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    And you're right
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    here is the first 7000 at skokie shops once 7 more arrive they will begin testing
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    Been seeing pictures of nf's having the ability to color code signs in other cities. I wonder if that is standard on the xcelsior? It's got me wondering you know how cta has the express pi signs with the red markings for express or for x service. (I think I saw that unless I'm nuts) could red destination signs come back for the #6 or #146 to represent express service. I think that would he cool.
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    “LOUD LOUD LOUD” ”Loosies for sale, loosies for sale” ”got those squares” It’ll never beat Baltimore though, where someone was advertising some drug at the Penn-North train station (presumably heroin) as “Chicago” 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    Everything looks better than the Eldos
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    Aesthetically these NFs look much nicer than the Eldos!
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    Something I suggested myself a couple weeks ago and agree with you about. Having actually ridden the 12 in both pre-COVID times and the current ones with the restrictions on maximum bus loads, That statement that the doesn't need artics at all is false. I'll agree with you that it didn't need the increase in artics to the degree that K had been operating with during this current pick and that K was mishandling their use, but saying the 12 doesn't need artics at all is categorically false On @YoungBusLover's observation of the 146 and 147's artic use in recent weeks, the 40 foot use on either route haven't really decreased as much as it seems, NP has just had artic deployment more in tune with the COVID service report's times of mildly higher passenger counts. As the passenger counts ease back into that green range, 40 foot buses are noticeably higher in number. The 147 for example consistently has maybe two 40 foot buses on the route from sometime during off peak hours up until the 4 PM hour of the evening rush. One of those tends to start its NB trip during the 2 PM hour and the other very consistently during that 3 PM hour since that one is always on the same weekday run and is the one I somehow always catch when leaving work on my 6 AM days. After that 4 PM hour 40 foot buses make a significant increase on the 147 for an almost even coverage of service alongside the artics for the rest of the service day between late PM rush and late evening. During AM rush the 40 footers tend to operate a high number of the SB short trips between Sheridan/Devon/Broadway and Michigan/Balbo. On weekends, service on 147 tends to be all runs except one or two run by artics during the early to late part of the morning transitioning to at least a quarter up to almost half the buses on the route being 40 foot buses by the time of the early to middle part of afternoon rolling around. With the 146, the 40 footers during weekday mornings look to be mostly on all the AM rush SB short trips that end at State/Harrison with the artics running most of the full trips in both directions. Off peak 40 foot buses may be doing two or three runs. On weekends, the 146 has been consistent run on at least a 50/50 split between artics and 40 footers, but with them deployed with the 40 foot runs running back to back and the artic runs back to back, such that one direction of the route can often be mostly artics and the other direction mostly 40 footers.
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    Yeah that's understandable, whoever they were that ticked this particular operator off was probably a regular fare evader on that route during there run. I also appreciate honesty from my passengers as well but I dont appreciate is them telling me I dont have it with an aggressive tone and just walk off real fast but hey I get to laugh about it once payday rolls around because as shannon stated, I'm still going to get paid regardless.In the end if we had more passengers with integratity and morals our jobs would be so much easier.
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    I got you. I don't disagree with anything you stated. Every operator is different whether at CTA, Pace, or Metra conductor. But like I stated in my original response, I believe those passengers knew they were short. It happens. It happened to me at few times. I informed by drivers and conductors as soon as I boarded so they could decide whether I could ride or not. All of them appreciated my honesty up front and kept me go to at least get to a train station where I could reload my Ventra card, or configure my account to purchase a Metra ticket. I don't agree with being petty, but I know I can't stand someone trying to play me. Nowadays it's not worth it to put the game players in their place. Some people look for anything to attack another person.
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    Ok, it just hasn't moved lately. BTW, I straightened out the retirement roster so it's a little less confusing (organized stuff) I included Youngbuslover's dates list. I'll give Youngbuslover credit for his info, thanks guys.
