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    They will get less work and last longer on the Brown Line rather than the Blue Line
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    Welp considering the increase in violation of guidelines, garage rumor and lack of moderation occuring here had to get a source that had more reliable members 🤔
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    I've read some people think the 157 should be extended further to Cicero/24th. Why? There are 3 other routes that use that turnaround (35. 54, and 60), with 2 of those routes being heavy routes. I don't think there's enough space for another route to terminate there. Notice the 54B DOESN'T TERMINATE there. Again. I don't think the ridership will support a permanent extension to Pulaski based on prior history. The Pink Line and 21 Cermak run parallel to the proposed 157 and serves the same area. As for Kedzie service north of Chicago, it's not necessary considering the nearby 82. Yes I know the current 52 and 82 run close between Chicago and Douglas, but that's a small 2 mile stretch. There are routes that run parallel to each other in close proximity like the 24 and 29. The difference here is that, because of the Dan Ryan Expressway, some riders that have to use the 24 because they don't have access to the 29. Other routes like the 1 were truncated because of low ridership being parallel to the 29 and the 3. Ridership has shown preference for the current 82 over any iterations of Kedzie service north of Chicago. I think the 52 and 94 changes will eventually become permanent. though I don't think the changes will draw Logan Square and Humboldt Park area riders to the Green Line. Even if some are initially drawn, I don't think they will find it an attractive alternative to the Blue Line.
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    I think the city missed a golden opportunity to convert what is now the 606 trail into a CTA rail line. It could have ran from Pulaski to the Blue Line and ran with the Blue Line to Racine, then to 54/Cermak. It could have been the new Pink Line. It certainly could have relieved some congestion on the Blue Line. Passengers at Western, California would have a better option. It would have needed 6 or 8 car trains though. Personally I would have liked to have extended it West to Brickyard and on the Cermak branch extended to N Riverside Mall. I think any idea of putting a new rail line on the 606 trail ( unless built underground) would be resisted. For now, we will see what happens with the 52 and 94 swap. I don't think it will steer people to the Green Line, but I do think it's a good operational move and will eventually become permanent.
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    Here's a video 👀 VID_20200108_092728.mp4
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    I know this way off but have a fun & safe New Year everyone & hope everybody win in 2020
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    I thought yellow was #1 😳😳
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    But as mentioned above, the less demanding operations of the Brown Line will help the cars. More downtime might equal more fixing and shop TLC too. And Blue Line riders have had more than their fare share of riding the 2600s for long periods of time. I rode them from mid 2012 to late 2013 and even then they were a bit worn unfortunately. But I'm sure people on this forum know the Blue Line has an equally vocal critic of the older rolling stock... Chronological. Run numbers are ordered by which run will end first in the day (for example, if run 309 ended before 308, you might actually see it head for the Blue Line first!).
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    I know. You went to the Chicago L group on Facebook to ask the same question I just answered for you.
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    Yes they do. They do Pink Line runs after that. Pay attention when you ride the Pink Line. You will see run #318 and #321 at around 8pm. Same goes for in the morning. When #308 and #309 come back to 54th, the operators of those trains do Pink Line runs.
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    All buses that operate route 147 are new flyers.
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    For the last part of your statement, I would want both NB/SB service to last an hour longer.
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    Those probably deadhead back to F via the Kennedy to Central and NB Central to Bryn Mawr. This is faster than running a full route to Jefferson Park.
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    There's a couple other TAs with that style, Detroit's DDOT and Maryland MTA for example. I definitely think they look better that way, I hope if CTA ever finally orders these buses, they'll have full length fins.
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    Welp here's the first of many to come. Credits go to the actual photographer that took this photo.
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    You get like 3 free articles to read, then after that the popups come asking you to subscribe. I've already reached my limit, thus I can't access that atticle.
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    I know, I was just explaining how 52 & 82 are close to one another. However, I was also going to point out that perhaps having it run to Logan Square daily wasn’t what I had in mind. Maybe extended to Logan on weekdays only, as a test pilot to determine if adding service on Kedzie better Logan Square Station and Chicago will prove to have been needed & beneficial or not.
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    Read and you'll find out why......
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    Correct. Over the Road.
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    California Ave. doesn't go straight through because of the train tracks north of Fulton. So the #94 buses normally turn west on Fulton to Sacramento. When the route gets extended this Spring, it will turn east from Sacramento to Chicago Ave. and then back north on California.
