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    Because Blue/Pink/Green are in the West Section of the system. There are some operators who pick motor runs from all three lines. I forgot to mention Green.
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    Indeed, they won't be first and the fact that the Congress Branch being awfully neglected kills the opportunity for the Blue Line to get new equipment. These shots were at Illinois Medical District. Also, familiarization training begins for all Blue/Pink Line operators tomorrow.
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    First reported by chicagopcclcar. Welcome back garmon757!!! We will see if the 3200s are the lead and tail cars with 2600s being bellys. For that matter, it could also happen on the Brown Line. It hasn't been the case on the Orange Line.
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    But they're on some Black Line route (or a variant of the White Line). That might also confirm that when the 7000s show up, they might not be first assigned to the Blue Line.
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    Today’s depot move was a success! I took hundreds of pictures and over 90 minutes of video, and I’ll post some on here once I go through them all to find the best ones. A huge thank you to the Konows and everyone at NLAHS for making this happen!
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    i see i should look at everything next time
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    First, there was probably no immediate knowledge of a stuck train. Secondly, unlike cars that can just u turn, buses are limited to what they can do. Thirdly, they cant just improvise but get authorization from dispatchers. Fourth, we don't know if the dispatchers were given enough information to warrant a reroute or were told the problem was a quick fix and kept the buses on route based on information given to them. Every stoppage of traffic doesn't warrant a reroute, especially when you don't have all of the information.
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    I remember when Flyer #9844 was delivered, it was equipped with a Cummins diesel engine. It sounded like the MCTS #3700 Orions. I had an awesome sound, very deep sound. But later, I would guess when it was rehabbed, it was reequipped with the DD and sounded like their counterparts. It was assigned to FG back around 1985. It had the garage window stickers "F" and "B" of course "B" coming from Beverly. It was my favorite bus at that time. I remember one day when my dad was assigned that bus on the #76 Diversey route. I rode with him the entire second half of the run and then we relieved at Central. I wish small, hand held video cameras had existed in those days. I think I still have the soundbyte on tape, of the bus. I took it as it was passing my house one afternoon.