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    GUYS!!! Just caught #8347 on the #76!!!! A rare catch! The 8325s are now in service!
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    Let's do some math. There are 450 7900 series Novas split among 5 garages. Split evenly, each garage would have 90 of those buses. We know this: 103rd has 20 77th has 98 74th has 100 FG has 89 C has 143 With the exception of 103rd being way below average and C being way above average, the other garages are near the average allotment. Based on those numbers, no one can reasonably say FG got shafted (103rd only has 20).
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    I'm not whining about anything. YOU are! FG has 89 new Novas and you're still not happy. Not only are you not happy about FG having 89 new Novas, YOU are constantly whining about what's on the South and West Sides. You can't say this is political because Rahm isn't running for reelection and this move happened just before election day. Without directly saying it, you are expressing your opinion, feelings, that CTA (by extension the Mayor's Office) caters to the predominately Black residents of the South and West Sides for political votes. Your posts concerning the 5000s further prove that point. I've never disagreed with you that 8200 - 8349 ALL should be at FG and CTA should be making a concerted effort to get as many 6400s off the street as it can. But I'm tired of reminding you that during the '70s, '80s, '90s, and the 6000s at 74th in the 2000s, it wasSouth Side garages getting the shaft. Every garage has some old equipment sometimes. Even NP, which seemingly has the best equipment, was the last garage to retire the MAN Americanas and the 7000 and 7100 and 7300 series MAN artics. They were pretty much the last to retire the 4400s. So please relax! The 6400s will eventually be gone.
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    Perception is everything. Back in 1982 when I was living in New York, the newest buses were brand-new RTS's with hard plastic seats. One day instead we got an elderly 1964 fishbowl that had upholstered seats as it had been a Staten Island Express bus, but had now been degraded to an unassigned "shop spare". Now most people by then in New York had never seen a bus with upholstered seats, and two behind me were saying how nice it was to get a new bus with such nice seats. Most people have no concept as to how old a bus they are getting on is. A more comfortable but much older bus is seen as an improvement.
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    I doubt that the vast majority of riders is at all concerned about the age of the buses. Even with the most elderly equipment in the system, the operators and technicians at FG still manage to provide a safe, reliable ride from Point A to Point B. I think that's all that matters. Seems to me that Artthouwill, Sam92, and Mr.cta85 have all offered convincing reasons why things are as they are. Incidentally, I'm a North Sider and a onetime CTA bus pilot: 1969-76, FG and NP. BusHunter and CTA 5750, I understand your feelings, too, but like I said, I don't think that most riders really care.
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    There's a nice feature called "search for" on google maps........Blue Island and 23rd Street/Paulina
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    Certainly hope all is well with him. He used to be on some other transit forums, but I don't know if that is still the case. It did appear that he was tiring of speculation and ",fantasy" route proposals on this forum as well as some heated debates with a few members here. Hopefully he is well and just stepped away from here for a short period.
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    There was never room to say NW got stiffed to begin with. 74th was all 6000's for a good while, Kedzie has oldest artics and middle flyers, 103rd got hit with the oldest NF after rehab so every part of the city gets shafted in someway if we wanna keep nitpicking. A Novas a Nova The Glen finally got some let it rest. With no heavy downtown routes and light midday and weekends service wise the old Nova's are getting plenty rest and time. 103rd maintenance couldn't keep up with 6400s compared to FG. notice up till a few years ago they used to borrow like crazy from 77th?
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    It is the NORTH Side. Last I checked the 8, 9 and 49 are served by South Side garages and the 53 and 54 are covered by a West Side garage.
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    Last time I checked, the South Side is much bigger than the Northwest Side. The north side equivalent would include Evanston and Wilmette. Remember, the South Side has THREE garages. Two of those three have routes that serve the NORTH side of the city. Of the two West Side garages, only C has Novas and it has routes serving the North Side. You are walking a very fine line with your insinuations. Be careful.
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    At least he was trying to blend in. I guess he couldn't afford an uber. The L would have been faster though!!
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    If this here ain't the truth. I grew up in the square of the 3, 4, 75 & 79 until my mother moved to DC. My grandmother is still there, and that's where I stay whenever I come back 4-5 times a year. Stuff was popping in 2009, is still popping in 2019 and my mother and grandmother can probably say stuff was popping back when I was born in 1999. I used to go with my mom when she worked her jobs at Hull House and wherever she worked in Ravenswood Manor, I would take the 78, 81 and/or the 145 multiple times a week and I can tell you what, I never had to worry about something popping off on those buses Furthermore, this debate is old and archaic already. I'm most likely the youngest active participant on this forum and it is a shame to see you all, with all the knowledge and experience you all possess, essentially belittle one another. I'm not calling out any names and this is not a direct attack. We, as a collective, can do better. At this point, the 8325s have come, so once again, it is only a waiting game. Eventually, things will be equal again. There are much better things to focus on, such as why CTA does what is does and continue to monitor and analyze what happens, as opposed to sitting around and typing about the same old thing. When i joined in 2014(?), my primary purpose was to learn, and it still is. I believe you all still have a lot to teach. Our energies are better spent elsewhere.