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    I feel like if this pilot is successful, then 52 and 52A can be merged into one route. This would reduce duplication on that stretch of Kedzie and save some service hours, and the full route would be only about 16 miles long.
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    Well, looks like I was right. Maybe time to call the 157 the Streeterville/Ogden now 😂
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    eBid Nashville auctioned eight bilevel cars in September 2019, which were owned by the Nashville RTA, the agency that oversees Music City Star. I don't know if anyone bought them, as the auction listing is expired. Apparently these never made it into service. Going back through Google Earth imagery, various bilevel cars were moved in and out of the bus depot location since 2004, including five that were in a flood in 2010. Those cars not stored there seem to have been at the Music City Star yard in Lebanon, which is at the Nashville & Eastern Railroad shop. Presumably, these were purchased for parts or planned expansion that never materialized. The original plan called for six additional lines and more service on the existing route. The spreadsheet posted by @Eric95 lists the eight car numbers as 7755, 7780, 7837, 7839, 7845, 7854, 7856, and 8762. If you go back to the April 2009 image on Street View, there are seven cars there. "V457" is visible on the car in RTA paint, which means that one would be 7854. If that's the correct number, there seems to be a discrepancy in the spreadsheet, which lists that car as going to "Army".
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    No. They go 119th to Peoria, 120th, and back north on Halsted. The last trip is actually a NB trip that ends at 79th and Perry and does a short deadhead to Wentworth. The 119th trips only operate when the 108 is operating.
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    Yes. There are a multitude of reasons. The route that irked me the most was the 301. Somehow, certain buses scheduled to depart from the Forest Park Terminal never arrive. So I wind up waiting for an hour for a route that has a 20 minute frequency. There no RR crossings affecting the EB trips. so I wonder why these trips don't show up. Some of the EB arrivals interline with something else, so either there are operational issues (accidents, breakdowns), or thre are shortages ( driver and/or equipment). Routes like 307. 311, and 353 can be affected RR crossings. The 307 and 311 have to cross a very busy BNSF RR which is the busiest Metra line AND a very busy freight and Amtrak route. The 353 crosses multiple freight tracks that intersect near a railyard near Riverdale and Dolton. Once I was on bus that was caught by 3 freight trains. Our follower, who was scheduled a half hour later, caught us at that crossing. Not to mention that the Homewood trips have to cross those UP tracks a second time. If the route you take is interlinked with a route notorious for delays, all bets are off. Sometimes Pace doesn't run the trips. Pace West still runs NABI buses from 2003 and 2005 which constitutes half of its fleet. Thus routes from that garage are more susceptible to maintenance issues, not to mention that Pace West also has the oldest of the Eldorado Axxess buses also. The arrival of New Flyers later this year will hopefully help.
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    Use the app Transit (iPhone/Android), its the most reliable of any app I've used so far, and they also have schedule data for when real-time isn't available for whatever reason. When I'm in Chicago, the Pace routes I usually end up taking are the 213, 352, 353 & 381 and while the 213 & 352 (if infrequent with the 213) is usually fine, the 353 can be wildly off-base sometimes and the 381 can be really off. Just last week, a EB bus wasn't scheduled to come for 28 mins at 95th & Western and it was one there in 3 minutes. However, take my experience with a grain of salt, I usually only ride these services ~10 times a year. Also keep in mind that when using real-time tracking, its been my experience that a bus isn't "coming in 2 mins" but rather its "2 minutes away" and that's actually and important distinction. But ultimately, it can often be the name of the game for public transit. I suggest leaving for work much earlier. In relation to your 307 and 311 routes, I'm assuming you live between Oak Park & Harlem? Depending on where you are in between those streets (because I'm also assuming you're taking these routes to the CTA train), it might be worth it finding an E/W route to use instead, like the 21, 302, 305 or 322, and seeing if those are more reliable instead to take to CTA. If you're in that section between North & Lake, you're probably better off going to Harlem all the time, as you have 3 buses along that route instead of just 1 on Oak Park
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    The only lost connection is to 208. I wouldn't count 234 because most of its trips interline with 209. Since 208 and 226 run parallel, a good portion of riders who currently transfer between the two at Des Plaines could have an alternate way to get close to their destination by transferring to one of the north-south routes instead.
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    No one ever said that though.
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    Aw I forgot K had Nova's
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    Reminds of when hearing the MANS getting on Lake Shore Drive at Belmont.
