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    If it were that simple the CTA would have done it a long time ago but its not.
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    Yea it does that all the time. Off topic but aren't you that foamer that made the video screaming overhyping the 3200s on the Blue Line?
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    Why are you yelling? He was agreeing with you, he said he hadn't seen 5600s on Pink Why are you yelling? Look/Read carefully at what you both said You: "Maybe it came from green because Green/Pink switch cars and Green/Red do switches to thatโ€™s how couple 5600โ€™s landed up on green " Him: "It can be either or. 5001-5050 are technically 54th Av's cars. It could've went Pink to Green to Red; I haven't seen any 5600s on the Pink Line yet." He provided a possible counterpoint, while also saying that you were correct You: "5600โ€™s on GREEN not pink" Completely missing what he said, and then a little bit unnecessary with it. Him: "I literally just said I have not seen 5600s on the Pink Line ๐Ÿ˜’" Agreeing with you again /Conceding the point again You: "I literally said twice now YOU WILL SEE 5600โ€™S ON GREEN NOT PINK" Now you're just being rude
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    Cermak (22nd Street) was originally #22 in the original scheme. 21 was Fulton/21st. Clark/Wentworth was Thru-Route 22, which was a different series, and local Clark and Wentworth cars were considered 2, This was soon seen as a problem. So Cermak became 21, Clark/Wentworth kept 22, and Fulton/21st was renumbered 15, which had been its old Thru-route number. This is also why Canal-Wacker bus became 15, as it partially replced the Fulton/21st carline.
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    The mask has come off! Look at what Uber states in its initial public offering document. [url=https://jalopnik.com/uber-finally-admits-its-directly-competing-with-publi-1834009027]Jalopnik[/url] [url=https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/25/tech/uber-public-transportation/index.html]C N N {!}[/url] [url=https://48hills.org/2019/05/ubers-plans-include-attacking-public-transit/]48 Hills [San Francisco][/url] [url=https://prospect.org/article/ridesharing-versus-public-transit]Prospect .org[/url] Uber (& by extension, Lyft) are attacking public transportation. If I can temporarily set to abeyance the element about persons earning lower income being crumpled by increasing 'rideshare' operations; what would happen if public transportation ceased operation on the routes where rideshare operators literally and physically slowed down the operation of transit vehicles on that avenue and at that time? I believe more single (or dual) occupancy vehicles is not a valid transit alternative. In Chicago's case, the Authority should bellow, "Riding a #22 Clark bus costs $2.25 regardless of when and where you board it. Can Uber or Lyft give a more definitive price on what it will cost at a specific time of day {or night}?"
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    Thinking about the 6400 situation at FG, it reminded me of when WMATA did something similar with their Metrobus Virginia operations. Important to note, while CTA routes tend to be longer than WMATA ones, WMATA has a much bigger service area (almost 3 times the size if my rough calculations were correct) Years ago (before 2008, I believe), WMATA had three VA garages, Four Mile Run (F), Arlington (A) and Royal Street (R) (which are all about as close together as 74th, 77th & 103rd). Together, these garages served every Metrobus route in VA and they were all served exclusively by Orion VIIs. Now, the Orion VIIs Metrobus had weren't that old, certainly not as old as CTA's 6400s, but bar a small amount based out of Bladensburg (B), the only other CNG garage in the system in DC, every single Orion VII would serve in VA. Some might make it out, only to get sent right back next pick. This was the system for quite a while; things didn't change until 2008, when Arlington closed and West Ox (V) opened (think closing Chicago and then opening a garage out in Downers Grove). Still, the Orion VII dominance, persisted; it wasn't until some people in DC got fed up with how the DE35LFA's were allocated that they got sent to West Ox and Shepard Pkwy (DC garage that deals with a lot of small, windy, neighborhood routes). This became the system, from about 2008-2014. Meanwhile, older Orion VIIs in DC got sent to VA as WMATA had the C40LFs rehabbed and Orion Vs started the retirement process. Around 2015-2017, the C40LFs and some Orion VIIs are replaced with XN40s. This is about where CTA is with the 6400s, as not all of the Orion VIIs are gone. They've been consolidated between Bladensburg and the last original VA garage, Four Mile Run. Royal Street closed in 2014 and it's replacement, Cinder Bed Rd opened this year (think closing 103rd and opening a a garage in Homewood or Flossmoor. Funnily enough, the Orion Vs were being retired during this time, the only ones left were at garages with heavy maintenance shops, Bladensburg & Landover, until after a while, a bunch got reactivated and sent to Cinder Bed Rd. Cue complaints about VA having the oldest buses in the fleet (nevermind that some of the Orion VIIs were being replaced with fresh out the shops XN40s). For posterity, here are the buses in VA as of this point in time (circa 2016-2017ish) DE35LFA / West Ox (VA), Shepard Pkwy (DC) / 8-9 years old Orion VII (35ft/40ft) / Four Mile Run (VA), Bladensburg (DC) / 10-12 years old Orion V / Cinder Bed Rd (VA), Bladensburg (DC), Landover (MD) / 16-17 years old Now, in modern times, more XN40s have come, and WMATA has