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    Lol thanks! I been around just mostly reading comments on forums. I’ve chimed in on a few post tho 👍🏽.
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    No it’s not too heavy it’s just most passengers don’t give the rear doors a chance to actually work properly like they’re suppose to. They’re used to just bombarding the rear door as soon as the bus stops, or they don’t read or notice the “touch here” sign that’s on the door. They work just fine when you do it right. Also a lot of artics actually have a switch where the operator can open the back doors the same as the front. They added more switches on the artics that didn’t have them during the time we were letting them on and off the bus rear door only.
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    It's a bit difficult to compare Seattle's transit system with Chicago's. For a long time, most bus routes in Seattle went to Downtown, and there weren't as many crosstown routes. Like you said, Downtown routes usually have people taking longer rides, so artics make sense for those routes. In recent years, Seattle's system has become more of a point-to-point grid system, and there are many more frequent routes today than there were 15 years ago. I believe most of Seattle's crosstown routes are operated with 40-footers, and only a few of them (e.g. 8, 44, 45, 48) have mostly artics. To add to this, Seattle has always struggled with funding, so it's possible that it was cheaper to run artics on infrequent routes than run 40-footers on frequent routes.
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    The darn things aren't built (and four years out) and we're speculating over car #'s....
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    Wild. The way it looks from 79th you’d think they’d ask for either some work ID at the driveway entrance or at least ask what sort of reason you have for trying to enter. Especially since 77th handles so much more for the system compared to other garages. But then again I was able to park at 103rd AFTER a bus was stolen so.... even was able to chill at the garage till a bus could take me home one night cause I got arrested and stranded on 103rd and Luella
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    He has a history of pulling this over the years across different forum topics for as long as I can remember.
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    Yeah I'm fine this happened about two hours after I got off this morning. The security gaurds at the front entrance need to be fired for even letting that happen. Anyone can get such easy access to these garages with minimal pushback these days. I leave late nights and security is just as un noticeable as a needle in a haystack.
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    Why not! 7000 series are for cars and 8000 for cab-cars. All of the early cab-cars 8200-8275 have been downgraded to coach only and the few C&NW painted ones have also been downgraded. In most cases the cabs are just locked up. On some cars they have been rebuilt without them. 7000-7099 were not used but I believe allocated to the ex-BNSF steel cars 700-787 and 816-820 (the locomotives were also not renumbered but 500-524 were allocated to 9900-8/10-25) 7100-7121 are the West suburban MTD ordered steel cars for the BNSF 7200-7283 are the ex-MILW (except 7242-56 ex-RI) steel cars. 7382 is a rebuilt RI Cab car which was 8222 7284-7381 are the 1978-80 steel cars 7400-7497 are the 1996-8 steel cars 7600-7613, 7650-7681 were C&NW painted cars, 7700-7866, 7880, 7900, 7901 were C&NW painted cars, 7867-7871, 7881-7885 were RI painted cars 8000-8025 were not used but I believe allocated to the ex-BNSF steel cab cars 790-815 8200-8238 are the ex-MILW (except 8220-4 ex-RI) steel cab cars. (matching 7200 series) 8239-8275 are the 1978-80 steel cab cars 8400-8478 are the 1995-7 steel cab cars (matching 7400) 8501-8608 are the 2002-5 steel cab cars 8700-8763 were the C&NW painted cab cars (matching 7700) 8764-8768 were RI painted cab cars. There was not a gap of 194 in the 7000 series for cars when the 6001-6194 series arrived so a new series started. On this basis the new cars will probably start at 6201, the cab-cars I have no idea unless they go for 8801!
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    There was a driver on the 88 Higgins back in the 80's who would have done just that. A guy parked his car in the bus stop on the Kennedy overpass in front of the Harlem station entrance. Of course, it was raining. The bus driver was a tiny woman who suffered no fools. She pushed the car out of the way and called it in as abandoned in front of the on-ramp. Unethical? Perhaps. Nice thing for the passengers? You bet!
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    Metra board approves the purchase of up to 500 new railcars. They are Alstom Coradia Multilevels, and most notably they don’t use the gallery car setup. https://metrarail.com/about-metra/newsroom/metra-board-approves-purchase-500-modern-railcars?fbclid=IwAR1ywYXF20Eh779jrzwZyy9mClUiNW5XGex5T1UJH7vBB2mITVHYjzAy2sQ
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    Idk about you, but I've seen more robberies happen on the north side than south side. Let's shy away from over-generalization, its not like the north side is this magic bastion of safety and the south & west sides aren't monolithic
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    A lot of the remaining #4000s without issues have migrated towards cottage grove while 79th and 87th have had more 40 footers pop up in recent weeks. I didn't get a bus until 5:30 today and it was a pull in. There was at least 25 buses out of our garage that were sitting in the shops or just adjacent to them today, no specific bunch of buses just #1000s,#4000's and #7900s all together in groups. I remember having #1260 on Monday and the bus had so much smoke coming out of the tail pipe it was ridiculous, the smell of burning oil was irritating to deal with. Whenever a bus starts smoking like an SD40 locomotive you're in for a long day.
