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    Can someone else who actually knows the answer explain? I believe I saw just one instructor with those 3 buses. 2 from Kedzie and 1 from Chicago. Could it be that 2 operators from Kedzie and 1 operator from Chicago is training? (Let me know if I answered my own question or if I'm wrong lol) EDIT: If you're just going to answer simply "because they can", why are you here? Only speak if you know what you're talking about. This forum is for sharing detailed info about the inner workings of our transit systems AND providing proof of your claims.
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    oh the humanity it's the end of the world as we know it
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    I hope that doesn't happen. I don't want to see another woe is FG/Northwest side post/rant.
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    Midday storage of rush hour buses rather than returning them to garages.
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    I would hope not. I'm at the perfect height where if I sit in the high floor portion of the bus, my view out a hopper window is perfectly obstructed. That's one reason I love the 8325's and am looking forward to the Proterras.
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    From the registration that is the original 6400 which never entered service and has remained a mechanical trainer.
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    For all the hoopla and planning you would think they would have been completely ready to go on this. This has been in the wish list pipeline for 20+ years. It is being rushed through because someone has an agenda on it. It is an overhyped overspent covered up service DECREASE since it is not servicing ALL of the people on Milwaukee Ave equally. To spend money on what is nothing more than an elaborate bus stop, required wrapping (or painting) signal preemption (which wont help you in rush hour with the traffic leading up to said signals) is a waste on something that could be better spend on other projects. There will be some that MIGHT ride this and be happy, but IMO the majority of of passengers will be disserviced in some way.
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    Probably 3. 1-Pay of the run picked. Old timers tend to pick runs that make the most money. 2-Route itself. Many drivers prefer to operate certain routes over others whether it be how busy its is, traffic patterns where it goes, etc. 3-Time of day. Believe it or not, many operators will actually choose night runs over day runs. Probably mostly because it is more laid back if you can handle the stress of working the night. Others will choose early day runs to be done early. Others will pick the split runs for $$$ as well as the time off in the middle. There is no form and the rookies really do generally get the crap left over.
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    Here you go again making an unsubstantiated claim about a perceived group of people that you don’t like. If what you described happens, it wasn’t implemented properly. That doesn’t mean the whole concept is bad.
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    If I see an EZ Rider on 307 or 311 when these Morton HS kids in Berwyn leave school for the day imma laugh. I hated how the 35' NABIs out of the poor choice of the driver to use this bus for his run, would even use it knowing there's less space for standing. The bus would get packed full of immature Morton kids. I can tell you this cause I just graduated out of there lol On 311 it's pretty bad cause lots of them get left behind as well. Before I started taking 307, which was faster and less packed, I would leave school as soon as the bell rang and try to walk as much north past Cermak as possible before everyone else goes 1st than me so I can get a good seat. It was so bad freshman year that one time on a half day (and I don't even know why i did this) but the bus was really late and I ended up walking from Cermak & Oak Park ALL THE WAY TO I-290! That's when I realized that I need an alternate route LOL
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    To add to that, CTA President Dorval Carter said at the most recent board meeting that the Forest Park branch is a priority but will be worked on last.
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    CTA is currently working on the power upgrades between O'Hare and downtown. The upgrades should be completed by the time the 7000s are slated to arrive in 2021. As for the Forest Park branch, I don't know if that is a power issue or a weight issue or both with the 5000s, as the track condition is terrible. A complete rebuild of that branch is necessary. However, CTA is trying to wait on IDOT to determine how it will reconstruct the Eisenhower Expressway to coordinate reconstruction of the Forest Park branch of the Blue Line. That could possibly include an extension to Manheim Rd in Hillside.
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    Yeah that's an update. If it's not an update for you, then there are no updates at this time. This is info that was shared at the most recent board meeting which was about 4 days ago. They said no work is being done at Navy Pier or Midway yet but showed photos of construction at Chicago & Austin for the super chargers that they barely started. I've also been at Midway and there is no construction at this time. Again if that's not an update for you, you're ungrateful.
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    METX F59PHI 94 is now painted and ready to be delivered to Metra property. These are the ones I was referring to a while back that supposedly will be overhauled before delivery. 95 and 96 should follow.
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    Jefferson Park can handle the volume. Back in the day, what is now the Blue Line terminated there, as did all but one of the current routes (91 Austin) plus the 40 O'Harexpress, 56A North Milwaukee (this was in addition to the 270) 64 Foster Lawrence (essentially, the current 81W plus a Foster component), 209 DesPlaines/Woodfield, Greyhound, and higher frequency on 88 Higgins, 68 Northwest Highway, and 85A North Central. Everyone who now rides the Blue Line past Jeff Park got off there and took a bus to continue their trip. It was fine. It will be fine now, too.
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    The top will NEVER admit to making a mistake, whether there is proof of it or not. Funny, all those Pulse pictures and amazingly not a soul around to ride them. The inside of those buses with the purple tone is dark and depressing.
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    I, personally, am not of the mindset that government is supposed to wholly act/operate like a business nor should it be held to a higher standard, (certainly a different one) but we've significantly derailed from the topic at hand and I'm not sure how many different ways I can explain this to you: Without any form of notice or reason as to why TSP and stations aren't finished, there is currently no good reason (or at least a good enough reason) why the line should have opened without said features, especially considering all the traditional features of BRT (bus-only lanes, off-board fare payment, etc) weren't being implemented. And as I have also said before, I'm happy to be wrong about this, but you haven't provided anything that shows this, so I'll continue to stand by what I said until I find information that says otherwise.
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    The instructor might have told the trainee that we are going to train on the cermak route that's just like I see NP buses training on FG routes & seen buses from all of the garages training on C training lot they do whatever they want too
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    Forgive the dumb question from the expat-Chicagoan, but what is so interesting about this picture?
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    It should be. It's not like this project was done in phases I'm willing to give leeway to the train stations, but @chicagocubs6323 & @andrethebusman are correct, they've had more than enough time to at least have all the stations completed, TSP aside. I'd be more forgiving if they released a statement that said TSP isn't working/currently undergoing testing/etc but we don't even have that
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    It’s 215 that’s go to Jefferson Park, not 213. I believe the 641 will run every 30 minutes.
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    Take a walk under some of the UP North bridges. They're in terrible condition. My favorite is Wrightwood Ave., where you can see the sun on a bright summer day. The UP also had crews welding new flanges at the bottom of some bridges in Rogers Park. Get off at the Lunt side & you can see them. Other than Addison [1960 or so], Peterson [concrete with steel supports] or Emerson [1960 or so] in Evanston, they're all rusting away. And the Emerson bridge is so rusted on the outside, Evanston tried to force the UP to paint it or let students paint it & they refused.
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    More and more PACE is looking like a Three Stooges outfit. Milwaukee Pulse seems to gone off half cocked, who knows when North Shore Phase 2 will happen. Pace turning into The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight???
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    The grey parts are primer, the paint job isn't yet complete. Don't know why it left the shop early.
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    Yes, if they're numbered in order it should be the Amtrak 456.
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    What did you find that could break off?
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    I've seen photos of 99 waiting to be picked up by CSX, and someone close to Metra told me they're being rebuilt. Still have no idea what facility, just know it's down south.
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    METX 99 has been shipped off for rebuild. 98 should follow eventually.
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    Whenever those who put the hard work to maintain them get time from stuff like jobs and everyday family life. Though you're welcome to start one up too if the update happening soon is important enough for ya.
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