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    74th has enough buses to run the 94 i'm sure they can handle it. The new configuration is just about the same length as the 8 and back in the day 74th managed to handle the 8,9,X9,49 and X49 without much help so they'll figure it out.
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    I have no idea where the hell to put this, but here we are. From the CTA Board Meeting: There will be an extension to route 157 and realignment of routes 52 and 94 on Kedzie and California These changes will go into effect in April. Route 157 will be extended as a 1 year pilot to the Pulaski Pink Line station and provide service on Ogden between IMD and Pulaski
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    I think the city missed a golden opportunity to convert what is now the 606 trail into a CTA rail line. It could have ran from Pulaski to the Blue Line and ran with the Blue Line to Racine, then to 54/Cermak. It could have been the new Pink Line. It certainly could have relieved some congestion on the Blue Line. Passengers at Western, California would have a better option. It would have needed 6 or 8 car trains though. Personally I would have liked to have extended it West to Brickyard and on the Cermak branch extended to N Riverside Mall. I think any idea of putting a new rail line on the 606 trail ( unless built underground) would be resisted. For now, we will see what happens with the 52 and 94 swap. I don't think it will steer people to the Green Line, but I do think it's a good operational move and will eventually become permanent.
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    I see someone didnt read
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    The 54B is a perfect example. Even though passing 24th allows it to connect to the Pink Line, it really doesn't have the ridership to connect to it since its mostly industrial south of 31st to about 44th, then you are in Midway territory. The 53 and 53A share the same Terminal at 31st even though there's an unused turnaround at the Pink Line Pulaski station. I wonder if the 157 will use that turnaround. When the 1 went to 83rd and South Shore, it was the 1 Drexel/Hyde Park, which Northern Terminal was Northwestern (Ogilvie) Station. The 38 Indiana ran between 63rd and Union Station. CTA decided to cut back the 1 to 63rd/Stony AND combine it with the 38 to become the 1 Indiana/Hyde Park. Ironically, the justification was to eliminate duplication as the 4 Cottage Grove bus ran one block west of Drexel and paralleled the 4 all the way downtown. Never mind the fact that the 1 had good ridership and the 38 really didn't. The portion of the 1 between 63rd and 83rd was covered by a rerouted 27 South Deering . We know the 27 eventually was combined with the 71 to form the current 71. The 1 Indiana/Hyde Park was a failure from jump, which is why it got reduced to rush hour only, then cut to Drexel Square, then cut again to 35th. Back to the 157. The Ogden corridor has access to the Cermak to 24th shopping area via either the Pink Line or the 21 which is just south of the Pink Line. The 26th to 31st shopping area is different. but the way the 157 and 60 has to access Cicero Avenue. there really isn't an easy way to get there unless you walk from 26th and Ogden, so to me. that shopping area isn't a good case for extending the 157. The best access to there is the 54B. I would be glad to be wrong, but I don't think any extension past California will work be it Pulaski or Cicero.
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    I've read some people think the 157 should be extended further to Cicero/24th. Why? There are 3 other routes that use that turnaround (35. 54, and 60), with 2 of those routes being heavy routes. I don't think there's enough space for another route to terminate there. Notice the 54B DOESN'T TERMINATE there. Again. I don't think the ridership will support a permanent extension to Pulaski based on prior history. The Pink Line and 21 Cermak run parallel to the proposed 157 and serves the same area. As for Kedzie service north of Chicago, it's not necessary considering the nearby 82. Yes I know the current 52 and 82 run close between Chicago and Douglas, but that's a small 2 mile stretch. There are routes that run parallel to each other in close proximity like the 24 and 29. The difference here is that, because of the Dan Ryan Expressway, some riders that have to use the 24 because they don't have access to the 29. Other routes like the 1 were truncated because of low ridership being parallel to the 29 and the 3. Ridership has shown preference for the current 82 over any iterations of Kedzie service north of Chicago. I think the 52 and 94 changes will eventually become permanent. though I don't think the changes will draw Logan Square and Humboldt Park area riders to the Green Line. Even if some are initially drawn, I don't think they will find it an attractive alternative to the Blue Line.