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    Just stop calling realistic responses to yours "flase hot air" or personal attacks when they don't agree with yours if youre gonna take a jab or two yourself 🀣🀣🀧 it's still been looking childish over all
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    Hasn't returned under his username for about a month and some change. I've always appreciated his wealth of knowledge and sharp wit, I just wish he'd been a bit less abrasive for lack of a better term. PM him and see if he'll respond.
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    This is random but just wondering have anybody seen or heard of @bus jack?? Its been a while since I seen him on here. I hope he's ok.
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    We have been in your shoes and that's what you refuse to get
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    How did it get the short end when it has new Novas? Just cause they aren't the highest numbered? Come on y'all been complaining for years now you got second gen Novas it's STILL not enough πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Technically with the oldest 4000's and only middle range flyers Kedzie kinda seems a bit shafted. Plus no one said FG was lowest ridership it's more rush hour heavy which is perfect for an old fleet seeing as they get a lot of rest off peak and weekends. The same logic that was a applied for why purple shouldn't have 5000
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    I agree only to the extent it didnt make sense to split the 8325s for the exact same reason I have said the 6400s should stay at one garage. Either FG should have all of the 8325s, and they should've had them all, or give them all to 103rd. The 6400s make FG the garage with the oldest fleet and 103rd is second oldest. C and NP have the youngest fleets. Pace West ha2003 and 2005s running still and they are half of W's fleet, while NW, SW, S, and maybe N and NS are all newer Eldorado Axxess. Whenever Pace gets around to it, I'm sure they will replace those old buses. CTA will eventually do the same.
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    Why? 103rd routes overall are heavier than FG. While I don't think 103rd didn't need any new Novas and FG should have more new buses, there's no logic in sending 6400s anywhere else.
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    I'm chaining them down tonight at the glen!!
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    Question to see is if 8343-8349 remain at FG or are moved to 103rd in the coming days... stay tuned same chicagobus time, same chicagobus channel!!!!
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    8347 smells so new on the 76! It is kind of weird that it doesn’t have a window in the back! Cloth seats
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    I agree with you, in that CTA should reintroduce many of the X routes, at least during rush periods. They could do it the same way they did in 2006 by converting a curtain number of locals into express. The loss of the X54 was disappointing, losing the one seat ride from Jeff Park to Midway was a step backwards. Also, if you want faster buses, bus stop spacing should be examined on curtain corridors, especially Inner LSD (here's an example, pan over to the right and you'll see how close the stops are). When it comes to bus lanes, can't they install the lanes and have rush hour parking bans? (similar to Jeffery Blvd). At least this way you don't have to reduce vehicle lanes. Also can someone give me an answer as to why the Loop Link bus lanes are painted red, while the bus lanes along Adams and Dearborn are near invisible, would it be so hard for CDOT throw down some red paint? As far as rideshare goes, the growth rate of the number of drivers at this point is out of control, and a cap on the number of Uber/Lyft vehicles is badly needed (I was disappointed none of the mayoral candidates mentioned a rideshare cap when pressed about how to reverse ridership loss and address growing congestion in the loop. During one of the mayoral forums, Mendoza basically endorsed the continued unchecked growth of Uber/Lyft).
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    They'll get to them when they get to them. Rushing people on these rosters that they don't have to do in the first place is VERY disrespectful as noted numerous times in this forum. We have maths22 and bustracker for you to update and contribute if you're really that pressed about it otherwise please stop with this crap guys
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    77th and Ewing is dead in the water. As in Lake Michigan water.
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    Worked 34 owls quite often. Never had any serious problems. FG main problems much more traffic. Absolutely loved 29 late PM. Quiet, fast line. Only problem tourists going to Pier who don't know nothin. NP was a bear. (moved about a lot).
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    πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ YOU'RE the 1 who said you dont ride public transit not me. And me being an operator have nothing to do with me automatically being right or better than anyone! But as a operator I have different perspective and experience of each side of town having drove on both sides might I add. He had 8yrs I have 7 so I'd say we're neck and neck lol. I'm also not catering to the south side I'm just telling it like it is as well sir. Do you know why or how many operators who stay either south side or southern suburbs travel past 6 other garages just to go to Forest Glen? Its because of the peace of mind they have at that garage because they dont have to deal with the foolishness that we do out south and west. They call FG the Counrty Club for a reason and it's not because of no new buses lol.
