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    The low 7900's that went back to 77th is not even true lol. 1st its only 2 buses we got from 77th which are 7903-04. Which are both at 103rd. All garages have rehabbed 1000 series so I don't see the unfairness there neither unless you wanna mention them having the oldest nf but so does my garage but still irrelevant cause they're all rehabbed. I was the 1 who said FG might lose their Novas in exchange for flyers but that doesn't mean it's going to happen lol. I have my reasons as to why I said it but I wont speak on it to just to avoid the back and forth. But currently as I said more than a few times at this point, FG still has 89 new novas so why are you guys still upset? I get the 6400's are still there but they're also on the way out. It's a reason FG have the fleet they have. You a former Operator I'm assuming from that garage so you know just as well as I do how different things are from the North and South side of the city. Kedzie and NP dont have Novas at all but you dont hear anybody on their behalf upset like you and Bus Hunter. Bus Hunter dont even ride public transit so I definitely dont see his reasons lol. He mad about the "lack of new buses" when he riding past people at the bus stop in his personal vehicle 🤔🤔😄😄 come on. Its Novas all across the city now. I feel all garages should get 60 a piece but since that's not the case as of yet FG still have 89 in comparison to our lil 20 so yea.
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    Where did I swing at you? I didn't. No insults, name calling, personal shots. I ve respected your opinions which I ve stated which ones I agreed and disagreed. Bottom line is CTA will do as they please and our opinions don't matter. As long as I have decent bus service in my neighborhood, I won't complain about old buses serving my neighborhood. Last thing is when you speak, whether verbal or written, you should expect a response to your statement. If you want your opinions respected, respect others. Disagreement is not swinging at you.
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    Here are shots of 8337 working Belmont and 8341 working Addison
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    GUYS!!! Just caught #8347 on the #76!!!! A rare catch! The 8325s are now in service!
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    Let's do some math. There are 450 7900 series Novas split among 5 garages. Split evenly, each garage would have 90 of those buses. We know this: 103rd has 20 77th has 98 74th has 100 FG has 89 C has 143 With the exception of 103rd being way below average and C being way above average, the other garages are near the average allotment. Based on those numbers, no one can reasonably say FG got shafted (103rd only has 20).
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    I'm not whining about anything. YOU are! FG has 89 new Novas and you're still not happy. Not only are you not happy about FG having 89 new Novas, YOU are constantly whining about what's on the South and West Sides. You can't say this is political because Rahm isn't running for reelection and this move happened just before election day. Without directly saying it, you are expressing your opinion, feelings, that CTA (by extension the Mayor's Office) caters to the predominately Black residents of the South and West Sides for political votes. Your posts concerning the 5000s further prove that point. I've never disagreed with you that 8200 - 8349 ALL should be at FG and CTA should be making a concerted effort to get as many 6400s off the street as it can. But I'm tired of reminding you that during the '70s, '80s, '90s, and the 6000s at 74th in the 2000s, it wasSouth Side garages getting the shaft. Every garage has some old equipment sometimes. Even NP, which seemingly has the best equipment, was the last garage to retire the MAN Americanas and the 7000 and 7100 and 7300 series MAN artics. They were pretty much the last to retire the 4400s. So please relax! The 6400s will eventually be gone.
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    Perception is everything. Back in 1982 when I was living in New York, the newest buses were brand-new RTS's with hard plastic seats. One day instead we got an elderly 1964 fishbowl that had upholstered seats as it had been a Staten Island Express bus, but had now been degraded to an unassigned "shop spare". Now most people by then in New York had never seen a bus with upholstered seats, and two behind me were saying how nice it was to get a new bus with such nice seats. Most people have no concept as to how old a bus they are getting on is. A more comfortable but much older bus is seen as an improvement.
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    I doubt that the vast majority of riders is at all concerned about the age of the buses. Even with the most elderly equipment in the system, the operators and technicians at FG still manage to provide a safe, reliable ride from Point A to Point B. I think that's all that matters. Seems to me that Artthouwill, Sam92, and Mr.cta85 have all offered convincing reasons why things are as they are. Incidentally, I'm a North Sider and a onetime CTA bus pilot: 1969-76, FG and NP. BusHunter and CTA 5750, I understand your feelings, too, but like I said, I don't think that most riders really care.
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    That's for the mods to tell me not you.
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    The situation has been reversed. That is the part you are in denial about. Other posters and I have pointed out the history that you choose to ignore. It's okay for other garages but not FG, even though to this point, the newest buses are at FG.
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    Whenever those who put the hard work to maintain them get time from stuff like jobs and everyday family life. Though you're welcome to start one up too if the update happening soon is important enough for ya.