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    You didn't see #4080 around SS did you? It's been missing and I wonder what happened to it. You know if you go to the RTA equipment page (here's the link below) and you click CTA equipment they claim there are only 97 #4300's. So if you subtract #4323 and #4333 what's the 3rd one? It would seem to be a hybrid. I'm starting to wonder about #4332. Did it show any signs of it possibly being retired. I could be wrong, once #4327 was oos, don't know if it ever came back or not. The #600 at least has license plates, but it's been around just not in service. Somewhere along the line they'll need to wrap it, but it's probably just there for the mechanics to learn from. RTAMS rolling stock fleet list: http://www.rtams.org/rtams/rollingStockForServiceBoardAndMode.jsp?sbID=2&mode=MB
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    I was surprised to see #600 back there along with #1125. @BusHunter #1257 was the bus number for the fishbowl you were asking about a few weeks back.
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    20453 working 307 this afternoon
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    in my opinion only 4 and 79 need em the most 3 and 87th could just stick with 40fts but add xtra buses on those lines
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    I need to see more of THIS
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    Hopefully K will fix the a/c and unscrew the windows on 4093.
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    Still trying but got 6281.
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    9/10 times if you feel like "everyone's against you" you're obviously doing something wrong 🥴🥴
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    Yes they have started to arrive
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    If that bus would of been taken out of service at that point I would of walked from the dan/ryan over to cottage grove because that was around 8:30 PM last night.The operator had to known about it because the passengers surely wouldn't stop talking about it, for once my mask came in handy because the smell was horrible.😆😆
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    #4090 is on the 79, allowing passengers to board thru the rear. Only a couple have done so so far, but everyone has tapped their Ventra card at the reader
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    My fare was collected on the RI trains that I rode on July 22. From what others have reported, it sounds like only UP isn’t collecting fares.
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    Unless the Winnipeg and St Cloud facilities are already producing buses at the highest rate they can, and Anniston has to fulfill the rest of the orders even if it means a longer delivery drive.
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    Randomly web surfing and stumbled on what happened to 907
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    They should really take nova's off the hyde park express because that pavement gouge will easily get that bus airborne if you go over it way too fast and at the wrong angle. The novas are already bouncy enough as it is.
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    Yea me personally idk I let people go all the time I be like I'm still getting paid if you pay or not so I dont be caring
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    I dont try to look to deep into it because I myself have seen operators get real petty with passengers out of 103rd in the past on the 6 especially when passengers were short cash. I remember being on the 6 a few years back heading southbound and we were at State and Monroe I believe and one lady got on the bus and at the time the fare was $2.25 and she paid $2.15 and told the driver that's all she had. The operator then told her about the fare policy and she pretty much went to go sit down after they exchanged a few choice words but this operator was so hell bent on getting her off he sat there for about 2-3 minutes and waved CPD down to remove her off. She eventually got off but not before she got her money's worth with the operator, I I among several other passengers got on the driver for doing that. Even though I wasn't an operator at the time I even knew what the correct protocol was for a situation like that. At the end of the day being an operator takes a toll on you but trying to set an example everytime will eventually get you in a tough spot that could of easily been avoided. During my training all three of my instructors made it clear to not have fare disputes with anyone, one went as far to say some Chicagoans have the "petty" gene and will literally try anything to trigger you while operating. This is CTAs equipment at the end of the day and I care more about transporting my passengers along with myself to there destination safely and back home in one piece to my family. $2.50 isn't worth your job,life or pride.
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    I do not this right place effective August 1 2020 to TBD between midnight and 4am Blue Line trains will not run between O'Hare and Rosemont to do extra cleaning of trains. according CTA L alert.
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    To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they do. Their buses always have black around the windows so it would make sense if they do that.
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    I don't know. But if they do , somehow I don't see CTA getting any buses with flushmounted windows
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    Yeah I've driven 87th myself in my bus, and it doesn't seem to have tons of ridership just around the red line and the shopping center. 3,4 and 79th would my concern. The #8 possibly but it would probably be hard to drive artics on it especially up north. Really with the amount of artics 77th has they should be helping out 74th, but that can't change without a bid change.
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    The buses are dark inside. They have a depressing purple lighting. Personally, I'm not impressed one bit with this service and wish they would just return the 270 to the way it was and forget the 250. Sadly, it'll never happen.
