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    Here's a better shot, same cars
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    They were part of a Seattle order not delivered to Seattle, but I assume already in production. Delivery started six months after the order was placed. The straight clean-diesel were $157,000 cheaper per bus but I do not think that was the reason. From Tribune on 5/12/2012 "Calling it too good of a deal to pass up, the CTA board on Wednesday approved the purchase of 100 new accordion-style buses, averaging $800,000 each, that were left over from a contract initiated by the Seattle transit system. The CTA will pay New Flyer Industries Inc.$80.1 million for the 67 clean-diesel buses and 33 diesel-electric hybrid buses. The 60-foot articulated buses were part of an order for up to 715 buses that King County Metro Transit in Seattle agreed to buy from New Flyer. The CTA will use federal and local funds." "The CTA is paying $740,000 for each of the 67 diesel buses and $897,000 for each of the 33 hybrid buses, CTA spokeswoman Molly Sullivan said. The purchase from New Flyer includes spare parts and extended warranties, she said." https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2012-05-10-ct-met-cta-buses-0510-20120510-story.html
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    I just asked him what he meant and Pace831 come out of nowhere and just attacks me for no good reason. Am I not allowed to ask something in a shorter form because I am "nitpicking and posting irrelevant things"?
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    I was asking what it was or what he meant. There's no need for you to harass me if I'm not offending anyone here. It's funny you're accusing me of nitpicking if you're the one nitpicking.
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    You took long to respond just to come up with a salty response? No one cares anymore. The conversation already ended.
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    Well at least they all have Ventra cards!
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    I do find it dumb to do it at Washington/Wabash. Who's attention are you even getting? The ones who already agree with you? There's no point and they're just being annoying so to speak.
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    These are revenue service cars that are equipped with sleet fighting capabilities. They use de-icing liquid to remove sleet from the third rail and keep trains running safely.
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    Let me be the first to congratulate and thank you for that great video. History in the making, right here on the Chicago Transit Forum! Great job!!!
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    In that case all is forgiven. Please don't come attacking / defaming me or my discord group again for dumb arguments like this. Just because you had a bad experience on there (I thought we cleared this up civilly already) doesn't mean you bring it onto this forum because of a small thing.
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    It could depend on what's available at a particular given time. Perhaps when K requested a bus, 74th only had Novas that just came off the street available. Based on that, Novas might have been the only spares they had at that time. It sounds like this could've happened at or near the height of the p.m. rush hour. Seems like C, which is the closest to K, didn't have any spares. North Park probably only had artics available, which means 74th was the next available garage. It could be that other garages had spares, but 74th had someone available to drive the bus to K, and a Nova was the next bus in a short line to get out. Since buses are usually lined up bumper to bumper, there's no opportunity to cherry pick. If there are 5 buses in a line, and buses1 and 5 are Novas, why do extra maneuvers to get a New Flyer from the middle of the pack? Grab the first bus and go.
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    Testing has begun! Here's car 7006 with (presumably) its mate 7005 on the test tracks outside CRRC in Hegewisch. Sorry about the quality, wanted to get it posted here asap.
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    The city used to charter buses on Saturdays to do tours of different neighborhoods. One Saturday, a man in a wheelchair handcuffed himself to the right side mirror of the bus. Most motorcoach mirrors are attached to the frame near the bottom right corner of the windshield. Transit buses and some motorcoaches (Setra and Volvo 9700s and some VanHools have mirrors mounted from the top of the bus and hang down. Anyway, this man handcuffs himself to the mirror arm so the bus couldn't move. He had this planned out. Even a news crew, I believe WGN, showed up with cameras. The purpose was to make these Saturday tours ADA accessible. The city complied, but to my recollection, bot one person used a wheelchair for the tours afterwards. The man ended the charade after the police came to remove him. IIRC, they did arrest him, but I don't know what became of that arrest.