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    That's all that's needed.... just the link, not the whole "search and find" rapport. I've been away on a live feed for quite some time, hence my long period of absence. And I've learned on that feed that working with the Moderators and various people who stop to chat that working together and helping when someone asks a question or is unsure makes a happier, more productive chat(or in this case, forum). We would post links and direct them to the links that were available when needed rather than just say "find it yourself". Being helpful to the follow chatter(or in this case, poster) goes a long way. Let's work together and help each other!
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    Just passed #6729 on route #626 and it's now wrapped like the I-90 buses with the Pace Express logo on its side.
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    There's a nice feature called "search for" on google maps........Blue Island and 23rd Street/Paulina
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    Certainly hope all is well with him. He used to be on some other transit forums, but I don't know if that is still the case. It did appear that he was tiring of speculation and ",fantasy" route proposals on this forum as well as some heated debates with a few members here. Hopefully he is well and just stepped away from here for a short period.
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    There was never room to say NW got stiffed to begin with. 74th was all 6000's for a good while, Kedzie has oldest artics and middle flyers, 103rd got hit with the oldest NF after rehab so every part of the city gets shafted in someway if we wanna keep nitpicking. A Novas a Nova The Glen finally got some let it rest. With no heavy downtown routes and light midday and weekends service wise the old Nova's are getting plenty rest and time. 103rd maintenance couldn't keep up with 6400s compared to FG. notice up till a few years ago they used to borrow like crazy from 77th?
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    It is the NORTH Side. Last I checked the 8, 9 and 49 are served by South Side garages and the 53 and 54 are covered by a West Side garage.
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    Last time I checked, the South Side is much bigger than the Northwest Side. The north side equivalent would include Evanston and Wilmette. Remember, the South Side has THREE garages. Two of those three have routes that serve the NORTH side of the city. Of the two West Side garages, only C has Novas and it has routes serving the North Side. You are walking a very fine line with your insinuations. Be careful.
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    Welp. We've deviated a bit from the topic. I'm going to lock this topic for a few days until cooler heads prevail.
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    Also if you do your research all TA's tend to stick older equipment at garages with light service requirements this isnt just a cta thing
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    You're insulting your own intelligence. You say you were at FG since 1980 something and there's plenty of PROVEN examples of that go against your "NW side is ignored" facts. 74th had all 6000's as recent as 2006. Red line south was essentially built with crappy trackbed that didnt get addressed till 201e, blue line literally CANT take 5000's so debunk these PROVEN facts with your own credible proof or just give it up. Youre starting to just sound bitter. You can always get a one day and ride south or in Chicago garage territory if not being on a 7900 hurts that much
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    Looks like they're ditching hopper windows. Pax windows are one piece.
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    Not only is LACMTA route 605 2,000 west of Michigan Avenue, service to Olympic and Atlantic was curtailed. According to the schedule effective June, 2018 the route now ends at Olympic and Grande Vista.
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    Caught #4136 on Michigan today displaying "605 OLYMPIC-/ATLANTIC" which is a Los Angeles local bus route.
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    Power issues are one of the main reasons why CTA can't run a large number of 5000s on the Blue, and fleet commonality between lines is another reason. CTA won't run different series of cars on Red/Purple/Yellow or Pink/Green just to please Blue Line riders; they want the flexibility to swap the cars between those lines. Also, the 5000s running on the Blue are still technically assigned to the Pink Line and are operated by Pink Line crews, so commonality with the 3200s isn't much of a problem right now. It seems like some Blue Line riders remind me of those in NYC who complained about losing their R142A cars on the (6) train. Blue Line riders are not entitled to the newest equipment any more than riders of other lines.
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    Let's see. The Red Line South was in total disrepair and needed to be rebuilt, in part, because it was affecting North Side service as well. It also had a bunch of 2600s. But I suppose you think the south Siders should've kept them. The Green Line reopened in 1996 with ALL 2400s, which were the 2nd oldest cars in the fleet at that time, behind only the 2200s. Before the shutdown, the Green Line was saddled with the 2000s,which were even older than the 2200s. I suppose the West Siders shouldn't have new equipment either. The Brown Line was still running 6000s before retirement. Are Brown Line riders not entitled to newer equipment? Remember both the Brown and Orange were also passed over for 5000s. Add in the fact the Orange Line lost all of their 3200s to your Blue Line. But I guess it's okay for the southwestsiders to have them. The entire CTA system was dilapidated. With limited resource CTA has had to prioritize which projects were most urgent. While the Blue LineO'Hare branch did get some work, other lines needed the most attention, period. Now it's time for the Blue to get the attention.
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    Replacing 100 pretty unreliable cars with 100 much more reliable ones improves things. Orange service is less stressful on equipment than Blue. In all everybody seems to come out ok.
