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    Replacing 100 pretty unreliable cars with 100 much more reliable ones improves things. Orange service is less stressful on equipment than Blue. In all everybody seems to come out ok.
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    You could do a lot of things, but it doesn't mean it makes sense to do it just to cover one school tripper with an artic. Those school trippers with artics end their routes somewhat close to downtown so it is a short deadhead to start their assigned route. That wouldn't be the case in your scenario. You also have to factor in driver hours of pay, fuel, and vehicle utilization. The artics are primarily for LSD routes. The only way your scenario works is if the same artic used for your Taft tripper is used on the current artic tripper on the 56, assuming time allows it to be effectively used on both. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense.
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    I believe that the Pink Line was rerouted to Racine for Saturday morning and afternoon. -- As for the Blue and Orange discussion - Orange Line has more opportunity to pull problematic trains from service because it has a single three-track terminal and comparatively short run times. Also, I would imagine that the track and power conditions are much better than on the Blue Line. As for 5000s/7000s and the Blue Line - there are a number of projects underway and being planned. Remember that the "rideshare hailing fee" is in effect and has already funded track and power projects across the system this year. Blue Line will absolutely need upgrades to handle the new fleet and CTA is aware of this.
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    The legal issue has always been the Authorized to Use the Shoulder, which is on this bus. I'm still not sure how Pace basically got around that on the Edens. Maybe this bus can run someone over and give Howard an instant client. That's how his stick figure commercials used to work.
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    Go back to 2008. Ron Huberman lied that CTA just had to have 60 foot buses to replace 6000s 3 for 4, and got a great deal on assigned options from King County. To pay for them, Ron negotiated a financial lease with Traxis Financial Group, which, BTW, also then owned NABI, both being affiliates of Cerberus. At some point, it was refinanced by PNC. But, in any event, CTA is on the hook on a 12 year lease on the first 150. Searching the CTA site for Traxis comes up with this. The PNC ordinance is here.
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    Multiple artics from 136, 147 & 151 go west on Devon everyday when their afternoon runs end. They all pass under the viaduct at Ravenswood ave. without a problem, even the early 4300s with the fairings on the roof. The only really low viaducts on the UPN are at the side streets near Belmont, such as Melrose & Wellington & no bus of any kind goes there.
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    Brownage trains show up on the Train Tracker, haven't seen that before. Photo taken at Merchandise Mart
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    Pace has wrapped 6963 for Ankin Law
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    Um nope on that. North Park has 140 artics and does not need more for the umpteenth time whenever folks make that suggestion.
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    From what I've been seeing every school day on the 49, the artics seen are for both Lane Tech and Clemente. They all head north to Berwyn terminal and then deadhead down Foster and LSD to do whatever runs needed on NP's LSD routes keeping in line with everyone else's observations that many of the school tripper artic runs are interlined with LSD routes or local routes that regular see artics.
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    Some other game shots from recent months:
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    I downloaded the beta version that's currently available and have been testing things out the last couple days. I must say so far I've been finding it quite a nice expansion upon the original Cayuga. You've really made this your own with what you've done with it so far. I also noticed the original developer did his own upgrade and update the original. Anyway here is a pic of my test drive on the X35 in your work.
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    I said that only in the sense of some other commenters said "some bus is better than no bus," such as when an Optima showed up on a heavy route. Here the opposite, but may be equally inappropriate. I think @artthouwill summed it up properly. I don't know if ETHS needs artics (and I'm pretty sure that when Evanston officials told Pace that they wanted fewer buses in town, they didn't mean artics), the only reason they are on 206 is that they interline with 22 and 147 at Howard.
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    I don't know if artics would be necessary. Since the 68 terminates at Jefferson Park, I think it might be more efficient to have a a tripper that can interline with another route out of Jefferson Park or can deadhead from Jefferson Park to one of F's east west routes. That's better than deadheading an artic from P to Taft to do a tripper to Jefferson Park, then deadheading on the parking lot called the Kennedy all the way downtown. Yes I have seen the crush load on the 68 from Taft, but the logistics don't favor sending an artic there.
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    The supervisor was wrong or you made the incorrect deduction from it, A comment that the Blue Line was moving its shortage to the Orange Line by sending it about 80 cars in a 1-1 swap is totally nonsensical. For once you came close to it, Maybe what you were trying to say, but was too inarticulate to do it, is that the Blue is sending its junk to the Orange. Again, you are ignoring the fact that CTA is rebui8lding the substation at 1000 N. Milwaukee. I told @strictures to look up the construction report and article, you can do so too. The Purple Line doesn't have anywhere the traffic the Blue Line does.
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    That weekend pilot performed better than expected, eh?
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