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    Was going to mention this last night but they are closing clark starting today around roscoe. 22s are detouring. They are doing alot of construction activity over here excavating clark. Looks like they are putting in a pier foundation close to the sidewalk and there are others a few buildings are being excavated on clark north of roscoe and they have posted signs on the corners of roscoe and clark snapped a pic here you go. With baseball season coming I wonder how that's going to work with the Clark buses?
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    We might have been wrong about 103rd getting the 8325s, but FG going all NF is still fairly unlikely. We already got the NW siders on the forum saying FG is the system stepchild. PLEASE do not put out scenarios that will increase that fuss.
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    They needed a new layover spot cause the park kicked them out. And as far as interlines mainly among Midway routes. 47, 55, 59, 55A, 55N, 59, 63 and 63W all have some interlines with each other
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    Ok I'll shut up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Ok? It's not half even the garage but we went from all junk to the junk only coming out on rush hour which is something you yourself said makes sense (applying your logic of purple shouldn't have 5000's if it's mainly rush hour service). FG has the same type of deployment according to other posts and sightings in the yard. To say SS and west is getting special treatment is BS cause you're mad a garage that dealt with mostly the first new flyers gets a small group of 18 buses out of the group. Just be satisfied that FG is finally not all junk cause people were pretty calm until the 8325's came up now it's another fight over 25 buses. Pathetic
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    I saw he hasn’t been on here lately as well and was wondering that. Hoping it’s nothing too serious, maybe he’s just taking a break from the forums. I appreciate his knowledge and humor and would enjoy seeing more of it.
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    Let's not have another lockout here guys, please!
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    I propose we find another avenue of discussion other than the "woe is me FG" track, because neither side will ever rest until the 6400s are gone or all 450 7900s are at FG. Right now, the main focus is why 8325-8349 got distributed so unevenly and whether or not that'll change or we'll have another 8212-8223 situation
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    I dont understand why is this such a big deal to begin with. I can see if FG lost all of their new novas but it's only 18 buses while they still have 89 brand new novas. Even if my garage did get them from another garage it's still only 18 buses as far as exchanges went. Dont be surprised if 8343-49 are gone also in exchange for more flyers lol that's still only 25 in comparison to 83 they'll have...83!!! Maybe if 103rd had smooth easy going routes like FG we wouldn't need Novas for their shields and I'm not saying that's the sole reason we have Novas in the 1st place, but as a operator out of 103rd I'm glad we have them because of the better shields and just to have new 40ft buses in general. It's a lot more hetic out south than it is up north I know that for a fact.
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    Like I stated earlier, the ONLY reason 103rd is getting 7900s is for their driver safety shields, which the 6400s don't have. There were a few high profile assaults on drivers on 103rd routes which prompted this move. Prior to this 103rd wasn't slated for any 7900s. I also stated for inventory parts purposes, since it's less than 109 6400s, it makes sense to keep them at one garage. Since they are already at FG, keep them there. If they were all at 103rd already, I would say keep them at 103rd. If they were all at C, I would say leave them at C. There is no good reason to split them among any other garages. No reason; NONE!
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    I was never in favor of FG losing ANY new Novas. I felt that 77th and 103rd should've done NF for new Novas swap. I'm not in favor of unnecessary deadheading. But more of that will come when the Proterras show up. CTA still needs more 40 ft buses to rid itself of the 6400s once and for all. It's not that I want all of them at FG. But they ARE there so let them stay. I didn't advocate 74th sharing its 6000s with other garages while it had ALL 6000s. It made sense for 74th and FG to have them. Unfortunately they crapped out so much they had to be replaced.
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    I've said this before, sending 6400's to 103rd or any other garage out south dont make sense at all. Route wise 103rd or any other south side garage are rougher than any of the routes at FG for the exception of 85 central I guess. If anything we need more novas because of those shields. It wouldn't make any sense to send those old shield less buses anywhere south or any other garage besides FG.
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    Most of the 103rd routes you named interline with the heavy 29 or another heavy route. Th he 111A is one bus. The 2 garages are at the extreme opposite of town. Unnecessary to transfer old equipment
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    The primary purpose of keeping the 6400s in one place is ease. You can easily manage parts inventory if inventory is in one place. There is now ease of maintenance because only one garage has to deal with this series. Since it is now only less than 100 of these, no need to spread them out. Again, routes like 88 Higgins and 81W W Lawrence and 85A N Central and 86 Narragansett Ridgeland can handle those buses better than the 103rd routes can.
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    It looks like a second small vent has been added on the rear panel.
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    7900s page has been updated. https://chicagobus.org/buses/7900-nova
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    Let's just wait and see, ok? They had 9 buses at FG on Saturday... we'll recheck again tomorrow and over the next few days to see what happens.
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    Without looking at the car numbers you can still tell the green and redline cars just by how clean they are on the outside lol. Red line cars are filthy while the green still has a shine to it lol.