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    I'm surprised 21 needs artics with its proximity to the Pink Line . I imagine most of the crowd is West of Ashland. Even though the 12 has a shorter portion of the route that gets crowded, those WB buses go from empty ti full bt the tune ur leaves State Street. This route connects the siuth side rail lines with the Canal St shopping area, University of Illinois campus, University of Illinois hospitals, and the Juvenile Center. The crowding was to the point the 18 was rerouted to Roosevelt between Michigan and Halsted. Perhaps short turning 12s at Western could help. I know Cermak is a heavy commercial district between Damen and Kedzie and from Cicero to North Riverside. Maybe Pace should extend the 322 east to Kenton [ the Terminal for 54B and 302)
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    @YoungBusLover seen what u said about 1957 being hit. & for those of y'all that was wondering about 1629 here go the pics of that also at SS with a FG sticker
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    When I was in New York City in February I was at the Fulton St subway station complex outside the fare paid zone and I saw one of those fare card amount checkers so I started walking over to swipe my card but at the same time I could see a guy in the direction of the fare checker watching me out of the corner of his eye. I felt like he was trying to solicit something from me and when I was walking by he said “Yo excuse me sir!” I wasn’t in the mood to stop and also I was trying to get to a dinner near Penn Station, so I just kept walking because when I’ve done that in Chicago people just back off. The second I pass him I hear him go “Aw hell no!” and the next thing I know he’s got his phone out and is videoing me while almost chanting “I got you! I got you! You’re Instagram famous!” while I’m checking my balance and getting ready to pass through the turnstiles. I guess his popular little Instagram account doesn’t give him access to the subway system because the second I started heading towards the turnstiles for the A and C train platforms he started walking away while still shouting at me.
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    Yea I get that they was wrong for not properly securing they buses & not pulling over & for sitting idling & talking for 10 mins I just feel they should have been suspended & retrained
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    They was wrong for firing them dude swung on the driver first
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    Finally rode one today on the 307. The interior is from #20439 (or #20432, can’t remember.
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    Speculation is part of the fun of being in this forum. We know the 7000s have to go through a testing process . We know the Blue Lune O'Hare branch is in the middle of a power upgrade and Forest Park branch is in needs of a complete rebuild, but CTA must coordinate the latter with an IDOT rebuild of the Ike. Eventually we will see what happens, but speculation is still part of the fun.
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    Charters and Intercity buses are exempt, as is Universities for now. MCI has an electric model out there, however, that Flixbus has tested between Berkeley/SF and Sacramento.
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    The thing is i've been back there and seen some driven and parked back there in the bast 5 or 6 months just to sit and collect dust. None showed signs of damage or have any markings or tape related to legal issues other than #4167 which was recently moved a couple weeks back. Not only that but a few early #4300's have been sitting back there as well. I take a look at the artics that do show up and leave South shops on daily during my runs and i'm curious as to why there still back there not getting any work done while other #4000's and #4300's come in and receive maintenance and they don't.
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    Well they have another 3 or 4 years left in them if they can be maintained properly but judging by the amount I've that have been dormant at south shops in the boneyard for several months can only make me wonder "How long do they really have?".
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    I know Flxible #5643 and the Flxible that went to the Chicago Police are still around. Im sure Eddie Fisher can shed some light on this. I wonder if any others are still in existence.
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    I had heard that there was a bus fire years ago at the Archer/Harlem turnaround. That would make it a possibility that it may have been 5677. As for the 5300 thats still around, either 5643 or 5652 is at Chicago Avenue. I'm just not sure which one ;)
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    Here's a newspaper clipping and pictures of the wreck of #5530. As far as the others I'm not sure, but I know #5677 had a long period in the beginning where it was not in service. I always thought the bus had alot of problems (lemon) and they put it out of it's misery. The bus probably went down as the Flx #5300 with the least miles before being retired.
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    I guess that the one surprising item was that there was a number of C to K transfers in 2001, before the big swap (to get buses with preheaters to FG) in Nov. 2001. People in the K service area complained about the latter, but there was not much mention about the earlier.
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