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    Several years ago I was walking through the bus terminal at Howard and found a small pamphlet laying on the ground. I almost didn't pick it up, but I'm quite glad that I did. I stashed it away with some other CTA odds and ends for a while until recently when I pulled it out having now started as a bus operator myself (North Park). I took a few minutes over the past few days when I was able to try out some of the codes on this guide and, for the most part, they all work as you would expect. It seems that the CTA's style is to leave old signs in the programming, adding codes when needed and updating others. (For example, the code for "NW Station" in the guide properly displays "Ogilvie Station".) It's interesting to see what options are available and I have a few questions that perhaps someone can help with such as why there is a 290 to McCormick option. Was that at one time part of a North Park pull in routing? Regardless, this at least explains why from time to time I see 145, etc. signs on buses when I assume something went wrong. Other things I've noticed include that "to Howard Station" (061) seems to no longer work and displays "Chicago is / My Kind of Town" and that code 003 gives an easter egg, likely from whoever was programming the signs at some point reading "Hi Zac!" Anyway, enjoy!
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    Guys no disrespect but can we stay on the subject or topic at hand. It's like lately when I click on a topic and read the comments it has nothing to do with anything. I was ginuely hoping somebody saw a Nova on a new route but yall talking about female operators being fine and calling people out on being married and flirting?? This not Facebook lol let's keep it according to the title of this form again πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ½.
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    You're free to state your opinions, but not free of the responses they may bring. Words have consequences. You went down a path of pretty much saying that because you were an operator you know what an operator could or should have done in accidents to which you had no true details about other than the end results. Given that each operator is different and not all accidents are the same, that's rather arrogant. So you can't be surprised that others who are current operators would be offended by that especially given that drivers of the other vehicles transit buses are sharing the road with are more reckless in their driving than operators contended with in the past. And yeah there is the fatigue factor that's quite possible since last pick, for which just about all fell under the state and city lockdown caused by COVID-19, operators had to contend with taking on the brunt of more work caused by a significant number of runs going unfilled when others were out due to calling out sick, taking personal days, or being out on vacations. On top of taking up the slack, this also resulted in dealing with the stresses of being berated and yelled at because of the big gaps in bus service that were happening on an increasing basis. Operators had also been dealing with more people riding the bus than actually should or might have been because of buses effectively being free due to the rear door boarding and CTA not putting the Ventra card readers at the rear doors as they said they would. Add to that being yelled at by riders already on the bus because they passed up riders at bus stops once their buses got too full as a result of the increased nonessential riding caused by the suspension of fare collection. That last part was in spite of CTA announcing several times over that buses are now to operate at reduced maximum passenger loads and that buses would become drop off only and run express should the reduced capacity be reached. Simply put the work environment is different than that from when you last worked for the agency, and that difference is large enough for you not to be able to say to present operator that you know what their individual responses could and should have been at the instant either of them experiences an accident especially when you have zero knowledge or evidence of the contributing factors were leading to the accident.
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    Quite sad actually. A very valuable contributor to this forum simply outnumbered by trivial and silly posts.
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    Keep your little kid gossip and disloyalties to yourself. This is a transit forum. We don't need to know if the driver was attractive or not or your relationship problems.
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    I'm not the one that "feels attacked for my opinion". Obviously it's something you've been doing and I don't blame the other operators for jumping down your throat for your recent relatively garbage opinions on how every operator is automatically in the wrong just cause they dont drive like you. πŸ₯΄πŸ€« Last I checked you're a retired operator not the investigation team your input on what these operators were doing were pretty out of pocket
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    9/10 times if you feel like "everyone's against you" you're obviously doing something wrong πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄
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    Yeah that bus was still around and It was sitting back in the shops a day later. #8229 Looks like it was openned by a can opener, the roof is practically wide open. It is on legal hold along with #1883 and #1925 #8023 is on legal hold. Just remember #6031, its still on legal hold awaiting scrap and I feel like anything is possible for these buses to return but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Also to cut down on all the speculation I went to boneyard yesterday afternoon and pretty much did an hour long walk through and took hundreds of photos and here's a few, I'll upload the rest in its entirety to my flicker account.. You'll notice a lot of new faces back there mixed in with the old ones.
