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    Sorry but no. This isn't about CTA assigning buses to fit an enthusiast's specific wishlists to see any one model at a given garage. It's about whether CTA keeps enough operable buses assigned at the garages to fit the schedule needs for each of the garage's assigned routes.
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    For the past few nights I've tried to catch a glimpse of the geometry car CTA is using. I'm usually up in the mezzanine and run down as soon as I hear its unique sound. Working midnight shift has it's benefits. Anyone know if CTA owns it or are they contracting a service?
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    (Moved to General Transit Discussion since it seems more appropriate for this topic.)
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    It could've been 3445-46. They just finished a full rehab and were out testing earlier in the day.
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    All ex MILW and RI cabcars had cabs decommissioned. What else was done varies. Some had cab windows plated over, horns removed, marker lites removed, pilot removed. Others just lost horns and pilot, some just lost pilot. No obvious pattern, maybe a progressive change?
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    6235 is now at West.
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    The 8200s are all cab cars but ceased being used as such when the 8500s arrived. Cab windows are still there. Similarly, the 8500s and 6000s were the same order. More freaky was that the former C&NW cars were renumbered into 7700s and 8700s.
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    All I can say is the suv underestimated the bus speed. But then again it gets to my point that the suv thought the bus was going to stop. It depends on the light which we don't see but the fact the suv driver doesnt have a license screws his argument and his credibility.
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    Here's the map: (the pertinent portion I could crop) From: https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/alert-detail/?AlertId=48053
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    Bus stop List for 95th South terminal: Bus Route Stop(s) N5 South Shore Night Bus (P) (Q) N9 Ashland (owl service) (U) 29 State (Y) (Z) 34 South Michigan (U) (V) (W) 95 95th eastbound (A1) 95 95th westbound (R) 100 Jeffery Manor Express (A2) 103 West 103rd (A2) 106 East 103rd (A2) 108 Halsted/95th (P) (Q) 111 111th/King Drive (S) 112 Vincennes/111th (X) 115 Pullman/115th (T) 119 Michigan/119th (U) (V) (W) 352 Halsted (P) (Q) 353 95th-River Oaks-Homewood (A3) 359 Robbins/South Kedzie Ave (A3) 381 95th (A3) 395 UPS Hodgkins (A3) 772 Brookfield Zoo Express (P) (Q) Greyhound (A4) Above also from: https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/alert-detail/?AlertId=48053 Edit: I don't know if I didn't see this before, or if the list was added later. Guess we'll find out if the map shows up on this alert. 2nd Edit: a) Sent in an email request to repair the map, b) the map is there now - don't know if that was related or just a timing issue
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    Um it's going to take an hour to Jeff Park before and after (presumably you mean by bus since as @Busjack pointed out a ride on a Blue Line train itself from downtown to Jeff Pk should be no more than 20 to 25 mins). So what's your point other than unintentionally showing that 641 is a better option than keeping 54A? Anyone wanting to get to Old Orchard from the east who wants to get there quicker is more likely going to hop on the Yellow Line and take one of the Old Orchard bound buses from the Yellow Line. If they only want to do so on one ride, they're taking a 97 or 201 directly there. So your argument doesn't even stick from that point other than to show you're grasping at straws to keep ignoring that the Jeff Pk connections are meant to make better connections from the west. Like I pointed out yesterday, if anyone wanted to get to Old Orchard from Irving Pk Blue line can still take the 53 and swap to the 215 upon reaching the 53's Peterson terminus.
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    Pace won't. It'll call it 641 Jeff Pk/Skokie Limited. Look, for instance, how 626 and the Naperville Feeders were renamed. The Summary said "New Route Name Pending" for each route.You gave an excuse for not reading the documents, but I am no longer buying it. As I said above (if you have read what I posted), that's CTA's responsibility. Write whoever does planning there and ask them to reinstate the X54 routing. And I hate to tell you: Irving Park at the Kennedy Expressway is Pulaski. Your fantasy bus won't connect with 54, either. It does appear that @MetroShadow gave you the formal answer.
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    Pretty much it isn't. The UP NW is too far north and the Milw W is too far south, except if one were really going to downtown Elgin and picking between Metra and 603. Schaumburg has been the underserved destination for about 45 years.
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    Last Seen On The Brown Line Last Week