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    Last week, they were filming some sort of TV show or movie using 4 2600's on the NSML. They were running on track 1, back and forth between Wilson and Morse. The head car had its right side windows papered over with some sort of green screen. Perhaps these were the four seen in laid up in the Howard Yard recently? I have attached some photos below. (Also on a side note-- anyone know what they may have been filming?)
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    Since you said that Iā€™m looking forward to the show
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    It's quite possible 1088 will be back. And it's not necessarily 50/50 either. 1147 smacked a guardrail on Western just a couple of years ago when it was still assigned to 74th. CTA could have said oh it's close to retirement age for this bus so just retire it. But they fixed the front end damage and it's now still chugging along as a current 103rd assigned bus. I guess the approximate $500-600 million CTA invested to rehabbed the full series not too many years before that dictates they just don't casually throw buses away that can be repaired after investing at least a half billion bucks in keeping their series running more years until they secure capital funds for replacements.
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    The only changes so far are 205 withdrawn and replaced by 208 (E-W part) and 213 (N-S part) with some rush hour changes to 206 to serve Evanston Township High School. The 208, 213 changes took place on Aug 11th, the 205, 206 changes took place on Sep 4th.
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    Riding the orange line a majority of my life I've seen just about everything on it except the 2200's and 5000's but I do question the durability of the 2600's that are left on the orange line at this point in time, some are beginning to show there age with bad heating,poor lighting and dare I say considerably slower travel times in non slow zones of the orange line. One train (usually I board the front car) I remember being on earlier this week seemed to struggle getting up the 18th street incline and the operator nearly came to a complete crawl of about 5 mph and she seemed a little baffled by it. Once we made it past the incline she could barely get the train to crack 30 mph with all that going on I see #1542 speed by heading southwest and I'm thinking to myself damn maybe taking the bus would of been the better option.
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    I still think no part of the city is being favorited. People just worked up over trivial matters far as this is concerned, I just laid out that Red was never really a winner over blue as much as ppl convince themselves šŸ™„šŸ˜‚
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    I cannot accept this unsubstantiated topic. It is hearby locked.
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    Put extra 5000s at Howard so that extra 5000s can go to 54th so that some can be put on blue? I can't say that I can make sense of that statement. Before they said anything about power, it was just (from what I observed) speculations, accusations and the same old "CTA lays siege to the NW side, NW is CTA's dumping ground" talking points of before. Now, there is a clear reason as to why the blue can't continuously have the latest equipment and from there you can establish a tentative timeline to where service can be comparable with the rest of the city*. FG is no longer exclusively 6400s, there are shoeboxes and 7900s present, there is a goal of bringing the blue line to the modern age, I just don't see what all the outrage accomplishes. As a veteran of this forum, you should know better than I that these things just take time. I'm sure everything will be up to snuff soon *Happy to be wrong if someone has more pertinent/correct info than I do
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    This year you can look for Mayhem instead of the cyclops Elmo. Should be easier to locate.
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    The Holiday Train now features LED signs that replaced the ones that are usually on the sides of the train. The interior now has a red floor as well. Photos are taken from the Chicago Tribune
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    Let's see. The Red Line South was in total disrepair and needed to be rebuilt, in part, because it was affecting North Side service as well. It also had a bunch of 2600s. But I suppose you think the south Siders should've kept them. The Green Line reopened in 1996 with ALL 2400s, which were the 2nd oldest cars in the fleet at that time, behind only the 2200s. Before the shutdown, the Green Line was saddled with the 2000s,which were even older than the 2200s. I suppose the West Siders shouldn't have new equipment either. The Brown Line was still running 6000s before retirement. Are Brown Line riders not entitled to newer equipment? Remember both the Brown and Orange were also passed over for 5000s. Add in the fact the Orange Line lost all of their 3200s to your Blue Line. But I guess it's okay for the southwestsiders to have them. The entire CTA system was dilapidated. With limited resource CTA has had to prioritize which projects were most urgent. While the Blue LineO'Hare branch did get some work, other lines needed the most attention, period. Now it's time for the Blue to get the attention.