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    Last time I "saw" it on Maths22 was 13th Dec 2019.
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    Here's a better shot, same cars
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    I work there bud and I've been told that no one is allowed to be in that area other than supervision with there certified cars and buses pulling in from runs. You were well passed the entrance based on your position and nearly at the vault lane entrance so you were basically trespassing at that point to get a shot of two proterras. It amazes me that you've been going in areas that don't have much security because the west entrance and south entrances have security personnel posted at all times of the day and to me its clear you've been avoiding those areas based on what you've been posting the last month or so. You can't justify what you've been doing at this juncture because at some point you may get caught or cause an accident depending who's driving through those areas. Not to throw some operators under the bus no pun intended but some drive reckless through the areas you have constantly been in no matter what time of day it is. I don't want you to take what i'm saying personal but i'm just letting you know that I don't want you to get caught up in something that could of easily been prevented. Hell before I got the job as a PTBO I was just like you but I respected the boundaries and policies of the agency itself while being an enthusiast of bus operations. Observing from the street is fine but placing yourself on private property in areas you shouldn't be in is just going to far. Anything can happen whether you think so or not.
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    Several years ago on a Red Line train at Grand the doors closed, the train started up, the train stopped, and a "sick passenger" announcement was made. Then I saw smoke in the station coming from the train. the guy standing next to me looked at me, said "F*** it," pulled the cherry, and we got off the train and ran up the stairs. As I was walking down State Street the fire engines were on their way. This is the first case of spontaneous human combustion I ever heard of.
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    It’s an electric bus, not a steam-powered bus. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)
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    Well I was on the tri state (I-294), I notice this Xcelsior behind me so I slow down let it pass me damned if it's not a Boston Xcelsior!! I took a couple shots. I guess there may be pandemics and protests but life goes on. The bus had to travel through minneapolis, probably went down 294 to get away from chicago. If it would have went down the kennedy it might have ended up in oz the way our city has been the last few days. It's been through alot already, but the Ohio and Penn legs are huge. I drove to Niagara and it takes all day to go through those states. Thought you guys would be interested.
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    And you're right
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    You sound crazy as hell for that remark that operator wasn’t even charged to begin with and probably a better operator than you were. Just cause you never had a accident does not mean that this operator wasn’t a good, well trained, disciplined bus operator it just mean they reacted to the situation differently than how you think you would have smh. I’m real disappointed to see such comments coming from you especially a former operator who has the same training as we all did at Cta. I’m sure in your time at Cta you made mistakes so you don’t have the right to say such things when you know what you know about operating a bus and dealing with people from all walks of life.
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    Thursday I was on the 18 coming up to kedize & a woman on my bus fell having a seizure since my 3 year old daughter have them when she have a fever over & temp over 100 I knew exactly what to do I told somebody to turn hwr on her side while I raced her to Mount Sinai & when it slowed down me & another man ran her into the hospital I let my supervisor know what was going on & the game plan when we got there & he was ok with it even tho he said that I should have called it in but by me being a marine you dont leave nobody behind without help glad to say the woman pulled through went & checked on her after shift & she's going to be ok
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    Just like the charges are up at Chicago and Austin terminal
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    20403 was on the 305, 314, and 316 routes today. Here's a video showing the interior and exterior of the bus. After riding this, I can tell they have a faster acceleration than the El Dorado Axess buses. They seem to be well built quality buses and can see them lasting a long time.
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    Got 20401 on the 322 now. No stop request cords, only buttons.