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    I forgot to mention sometimes the buses Wi-Fi disconnects periodically. 6363 and 6364 and including more buses happens to disconnect periodically. And i would've loved to tell you but unfortunately about 2 weeks ago i accidentally uninstalled 20 apps including my note pad. So i lost everything i wrote in that app.
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    Just to let you know, 1088 is Back, it's on the 103, I saw it on Bustracker
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    The photo caption gave enough information for me to figure it out by looking at Google Earth imagery. There is an image from nine days after the photo was taken, which shows those two cars as well as ten more at the WSOR shops just to the north. Those ten are presumably the ones that were moved to Horicon a few months later. 8722 and its mate were probably stripped of parts for the others. They were still nearby as of the latest imagery, dated March 16, 2018. This is further evidence that WSOR got all their cars from MTDX, so I will add them to the list with an "unconfirmed" note. The buyer was named as Dan Behr Associates, not MTDX. This prompted me to look up Dan Behr's LinkedIn profile, which mentioned involvement with Ottawa Railcar, Inc. in Ottawa, IL. I then recalled that there were once two bilevel cars there. Searching rrpicturearchives revealed that they were 8730 and 8731. They disappeared between 2013 and 2015. LinkedIn also has the following entry about MTDX: A few more tidbits I discovered: Golden Pacific had 7900 according to this entry. It was not specified as an MTDX car but I would guess it probably was. Gettysburg RR leased an MTDX bilevel around 2001. According to Alexander D. Mitchell IV on the RYPN forum, it was repossessed to MTDX for failure to pay the lease. Delaware River Railroad Excursions in Phillipsburg, NJ has three bilevels; unknown numbers; unknown if they came from MTDX. Thanks again! You gave me some good leads.
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    Ooh, thanks, I'll update my own list with that info. I don't have an exact location - my only evidence was this picture, taken in 2006. Couldn't make out the number on the second car, but it seems likely they're both scrapped at this point. Nope, MTDX - I've attached a PDF to this post, found while combing through old VRE board meeting proceedings, that show these five were sold to Dan Behr, who of course was the owner of MTDX. Whether MTDX was actually still active as a company, I don't technically know, but if nothing else, Mr. Behr was apparently still interesting in gathering rolling stock. Noting it as abandoned was probably an error on my part - the Bensenville location was probably taken from whenever I found this photo on Flickr of the former 8744 in WSOR paint. In terms of their path to WSOR, I'm really not sure - the older spreadsheet that I started from (dated around 2006 and of completely unknown source, though it has turned out to be *mostly* accurate) lists some of those cars having gone to Carrizo Gorge, and a couple having been at Northern Rail, which later went bankrupt and went through some whole fiasco with the bilevels destined for VRE that I never really sorted out. VRE 0710 Sale to D Behr.pdf
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    I rode 3407 last week on the Blue Line.
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    The punctuation keys are nice sometimes...
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    There's no proof of that. The operator claimed that he was given permission according to recordings of the radio transmissions after the accident but he could've just said that to avoid penalty. There is no proof yet whether he was given permission or not. I told you this on Facebook and you keep telling everyone fake facts.
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    That doesn't necessarily mean their 8325's are just in long term storage, does it? We don't know why they're all lined up or why they've seldom been used in service recently, perhaps they will be traded off, happy to be wrong but right now it isn't really safe to say they won't be running any time soon.
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    Wraps on new buses.....meh. Shame PACE isn't running any ACTUAL historical buses Don't they have a few Orion 1's at south shops ?? and Fishbowl Nortran 460 ??? Would be cool to see those old dogs running around Dave
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    That may be why most videos are posted to YouTube and then embedded here. YouTube provides the viewer, while just uploading the video leaves you at the mercy of whatever viewer program is on the user's PC or device. For instance , it looked o.k. to me, but I was using a tablet.
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    It's @maths22 tracker, so that shouldn't be too ha4d to figure out. In fact, click on the green box in the preceding sentence.
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