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    Yeah I'm totally tripping over here in Oak Park. Two straight 8 car sets of 3200s just passed me up. First consist I only saw #3219-20 cause I was driving the expy. They passed me on the forest pk branch at kedzie and pulaski they are inbound. I couldn't get runs but the 2nd was 213. Second consist had all #3250's in it. Those are from brown no? Look like the 3200s block is going to blue. The cars look so new and good they look like 5000s. I was completely tripping. Finally blue line has some newer equipment. Hallaluyah Hallaluyah Hallaluyah!!!! LOL!!
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    It’s official! 3207/08 - 3221/22 - 3245/46 - 3249/50 - 3251/52 - 3257/58 - 3259/60 - 3279/80 are part of the Blue Line fleet @BusHunter
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    3219/20 - 3411/12 - 3233/34 - 3212/11 have arrived at Forest Park from Midway as of 2AM.
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    I hear Forest Glen is getting electric buses, too! I'm sorry. Sometimes I can't help myself.
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    CTA 8499 was out today and was photographed by me at Jefferson and Harrison. If in wrong thread please correct.
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    Ok, today I went to check out the progress of the south terminal at 95th and I see that the N5, N9, 29, 34, 95, 108, 111, 112, 115, 119 will be at the south terminal from what I've seen and the North Terminal might have the 100, 103 and 106 when it's all said and done.
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    Just stop calling realistic responses to yours "flase hot air" or personal attacks when they don't agree with yours if youre gonna take a jab or two yourself 🤣🤣🤧 it's still been looking childish over all
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    We have been in your shoes and that's what you refuse to get
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    I agree only to the extent it didnt make sense to split the 8325s for the exact same reason I have said the 6400s should stay at one garage. Either FG should have all of the 8325s, and they should've had them all, or give them all to 103rd. The 6400s make FG the garage with the oldest fleet and 103rd is second oldest. C and NP have the youngest fleets. Pace West ha2003 and 2005s running still and they are half of W's fleet, while NW, SW, S, and maybe N and NS are all newer Eldorado Axxess. Whenever Pace gets around to it, I'm sure they will replace those old buses. CTA will eventually do the same.
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    Why? 103rd routes overall are heavier than FG. While I don't think 103rd didn't need any new Novas and FG should have more new buses, there's no logic in sending 6400s anywhere else.
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    I'm chaining them down tonight at the glen!!
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    @Sam92 @CTA5750 @Busjack @BusHunter before this all begins again, let's keep this to the topic at hand please. I would suggest you use the Personal Messenger system located above to continue this back and forth banter so we can keep the topic open and available.
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    The old ats cars are on the move. These shots were taken this morning at irving pk and Taft rd. on airport property.
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    Need I remind you you are not a moderator. But we are tired of you too.
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    Hmm... Guess we just have to wait and see.
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    Demonstrate how this isn't fantasy. Ridership needed to comply with Community Guidelines, especially given prior failures by both CTA and Nortran.
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    You could do a lot of things, but it doesn't mean it makes sense to do it just to cover one school tripper with an artic. Those school trippers with artics end their routes somewhat close to downtown so it is a short deadhead to start their assigned route. That wouldn't be the case in your scenario. You also have to factor in driver hours of pay, fuel, and vehicle utilization. The artics are primarily for LSD routes. The only way your scenario works is if the same artic used for your Taft tripper is used on the current artic tripper on the 56, assuming time allows it to be effectively used on both. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense.
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    I believe that the Pink Line was rerouted to Racine for Saturday morning and afternoon. -- As for the Blue and Orange discussion - Orange Line has more opportunity to pull problematic trains from service because it has a single three-track terminal and comparatively short run times. Also, I would imagine that the track and power conditions are much better than on the Blue Line. As for 5000s/7000s and the Blue Line - there are a number of projects underway and being planned. Remember that the "rideshare hailing fee" is in effect and has already funded track and power projects across the system this year. Blue Line will absolutely need upgrades to handle the new fleet and CTA is aware of this.
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    Here it is again! 3200 = Blue Line
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    Obviously, Metra is only making a political statement, since a balanced budget has to be sent to the RTA around Oct. 15, but, any "state money" could only come in a state budget effective July 1,2019 (if then). As a couple of years ago, when the RTA told all 3 service boards to raise fares, and CTA faked around not submitting a budget until the budget disclosed that it was working in cooperation with the RTA, Metra is going to have to submit a budget that is balanced with existing revenues, not this. If the 2 lines are cut, Metra would have to pay back a lot of federal money. Not sure about the source of funding for the Romeoville station, but the NCS New Start was federal money and probably has a 35 year service life. Back to the posturing point, this is probably a ploy to get the riders to contact their legislators, but compared to Doomsdays of 10 years ago, will be even less effective, given the current dysfunction in the legislature.