also been able to expand the fleet in general, and also make some managerial decisions to alleviate concerns: A significant amount of MD buses, primarily DE40LFAs and a few XDE40s, from Landover & Montgomery garages, got relocated to West Ox and/or Cinder Bed Rd Shepard Pkwy, a DC garage, is located fairly close to where the southern portion of the Beltway crosses from MD into VA and vice versa. Some VA routes that end/begin near the Beltway on the VA side got transferred there. Metroway (our BRT) was even even run from here temporarily). Shepard Pkwy has Xcelsiors (both 40 & 60 ft), some of the last NABIs ever made and older Restyled BRT flyers. The relocation of garages in VA. Before 2008, all 3 VA garages were located fairly close to DC and urban centers in VA, but WMATA routes ran much farther than that. Aside from cheaper land, WMATA was able to dramatically reduce deadhead costs, as many routes were/are peak-directional, and would now end near a garage instead of having to return half of the way back. 4MR is still centrally located, but Cinder Bed Rd & West Ox (a weekday only garage incidentally) are at the far end of WMATA's service area, making it easier to dispatch and accept buses. Eventually, the 6400s will be gone (or maybe even moved to 77th) and then we'll speculate on what'll replace the 1000s, which I do believe is the largest single order of buses in the US, except maybe something from NY? It'll be interesting to see if we get 1000 of the same bus or many different manufacturers (especially since CTA will put out a bid that all 4 manufacturers can bid on) Thanks for coming to my TED talk!
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    1197 and 98 were from 77th ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
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    1052-1053 103rd>K 1054-1055 103rd>C 1197-1198 103rd>K 1791-1792 FG>NP 1800 FG 1801-1803 FG>C
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    ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ I drove those 8000's from 74th from 2016 to 18 so unless they been mishandled since then that wouldn't be a problem at all for me lol.
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    Aw ok I had always found that strange I was thinking since they was the same swap for something different but got ya
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    I just joined the group and saw this post. I used to work in Gary so I can answer this, if it hasn't already. The Chance Coach low-floor Opus buses were numbered 2007-2011. I've attached photo of coach 2007 from the factory prior to delivery. Numbers 2001-2005 were 16-passenger ADA vans that were used on low-ridership routes. At one point, they did have Orions that was leased from the Utah Transit Agency. But I don't have any photos of it. Hope this helps
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    I'll swap the download link in the first post to a link to the source files in a bit. Some day I'd really like to continue the project, but I've gotten involved with so many other projects lately that until I finish some of them, I won't have much time for this one. If anyone here wants to help contribute to this, and is familiar with how to contribute to a GitHub project, I would definitely welcome additional help, although multi-person collaboration on RailWorks projects is not the easiest task in existence. EDIT: The source is uploading now and the first post has been updated with links. Hopefully some other people can help out with the project! I still hope to return to it some day.
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    Summer pick/schedule goes into effect this Sunday June 16th.
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    Zones J through M were consolidated on July 15, 2018. The โ€œincreaseโ€ was due to trips from former zones K and M now being included in the statistic for Zone J.
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    He knows that but he has not seen the 5600's on the Pink Line, so why do you need to talk about the Green Line, when we all know there are 4 groups of them there?
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    Which is part why I preferred that the chargers be place at terminals where the buses could run on multiple routes (Midway, 95th, Cicero/24th Pl, Union Station, 47th Red, etc) but I think part of the reason is long-distance, high-performing routes is where they want to see if the buses could perform
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    These are becoming very similar to the old wire-dependent trolley buses, you notice? Can only run on certain routes with chargers.
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    This is the bus at Chicago. The charger for the new flyer is not the same as the Proterra charger. The bus came with its own "rescue vehicle" a Chevy pickup truck with a charger strapped to the bed, it's the only way to charge the bus. This bus is still Proterra property. Demo only. They aren't even doing training on this bus because its "old technology". The tech is moving so fast in electric technology that after 6 to 12 months it's obsolete.
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    Iโ€™ll agree for the time being, but the issue of Kendall County joining the RTA should be revisited if/when the line actually gets built.
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    That may be why most videos are posted to YouTube and then embedded here. YouTube provides the viewer, while just uploading the video leaves you at the mercy of whatever viewer program is on the user's PC or device. For instance , it looked o.k. to me, but I was using a tablet.