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    The original 48 short turned at 47th with weekday day service extended to 35th and Archer (before the Orange Line was even built). At that time, Damen had a bridge that ran from 47th to 37th. It crossed over 43rd, railyards and Pershing. I forget what year ( it was sometime after the Orange Line was opened), the city determined that the Damen bridge was no longer structurally sound and said it would be too expensive to rebuild. The city closed the bridge and eventually tore it down. Because of this decision, the 48 was initially rerouted via 47th, Western Blvd,and Archer to serve the 35th and Archer station that it was already serving. Due to traffic congestion, it was determined that Western Orange Line was closer and would better keep service consistent. Actually the 48 was originally numbered 50A South Damen before being remembered 48 in the 1970s ( along with the 22A to 24 and the 36A to 29).
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    They will get less work and last longer on the Brown Line rather than the Blue Line
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    They were part of a Seattle order not delivered to Seattle, but I assume already in production. Delivery started six months after the order was placed. The straight clean-diesel were $157,000 cheaper per bus but I do not think that was the reason. From Tribune on 5/12/2012 "Calling it too good of a deal to pass up, the CTA board on Wednesday approved the purchase of 100 new accordion-style buses, averaging $800,000 each, that were left over from a contract initiated by the Seattle transit system. The CTA will pay New Flyer Industries Inc.$80.1 million for the 67 clean-diesel buses and 33 diesel-electric hybrid buses. The 60-foot articulated buses were part of an order for up to 715 buses that King County Metro Transit in Seattle agreed to buy from New Flyer. The CTA will use federal and local funds." "The CTA is paying $740,000 for each of the 67 diesel buses and $897,000 for each of the 33 hybrid buses, CTA spokeswoman Molly Sullivan said. The purchase from New Flyer includes spare parts and extended warranties, she said." https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2012-05-10-ct-met-cta-buses-0510-20120510-story.html
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    In the discussion that arose from you driving in Chicago garage, I referenced an incident where I called the police on some people. That happened because the policy I was trying to enforce had been routinely ignored for years, which caused the people to believe that what they were doing was justified. It isn’t a good defense to say that the people you encountered didn’t mind, because you never know when you’ll meet someone who does. You know what the rules are but you keep breaking them because β€œno harm, no foul” (your quote). That’s what everyone thinks, until they cause something bad to happen. As @YoungBusLover said, what you are doing could cause an accident or other security risk, and gives transit enthusiasts a bad reputation.
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    Unsubstantiated posts have been removed. Please be considerate and respectful towards each other in this forum.
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    My job involves making sure people follow rules, whether they like it or not. That's not being a snitch, it's doing my job correctly and keeping everyone safe. It's a similar situation to yours, where certain people in charge let them get away with it for too long due to a perceived "no harm no foul", and then they get mad when someone else tells them to follow the rules.
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    Do you have proof of that? There still needs to be a replacement for the 2nd Gen Novas that we all love except you apparently cause you're "special".
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    If I see an EZ Rider on 307 or 311 when these Morton HS kids in Berwyn leave school for the day imma laugh. I hated how the 35' NABIs out of the poor choice of the driver to use this bus for his run, would even use it knowing there's less space for standing. The bus would get packed full of immature Morton kids. I can tell you this cause I just graduated out of there lol On 311 it's pretty bad cause lots of them get left behind as well. Before I started taking 307, which was faster and less packed, I would leave school as soon as the bell rang and try to walk as much north past Cermak as possible before everyone else goes 1st than me so I can get a good seat. It was so bad freshman year that one time on a half day (and I don't even know why i did this) but the bus was really late and I ended up walking from Cermak & Oak Park ALL THE WAY TO I-290! That's when I realized that I need an alternate route LOL
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    Can someone else who actually knows the answer explain? I believe I saw just one instructor with those 3 buses. 2 from Kedzie and 1 from Chicago. Could it be that 2 operators from Kedzie and 1 operator from Chicago is training? (Let me know if I answered my own question or if I'm wrong lol) EDIT: If you're just going to answer simply "because they can", why are you here? Only speak if you know what you're talking about. This forum is for sharing detailed info about the inner workings of our transit systems AND providing proof of your claims.
