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    I agree, its embarrassingly bad. Instead of trying to make a modern bus look vintage, they should have adapted these liveries to fit on a modern bus. If this is the route they are taking, I'm not looking forward to the others... Here is a rendering of a West Towns ElDorado that I made during my free time. (I based it off 776) Its a very simple livery, I'm curious to see how Pace will botch it.
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    Traveled out to Joliet today to get a photo of their Heritage wrap. Here it is. I guess it looks alright. I wish they had put the red around the front like the original.
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    I almost want to say “this is why we need an elected board, but that may not any better either.”
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    I wouldn't imagine that's changing soon until the blue line gets the infrastructure to handle more modern fleets.
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    4/3 list: 7900-7902 7 7903-7904 103 7905-7999 7 8000-8010 74 8011 C 8012-8099 74 8100-8211 C 8212-8224 74 8225-8235 C 8236-8324 F 8325-8342 103 8343-8349 Ff
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    That ain’t helping they’ve been on routes when cubs weren’t playing
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    I feel like it would make more sense for the 85 to stop on the street and let any of those 4 routes on the street have the bay
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    8-Car 3200’s on the red line between Roosevelt and 95th as a training train? Very cool
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    April board meeting video starting at about the 27 minute mark.
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    That board meeting was hilarious, Those "Pencil pushers" on the board really have NO clue about their operations/Fleet. Only care about a nice, safe position on a transit board $$$ and pension I'm surprised none of them recommend ordering buses from Orion or Flxible lol
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    "Do we trade them in or something?" "Why, yes, we do. Not only that, but New Flyer is offering $1,500 cash back, zero percent financing for twelve years, and a beer cooler!"
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    The specification was for clean diesel buses, and Pace said they would not consider battery-electrics. Proterra wouldn’t have bid anyway, as they only make 35’ and 40’ models. (I sound like @Busjack now. I miss having him on here.)