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    Yeah there's a switch we have on the control panel to our left that controls the rear door on the #4000s and to cut down on dwell times some operators use rubber bands to keep the switch on so that both front and rear doors operate simultaneously. If we don't have that little trick then usually we'll go back to the standard method where the passengers have to touch the yellow strip in order to open the doors themselves. However, either method that is used some passengers get thrown off by which one is actually getting used by the operators and some just push the doors as there opening.
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    The rear door on most Pace buses is opened by the driver. Definitely true of the buses running out of the North Shore garage on Oakton. As for the CTA artics, the rear doors are slow to open & difficult to get off of is you're old & arthritic like me. One change CTA must make is to integrate the door open & bus lowering operation into one control, so that when the front door opens, the bus lowers & tilts. I was on one bus, a 4300 that had that, probably an experiment. I watched a couple of times, the driver just used the door control & everything occurred at the same time.
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    Remember when the 4000s were brand new at Kedzie and people were touching the back doors and nothing happened. They were all like wth??? It was kind of funny until you had to use the door. But I watched where people were touching and the stickers were a little off. I dont really like the idea of operator controlled doors in the rear unless there are fare controls back there or a brt setup. So many times I've rode Pace buses and the bus goes right past your stop. By the time you get the operators attention, you are couple blocks down (pace buses can be pretty fast) I remember once it got so bad I would only exit in the front. The way the cta doors are setup is good because if you want the operators attention all you have to do is push on the door and their little buzzer goes off. Plus it's good if the bus flips over or something you have a quick way out. Busting glass and turning a lever was just too time consuming and the average joe could nt figure that out. The cherries are a good idea.
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    Man, I swear no matter route I'm on or what part of the city I'm in the passengers just won't give me or the bus a chance to come to a complete stop before they try to force the rear doors open. It's even worse with the #4000's because a few times I've had passengers disable the rear door trying to get off and I had to completely restart the bus in order for the rear doors to function properly again, then there was another time I had a relief bring me a #4000 on cottage with malfunctioning rear doors due to passengers pulling on them to open, it got so bad where I called it in a jumped buses with my leader at CSU while heading to 115th. All door boarding is a no go for me though.
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    With the logos for the six counties on 402, Metra might have wanted to take it on a tour of the entire system (excluding the lines where MP36's don't run). Or the move could have been completely arbitrary, as Metra doesn't have any reason to care how many locomotives with special paint schemes are assigned to each line. Movements between Union Station and Rock Island are made via the St. Charles airline.
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    For now, I think CTA is still fine with operating no more than 300 artics because of the fact that others pointed out, namely that prepandemic CTA was very inefficient in how it deployed its artics already on hand. Even during both rush periods on weekdays, 100 of them on average sat unused and parked at the garage for reasons that had nothing to do with maintenance. Now they're seeing that it was smarter from the get go that having them spread among five garages instead of crammed and overstacked at only three for a gang of them overall to sit unused is more efficient and smarter to do. 77th and C managers can't do their usual shenanigans they done in the past to get out of having them longer than just a few months now that rider behavior dictates that deployments and assignments be more efficient than what we were seeing out of them in the prepandemic days. And the other angle from before the pandemic says to me that it's not smart to act on impulse and jump increase the overall number of artics if from looking at past actions and decisions, bus operations bosses at the main downtown office are going to allow 77th and C find a way to get out of having any artics and then go back to K, NP and 103rd overstacked with them to a point that we see a significant percentage of the overall artic count unused. They should keep the current setup of keeping what artics are already on hand spread among five garages for the longer term, and then only after the pandemic finally starts dying down for good with increases in vaccinations assess whether increasing beyond 300 artics is warranted.
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    I have a track list with the car numbers with today's date but I'm not sure if I can share it publicly. Still listed as MTDX.
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    i saw 700 the other day at SS
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    6298 was my least favorite nabi and I hope I don't see it again lol because it pissed me off every time I saw it
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    Proofreaders on drugs again
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    January 2021 listing SPacebus_So21010612080.pdf
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    I see drivers use the Clark/Arthur terminal as a U-turn spot all the time. Especially when there aren't any buses in it.
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    Only on the southside you'll see this kind of stupidity. I guess the Hennessey was to important to get from the liquor store.......the sad part is there is a parking lot on the northern side of the building yet hardly any customers use it....🙄 Note - Not my photos.
