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    I hate impatient cherry pullers so much. It's just so inherently selfish, you've now inconvienced everyone else on the bus who had just as valid a reason of riding as you. The worst ones are the people trying to make a transfer they know they can't make, like no, you're not about to be able to jaywalk all 6 lanes of Stony Island, should've just stayed on the bus and let it take you across instead of risking your life.
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    Yea I feel you bro. It’s something about the attic buses where passengers just don’t have the patience for the back doors to open lol. One of the reasons why I left 103rd was to get completely away from artics lol.
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    I definitely agree with this plan of action the most. Especially considering looking at the ridership stats (Sept 2020 most recent) and see routes like the 53 climb to #4 on the list (previously I don't think it's made higher than #6 or #8) and seeing the 79 still reign #1 (since the late 1990s) even though it's ridership has been slashed nearly in half since Sept 2019 (655k riders vs 315k riders)
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