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    That is a cool photo! A better view would be taking the photo horizontally like I do to film my bus videos.
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    How do I post pictures I have pictures of the new electric buses
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    From 95th. Remember the 111 would be one route from Pulaski to Corliss. The interline would work similarly in the current 111 and 115, two routes with a common south terminal.
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    The DEIS for the Red Line South from 2015 lists the following changes: 9 Ashland extended to 103rd St Red Line 103 and 106 combined into a new route that operates along 103rd from Pulaski to Stony Island 108 Halsted/95th eliminated 111 and 112 combined into a new route that operates along 111th St from Pulaski to Corliss 115 would operate as a bi-directional loop line on 115th, Cottage Grove, 95th, and Vincennes 119 Michigan/119th would add a stop at the Michigan/116th Red Line station 348 would be extended to 130th St Red Line 353 would terminate at 130th St Red Line 30 would be extended to 130th St Red Line 352 would terminate at 111th St Red Line 359 would terminate at 111th St Red Line The bus plan developed for the DEIS was for modeling purposes, but probably gives some direction as to what may be considered in the future. One not mentioned on the list is the 34 being extended to 130th St Red Line, which seems like a no-brainer to me. I also think it would be useful for Pace to extend the 355, 358, and 364 from Hegewisch to 130th Red Line. Maybe even an extension of the new 103 further east to 112th and Ave B. The relevant document is at: https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/CTA_RLE_DraftEIS_AppH.pdf , page 75
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    Ain't none wrong with that broham you going to take care of business while enjoying ya ride
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    Part of the reason for poor owl service is the lack of funding CTA has been receiving over the last 50 years. When CTA has been forced into service cuts, owl service was always an easy target since there are fewer people who use it. At one time, Green Line had owl service, but due to extremely low ridership and proximity to the Red and Blue Lines, was deemed unneccessary. The routes that have partial route owl service serves the busiest portions of the routes. Personally I would like to see owl service on the Orange Line also, bu CTA has determined that there isn't enough demand to justify it yet, but the N62 is an alternative. CTA has started Orange Line service at 3:30 instead of 4:00. The last train leaving MDW is about 1a.m, so there's only 2 1/2 hours without service compared to 3 hrs for other lines. Now York City runs 24 hours o most of its service, but ridership justifies it. Here in Chicago, the Red Line runs 24 -7, bu 95th, 87th, 79th, 69th, 63rd, Garfield Chicago, Clark/Division, North/Clybourn, Belmont,Lawrence, and Howard have connecting owl bus service. The Blue Line also runs 24-7, with Pulaski, Western, Chicago, Division, Western,Belmont,and Jefferson Park with connecting owl bus service. People want the service, but don't want higher fares, don't want higher taxes, and don't use the existing services enough to warrant increases. Demand is why Red Line owl service is every 15 minutes instead of the 30 minutes on the Blue Line.
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    The only problem with your rationale is that usually the Orange and Brown Lines run compatible or similar equipment. Because sometimes these lines are combined into a single route, you would have to train those operators on 2 sets of equipment and they are NOT compatible with each other.
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    It seems irrational for CTA to move the 5000s around unless the Blue, Brown and Orange have been fully converted from high performance (2600/3200s) cars, unless the blue line's 5000s would be moved to one of the five lines whose fleets are pure 5000s.
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    The same way you do when you drive a car on the dashboard 😊👍🏽
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    Man that's nice & I was like woah low miles compared when I was on 1469 when it was on the 94 it had 751k & ain't you a driver out of 03 cuz soon I will be joining you I'm already knowing I'm gone start off at 7 with one of the fellas I went to grade school with he been there over a year now
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    I was being respectful I wasn't trying to disrupt anything mybad I thought since it was bout buses it belong here since it was buses in the pic
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    Wow just like how the charcoal paint the 2400s had. It was never paint at all. It was just part of it!
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    What time was this? It may be that Blue Line train with the Pink Line run number that ends at Jefferson Park.
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    How about a garbage can
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    Let me be the first to congratulate and thank you for that great video. History in the making, right here on the Chicago Transit Forum! Great job!!!
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    "1289 but someone by 79th red line" isn't very helpful information
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    So far they have only identified general corridors, not specific termini. There’s no reason to believe the routes wouldn’t go there. As those are listed as long-range plans, we probably won’t find out for a few decades, if ever.
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