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    Wrap is really peeling, and there's definitely been some new equipment added to the roof...
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    Just to confirm some well needed updated news for #700-#701, they're both at south shops getting equipped with electrical rails and other components on the roof for the upcoming charging/sub stations, #700 is parked along west 79th with what I just described already completed and #701 is currently getting that work done now. Now as for the proteras they're currently getting what I say certified and studied by garage personnel at Chicago garage, there is only two on the,property so far of the 45 and they currently do not have a fleet number series on them. Time will tell when they'll hit the streets.
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    My job involves making sure people follow rules, whether they like it or not. That's not being a snitch, it's doing my job correctly and keeping everyone safe. It's a similar situation to yours, where certain people in charge let them get away with it for too long due to a perceived "no harm no foul", and then they get mad when someone else tells them to follow the rules.
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    Five year plans are just that - plans. Until bids are requested and awarded they mean very little. Try to reconcile PACE five year plans with reality sometime.
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    This looks like click bait. I haven't seen any RFPs posted. Also, if I am not mistaken, the original contract for Nova was for up to 450 buses, which CTA now has. There weren't any additional options beyond that.
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    When I wrote the standards back in 2015-16, the key metrics are/were. - productivity: average ridership (weekday/sat/sun) Or per trip (premium) - cost per rider - Recovery ratio - cost per vehicle mile (it takes from LACMTA’s ratio of service miles. Or so I had thought) of course, other factors including service area AND classification matter (exurban areas are designed to be measured against each other; core lines measured against themselves, etc)
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    I thought 62H and 55N/55A were all one route
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    I just got done calling the cops on someone who seems to think the way you do.
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    Several years ago I was walking through the bus terminal at Howard and found a small pamphlet laying on the ground. I almost didn't pick it up, but I'm quite glad that I did. I stashed it away with some other CTA odds and ends for a while until recently when I pulled it out having now started as a bus operator myself (North Park). I took a few minutes over the past few days when I was able to try out some of the codes on this guide and, for the most part, they all work as you would expect. It seems that the CTA's style is to leave old signs in the programming, adding codes when needed and updating others. (For example, the code for "NW Station" in the guide properly displays "Ogilvie Station".) It's interesting to see what options are available and I have a few questions that perhaps someone can help with such as why there is a 290 to McCormick option. Was that at one time part of a North Park pull in routing? Regardless, this at least explains why from time to time I see 145, etc. signs on buses when I assume something went wrong. Other things I've noticed include that "to Howard Station" (061) seems to no longer work and displays "Chicago is / My Kind of Town" and that code 003 gives an easter egg, likely from whoever was programming the signs at some point reading "Hi Zac!" Anyway, enjoy!
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    Credit goes to the original owner
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    I found it. It is a PEDESTRIAN grade separation project. Google Burnham Avenue Grade Separation Project. An ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission) listing should come up. On the site you will have to scroll down but you will find listings by county You won't see it in the first set of listings under Cook. but continue to the next table where there are more listings by county and you will see it there
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    Swnewsherald online: Oak Lawn Should Hail ‘Patriot Station’ Name
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    LMAO!!! Have you ridden the Red or Blue lines lately??? Just about 90 percent of these rules are broken each and every day!!!
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    Read back through what I said earlier and also look through this topic and you'll get a better understanding of the process, key phrase, "Time will tell."
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    I still don't think they were specifically built FOR CTA. I don't know if those buses ever came to Chicago. Perhaps CTA reps went to Plattsburgh to view them. Again, these are demos. They aren't built to any one agency's specs. The gray at the bottom of the bus can give you a feel of how they might look in CTA livery without painting or wrapping the entire bus. Besides that, agencies don't "reject " demos.
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    He meant the two Proterras on the property, one wrapped in a Proterra Demo livery and one blank white. 701 is back and still having work done. Probably still has its blue wrap but I'm not sure.
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    I also forgot to mention #1186 is getting rebuilt and the body has gotten re-fabricated in the areas it received damage.It still has a long way to go but should return to service by the end of the year to early next year. It was out and about yesterday moving under its own power from shop to shop.
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    Per what the one of my instructor was told from higher management CTA owns both as of now, one is wrapped and the other one is white.
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    Mybad broham & I got you yea I was in the wrong going somewhere I wasn't suppose to be I admit that
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    But the key off it all is your not an authorized employee that should be back there to begin with.
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    I mean that’s still illegal to do unless you get permission from the garage manager but I don’t think you did
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    When I get more information about the buses I will gladly let u all know but I didn't post to troll anyone I simply was trying to give a heads up. This bus is a however a CTA vehicle with the new driver window.
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    If you read @WCR post, it is very clear that Nova has already fulfilled its contractual obligations to CTA. And I stated earlier that there are no RFPs for me buses, which by the way, CTA (and Pace) has to post BY LAW.
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    6400s are leased? Never heard of that before
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    If this isn't a joke, would you care to elaborate? As much as I would like to see more novas with 8325+ specs I can't really believe you here unless you provide more information.
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    This might be CTA specs, but I have serious doubts its a CTA bus. Where is this anyway? Looks very demo to me.
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    At first I thought it was a Gillig, but the front makes me realize that it is a Nova. I was editing my post while you replied.
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    Operating cost per passenger mile is the usual metric. This would require some guessing on our part since Pace doesn't usually make all the data available. For example, dividing the numbers in the RTAMS table by the number of trips gives you the average number of passengers per trip, which should roughly correlate with the route's success. That number is about 6 for 603 and 605, but less than 1 for 607. Local routes 604 and 608 have about 2. Those numbers seem rather disappointing.
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    RTAMS.org has the total ridership numbers.
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    With the 824 already cut and the 186-187 being cut, those routes in Bolingbrook must be heavily invested in the I-55 routes. Passengers realized how easy it was to get downtown using those and don't really take the feeders anymore. If Bolingbrook expands the current parking lots or comes up with others, look out. 559 needs to go period, I see no real reason to keep it. I see it daily and see at the most 2-3 riders. This will probably mean the end of at least a couple of 2600s unless any are needed for West.
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    Here are 1000s as of 9-4-19 1000-1025 F 1026-1027 74 1028-1051 F 1052-1053 103 1054-1055 C 1056-1185 103 1186 OOS 1187-1198 103 1199-1304 77 1305 OOS 1306-1373 77 1374-1386 F 1387 77 1388-1392 F 1393-1394 C 1395-1405 P 1406-1551 74 1552-1560 F 1561 77 1562-1563 74 1564-1589 K 1590-1593 F 1594 K 1595-1596 F 1597-1702 K 1703-1708 P 1709 K 1710-1711 P 1712 K 1713 P 1714-1717 K 1718-1720 P 1721-1722 K 1723-1724 P 1725-1729 K 1730 P 1731-1741 K 1742 P 1743 K 1744-1745 P 1746 F 1747-1748 K 1749 P 1750-1752 K 1753-1761 F 1762 P 1763 F 1764-1792 P 1793-1795 F 1796-1804 C 1805 OOS 1806-1820 C 1821 OOS 1822-1835 C 1836-1846 K 1847-1848 P 1849-1854 K 1855-1932 P 1933-2029 C
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