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    I’ve been a good girl on here lately! 😜
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    According to the Chicago "L" group on Facebook, that train was sent to Midway for wheel truing.
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    Depends.... Garmon has to be careful if it's on private property. Even if he's photographing from the streets, he can get in trouble with CTA personnel. I'm sure there's lots of people roaming down there.
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    New York? New Yooork? The same New York that has Galaxy's, RTS Nova and other cool relics still chugging along?
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    How will they get the money for all these buses? That sounds like a tall order in itself. Then you have to wonder about the cold. Reports claim the range of an electric car can be up to 40 percent less in the cold. Then does ice and snow have anything to do with charging issues if charging outside? We can get some pretty extreme weather here. I think it's kind of bold to make a statement saying you will have a full fleet of them. Personally I don't see it. I think alternate fuels may have more promise. Like I would believe Pace will have an all cng fleet by then. Electric vehicles are the rage though. Chevy claims it wants go build all electrics in its line of cars.
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    Pretty cool place! I went there last year for fire dept training. Learning the emergency features on both buses and trains and how to deal with emergency situations
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    Training for bus servicers not operators. 8325's will hit the road once they're all programmed and sent to their assigned garage.
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    My current project, Making a Flxible Metro E with CTA specs.