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    6737 is now on 309. 6736 is on 316. 6732 is on 318. 6735 is on 317. Some of the 6730-6739 buses moved to West.
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    Are the rosters going to be updated
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    6651 was repaired and returned to service. It, along with 6612, may be the last two 6600s left. By the way, W got all of the 6730s (6730-6739, 10 buses) over the weekend. The 6740s are still at N.
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    You spelled "29 State" drivers wrong.... You ever seen what happens once state becomes more open? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    No I was talking about just 1379-1385 idk why 1386 went to C but he was at FG For a while before FG it was at NP
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    1562 is my favorite bus along with 1000 it’s sad to see 1562 leave FG we will just have to wait and see the whereabouts for the rest toma morning
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    At least he made it easy for the police to make the connection to the surveillance pictures (Tribune).