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    I'm guessing that the 20300s are the 30 ft Eldorado EZ Riders, and the 20500s are Axxess buses. The question with the Axxess buses are whether they are diesel or CNG? If CNG, will they eventually head to Wheeling? How many CNGs are actually arriving?
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    Yea 6686 been kept up at all the garages its been at
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    Most likely any nova that craps out is GONE gone unless it’s an EXTREMELY minor repair.
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    So true. New stations won't change that one bit.
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    Yes, River & SW were still wrapped as of August
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    Who you telling. I basically grew up with them at this point
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    Actually, between 2008 and 2012, the Pink Line did not have 2200-series cars at all. When the rush-hour runs on the Blue Line from O'Hare to 54th were discontinued in April 2008, all of the Pink Line's 2200s were moved back to the Blue Line, and the Pink Line was given a fleet made up entirely of the highest-numbered 2600-series cars (specifically, 3157-3200). Cars 3001-3022 were on the Pink Line between 2006 and 2008 when they were moved back to the Blue Line. So, when the 5000-series cars arrived, the Pink Line had been all-2600s for several years.
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    6780 6784 and 6792 are out right now according to the tracker
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    This time an 8 car set was running pictures on facebook.
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    Some, if not most of that office may become residential or hotel. There is a faint possibility of attracting a company to relocate its headquarters here. The future looks very interesting
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    it easy to do a line cut actually run the blue line from ohare to 54th cut pink line service completely and replace with blue cuz there is no stations between ashland and polk for a few months and then run more green line service (optional) between ashland and the loop
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    Probably was only going to kedize then
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    Here is a photo of today’s 701
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    Probably beefing up routes that are usually packed to spread out the crowds. Remember up til the COVID crisis, the idea was to not add a bus to the schedule unless it was overflowing; now somethings gotta be done to put some space between people so Looks like the service hours taken from LaSalle and others more heavily hit for ridership are being reinvested to keep the routes that haven’t lost as many riders with enough service to accommodate. Think of it as pandemic based decrowding
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    Computer software. Insurance companies give discounts to fleet operators that have these software programs installed. That includes cameras, GPS AND computer programs that monitor speed, following distance. Idling, etc. These things monitor behaviors that might lead to accidents. Insurance companies can decide if certain drivers are higher risk or ininsurable. As an acting safety director, I uses to receive information daily. I knew if a driver made contact with something even if he didn't report it. I would get video of a driver if he slammed on his brakes.
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    Actually, sometime after the Orange Line began service, the artics were moved from Archer to Chicago for the 23 Washington Express, which was operating as a west side alternative for the Lake Street leg of the Green Line. After the Green Line reopened, 23 Washington Express was discontinued, & the artics were then moved from Chicago to North Park, & then later, from North Park to 103rd.
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    @mel bernero will be missed on this forum. He developed an impressive collection of bus images over the decades, and I appreciate that he shared them with us.
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    Well, for what it's worth, the Nova's "look" nice, although somewhat "dated". But truth be told, ALMOST everything produced in this day and age is made with poor quality; from subway/el cars, to buses, to passenger aircraft, etc, you name it. As a side not and somewhat off the subject, look at NYCTA's newest Bombardier R179 "B" division subway cars. It seems like almost from the time they were entered into revenue service only about a year or so ago, these cars have been nothing but trouble with one major issue after another. And the order isn't close to being completely received as far as I know.
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    Better pictures I just taken 👍🏾
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    I'm not sure but it has been back there a very long time now, it still has its farebox and ventra reader though so only time will tell. I should of took a picture of it. #6832 was hauled off for scrap also forgot to mention that as well. I'm not the one to jump the gun but if those six #4000s dont come back into service then maybe some might start getting retired early depending on there condition because why would CTA keep around artics that have a lot of unknown issues to the general public for this long in the boneyard? If I see the ventra readers gone from those six in the next few weeks then I might have to gear up for a somewhat early retirement list.
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    You're referring to these right?
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    Well they have prepped it for retirement already so only time will tell.
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    You didn't see #4080 around SS did you? It's been missing and I wonder what happened to it. You know if you go to the RTA equipment page (here's the link below) and you click CTA equipment they claim there are only 97 #4300's. So if you subtract #4323 and #4333 what's the 3rd one? It would seem to be a hybrid. I'm starting to wonder about #4332. Did it show any signs of it possibly being retired. I could be wrong, once #4327 was oos, don't know if it ever came back or not. The #600 at least has license plates, but it's been around just not in service. Somewhere along the line they'll need to wrap it, but it's probably just there for the mechanics to learn from. RTAMS rolling stock fleet list: http://www.rtams.org/rtams/rollingStockForServiceBoardAndMode.jsp?sbID=2&mode=MB
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