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    Many, many years ago, when buses replaced streetcars 05/04/47, the 41 ran via Clybourn-Division-Orleans-Franklin to Monroe-State-Adams-Franklin loop at all times. After a couple of years (09/10/49) all except weekday daytime service was cut back via Clybourn-Division to Clark. 12/17/50 short line was extended via Division-Orleans-Chicago to State (at the time the area around Clark and Division was at best "sketchy"). Routing via Clybourn-Larrabee-Chicago-Orleans started 4/28/57, same date Clybourn was thru routed with upper Elston. Remember here that Cabrini-Green was just being built at the time, and was considered an improvement on what had been around Division and Larrabee previously. Next change wasn't until 08/06/73 when remaining weekday daytime service was cut back from downtown to Chicago and State. 09/08/86 downtown service restored, replacing 128-Orleans trips more or less, via Chicago-Orleans-Franklin-Wacker-Lake to Lake-Clinton-Van Buren-Canal loop. 06/06/89 due to one-way streets SB buses via Chicago-Wells-Wacker-Lake. 04/15/94 due to issues with turn at Wacker-Lake, rerouted southbound again via Wacker-Randolph-Clinton. This was final routing until the end on 10/03/97.
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    But the CTA spokesmodel said it wasn't that bad.
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    Makes sense that Pace wouldn't use official radio for this, but it sounds similar to the CTA setup that it has to communicate with Lola's tower. They also mention light pole routers. Maybe the next test is to ride a south suburban bus and see what comes up.
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    Niles Free Bus appears to be re-branding their bus fleet. I saw a number of their buses at Golf Mill today in this new scheme as shown on 2646. .
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    Predictably, the Sun-Times, while also publishing the letter, has a much more political slant on it, especially on what Emanuel is calculating (which gets @artthouwill back on topic). Also, I don't buy Steele's assertion that this is an "unprecedented challenge." We were told that 2008 and 2010 were much worse.
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    We still not voting for him this time 😂😂
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    Next time I'm bringing a drone. (just kidding) Here's a few pictures at South Holland #17508 is still there. #6757 #6744 and a bunch of other #6700's #6753, #6742, #6738 I believe were all on the canal side. I couldn't get good shots of them though. I forgot to mention South had a road sign said they were hiring if anyone is interested.
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    I just can't right now...... By the way, #5051-52 will be OOS for quite a while after just coming back from a long term hold.
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    I'm going put in my 2 cents here. Over at vpforums, they have replicated games without permission, but what keeps them from getting shutdown is the simple fact that no one is profiting from the sale of a replicated game. Everything is free. I personally think sites like this and that one are good because there is no money exchanging hands, we are helping each other like it was meant to be and becoming friends along the way. There is a good feeling in your soul knowing that you helped someone and you shared with them your work. This is how great friendships are built on trust and generiousity. Love can be a wonderful thing. Now in saying that, a person can request the picture be removed, but if your not out on the corner selling 5 by 9's, it not really grounds for a lawsuit. You know this can get ridiculous, what keeps me from saying hey you can't use my information on rosters and stuff because it is my work. Now if they sold a book and you could prove they used my info, I have a case. These fan websites only gather interest in the subject matter, why sue if your a game manufacturer when the replication is actually selling you games because I've played stuff and said man this is cool and wanted to buy the real thing. Same here. I've made friends and done stuff at CTA I would never have done without these sites. Heck who knows, I know if won the lotto, I'd want to invest money into these rail museums because they are doing great things, (god's work) bringing back the past and if I've done my part, even if it's one thing then I've accomplished my mission and my heart's mission. You don't need money to share your love, it's free and it comes from within. Information is as good as money in my book.
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    I saw this tweet on Twitter a while back. 700 was on the road when it had that fire. It was on the 52. 701 is usually on 79-714 during the morning time and 79-766 during the evenings. The block number tends to change, but it is the same run. It has been 770, 769, and 765 according to maths22 tracker.
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