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    Better pictures I just taken 👍🏾
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    Math stay down like McDonald's ice cream machine
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    Since Chicago-l.org or no place else has pictures of the stations in the Milwaukee subways. I checked them out. Not bad looking good. The stations before were so bad now they shine. They rehabbed the old escalators. (Probably a mistake) as Chicago is out for maintenance again. Escalators are 60 years old. They look like antiques. Heres some photos. I like the yellow stair risers at Grand. Chicago just uses the standard red ones that are original to the stairs. The station platform lights seem to be the same ones they are using at Logan square and belmont blue line stops.
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    Those aren't loans. Those are buses that were at South Shops for maintenance. As stated before, it the present home garages don't retrieve them in time after maintenance is completed, 77th which sits on the same land as the South Shops maintenance shops will send them out on runs for PM rush. This is a years long practice.
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    I wonder what was the purpose of ordering another 10 buses? They look the same as the other 76. The nabis are already gone, so they really dont need them. Wait until the 2021 budget year starts there really gonna have a surplus then.
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    Elk Grove, California which provides additional commuter service to (Downtown) Sacramento.
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    it’s back up and running
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    There still would be the question of people on the platform for pics... no social distancing.... maybe/maybe not wearing masks. I would think it'll be cancelled for safety measures. The positivity rate is at 5.4% in Illinois and we're only in October. Danger point is at 5%.
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    hopefully fixed later today
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    True. In fact, the old-school seats such as the Freedman Angel and the American Seating (AMSECO) 6468 were eventually discontinued. At AMSECO, the default seat choice is now the InSight Classic (it was just called InSight when the CTA and Pace ordered the buses that they were installed in) - the same design as the ones in the current 30-foot Eldos and most of the 1000-series CTA New Flyers.
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    Oh ok. I saw it in passing and i wasn't able to get a pic to get a look at what model it was. Thanks artthouwill.
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    In hindsight the federal government failed to build a railroad infrastructure for passenger trains alongside with the highway system. The railroads have historically claimed passenger services were losing them money. Railroad after Railroad eitger abandoned passenger services, went broke, or merged with another railroad. Its the reason Amtrak exists today, though it is a big money loser. I do think high speed rail service on exclusive r.o.w. like Acela would be profitable. This country is prehistoric compared to other countries. If the railroads could, they wouldn't allow Amtrak service Either..
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    The 7000s are another step closer to running in passenger service. They were testing at Bryn Mawr today.
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