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    Welcome to chi town, where there are more speed bumps, traffic cameras, speeding cameras, Cul de sacs, curb cuts, bike lanes than anyone else. Talk about municipal control. You don't see until you leave the city how much better everyplace else is. South California is like that. Damen is like that. Streets like Western have so many speeding and red light cameras they ruin the street. Then the bike lanes ruin traffic. Milwaukee is a mess. It's like the street was built for bikes not cars. Then most places outside the city are tollways, so you can escape the city but you will pay for it!! The home of Al Capone and organized crime has changed but in ways it's still the same. Home sweet home!!πŸ˜€ Oh I forgot to mention staying on topic the whole california is stop signs north to Division it's almost every street. I was ubering there it's incredible how bad that has been screwed up. It's faster to drive through humboldt park!!
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    Honestly I don't see why the extension 94 can't run out of 74th. The current route runs out of 74th. The frequency wint change. The extension is is only 3 1/2 to 4 miles, which would only require an extra 3 buses at the most. I expect 74th to keep the 94. If anything, I would expect K to lose 3 buses since the truncated 52 won't require as many buses.
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    I remember the video in Cleveland when the female passenger spit on the Male driver. He was no small dude so he KO'd her. Act like a man, get treated like a man.
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    The DUI was issued to the driver of the car, not to the driver of the bus.
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    This I will dispute. 53 NEVER went past 31st. Lived on route 1959 to 2001. Surely would have noticed. Pulaski has had zero route changes for almost 60 years now, Peterson to 31st.
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    @sht6131 i ignore the privacy thing whenever it happens. if you are on a computer, you can click advanced options, and then access maths22. it will say (unsafe), but there is nothing that i know of that is unsafe on maths. that should work when ever that screen pops up.
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    That's too much to do especially when the 2600's are still running fine no need to separate them. Besides as a life long cta rail fan it's always good to see 2 different cars coupled together the Brown Line is literally the only line and probably the last 1 to do this so we gotta appreciate that while it last cause one day it'll be over. 5000's and 7000's cant electrically be coupled together. The 2600's and 3200's look good together πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½.
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    Let me be the first to congratulate and thank you for that great video. History in the making, right here on the Chicago Transit Forum! Great job!!!
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    Ive always been fond of the 3200s I wish the Blue was entirely that series! I always loved the corrugated body style cross between a 2600 and 2200 series. The corrugated sides give it a retro look! Now with the rehabs they look up to date and very much resemble the 5000s without the NYC style seating. Im satisfied with the results! Im glad CTA is finally giving the line its overdue attention!
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    Just to confirm some well needed updated news for #700-#701, they're both at south shops getting equipped with electrical rails and other components on the roof for the upcoming charging/sub stations, #700 is parked along west 79th with what I just described already completed and #701 is currently getting that work done now. Now as for the proteras they're currently getting what I say certified and studied by garage personnel at Chicago garage, there is only two on the,property so far of the 45 and they currently do not have a fleet number series on them. Time will tell when they'll hit the streets.
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    This looks like click bait. I haven't seen any RFPs posted. Also, if I am not mistaken, the original contract for Nova was for up to 450 buses, which CTA now has. There weren't any additional options beyond that.
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    That pumpkin bus does look pretty cool. Too bad it's stuck in the boondocks. What's with the yellow and green bus. It looks like a Green Bay Packers bus.
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    Cite your source πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
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    Probably 3. 1-Pay of the run picked. Old timers tend to pick runs that make the most money. 2-Route itself. Many drivers prefer to operate certain routes over others whether it be how busy its is, traffic patterns where it goes, etc. 3-Time of day. Believe it or not, many operators will actually choose night runs over day runs. Probably mostly because it is more laid back if you can handle the stress of working the night. Others will choose early day runs to be done early. Others will pick the split runs for $$$ as well as the time off in the middle. There is no form and the rookies really do generally get the crap left over.
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    oh the humanity it's the end of the world as we know it
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