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    #130 is actually taking you to the forbidden zone which is east of LSD. So it promotes naughtiness. Besides the museums are closed. The #10 and #130 dont make sense to run now but the #124 dont make too much sense either. At least someoner can use it downtown.
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    Its news to me. Theres been so much talk about corona, we forget theres still a whole other world out there to explore.
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    Non since 10 is bidirectional and has an even schedule throughout the day vs the 192/j14 setup which is using 192 to make the cost of rush hour extras cheaper
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    If you mean letters like FS, J, and L, LA, those are I believe commuter lines for AC Transit. VanHool models are A first Teansit, CX and TX for motorcoaches. The TDX is the double decker motorcoach. Alexander Dennis builds the double decker transit buses. ABC Companies sells new VanHool abd Alexander Dennis products in the U.S.
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    Alexander Dennis is the only company that I know that makes doubledecker transit buses. VanHool makes transit buses and highway double deck coach buses, but not transit DDs. Although they don't make "commuter " coaches like MCI or Prevost. many charter companies use VanHool coaches for commuter and Line runs. Coach USA's Van Galder and Wisconsin Coach Lines used MCI coaches on its services from Wisconsin to O'Hare and Midway while Coach USA Indiana (Airport SuperSaver) primarily used VanHool ciaches with some MCIs mixed in
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