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    All buses that operate route 147 are new flyers.
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    Could be timing. School bus charters generally have to fit in between school bus runs. It could be a big problem if a bus can't pick up students from school in time because it was still on a charter. The school runs are the bread and butter of a school bus company's business and field trips and charters are gravy. That doesn't mean that school bus companies won't do those longer charters, but they will cost more. For the school, it may be more cost effective to use Metra. Metra already gives student discounts and discounts for group travel. For example, its better for a group of 10 to by a ten ride ticket than 10 one ways . Metra probably has a department to handle large groups like that.
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    For the last part of your statement, I would want both NB/SB service to last an hour longer.
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    Those probably deadhead back to F via the Kennedy to Central and NB Central to Bryn Mawr. This is faster than running a full route to Jefferson Park.
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    Ohhh, I see the confusion, you meant at 79th & Halsted. My bad! 😰
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    Beautiful bus. I can't wait to see and ride the new buses!
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    There's a couple other TAs with that style, Detroit's DDOT and Maryland MTA for example. I definitely think they look better that way, I hope if CTA ever finally orders these buses, they'll have full length fins.
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    Welp here's the first of many to come. Credits go to the actual photographer that took this photo.
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    You get like 3 free articles to read, then after that the popups come asking you to subscribe. I've already reached my limit, thus I can't access that atticle.
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    While I think it could stay at 6, I don't think P is an option. With K or P, trips can begin/end at Jackson or Chicago. There's a precedent. When K operated the 8, trips in both directions statted at or around the Blue Line UIC Halsted station.
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    I know, I was just explaining how 52 & 82 are close to one another. However, I was also going to point out that perhaps having it run to Logan Square daily wasn’t what I had in mind. Maybe extended to Logan on weekdays only, as a test pilot to determine if adding service on Kedzie better Logan Square Station and Chicago will prove to have been needed & beneficial or not.
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    Read and you'll find out why......
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    Correct. Over the Road.
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    Well, the reason given for the Ogden extension was economic growth. I have to agree with you there, I'm not sure what they expect to see (although I'll always maintain there should be least peak service along the corridor) In regards to the 94 and 52, both routes actually start around the same time (weekday 94 actually starts earlier than 52) and outside of peak, they maintain the same frequency (generally 10,12-15 mins wkdys & 15,18-20 mins wknds), which is probably why the switch is cost-neutral. The the 94 does end earlier, but only by about an hour on Saturdays and two on Sundays, which isn't too bad since the 49 & Blue Line run parallel for the north of Chicago portions The reason they give is so that north side riders have access to (or rather, will choose to ride to) the less crowded Green Line. I'll say that reasoning is suspect to me, since the 52 already serves the Green Line, but I can see why CTA might think the general ridership wouldn't see that as faster since Kedzie is west of California. Apparently, existing riders are choosing to ride north to the Blue Line instead of south to the Green Line, so by making the California bus serve the California stop, maybe it'll be more obvious. Possibly, they might be hoping to attract north of Milwaukee riders as well, although, in the time it takes the bus to get from California/Milwaukee to California/Lake, a Blue Line train arriving shortly after can make it potentially to Jackson, if not LaSalle in that same timeframe, so it'll be interesting to see if CTA's bet on people willing to sacrifice time in exchange for a less crowded trip will pan out. EDIT: Also, petition to have it temporarily be the "52 Kedzie" and "94 California"?
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    California Ave. doesn't go straight through because of the train tracks north of Fulton. So the #94 buses normally turn west on Fulton to Sacramento. When the route gets extended this Spring, it will turn east from Sacramento to Chicago Ave. and then back north on California.
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    I feel like if this pilot is successful, then 52 and 52A can be merged into one route. This would reduce duplication on that stretch of Kedzie and save some service hours, and the full route would be only about 16 miles long.
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    Well, looks like I was right. Maybe time to call the 157 the Streeterville/Ogden now 😂
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    The reason why America itself is WAY behind Asia and Europe is because of the car. After WWII owning a car was the rage of America, while everywhere else public transit was improving. if people stayed with public transit instead of moving to the suburbs and owning cars, America would be advanced.
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